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All-New 2010 Legacy/Outback



  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    Is this the "Ghosting" that I've read about? My wife's OB is very stable and has never exhibited this effect. :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Could be.

    I just found it interesting that you see (TM) all over the place when each talks about it, yet they use the same name.
  • I believe the Ford Freestyle CVT was supplied by or designed by Volvo. I do not know that to be a fact but recall posts from 2006 and more recent stating that.

    Thanks all for your responses, we plan to look more seriously at the 6 cyl. OB and keep researching the Subaru CVT.

    That Ford CVT experience is hard to shake. Although I must say that Ford and the dealer took care of everything getting the car repaired. It was under warranty of course at only 15k miles. I also asked for an extended warranty which Ford agreed to provide on the transmission only. As I posted, that warranty expires 12/31/09!
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    I think any Subaru dealer would be happy to let you put those golf bags in the trunk or the back of the outback at the dealership. Bring them along and try it out.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    It is worth noting that Nissan has sold hundreds of thousand of CVT-equipped vehicles in the USA over the last 8 years. And in their biggest seller, the Altima, it remains a strong selling point - offering good power response for a four cylinder, and great economy.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    It is worth noting that Nissan has sold hundreds of thousand of CVT-equipped vehicles in the USA over the last 8 years. And in their biggest seller, the Altima, it remains a strong selling point - offering good power response for a four cylinder, and great economy.
  • jtny1jtny1 Posts: 18
    :surprise: fantastic post
  • jtny1jtny1 Posts: 18
    Ok after reading and reading and reading and reading posts and reviews, test driving 3 times, I finally buckled down and am picking my new suby up tomorrow. Legacy cvt premium.
    I am shocked at some of the posts I have to add.
    I loved the new interior space. I am 5'11 and always found all the subarus to be short in front seat room, exspecially in the pasenger seat. I never wanted to take long trips, I felt cramped, so I stopped buying them, only due to the comfort.
    I always rember back in the early 90's my little imprenza outback saved me in a terrible stom in upstate ny. I was 3 hours from home and had no clue what the heck I was doing except i needed to find my hotel. Busses were ditched, cars stuck, semi;s over turned and cars at hauts all over the place. In panic I just kept driving trying to find my hotel. While other 4x4s were having some tough times (probally due to caareless driving) i just kept trucking my my suby.
    Anyway it sure helped. So I am excited to get my new one after 10 years of not having one. Feel bad not buying amenrican but here my thoughts.
    I love the cvt tranny I thought it was pretty quiet, peppy, smooth, even compared to an altima which I had for a rental(it had a cvt tranny too)
    I test drove the new Equinox 4 banger and I thought the 4 cyl engine was very loud at start off and truthfully it felt to small for the size truck.
    The room was fantastic for a subaru, outstanding. I thought as nice as a camary and I thought roomier than the malibu and higher seating.
    That and the added leg room, and nice ride, and mpg for an awd totally sold me.
    Reliabitiy I hope will be good but I am putting my trust in subaru. I don't usually keep them more than 3 but I am thinking and hoping subaru woudlnt put a bad tranny in and risk reputation.
    Over all I thought it was the best thing out there compared to the competition and it has awd and a good one.
    now I do think the new interior colors with exterior colors are poor selection. I wanted black but no dark interior, only tan, I refuse but I settled in on the dark grey so all is good.
    I do think the should have satelite radio standard like gm, ford, and many others, and blue tooth should be easier to get and not so much.
    that would be keeping with the times.
    Over all I thought the size is fantastic compared to old. The new outback was nice also but did look a little long but it has better room which I think most will find more comfortable.
    It was just more than I wanted to spend and well the legascy milleage impressed me so much I just stuck with that.
    I could nto even think of getting the forester after sitting in these. the leg room alone and the cvt tranny feel and mpg, how could I do the forester (not that it isnt a great small suv)
    I think subaru is going to see sales climb agian because of the noe milleage rating and more room in the cars. Now you can have a mid size sedan with awd good mpg and decent room for an affordable price.

    I say nice job subaru (unless it breaks down on me :)
    I like new things, its exciting and I am totally excited to be one of the first to hopefully prove this car good!!
    Im also excited to get probally 27-28 combined after reading reviews.
    How awesome.
    I am coming out of a 2009 vibe awd which has been totally great, perfect running, was decent in snow, but it only got around 21 winter 24 summer and had a tiny gas tank (13)
    Once agian a great car, but the legacy seems like sooooo much more car and I am going to get better mpg, amazing
    ill update after a few thousand miles ps I did get it at invoice (you no the fake one they show everyone now) but i did good on the trade)
    It took a lot of work though 7 dealers aound state, lots of internet work, etc etc
    but i saved 3,400 buck from one dealer to another with trade value. 3,400 bucks and a 20 extra mile drive and wow, it is amazing the diffrence in dealers, etc.
    so it pays to shop
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Chevy keeps bragging about the Equinox getting 32mpg EPA highway (FWD 4 banger model), but the media isn't even coming close. Edmunds got less than 21mpg, C&D got 18 or 19mpg, and Consumer Reports got 21mpg.

    CR got 24 mpg in the Outback.
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    I guess GM didn't pay enough to get a good review....

    MSNBC reported this for the AWD model: "We saw economy in that range, with 22-24 mpg around town and 26 mpg on the highway, fully loaded with a family of five and a weekend’s luggage. " MSNBC

    Still not the 32mpg the EPA got, but I've yet to see anybody review a car and get close to the EPA numbers. I think "drive it like you stole it..." is how these cars are treated during a review.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    For C&D definitely, for Edmunds probably, but for CR?

    I beat 26mpg with my 266hp minivan. At least theirs was AWD.

    Edit: a bit of a fluff piece. No mention of how it handles, shifts, accelerates. It was a positive review but it's almost as if they wrote it before they drove it.
  • Hi, I'm Serge, from France. Sorry, my English is a bit clumsy. I own an Outback (3.0R) and I would like to buy the new 2;5i with CVT transmission. Subaru will not officially sell it in France (only 3.6 gas and 2;0 Diesel). Fortunately, they accept to take some orders. The snag is that it's impossible to test drive the 2.5i (only the 3.6R and the Diesel). My little Honda Jazz has a CVT : it works perfectly well and is very pleasant. Could the 2.5i CVT owners send me their impressions about the 2.5 engine and this new CVT transmission? Are they decent? Many thanks.
  • Hi Serge, I recently bought a 2.5i premium Outback with CVT. Having never owned a Subaru or a CVT before, I was a bit apprehensive. But I bought it based on Subaru's reputation for sturdy cars, safety, and, of course their famous AWD. I was also very impressed with the quality of the test drives I took. I also drove a 2009 Outback (at the insistence of the dealer) first. While the 2009 drove great, I felt the 2010 was more refined, quieter, and noticeably more comfortable. The CVT is very smooth and peppy, I think. I'm surprised at how quickly and easily it went from dead stop to 40 mph at traffic signals, leaving many other vehicles behind. I don't quite understand some comments that complain about it being sluggish. I've never had problems so far in response or passing other vehicles on the freeway. In fact, without the familiar cue of the jerks from conventional automatics, it is easy to speed without noticing. I live in a mountainous region and I don't see any hesitation with the Outback in negotiating slopes or curves. The handling is excellent, both while cornering and on rough terrain, with the undulations remarkably muted by the suspension. My favorite part is the mileage. I am currently getting 26.1 miles per gallon in slow, stop-and-go city conditions although the car is still in its break-in period! That is amazing considering its size and the AWD. he only thing so far is that at low speeds (<50 mph) the CVT has a characteristic windy howl that does not bother me but noticeable. It goes away at about over 60 mph. Otherwise, it is a very quiet car. I also like the eco gauge very much. Many commented that they'd rather have a temperature gauge and that they thought the eco-gauge was useless. I have found that it has taught me to drive far more efficiently than I used to before. It is a great way to learn how to get most out of the car and ease off on wasteful acceleration without compromising on speed! I'm having a blast with it. Although this is subjective and not exhaustive, I hope it helps a tad bit. Good luck.
  • Can anyone describe how the "Media Hub" works with iPods?

    Is it just a fancy aux jack (are you still mashing buttons on the iPod)?
    Or can you control the iPod from the steering wheel or head unit?
    What aspects, specifically?

    Is anything from the iPod displayed on the head unit?

  • I should have googled first.

    Info, video, faq, user and installation manuals are available here:

  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    Good observations, thanks for sharing them. It is amazing how varied the posts are about the performance of the OB w CVT. Many love it others pan it. There is so much diversity of impressions of power & acceleration. Looking at the Edmunds reviews by new OB owners several indicate they had XTs (one Forester & 1 OB) previously & yet are pleased with the performance of the NA 2.5 CVT. I am rather surprised to see quotes like this: 'Living in the Rockies at 9100' I was looking for a replacement for my '06 Outback XT. I wanted enough power to accelerate uphill at altitude and the supposed improved fuel economy and use of regular fuel were certainly an appeal. So I drove the 2.5i w/ CVT and found it to be almost as powerful as the turbo and when using the paddle shifters, quite fun to drive. I've now owned it for a month and am mostly satisfied w/ a few exceptions."

    I guess that shows us how subjective our seat of the pants perceptions are. While the actual track numbers are not that impressive (as reported by Edmunds & CR) apparently most people are satisfied if not positively enthused with the get up & go of their OB CVT combo.

    I am itching to place my order for one -- I just need to see a report from someone who has towed 1,500 lbs or more & is satisfied with the way the CVT tows,

    Please is there not someone out there Subaru-land able to tell us about their towing experience with the OB CVT??? :cry:
  • I've had two legacy wagons, both the touring edition. My current 07 comes up off lease in December. I was not happy to see that they've dropped the Legacy wagon at all! When I complained to a customer service rep who called about my lease coming up she kept telling me to just drive the new redesigned legacy, that I'd love the changes! Yeah, I said, and where do I put my dog? silence..."is it a very big dog?" was her answer. Then she said I should try the new Outback, I'd love that, too. I said that when offered the Outback and the Legacy wagon, I'd chosen the legacy for a reason. But now, subaru has taken away my car of choice. I don't want the sedan, no matter how nice it is, and I took the wagon because I didn't like the extra plastic and the extra cost of the Outback. Now it's Outback or a different carmaker.
    I also don't get their marketing on the PZEV. If someone wants to be environmentally conscious, Subaru only lets you do it on the base model. Why didn't they just make the whole line PZEV and choose what options you will. THAT would show a commitment to the environment, but instead, because the PZEV costs them a bit more, they put it on the car that has no options.
    I'm not happy with Subaru right now...I've got two months to figure out what to do and what to get next.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,908
    I'm confused about your comment on the PZEV; is that a phenomenon in the Canadian market? PZEV is available across the line, US-spec anyway....
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • jtny1jtny1 Posts: 18
    well if you need awd then your choices are very limited
    i understand being upset about the wagon being discontinued but if you need a wagon then get a forester or an outback
    here int he states we can get the cvt engine on any legacy or outback unless you get the 6cly or turbo i think
    go drive a new chevy equinox with thier 4 banger its nice roomy and when your done i bet youll come back to subaru
    i did
  • gjksngjksn Posts: 35
    I couldn't agree more and was recently lamenting this fact here. I've also had two Legacy wagons and bought them because they were station wagons and not SUVs or crossovers. I don't have the end of a lease coming up, but I'm always thinking about my next car. A Legacy wagon wouldn't require a second thought, but the Forester and Outback will be a harder sell for me. Good luck with your decision.
  • hi,

    i am about to pull the triggers on an 2010 outback. my wife and i test drove it last weekend. we felt the 3.6 drove a bit more aggressively. it was 'funner' to drive.

    i don't like that the sunroof is so small. and i don't like that the mirrors don't fold in. but neither of those are deal breakers.

    that said, what can you tell me about the navigation? is there any way around the grayed out functions while driving? or are you really able to control everything with voice commands? also, are there traffic updates? does it work thought the satellite radio? is the navigation satellite based or is it dvd based? do we need to get updates? or will it update itself?

    i know those are a lot of questions, but i am unable to find the answers and the dealers seem to know less that i do. thanks. :)
  • Hi,
    Here in Canada, to my understanding, the PZEV is only available on the base model of the legacy, or outback, so if you want any options: no PZEV. Most people up here don't have any idea about it, or what it is, while I would think they'd have commercials blowing their horn about it. It's a great idea.
    So I would have two or three years on a lease with no PZEV. :-(
    I also don't understand the tiny sun roof! What gives with these steps backwards! Mirrors that fold, turn signals on mirrors (both great safety ideas) small sunroofs,
    and then there's the cost. The Outback was more than the Legacy wagon, so if I want a wagon the choice is more expensive for something I'm not really wild about with fewer things than I had before.
    The Forrester is much different for me. Just grab the door handle: it slides and rattles, it's loose. Grab the back seat, it's also loose. Not even a cargo cover for the base one; again, it's a safety thing, you can't conceal anything back there unless you buy the cover. That's cheap! Make people pay for things they used to get, but tell them the cars are cheaper.
    It's like the old joke about the guy who goes to the farmer and says he wants a wagon, and the farmer says, "ok, that'll be 100.00." The city guy says 'OK'. The farmer then says, "do you want wheels with it?" "Oh yeah, I'd better get some of those, How much?" "50.00." "OK", he says. "Each." says the farmer, and so on.

    I still think they need to work on the back seat, too: ventilation, heated back seat, etc. Where did the cup holders go from the center?
    I'll have a closer look this week. The wiring harness blew on the steering column, so the airbag light is on. I spent three hours there while they looked for the problem and the sales guy didn't even show my through the cars. He did try to sell me an 09 Outback though, for 32,000 cash....
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,908
    I see.

    Yeah, the '09 Outback is the last of the wagons. I agree that it would be very nice if Subaru added the Legacy wagon back to the lineup now that the Outback has taken such a leap into SUV territory. It certainly places a hole in the lineup.

    The Outback's sunroof is a joke - it is just as tiny is most other offerings out there; it does not even hold a candle to the Forester or prior offerings on the Outback/Legacy.

    I'm not sure about the comments on the Forester. The seats and handles are solid in mine, though I do have a rattle inside both front doors. Not sure what it is, exactly, but both rattle and it can be heard just by closing the door. I will address that with the local dealer in December when my wife does not need the car for a couple weeks. The rear cup holders in that car are now built into the back seat. It is a nifty little setup, I think, but obviously would not work well if there were three passengers in the back!

    I agree about the de-contenting. I think it is quite silly that the rear cargo tray and cover are not included as standard equipment. While the cover isn't all that necessary on the models with tinted glass, if one puts in the effort, the cargo is still visible without the cover. They even go so far as to mold a storage area for the cover into the space underneath the cargo floor, but still do not offer the cover standard. I think that storage space would be much better suited if it was molded to store the crossbars (on the Forester - the Outback's bars store themselves now), but then again those do not come standard either. In fact, the base model deletes the roof rails altogether! :sick:
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I went to a Subaru dealer yesterday and picked up a small sample size of Outback Detergent, plus a sock puppet of Stinky the Skunk. :D

    Very, very funny marketing campaign.

    My wife even got a stain remover pen. Cracked us both up.
  • anyone have much experience with the navigation on the 2010 outback? can it get traffic updates? does it work via satellite, or does it work off a dvd?

    and how about satellite radio - i see you can get an xm or a sirius kit. but aren't they the same now? as far as subaru, is there a preferred kit?

    and what's the harness? i'm thinking about getting the interior lighting package, but it seems you also have to get some sort of harness.



    ps. is $400 over invoice a good price? anyone having better luck in this economy?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Stinky the Skunk...

    I guess it was too expensive to call Time Warner and license Pepe LePew... :D

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • nes2nes2 Posts: 14
    I agree with most of your comments except the part about the roof racks. If you are a outdoors enthusiast and are used to putting a couple of kayaks or a long canoe then the factory rack sucks. Yes, it looks cute but its flawed in that you cant move the cross bars and the bar spread is minimal and so longer cargo(even a ladder) would not be well supported. The 2009 side rails were long and could easily support an off market rack such as a Thule but with the 2010 you would have to use the factory bars which wouldn't help - you still have lousy bar spread.
    very disappointing.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Page 19 of this Outback brochure PDF shows the 2010 Outback carrying a kayak on the roof. So it can be done.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    If you are a parent and drive a new Legacy, please email to be interviewed.


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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Can't you tie down the ends to a hitch and the front bumper? I imagine there are ways to compensate for that.
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