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2011 Hyundai Sonata



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Quote from Hyundai's press release from the LA Auto Show, where the 2011 Sonata was unveiled in the US:

    Production begins at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama in December with retail sales beginning in January

    So it could be in some dealerships by Super Bowl time.
  • Go to the Hyundai website and check the specs on the 2011 Sonata, It has approx. 3 inches less back set leg room than the current model. Just like Nissan did with the Altima when it redesigned in 2007, greatly reducing back set room, especially leg room. It seems like all the re-designs (the new Ford Taurus being another example) are making backsets that are not functional for adults. I would really like to find a reliable true family car with good mileage that had a back set for adults, rather than ones that will not fit any male members of my family except for my 1 year old grandson.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Dconner, What your missing is the fact that the rear leg-room spec is in fact smaller than the current generation however the front legroom spec is greater by a similar amount. Nothing more than front seat adjustability then correct?

  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,738
    Interesting. I think craig is probably right--if you just scoot up your front seat a little, you'll probably get about as much legroom in back as the current Sonata--in other words quite good.

    I think the 2011 Sonata looks great. I hope they've sharped up the handing to match up with the sleek styling. The handling on the current generation is generally considered below Accord, Altima, Mazda 6, etc. Still a good ride, but generally on the comfy squishy side rather than sporty. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I'm one of the ones who prefers a slightly sporty ride. Not too harsh, mind you, just a balance of sport and comfort.

    For the earlier person looking for a good back seat in a family sedan, I recommend the Honda Accord. I believe it has perhaps the biggest back seat in its segment. If you skip the sunroof, and get an LX or LXP model, the headroom is quite generous. I have an Accord EXL, which has the sunroof, but even with that headroom in back is quite good--adult sized. And in any case, legroom is quite good on the Accord.

    The new Sonata looks to be just about as big as the Accord in the cabin--and the new Sonata has a significantly bigger trunk than the Accord. The Accord's trunk is c. 14 cu ft, while the 2011 Sonata is 16.
  • I don't know if your in the market for a new car now but the 2009/2010
    Sonata would be a good choice "IMO". It is rated as a large car w/ room
    for 5 adults "I have no trouble doing that in ours". The 09 & 10 are exactly
    the same, and I would say pretty soon they will try to push them out the
    door to make room f/ 2011. My idea is, we already know what the track
    record is on the 09/2010, but it remains to be seen about the 2011. The
    car I have is the 2009SE w/ V6 "not knocking the I4" another fine Hyundai
    product" my preference was the V6. and I think a fine good looking car
    and one of the best ride and handling cars I've ever had, besides having
    good HP if needed and probably close to the best MPG in the V6 midsize
    class. It's all "IMO" thing.

    I forgot to say I think the 2011 may be one of the prettiest cars I've seen in
    many years "a real head turner IMO". It may send most of the midsize car
    makers back to the drawing board! I will be one of the first to go see it in
    person, I hate to think of getting rid of my 2009 !!!! HA HA
  • My guess is that the Azera will eventually no longer be made in a couple of years.
  • I'll have to agree with you on that, Azera is a very nice car I glanced over it,
    but the Sonata SE has exactly what I wanted. It seems like Hyundai themselfs
    squeezed it out, not much room left between the Sonata and the Genesis. I'm
    not to crazy about the 2011 Sonata getting smaller, not much smaller but it
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,738
    I'm not sure, but I think maybe the 2011 Sonata loses about an inch of rear headroom compared to the current model. Otherwise I think it's pretty close to the same...
  • Just a few dimensions they may interest someone.

    2009 Accord sedan (in the rear) shoulder 56.4"/ head 38.5"/ hip 54.3/ leg 37.2
    2009 Sonata " " shoulder 56.9"/ head 38.2"/ hip 55.5/ leg 43.7
    2011 Sonata " " shoulder 56.7"/ head 37.8"/ hip 54.9/ leg 34.6

    Another observation; EPA class size rating

    Accord total interior volume 115 cu ft EPA large
    Camry " " " 116.4 cu ft EPA midsize
    Altima " " " 116 cu ft EPA midsize
    Mazda6 " " " 118.9 cu ft EPA midsize
    Malibu " " " 112.8 cu ft EPA midsize
    Fusion " " " 116.2 cu ft EPA midsize
    Sonata " " " 121.8 cu ft EPA large
    2011 Sonata " " 120.2 cu ft EPA ?????
    Avalon " " " 120.9 cu ft EPA large
    Aura " " " 113 cu ft EPA midsize
    Acura TL " " " 111.3 cu ft EPA midsize
    Infiniti G37 " " 99.0 cu ft EPA compact
    Audi A4 " " 107.0 cu ft EPA compact
    Lexus ES350 " " 110.1 cu ft EPA compact
    Is there anything strange about those ratings? Accord has a smaller I.V. than
    the Camry, Altima, Mazda6, & Fusion, how is it rated large?
    Only goes to show EPA has faults about ratings.

    This has nothing to do with knocking any above mentioned car, I would love to
    have them all, just a hobby.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Not sure where you are getting this info, but the Accord's total interior volume is 120 cubic feet, w/o moonroof (LX/LX-P), hence it's just over the "large car" line... as is the 2011 Sonata at 120.2.

    Also, your figures for the 2009 vs. 2011 Sonata look suspect--I doubt there's a 9 inch difference in legroom. Are you sure you aren't comparing the front leg room in the 2009 with the rear leg room of the 2011?
  • Your right on the Accord total interior volume 120 cu ft, sorry for the
    confusion, I may have listed I.V. for the coupe? Also the rear leg room
    on the 2009 Sonata 37.4 which is about 3" more than 2011 Sonata.
    Some sites have conflicting reports.

    I still think EPA ratings are not perfect, and I don't claim to be either.

    My eye sight is not getting any better with age, if I stand to be corrected
    please do so, the info we share may be useful to someone besides
    being interesting.

    Good eye backy!
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,738
    There are a some things in the current Sonata that are a bit better than the current Accord. For instance, the Sonata's trunk is not only 2 cubic feet larger, but has the special kind of hinges that don't intrude into the trunk space. The Accord had hinges like these in the 90s, iirc, for the 94-97 generation, but starting with the 98 Accord they took them out again, to save money.

    Also, even the base GLS Sonata has heated rearview mirrors. Those are available on the Accord starting at the EX level, I think. Heated mirrors really are a useful feature when its cold and damp.

    One place where the Accord seems a bit ahead is on handling. But 8babies1dog has the special SE handling pkg, which does seem to make a difference. Don't know that compares with the Accord.

    It'll be interesting to see if the 2011 Sonata goes for sharper handling a la Accord, Altima, Mazda 6, etc.
  • Thanks for mentioning about the SE, it has a lot of thinks different on
    the under side, including much bigger roll bars added to the new suspension
    system and larger diameter breaks. As for as handling I'm not very
    familiar w/ the Accord or the Sonata GLS or the Limited. I know it's
    an opinion thing,but I find it handles better than anything I test drove
    and probably smoothest and quitest, far better than most of the cars
    I've owned. It's not a sports car, but Hyundai didn't advertise it as such
    anyway, just a little (sportier) maybe IMO.

    you are right the new for 2011 version will get a very good test here in
    the US soon. Will it actually be the same as the overseas version
    "good question" it will be completely made in Alabama.

    I'm going on a tour of that plant in January, should be interesting.
  • 2009 Sonata's Rear Legroom is 37.4" not 43.7".
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,738
    8babies1dog: Please give us a report on your factory tour. Sounds fascinating. I didn't know companies did that kind of thing anymore. Although I guess you can go to the BMW factory in Germany and pick up your BMW...
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Can't believe no one has commented on the front end of this car. Yuck!!!! Looks like they took the worst parts of the Camry and TL front ends and morphed them into a bird's beak.
  • ay50ay50 Posts: 11
    I tend to agree with you. The front end and the big crease down the side look odd to me, perhaps my opinion will change when I see one up close and personal.
  • I made a correction on the rear leg room on Dec. 14th @ (6.02 am).

    I will be more than happy to report on the Sonata plant tour!

    This is an opinion only on the 2011 Sonata, I think it looks real
    nice looking at a rear towards the front view. I don't think the side
    view looks that good to me, from the windshield forward looks
    way to long in relation to the rear portion "trunk area" IMO. Also
    it seems to sit low to the road in the picture, all this may change
    w/ a up close and personal view! I never have been to crazy about
    the rear sticking up so much higher than the front (wedge look).
    again an opinion thing.

    Has anyone noticed on the new spec. sheet that the SE is to
    have a little extra horsepower rating than the GLS & Limited,
    and even more over the (PZEV) version, kind of strange, it
    does say (est) so I guess it could mean more or less.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    The SE has dual exhausts, which adds 2 hp. PZEV cars tend to have lower hp than non-PZEV versions; I guess the extra emissions tuning takes its toll.
  • Very good point, 200hp engine should have a real dual exhaust
    system, sometimes the system is split near the tail pipes to give
    the dual exhaust affect, will this be done? That may not increase the cmm volume. But anyway I think it comes down to an estimate thing.
  • Hyundai's Montgomey Ala plant started production on the 2011 Sonata this week and are up to about 40% right now. The 2010's are finished. Hyundai figures on having the 2011 Sonata on showroom floors by the end of January or first part of Febuary. We will order around Febuary 1st as we want a few specialty items [ paint,alloy wheels,etc. ].A friend who drove one at Fountain Valley,Ca said you can't hear any road noise until after you reach 70mph and that the ride is comfortable and the steering is tight.[ even on the GLS which is what we are getting as my wife doesn't like leather].We have spent almost a year checking the Ford Taurus, Buick LaCrosse, Accord,Nissan, and Camry. The 2011 Sonata has them all beat in looks, driving, warranty, and price. We were getting the 2010 Sonata until we saw the 2011. We live in northern Ca.
  • I think the 2011 looks great a little different but very nice, certainly not "generic".
    It will still be about the same size as the 2009/2010, will be equipped a little
    different. Hopefully it will be equally as dependable and have the same MPG
    as it,s previous family. Good luck with it if thats what you do get. My wife and
    I really love our 2009 SE.

    I mentioned before about going on a tour of the Alabama plant next month,
    if the 2011 hasn't hit the street by that time I can give a inside report.

    Happy holidays to all!!!
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    I'm also going to the Hyundai plant for a tour in early January. Cant wait to see them being produced!!

  • I heard it is very interesting, looking forward to it. Nice of Hyundai USA
    to invite us to go, really seems as though they appreciate their customers.
    Very unique that the only "car" Hyundai builds in the US (as of now) finds
    itself toward the top of the class in the ratings, hopefully the 2011 will
    continue that trend. If it is anything like the 2009/2010 it will be another

    The US plant don't always follow what Korea does!! We may be in for
    a surprise!!!!

    Hope the new year is good to you'll.
  • Does anyone know if the 2011 2.4L GDI Sonata will have a timing belt or timing chain? Thanks.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i think it's going to have both just in case one fails you'll have the other as back-up.this is a very unique feature to have on the 2011 sonata and not sure if any other car make has this feature.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    You're kidding, right? I've never heard of a car having both a timing belt and chain. The Theta I had a timing chain, and the Theta II does also, albeit an improved one. Here is what Hyundai has to say about it:

    And the CVVT system is run by a new steel chain with an innovative roller and a retuned chain tensioner for the improved fuel efficiency and robust durability.
  • My recent thoughts on the new Sonata has me wandering. I read that
    Hyundai, (Korea) spent upwards of $140,000,000.00 ( 140 million $$$$)
    to have an I-4 engine that will produce a little more HP than the current
    2009/2010 Sonata I-4. I also have read comments in the forum from many
    of the owners of the I-4 that stated that they were very satisfied with the
    performance "enough HP" and the MPG rating.
    With that said, when the 2011 Sonata hits the streets here and it has the
    new version I-4 and if by chance the "upgrade" don't improve the perfo-
    mance or even worse will not increase MPG!!! "What a Bomb". There
    will possible be a price increase to cover the added expense. The DI
    induction engine is not a tried and true thing for Hyundai (to my knowledge).
    1 thing is already known the 2011 is a little smaller than it's predecessor,
    and that loss of cu ft is in the passanger volume, how will that fit?

    In conclusion several things come to mind, if (if is a big word) but if it fails
    to live up to what is advertised, how pretty will the new design look then?

    IMO honestly, I don't like any of the above ( to much change to quick) as I
    have stated before I am not a 4 cylinder guy, never was and I won't ever be.
    The HP and MPG can jump up even higher, not my thing. Have had many
    not so good experiences with I-4's. I hope my new SE- V6 will last till all
    the 4 bangers crap out! or at least till the warranty craps out.

    Thanks for your time.

    P.S. I am now a big HYUNDAI fan. Excellent car, hope it continues to be.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Yes, and in addition to all that, we are overdue for a supernova in this part of the galaxy. :sick:

    Sorry, but I have never seen so much angst about things that are highly unlikely to happen, in one post.

    Doesn't it make sense that a car that is lighter than another car but has 23-25 more horses, more torque, and one more cog in the tranny will have better performance?

    As for not increasing the MPG... the EPA has determined the 2011 Sonata is more fuel efficient in its tests than the 2010 Sonata. As for real-world driving... YMMV, as always. But I've never achieved less than EPA numbers in any Hyundai I've driven (and for which I've calculated fuel economy)... that includes at least a couple of dozen Sonatas over the years. Why should that all change for the 2011 Sonata?

    As for loss of passenger volume... it's 1.6 cubic feet less for 2011. Which makes the 2011 Sonata roomier for passengers than all major competitors except the low-end Accords (those w/o a moonroof). The Sonata's trunk is actually a bit larger for 2011--16.4 vs. 16.3 cubic feet.

    As for a price increase... I expect there will be a small one, if anything because of more/better standard equipment (6 speed transmissions, Bluetooth, the more powerful and economical DI engine etc.). But it's likely the 2011 Sonata will still cost less than most competitors with comparable equipment.

    I am glad you really like your SE V6. It will probably last a long time. I am hoping my 2007 GLS I4 lasts a long time also, 5-6 more years at least. By that time, the Gen 6 Sonata will probably be out--with its fuel cell powerplant. ;)
  • I really hope the 2011 works out to be as good or maybe even better than
    expected. None of what I had in the post was put to be in the negative
    sense, "supernova" or whatever you call it. You said yourself I quote
    "highly unlikely to happen", that leaves the possibility it can happen. I
    don't want to believe it will, but just think about how long it took to refine
    the engines their already using to get them where they are. IMO 2 of
    the best midsize car engines to be produced in many, many years.
    Dependable (good track record) very good MPG/HP ratio I-4 & V6.
    It has yet to prove itself in the publics hands, EPA is a far cry from
    science. Hyundai has been batting a thousand lately on Quality so
    no reason it should change.

    I want to clarify the part about the I-4 crapping out, I don't want anything
    to happen to it, it is a masterpiece of engineering. What I was trying to
    say is I would like the V6 and the V8's to remain available to those of
    us that want them. I may be the only die hard extra HP person left
    standing but I really don't think so.

    Performance is not only about HP weight and speed, IMO. And about
    the size of the 2011 it is still a EPA rated large car but even (.1) cu ft is
    smaller any way you add it up, may not notice it, but smaller.
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