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VW GTI (All styles)



  • nkeennkeen SE PennaPosts: 316
    Brakes: I've had no problem with brake wear. At 20K miles the dealer told me the rotors looked new.
    Clutches: Perhaps this pertains. I'm originally from the UK. I've noticed that American drivers do not restrain a manual transmission car by the hand brake at an intersection (in the UK you would fail a driving test for slipping the clutch to hold the car or for transitioning from footbrake to accelerator without using the handbrake to hold the car during the transition -- for failure to maintain postive control of the vehicle at all times). Time and time again, I see a car stopped at a hilly intersection, held on the foot brake, then slipping backwards in my direction as the light turns green and the driver attempts to transition from brake to accelerator. I quickly learned to anticipate this by assessing whether the car in front of me is a manual and allowing extra space accordingly. Why is this issue not addressed during driver education, I wonder? Besides risk to self and others, it's murder on clutches.
  • I had well over 120k on my 87 gti when I traded up for a 99 vr6. There was nothing wrong with it, I just couldn't afford 3 cars and really wanted the vr6.

    On a side note about the brakes, apparently one of my rear calipers is sticking because by the time I noticed the right rear pad was gone. I mean gone. other three pads are fine.
    Pain in the rear to push the caliper piston back in without their special tool. I hate that. They couldn't make it easy, like use a c-clamp or screwdriver becasue they want you to buy the special part. I like the fact that even with the ABS you don't have to bleed the brakes, making it possible with one person.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    I don't think US drivers are taught the technique of holding a car on a hill with the hand brake (or emergency foot brake) becuase nearly all drivers education in the US is in automatic cars. With an auto, the technique is required only on the most severe hills, and even the most novice drivers can generally get from the brake to the accelerator quickly enough with an auto to avoid significant rolling backwards.

    However, I doubt the practice of not using the hand brake on a hill was much to do with accelerated clutch wear. Whether you preload the clutch against the hand brake, or simply "pop" the clutch quickly to get underway without rolling backwards, either way, you get about the same clutch wear.

    What really kills a clutch is using engine power and clutch slip to hold the car on the hill with no brakes whatsoever. I see this being done now and then. Also, many US drivers do not understand that, at a stop, neutral should be engaged. Instead, they leave the car in gear and hold the clutch down. Over time, the clutch tends to bleed down, especially on an older car, and drags while they're sitting at the light.

    Used properly and not abused, it has been my experience that most clutches will last virtually indefnitely - I have had cars go 200K miles with the original clutch, even driven aggressively, but not abused.

    - Mark
  • I've never understood how anybody could burn out a clutch on a GTI, they're layed out such that you have to TRY to lay into the clutch. Maybe it's just me.

    As for neutral. I disagree with you. And here's why. While from a mechanical point of view you are right, saves wear and tear on the spring and all that (I never understood why a hydrolic clutch and not cables, but whatever)
    But here's why you sit in first gear.
    There's a guy in front of you at the red light, and a guy coming up behind you who's xxxxing his girlfriend. You see him coming and peel out into the shoulder (ALWAYS leave enough room in front of you to do this, so you don't have to back up) before he notices and slams on the brakes and hits the guy who was in front of you instead of you.

    This actually happened to me, and I'll take a little clutch wear over getting killed in my gti any day.
  • tyn1tyn1 Posts: 1
    Hi.. I have a problem that one of my tires need to be replaced; the Michelin Pilots that come with the 17" Wheel Option from the dealer. I am not a big fan of these tires but I really do not need to replace the other three. BUT for the price of one new Michelin Pilot I am considered geting 4 new... any suggestions? ~Tyn.
  • Got my official recall notice from VW for my '02 GTI 24V VR6! Been a long time comin - an actual admission by VW that even coilpaks that have never failed will be replaced by VW at no cost.

    This supercedes the previous replacement policy that only replaced failed coilpaks.
  • I just bought a brand new yellow 337, and have a question about break-in: while I was test-driving, I asked the salesperson if there was a break-in period. He responded with an emphatic 'no, you could rip it to shreds right now'. After buying it, I couldn't resist the urge to gun it a few times. Three or four times, I hit about 5500 to 6000 RPM. I always give it time to warm up and such before doing this. Today, I finally read the manual with break-in instructions (I know, that was dumb), along with many peoples' posts about the first 1000 miles, etc. Is there a reasonable probability that I have damaged the car already? I haven't driven it any higher than 60 or 65 mph, and have generally kept the rpms to a safe level (<4k) at all other times.

    Thanks for your help!
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Just be gentle on it for the first 500 or so miles, and aviod wide open throttle.

    Also, you have a 20AE if it's yellow. :)
  • I am original owner with 33,000 mi. My clutch does not always grab when shifting. This started occurring recently. I am an experienced manual driver. Has anyone else experienced this premature clutch burn-out/wear?

    Is there anyway to adjust the clutch to compensate or fix the problem without replacing the entire clutch?

    How hard is it to replace and can a backyard mechanic do this to save $?
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    A lot of the 1.8T clutches wear out early.....
  • I test drove a 2003 GTI VR6 today and loved it. What fun! Unfortunately, this site has many messages that describe significant, persistent quality problems. It seems as if it would be risky, if not outright foolish, to buy such a vehicle.

    What do all of you GTI owners have to say?
  • joe249joe249 Posts: 95
    TI have a RX Type S and test drove a GTI and I loved it,but I won't buy it because of all the quality issues.
  • FINALLY!!! In case you guys haven't gotten this yet, VW sent me a letter in the mail yesterday, they're warranteeing the guaranteed-to-go-bad MAF for 7 years and will reimburse you if you have some amount of proof that you did it yourself.
    I guess enough people called and complained about this. I know I did.
    $200+ part, and $35 to get vw to tell me that they won't fix it under warantee.
    So for all of you who had this done (and I know some of you have becuase you told me what was wrong when it happened to me) go call up vw and ask how to get the claim form for reimbursement.
    The cool part is according to the letter, you don't have to have the actual receipt, I guess they're being reasonable, I certainly don't keep recipts for everything I buy, but if you CC bill shows the charge, they'll be happy with that.
    Pass the word.
  • Had the ignition coil replaced per the recall, this past week, in my 2003 GTI 1.8T manual. Car has 6,500 miles with absolutely no reliability issues thus far (since 31 May purchase). It's early, I know...
  • ok ok...the vw shop says my vin does not meet the coil recall and when i asked about the maf warrantee thing i got the glazed deer-caught-in-headlite i being snowed in new mexico?
  • Alot of dealers told me the coilpack was only for the 1.8T and didn't hear anything about VR6. Well my coilpack on my 2001 GLX VR6 died on me and I had force the dealer to make it FREE! Scream at them shout at them. They wont understand. They finally acknowledged it was a problem and fixed it though. I truely loved my GTI, but seriously of all the cars I've had this one gave me the most trouble. Door rattles, moon roof wierd, mis aligned headlights, epc light, coil pack MAF..which all of them the dealers will never fix.more then the car, I HATE VW dealers!!! they are rude, arrogant, and always booked! I won't name the place, but the dealer in quincy, MA was a nightmare. Can't believe BBB allows them to sell cars. I fixed my GTI in columbus,OH since they are a "little" more responsive, though money hungry. aahh! as you can tell I sold my car. VW has to realize that customer service is the most important thing. As much as I love VW products, I do not recommend them until service gets better. BTW, I own a AUDI A3 back home, virtually a golf, and it never had a problem except for the autoshift getting stuck only once. perhaps where it is build does make a difference!
    But ofcourse not all GTI are unreliable, and there are good dealers out there too. If you do decide to get a GTI , remember to put on rear swaybars and a nice set of tires :) and DRIVE SAFE!
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    I used to live in Germany, and drove my modified '92 16V GTI to work every day. About 25 miles of Autobahn & then 11 miles of twisted hilly road. In the winter I'd be passing cars that didn't have front wheel drive (BMW & Mercedes)like they were standing still. Front wheel drive is great!: On the corners of that windy road they couldn't compete even in dry weather!
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Of the MkII instead of the FWD. RWD should do better in corners, and in snow, you will love AWD.

    What mods did you have to your 16v?
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    The mods were an (almost) European spec. intake cam from Neuspeed that was still U.S. legal & a modified airbox with K&N filter. I know AWD cars are a total blast to drive - I own an '83 Audi Urquattro. Is your A4 AWD, too?
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Is a lot of fun, for a bigger car atleast. I love cornering with it, as I just can't lose grip.

    Not to mention how much fun it is in the snow ;)

    Only downside is the extra weight and drivetrain loss. And I miss not being able to chirp my wheels inbetween shifts. :D
  • How I miss that car. I'd happily trade my 99.5 vr6 for a brand new 92 any day. I'll eat the 10K loss. It was nimble as a rabbit. oh well, bygones are bygones.
    As for service, owning three gti's in the past 12 years, I have had little trouble, and it's all about the particular dealer. The best I ever met: jack daniels porsche audi VW on route 4 in new jersey. the two worst places are now out of business (heh heh) VW does try, but I also remember trying to buy my 92 the salesman was almost yelling at me how much it sucks to be a vw dealer because they weren't exporting that many cars for 93 or so. Remember the year of no-gti?

    Herm, still haven't heard back from VW about my maf refund...
  • aksaks Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a VW 6 Disc In-Dash changer on ebay from the UK to install in my US model 2000 GTi GLX. I took the car to a VW dealership in Canada and was told:
    1. Didn't fit - that i needed a plate that is supposed to come with it for installation between the stock Monsoon head unit, but nothing came with the Changer.
    2. The changer was made for the New Beetle and so required and adaptor to connect the changer to the head unit, but the power adaptor fit.
    3. That the VW techs didn't have enuf experience to do a work around.

    PS. I already have the trunk mounted VW 6 Disc changer.

    Getting frustrated, I decided to seek assistance from anybody who has been thru a self install of the 6 Disc In-Dash changer to give me a run down of how I can accomplish this install myself. I have the Radio removal tools to take out the head unit, but I cannot even get the storage receptacle that currently occupies the DIN slot where the In-Dash changer should go out of it's location.

    Any assistance would help - do i need an adapter to connect the changer to the head unit? When i bought the changer on, the seller said it was a quick install, but these VW chaps are now telling me, no can't do? Please HELPP!!!!

    aks - canada
  • Well I got a phone call from VWoA asking me for the original work order for the MAF that I replaced. (this is in reference to the recall and possible refund on those of us suckers who paid for the repair ourselves)
    But since I did it myself, I don't have a repair order. Now they don't seem to keen on helping me out, since I have no great way of proving I did it.
    But they said they'd review it again.

    Probably to make me feel better before they say no.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    If you do, I'd be sure to send that to them...

    If you ordered it online, I am sure you can get a copy of your invoice.
  • Is there a commercially available product that will fortify the rear of a 2000 GTI GLS? My Volkwagen feels loose and terribly old as it traverses the potholes and avulsions of the streets of New York city.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    I've heard that VWs have a laggy accelerator. On manual transmission models, how's the response when you put your foot on the pedal?
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    My 2.0 16V didn't have any lag to speak of!
  • Its a drive-by-wire system, so there is a fraction of a second lag compared to mechanically actuated throttles.

    Off course there is some lag with turbos anyway so add this fraction of a second to this other one. Still in stock form the 1.8t is my favorite engine for under $20k - think smooth, powerful, and thrifty. You don't get on Ward's 10 best list consective years by producing 2nd rate designs. Supposedly the lag can be cured with blow off valves, cold air intakes, chips, etc.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    buying your way onto the list!

    There are a lot of skeptics in regards to the wards top ten list. :)
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    If that lag can be cured with an aftermarket product I'd be interested in anyway, then it's not so much of a problem for me. I've never driven a drive-by-wire car (nor a turbo) so when I hear of lag I think of what happens when I drive an automatic (in my case they've always been c1990 economy cars). I could not live with that sort of throttle response, but it's sounding like it's nothing like that.
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