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VW GTI (All styles)



  • I have a vr6 and the drive by wire drives me nuts. But alas, I don't think there's anything you can do about it. the worst bit is if you step on the gas and brake at the same time, the nice computer disengages the gas pedal completely. very odd. (probably as a result of that audi lawsuit)
    I don't have a turbo gti, but I have a turbo subaru and turbo lag is turbo lag, no way around it, except to get rid of the turbo and get a supercharger :-)
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Takes away most of the throttle lag.
  • chchoichchoi Posts: 40
    My GTI rear window washer does not spray fluid. Does anyone have the same problem? I checked there are fluid in the tank. Front washer works fine. Is this something I can fix?
    Dealer quote me $125 to fix the problem. Just the cost of labor. Ouch.
  • nixomosenixomose Posts: 95
    I had my brand spanking new vr6 two weeks when I got hit by a deer.
    One of the things that broke was the washer fluid container. They replaced it but filled it with water not something with a lower freezing temp. I never noticed. So come winter the whole thing turned into a block of ice, when it all melted, the washer fluid never sprayed out the back. I think it was still under warantee when they fixed it (hell, they broke it) but I think the hose that fed the rear shprizter broken. Good luck finding the leak :-)
  • chchoichchoi Posts: 40
    Dealer found out the washer spray was clogged by debris and it cannot be cleaned. It needs to be replaced. Cost is 120 (part and labor). I don't use rear washer so often. Maybe I should use to more to prevent clogged up again.
  • nixomosenixomose Posts: 95
    Sorry - no profanity, masked or otherwise. Please feel free to edit and re-post without the
    Town Hall Manager
    #909 of 909 it's a honda by nixomose May 28, 2004 (2:55 pm)
    are they serious?

    Tell me this isn't the same car...
  • nixomosenixomose Posts: 95
    Well, lo and behold. I got a check for $250 from VW today, reimbursing me for the MAF I had to replace as well as the two computer checks I had to get to prove to VW it was the MAF.
    It may have taken over 6 months, but they did finally make good on their promise to pay back those who laid out the cash for the part.
  • mutarjimmutarjim Posts: 8
    So my wife goes out last Saturday and gets herself a new GTI 1.8T. I had my eye on a Mini CooperS, but after driving her car and looking into the even more muscular VR6, I was hooked. I just picked up my Silverstone Grey VR6 yesterday, and I'm in love with this car. A few notes about the two:

    - Both the 1.8T and the VR6 are exceptionally quick cars from 1st gear to last (5th for the 1.8T, 6th for the VR6). The VR6 is a bit smoother, though, and purports a higher top speed of 146 mph, vs. the 1.8T's "modest" 135.

    - Whether you get the 1.8T or the VR6, you should definitely spring for the upgrade packages. Luxury (Monsoon sound system, Sunroof), Leather (Leather, plus heated seats and windshield cleaning fluid), and Technology (onboard computer, auto-dimming rearview mirror, Automatic Climate Control, and rain-sensing intermittent wipers), are all worthy additions. My wife has just the Luxury, which is a must-have. The Leather and Tech make a world of difference in this car, though. The entire thing feels SO luxurious (and for under 25K).

    - About the leather: I recommend the black over the grey. The reason is, the grey gets you matching grey interior panels below the dash and on the door. This mix of dark and light colors tends to make the interior look cheap. It's NOT cheap, though, and the black leather keeps all surfaces the same tone, which really makes the whole car look great.

    - The only real benefit of the Monsoon sound system is that you'll have hookups for eight speakers (6.5" mid plus .5" tweeter X 4) when you replace them all. The sooner you do this, the better, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not a "Ghetto Rattle" car stereo advocate, but I do like a nice, deep tone, and these speakers don't do it. In case you're wondering, I'm going with the same setup as in my last car: MB Quart Discus Series ( all the way around, plus a 10-inch sub, also MB Quart Discus, in the back and two Alpine amps to power them all.

    - Despite what you may have read about cupholders in previous models, rest assured that the 04's on sale now include relocated holders (they're in the center console now, next to the parking brake lever). The previous location was, indeed, stupid. The current set-up is just fine.

    - That being said, though, you should know that the armest/center storage bin, while scoring points for having an "Up" and "Down" position choice, isn't placed very well, and shifting with it in the "Down" position is a bit awkward. When it's in the "up" position, you're almost always going to smack it with your elbow if you're reaching back at all. Not too bad, since it's the only problem I have with these cars yet, but I'm picky, and it's a pain.

        I'll update in a few weeks, but these cars are incredible. Regardless of which of the two GTI's you choose, you'll be really happy with the engine performance and handling. Spring for the upgrade packages, and you'll smile every time you open you car door to take a drive.
  • jchagtdijchagtdi Posts: 55
    I almost soiled my drawers this morning when I saw that VW is offering 0% financing for 60 months on the new GTI!

    I have driven a '99 Jetta VR6, and fell in love with it instantly. I am a previous VW TDI owner and am familiar with their quirks (problems), but I have never owned a gas VW or the VR6 engine. How do these engines hold up? The VR6 is buttery smooth, and will very often be humming up around redline. Besides awful gas mileage, are these any problems that these engines encounter if they are worked out regularly. I always strictly adhere to manufacturer's break-in requirements, and I perform maintenance (oil changes, timing belts, water pumps) religiously. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

  • jchagtdijchagtdi Posts: 55
    AND $1000 owner loyalty rebate with the 0%.
  • nixomosenixomose Posts: 95
    I bought one of the first mk4 gti's, as in there are two different cars called 1999 GTI VR6 and I got the later one. There was no 1.8T at the time, although I more recently bought a subaru wrx and I must say I hate turbolag, I'm much happier with my bigger vr6 though I haven't driven a 1.8t.
    the engine is a great engine so far as I can tell I've got 54K on my gti and not a hiccup of any kind.
    There are a surprising number of stupid things wrong with it, but nothing critical to performance of the car (the rear wiper doesn't work right, the gas gauge sits at empty 80% of the time then wakes up at random, things like that)
    But I must take exception to your comment that all the luxury toys are good.
    When I bought the vr6, it was all or nothing, you couldn't get a vr6 without the moon roof, electric tint mirror, heater mirrors, climatronic, rain sensing wipers and all that.
    I must say the rain sensing wipers far exceeded my expectations and I'm very happy to have this gadget.
    But hell hath no fury like the anger I exhibit when I want to get air to blow out of the climate control system. Sadly, it is not broken, it is just badly designed, you can't make it do what you want. at 76 degrees it automatically turns on recicrulate, whether you want it to or not, and if it's cold inside and you want to blow cool air, forget it, impossible. it's either "LO" or hot air.
    I can't imagine the quality control or design test people at VW that let this pathetic monstrosity of progress exist.
    Oh, and one other thing, while I'm whining... the drive by wire stuff (unless they've improved it a LOT) has to go. give me a cable to the intake any day.
    Try stepping on the gas and brake at the same time and watch what happens. But overall, it's still a VW and lots of fun to drive. kicks my WRX's [non-permissible content removed] in that regard, though it's nowhere near as fast.
  • teresitateresita Posts: 20
    I'm planning to drive from California to Florida in September. I have a 2002 GTI, 1.8 turbo, stick shift.
      Besides getting it serviced and oil change, etc.
     anything else I should do during the drive, besides put in gas?

      Anyone every drive cross country on their GTI?
     will it be hard on the car?
     Please advise.
  • teresitateresita Posts: 20
    doesn't anybody read these posts?
     or am in in the wrong place?
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    People read, sometimes it just takes a bit longer for people to answer in certain areas than others.
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    Don't know if this is of much help, but I put about 1600 miles driving around in the Southwest on my '92 16V when it was new. After that I drove over 70 miles to work and back for 2 years - both without problems.
  • gmkrphgmkrph Posts: 12
    Alas , I have to sell my 2000 GTI. And I am faced with the minor problem of it's worth. Because of the fact of it's Ultra Low Mileage and Condition.
    2000 GTI GLX VR6 , Tropic Orange , Black Leather,
    9000 Miles ! Showroom Condition - MINT - Impeccable / How much of a premium can I add to this car for it's mileage/condition ??
    Inside/Outside/Under the hood / it looks like it just came off the showroom/ What is it worth ?
    Thank You , George in Bristol,Connecticut
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Have you used the TMV (True Market Value) tool to calculate the private party selling price of your car? Go here Used Car Appraiser It will at least give you a number to start with.
  • I look my 99 vr6 to canada and back in 3 days. 1100 miles total. It's not cali to florida, but it was a longish drive. I changed the oil and put gas in it. It's a VW, what else does it need?
    Maybe make sure when in fla that bugs haven't consumed the air filter and radiator. can't really think of anything else.
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    Has anyone with a 2000 or newer GTI, with around 50 thousand miles, ever had any idling or stalling problems? Hopefully this problem doesn't exist for the newer models, though there definitely were troubles of this kind with the A2's from '85 to '92.
  • I finally got around to putting new shocks and struts on my vr6 gti. So much better than stock, I can't say enough nice things about it except how difficult it is to do with normal tools.

    Alas after some rental equipment I got it done, and it was well well worth it.

    I got these adjustable ones, so I set it to 'unbearable' and it's great.
  • Hello:


    What are you selling your GTI for? Does it have heated seats?


    I'm in CT as well.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    no buying or selling in the boards.


  • hugh1hugh1 Posts: 8
    after a 5yr love-hate relationship with my Jetta 99vr6, (am radio,maf,other warning light, windows, sun roof problems)I dumped it at below wholesale and took a bath. Now, I am salivating for a GTI VR6. There are still some 04s around at around 15% off window. Question: has VW cleaned up it's act or can I look forward to the same problems with an '04?
  • gejogejo Posts: 1
    Don't do it! find another car.


    We have been looking and haven't found one that drives like it(2001 GTI 1.8 T) but the one that came closest was the Saab 92 Aero (227 HP T). The BMW 1 Series is coming next year to the US, so maybe that one is one to consider. My brother has one and he likes it, however, BMW reliability is not good for 5 and 7 series, so who knows about the 1.


    We have been talking to German people that know the 2006 GOLF models and they say it is as bad or even worse now (they have them for a while in Europe). VW has reduced costs by 30% (price not reduced though) and the quality is just getting worse.


    We were in love with our GTI but the problems were too many and finally we said good bye.


    FIND ANOTHER CAR. They are just getting worse.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    If that is true about the new Golf's reliability not being any better than the current crop of cars, that will be very disappointing and not a good thing for VWoA.
  • i just got a 2000 GTI turbo i love, but i notice the car gets VERY hot underneath after about 30 minutes of driving, then only hot air comes thru the vents -- have to turn on the AC to keep from cooking! anyone have this same symptom? solution? thanks!
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    I have an old Audi turbo (which I also love) with that same problem. I'm lucky to have the tilt-back roof for more ventilation.
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