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Chevy Venture



  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    I would rate the power of the 3.4 (I have a Silhouette)at least an 8. I actually spun the wheels with 5 passengers aboard! The gas mileage is very good too, 26 on the highway, 23 overall.
  • alvinskialvinski Posts: 8
    In referenace to the airbag light coming on, had that problem, took it in and the found it to be some type of module. Will call today and find out exactly what it is. No problem since they fixed it though. Great service department.
  • alvinskialvinski Posts: 8
    It is called the "air bag module" or "derm" this is what the service department that fixed the problem refered to them as. Hope this helps. Love the mini van so far.
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    Alvinski-Thanks for the info. On my earlier post, I couldn't remember the code. It was D0065. I will mention the module to them and see if I can convince them to change it.
    Offham-Funny you should ask! I took it in for it's first oil change and the Jiffy Lube guys said "whoa! You have an oil leak! You might want to get it checked out before we do anything". I took it to Serra Chevrolet here in town, they put a UV dye in it (I have heard of this in the AC system to detect leaks, but never in oil!), and checked it a week later and said "Nope, no leak here. Oil seepage is normal". Had the oil changed at another "quick change" type of place in town, and guess what they said? "Whoa! You've got an oil leak here"! They said the filter was tight, so I am assuming that it is coming from somewhere else. I do have some seepage from the valve cover, but not enough to make it to the bottom of the engine. I am going to another dealer and have them check. Serra Chev. isn't known for their brain surgeon mechanics, so maybe I will have better luck with the other dealer.
    mcdill-I would rate my motor power as a 9 compared to other minivans that I drove (I drove one, can't remember which, maybe a dodge) that I floored it going DOWNHILL on an interstate on-ramp, and was only going 50 by the time I hit traffic! A driver and one passenger, no others! I knew there was no point in looking at that one further! I rate it a 2 compared to the power from the 3.5 in my 300M!! ;) Put that 261 HP in my Venture and then it will be a 10! Seriously, it's a good, strong motor and performs well (including MPG) considering the weight of the vehicle.
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    We just had our first breakdown with our '97 Venture Extended. 3k and 4 months out of warranty. The battery positive post corroded and broke spilling battery acid. I've never had a car do this before. The dealer said we should use a spray from a auto parts store to prevent corrosion. I'm tempted to investigate this some more to see if it is a manufacturing defect. Anybody else had this problem. If not I'd suggest checking out your battery posts for corrosion to prevent a possible breakdown. The van has been garage kept and we live in the DC area with only a few snows a year so I'm at a loss as to how this could happen.

    Other than this problem the van has performed well . The electric side door some times won't open but I'm wondering if it was related to the battery. It's a great van with good mpg.
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    I was told at some point in the past (I can't remember when or by who) that corrosion on the battery posts is sometimes indicative of overcharging. The battery produces too much hydrogen and it leaks out. I don't know in you case if this was a problem over time, or possibly a regulator failure on the alternator that might have just died. This is all speculation of course, but it might be worth having the auto parts store (such as Auto Zone that will test your electrical system for free) check and make sure your alternator isn't putting out too much voltage or current. I have never used the spray on any vehicle I have had (by the way, the little green and red washers designed to stop corrosion, don't), and have never had a corrosion problem until a regulator went out. Just a thought but I hope it helps.
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    Found this on the NHTSA service bulletins database at . This might address the intermittent door problems that some have reported. Dealers should have the full text of this TSB available.

    Service Bulletin Number: 99048
    Bulletin Sequence Number: 759
    Date of Bulletin: 9908
    NHTSA Item Number: SB607603
    Model: VENTURE
    Year: 2000
  • big__daddybig__daddy Posts: 30
    So far this is the best vehicle we have ever owned. If I were to rate power compared to other minivans I would have to say 9. I'm glad we didn't get the power sliding door judging by the problems reported by other owners. We've only had one real problem. At about 2k miles we lost all coolant from the radiator. Turns out it was a manufacturing defect and the rad was promptly replaced. The service dept. lent us a car for the half day or so lost to replace the rad. Another little problem is some surface rust on the lower sliding door brackets on both sliding doors. Has anybody else noticed this on their Venture? Seems a little premature to be having any kind of rust on a 5 month old vehicle.
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    No rust on mine, but then I live in the deep south and we don't have any salt issues like the folks up north might have. I personally LOVE the power sliding door, and wish that I would have gotten them on both sides. Oh well. It's especially fantastic with a child in one arm, and a diaper bag in another, to be able to hit a button instaed of struggling to get a standard door open. That's just my opinion though.
  • Please think twice before switching to Toyota - check their BBB rating in CA "Unsatisfactory". We have owned them for 25 years and until now never had a problem. We have a 1999 Sienna with major engine problems under warranty that Toyota will not fix claiming its from a breakdown of oil products - several other mechanis have told us Toyota is nuts - that there's no way. They have a proven track record with the BBB for not handling customer complaints & warranty claims.
  • re025901re025901 Posts: 7
    I have a 2000 LS venture and can tell you about it. email me at [email protected]
  • kinjalkinjal Posts: 7
    I own Venture LT for last 2.5 months/1200 miles.

    I fell for it because of 8 pass. seating, built-in child seat above all approx. 6,500 below invoice pricing that we were getting due to various rebates.

    However. I regret that decision.

    in 8 years of owning a Honda and 9 years of Toyota, I did NOT have one surprise!!

    Venture has been to dealer twice already and still has more problems.

    Buy Honda O. or Toyota S.
    Stay away from Big 3.

    Or you can have my 2.5 moths/1200 miles LT for 2,000 below car-direct/car-order price.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    We turned 10000 miles today since March 10 on an LT 2000. Apart from minor seat repair (stitching on back of driver's seat) cannot be more than pleased.Great gas mileage. I would be interested to know after 1200 miles what has gone wrong as at least to share info on this site.

    There are mixed feelings in our household re the electric sliding door. My wife and I have no problems, but uncompromising children seem frustrated by it. I have a simple answer...get out the other side !
  • tbone14tbone14 Posts: 10
    Seriously looking at the 00 Venture. I like the idea that Chevy will discount the price and probably hopefully give invoice, but I am cautious about the product. We are interested in hearing from some van owners (6-mos.) that could tell us some news about the product (good or bad). The only problems I seem to hear are minor, but would appreciate any responses.
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    I'm only a 5 month owner, but the only problems I have had on my 00 Warner Brothers Edition in 12,000 miles have been a slight oil leak that has apparently sealed itself up, a broken locking latch for the video screen, replaced under warranty, an an apparently bad air bag control module (air bag light is on now) that is being repaired now. All other items, including power door, are A-OK. It's a really nice van with a good deal of power that handles very well. We have been very pleased. Went to the coast last fall with 4 adults, a child, a dog, and LOTS of cargo (even had a hitch installed and bought one of the hitch carriers for luggage that wouldn't fit inside), and still managed 22 at 75MPH for 300 miles, 90% of which were highway. With whatever you buy, just inspect it good and do a long test drive and BE PICKY! Good luck with your purchase! We were able to get 0.9%, a price below invoice, and also bought from a town 75 miles north of our home that had a 2% less tax rate. Put quote requests out on the internet and let the dealers fight for your business!
  • mossyonemossyone Posts: 1
    I can tell you I have a 2000 venture plus and we love it ,no problems of any kind i've had it for 10 months now and it has 11,000 miles on it.We have driven it on numerous trips and love the room, it has also it has alot of power.I used to own a 1993 dodge caravan which also was a good dependable van for me but this is a whole lot more van than that was.I also agree with dustinnewton post on the internet and let them fight for your buisness I did and I saved about $3800 when it was all done. GOOD LUCK
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    See my 492.Have posted several times before, that as far as we are concerned it was a great buy. We had the dustbuster Lumina before for 9 years and 140K. Didn't consider any Chrysler or Ford. Did look at Mazda MPV and too small for college hauling etc. Mazda seems to have a vast array of problems on their MPV.

    At the time we took $2000 rebate and ordered through and ended up at $24500 incl tax etc., for the 8 seater LT in Sapphire blue. Never to be repeated as they chipped in $2200 of their own.

    I know people have posted problems, and earlier models tended to have more grief than the 2000.
  • I own a 1999 Chevy Venture and so far I have had nothing but constant problems with this van. Engine trouble, transmission work, AC broke, tires got flat, bad handleing, bad seats, bad dash, oil problems, etc. I could go on and on. It has been in the shop over 7 months so far off and on. I would never but another Chevy I suggest everyone here do the same! I also own a Sienna now and it is much better!
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    Correction: YOUR Chevy may be junk but mine is great. I hate that you have had problems, but with that much time in the shop, surely you qualify for action under your state's lemon law. Have you looked into this? Sounds like you should qualify for a new vehicle (I doubt that you would want another GM, but if you get a better one that you have now, you come out in better shape).
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Refer to mykidsdriver on 499.
    I referred to the MPV problems and if you look at their van section under Mazda MPV Problems there are now over 370 postings.

    Recalls on fraying seat belts, front bumper re enforcement, tire/steering problems. This excludes the 2.5 engine being underpowered for some, low gas mileage and often erratic gearbox function. These comments are from OWNERS posted on Edmunds Mazda MPV site.

    Just look at all the posts on hoping for the 3.0 liter engine in the 2001 model year.

    At the time of the purchase decision we needed a larger van. The MPV did not meet our hauling needs, so I do not consider my comments based on MPV owners irresponsible. Nevertheless I wish you good luck with your Mazda

  • tbone14tbone14 Posts: 10
    I appreciate the responses to post #493. After reading all the above, I feel that for any make or model there will be some negative aspects(and should be posted and heard)but I don't believe post #496 was a hit against Mazda, just an opinion based on posts. That is exactly what this site is intended for, to post information for the consumer.

    After taking a test drive we found that for us the extended was the way to go after checking out the room between the back seat and rear hatch. The Interior is very plastic, but hey it serves the purpose for kids and will probably clean-up easily. I just had some reservations on the reliability since every other van on the road is a Chrysler/Dodge or Ford, I guess Chevy just does'nt have a big name in Mini Vans.

    I have not found the best deal yet I am currently working with a few dealers , but I appreciate all the advise. We are hoping that the incoming 2001 inventory will work in our favor.

    Thank you to all for your posts.
  • ravenrichravenrich Posts: 6
    Thinking of buying '00 Venture 8 seater, no suspenion package, no traction control package, or rear AC. What's a good price? What are the odds of GM increasing rebate goinh into September?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    If you are looking at an LT it comes with Traction Control/Suspension and rear AC as standard.Optional on the LS? Believe $1500 rebate available for cash or low financing. Certainly towards end of the year if they are still on lot, maybe able to get better deal as the 2001 come in.

    You can check the GM website or Edmunds for current rebates.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I found your post interesting, and I have heard the plasticky comment before and other GM models, but I don't think there is any other material the manufacturers can use??

    I have since read that the 2001 Ventures will have the rollaway rear seat ala Honda and dare I say it the Mazda MPV !! Ironically, the new 2001 Chrysler/Dodge van out very soon will not have this feature. Their rear seat is like lugging out the living room sofa. The current split bench on the Venture LT are OK, if a little heavier than the modular seats.

    I read some production figures somewhere for first six months of 2000 and true that Chrysler first followed by Windstar at +/- 70000 units. The Venture was +/- 54000, but when you add in the the other two Pontiac and Oldsmobile, they are past Ford in #2 position. Essentially they are same underneath.

    On the highway I seem to notice more GM vans due to the side running lights. There never will be a perfect van to suit everybody, we all have a budget and specific needs.
  • ravenrichravenrich Posts: 6
    Sorry, I goofed. I'm looking at the LS Extened w/out suspension and traction control pkg. Dealer showing $23,800. Any comments? (See post #503)
  • tbone14tbone14 Posts: 10
    Agreed plastic is the only material the manufactures can use. I guess other brands can hide or should I say seem to blend it in to the interior look a little more. But like I said I'm fine with it, I still think for the money it is a good buy. Toyota has the warranty I want but they are not interested in discounting anything or very little, everything with them is the name. Just like you said everyone has a budget and this hopefully will be a vehicle you can own for 7-10 years with dependability.

    Thanks for the info on units produced, thats great information. I wish there was a number of units still on the dealers lots, it would be a huge negotiating tool...
  • tinyguytinyguy Posts: 44
    Hi everyone,

    Could someone kindly explain to me, how to disable this annoying light once oil change has been complete? I go to a garage (instead of the GM dealer) for oil changes, and they don't seem to know how to turn the warning light off. I read the manual and according to it, I am supposed to turn the key just short of starting, then press accelerator all the way 3 times within 5 secs. I tried it about 100 times without any success...

    Oh, this is a 2000 Venture LS, short wheel base model.

    Thank you.

  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    I don't mean to quibble with you, but why did you use the term "destination tax?" All vehicles have a destination/freight charge, the cost of moving the vehicle from the factory/port of entry to the dealership.

    As I understand it, the dealer has to tax the money that flows into the company. The only way you MIGHT be able to affect that would be to trade in a vehicle and, possibly, have them reclassify some of what you pay as a paperwork/documentation charge. (That's reclassify, NOT ADD a documentation charge.)
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    As a guide, take the dealer invoice plus 2.25% or 2.50% max. This is the sort of basic deal you get with AAA,AARP & Costco. Tax and destination charge is on top plus the doc fee. Of course depending on when the 2001 appears, how long are they going to keep 2000 on the lot.

    There is a website called which shows you how dealers work you around by giving you a break here but padding up other stuff such as the doc fee and pinstripes to achieve their target revenue. Interesing site and must have written by a rogue dealer.

    A dealer near us in Summit NJ has 4 or 5 on his lot which suspect have been there since we looked in Jan.

    Similary in NJ when there is a rebate, the tax is calculated on amount BEFORE taking off the rebate.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I had this once during a long high speed journey and followed the instructions as you described and it reset OK.

    The key here is that the warning light is not based mileage, but on the viscosity or temperature of the oil based on engine revolutions. So each time you reset it maybe getting a similar reading. Do you know what oil the garage is putting in and the filter they are using ?

    You want to ensure that the correct oil 5-30W is used and a Delco PF47 filter as per handbook. I change my own oil every +/- 2750 miles.

    Would worth money to take it into a GM dealer to get it fixed.
  • tinyguytinyguy Posts: 44

    Actually, what happened was the following :

    I received a new car. Around 5000km (I am in Canada), the light came on during the first two minutes of driving. I had the van change oil. Got the van, and the light wouldn't go away. I assumed that there must be a reset switch or something. Got lazy... :) Didn't do anything about it until 10000km. I tried that method to turn the warning light off. Didn't work. Got oil changed anyway. Since then, I haven't tried it again.

    Perhaps if I try it now, it might work. I must have tried to reset it when the oil was dirty again near 10000km...

    I'll try it tomorrow! Thanks offham!

    (are you SURE, that it is not based on mileage or time?)

  • Looked at, and studied, wide variety of mini-vans, until deciding on the Chevy Venture...
    contacted numerous Chevy Dealers in the area via the 'net, and asked them to give me their best purchase price, (through GM Buy Power).
    The results were astonishing!...For the 2000 Venture Plus-1SB which comes with cruise, remote key entry, power windows, and deep tinted glass...
    the prices offered me ranged from $1,400. to
    $6,500. below MSRP that came with also the option of taking an additional $2,000. off their quoted price or taking 5.9% APR...Needless to say I ended up with an acceptable price offering of
    $18,500. plus TT&L. Tossing in $2,000. of my own, and taking the 5.9APR, my monthly notes are only $340. per...(the van also had the AM/FM stereo with CD and Cassette...a $470. option).
    Just goes to show the power of the internet, and the reality that you can get an excellent value and deal if you don't settle for just any ol' quote given to ya!!!
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I have definitely read that the warning light is not mileage activated, but as mentioned via engine revloutions. If I find it will post.

    Hope your re set works
  • dbeddbed Posts: 1
    Is the "rollaway rear seat" standard in 2001? Can you reseach it and post for the rest of group? Whether Olds will have same option? I heard Olds 2001 model out already (from my GM card mothly billing papers).

    Other question regarding the dealer math:
    Is the GM card bonus(rebate) subjected to tax? i.e. does dealer subtract the GM card bonus before the tax? My bonus is expiring another 250.00 in august, should I wait for the 2001(rollaway rear seat) or any good suggestion?

    Anyone know that Olds will come out short wheel base in 2001 Silhouette? Thanks for help!
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    There is a paragraph on this in the US handbook a little further on from the oil change info. Believe it is page 6-14.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Stumbled across this today via Edmunds New Trucks for Chevy. It is called GM buying power and allows you to put in your zip code, and it will pull up all dealers in your area and their current inventory/specs/MRSP. At least you can go prepared.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    This was an article in the biz section of the NY Times either a Sat/Sun in July. The main subject was about the new Chrysler mini van due out in the fall.

    The article noted that Chrysler had not gone for this Honda/Mazda feature and still have the full length bench which is a hassle to get out on your own. They will offer the Chevy split rear seats but no flip down.

    Chryslers answer was to do with the noise created inside the cabin by the seat space well...

    In the article it mentioned that the new 2001 Venture will have it which leaves Chrysler out of it.

    The papers are in a stack still here, so will make sure got my info right. It surprised me as the only comments I had seen on the new Venture was related to the NY Auto Show in April.

    Main front grill (single colored bar), wireless headphones and two channels. Larger video screen on the Warner Bros and revised dash layout. Appears GM intend to stay up with the pack.

    Edmunds 2001 Chevrolet does not have this posted yet.

  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    It was July 16 issue..NYTimes want $2.50 for the download. However I found the paper in the garage

    Essentially what I said in previous post is correct. FYI I will re type the relevant text.


    G.M.'s Chevrolet Venture, Oldsmobile Silhouette and Pontiac Montana will offer fold-away seats beginning this fall. Unquote. Went on to say that Ford was working to develop a fold-away seat for the Windstar....

    This is the place where it gave 6 month production figures and I was well off the mark in a previous post.

    Dodge Caravan 163000
    Windstar 134000
    Odyssey 66700
    Plymouth 57700
    Sienna 54400
    Venture 54400
    Chrysler 46800
    Montana 35200


    Chrysler 267500
    Ford 134800
    GM 89600 (No Olds figures)
    Honda 66700
    Toyota 54400
    Mazda Who cares
  • tinyguytinyguy Posts: 44
    Yeah, it worked!

    Thanks for the tip. Finally, I got rid of that annoying light...

  • minnbillminnbill Posts: 28
    Wow, you got a great deal at $18,500. We bought the exact same model Venture in April for almost $4,000 more. This was the "GM supplier rate" which is GM employee price plus 3%. I would've definitely gone out on the 'net to get quotes if I'd known we could've saved that much, though. Did get 0.9% financing though, so payments are low.

    Minivan sales figures posted in #521 appear to be similar here in Minnesota. Caravan/Voyager/T&C are everywhere here. If I had one of those, I'd have a heck of a time trying to find mine in a mall parking lot. Interesting, though, was on vacation in Arizona recently, and saw lots of Ventures/Silohuettes/Montanas, and, no I don't think many of 'em were rentals, unless they rent in colors other than white.

    Glad GM is going to put that foldaway rear seat in the '01's. That's what I really envied about the Odyssey.

    Also, I notice that Venture seems to ride higher off the ground than most other minivans, which I like, even without raising the drivers seat. Anyone else notice this?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    For those looking for end oy year bargains. NY Times noted that both GM/Chrysler sales are down and still high with 2000 models. GM has 68 days worth of unsold vehicles, and with model change over should be around 55-58 days. However it is noted that 2000 inventory looks higher versus 1999 when they were short of many models.

    Chrysler July fell by 12.2% but minivans down 29% despite rebates people seem to be holding off for the new 2001.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I have never measured the ground clearance between vans, but the Venture et al are narrower than most, as it is/was exported to Europe for Opel and Vauxhall. This may give an impression of being higher off the ground than say the Ford and Honda, which looks really fat & squat from the rear.

    I very much like the high position and although I am 6ft1" usually have the seat up.

    During a recent trip to Toronto the GM vans were everywhere,(it's those daytime orange lights!) but major percentage being the short wheelbase version.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    For more details go to the Montana site and select 2001 models post #16. Pulls up press release from GM. Interesting that the folding rear seats do not appear to go into a well at the back.
  • tauberjtauberj Posts: 61 has all the information posted for the 2001 GM vans. I looked it up yesterday.
  • We had the first oil change done on our 2000 Venture after 4700 or so km. Somewhere past 5000 km the change oil warning message pops up. I say to myself strange the oil was just changed. So I check to make sure the level was ok etc and everything is fine. So we take it back to the dealer and it turns out the mechanic that changed the oil forgot to reset the computer. So is this warning really mileage activated or temperature/viscosity activated?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    As posted just a few back, hand book states it is temperature etc not mileage. When I have changed the oil myself, I do not reset the computer as I conclude that it only operates when it reads something is wrong. Take the view that that new oil should not incur these problems.

    Only once did it come on after 750 miles from an oil change, but we had been pushing it back from Toronto to NJ. It came on after a pit stop and I just reset not to be seen again. I find it interesting technology rather than mileage based.
  • tbone14tbone14 Posts: 10
    Does anyone have any info on Mfg to dealer incentives going on. I couldnt find anything out there except the 2k customer incentive. I like to have the true dealer cost (invoice less any dealer incentives) to negotiate with some of the sharks out there....Any help would be appreciated.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    nra4ever sums it up in his %531...Homework prior to stepping into the dealer and an action plan of what you want to pay.

    If it is Venture you are looking for, then I would start with the and select Chevrolet. There you will see all rebates. $2000 off Venture thru 10/2 or financing. Doubt if manufacturer to dealer incentives are published Then go to GMBuy Power. There you can see what models the dealers in your area have in stock full specs and sticker.

    We know from an earlier posting of mine GM have an overstock coming into the 2001 model year of 2000 as per NY Times this week.

    I strongly recommend that you also visit You must read and absorb where the dealer will try and nail you. Doc fees/extended warranties/paint sealant/window etching.

    Dealers who offer AARP/AAA deals are essentially offering 2.0 to 2.5% over their invoice price. They also get 3% dealer holdback so let's say they are getting $1300/$1400 overall, then they want you to get hooked on the other stuff.

    If you lease they will definitely try and hit you up on the paint sealant...." when you turn in the car you will not be billed for tree sap stains or bird mess." This could add $20 per month to the lease.

    Finally, do not be afraid to get up and walk out the showroom, even if it embarrasses family! If you should agree this as a possible plan of action PRIOR to going in.

    Keep us posted.
  • dawn20dawn20 Posts: 1
    We purchased a Chevy Venture "Value Van"-base model on 5/16/00.After owning it for only a month we have taken it to the dealership many times. The interior plastic molding by the side doors keeps falling down. Also my driver seat-the back of it continues to open. They replaced the seat cover but did not sew it together. They ended up super gluing it and now it is coming apart at the bottom. AFter all of this-the air bag light came on and stayed on-they had to replace something called a pretensioner/belt kit. I have taken it some many times-I count 8 times. I feel like we have purchased a lemon. Has anyone else had these problems? Thanks!!
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