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Chevy Venture



  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Re#315. Thanks for the tip on windshield cracks.
  • SAhladasSAhladas Posts: 35
    Never heard of 'aluminum paint' before. Aluminized steel is sheet steel where the outer surface has a thin layer of aluminum on it. You don't need to plate it to prevent rust, but it can rust at welds or cuts where the steel core becomes exposed.
  • we bought a 99 venture exactly one year ago today and have loved it everyday since, now has 26,000 miles, it was in the shop once becasue of the airbag light and once because the sliding door lock would not work with remote lock but both visit occurred around oil change time anyway.

    when we got the silvermist color it was great until everybody else bought it, cant find any thing to make it look cool Thanks for the egr link I ordered the dust vent already.

    If anyone has any accesories I'd appreciate it

    want to get bugshild and window visors in clear so I paint them but can't find those either

    would also like to see any pictues of accesorized ventures
  • van_fanvan_fan Posts: 8
    We purchased a LT 8 passenger. It does come with a built in child seat. It is not even noticeable when not in use. Our regret is that we didn't order one with 2 built in seats. The kids love them (makes them feel like a big kid) and it makes life so much easier when using the car with adults.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Picked up my brand new Dark Sapphire Blue Venture LT this am. This was ordered thru and chose to pick it up from Dealer some 70 miles away in PA rather than the flatbed delivery to NJ. The van was in pristine condition, everything explained and worked. No cracks in windshield and radio/cd etc is superb. Headphones are mailed after delivery. Rides like a dream. Furthermore the price I paid for it $24500 including NJ Tax/Title was unbeatable.

    We had a "Dustbuster" APV for nine years and we are looking forward to similar type of service.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Checked this am and it is stainless steel all the way including exhaust and tail pipe. No rust at all. Window sticker confirms same
  • This is a question for venman1 about message 312 and increasing fuel mileage. What is a K&N filter and where do you get one?
  • venman1venman1 Posts: 6
    A K&N air filter is a filter that increases air flow to the induction system, and decreases
    restriction allowing improved airflow for better power and fuel mileage.they can cost between $30 to $50 but they last the lifetime of the vehicle all you have to do is clean it out every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.
    you can get them at any autoparts store, usually
    check out their site at
  • This also is a question for the venman1.
    I have a 1999 Chevy Venture van with the 3.4 liter engine. I have contacted various auto parts stores all of whom seem to carry K & N products, but none of them seem to have a listing for this vehicle. I was in hopes that you might be able to give me the correct model # or part # for the air filter that you have installed in your venture.
    Perhaps I could then have them do a search with this info. Thanks for any help!
  • venman1venman1 Posts: 6
    This filter is also listed as fitting
    94-96-buick regal
    94-96-grand prix
    94-97-olds cutlass supreme
    95-97- chev lumina
    so if your autoparts store does not list one for venture im sure if you tell them one of these models the part # 332063 will come up .any questions contact me. also drop the 1 of the part number its not needed.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Refer #312 venman#1. Can you advise how much you paid for this as EGR are not a retailer. Does it hav a cut out for the high rear brakelight and
    did you get it painted to match the van. Assume it secures to stand carwash etc.

    Thanks for info
  • venman1venman1 Posts: 6
    I paid $54 plus shipping and handling , you have to contact them and ask for a distributor near you
    yes it has a cut out for the brake light.and no I did not get it painted to match my van. I am not sure if it would take the beaten in a carwash cause I don't use them I had a bad experience with a automatic carwash one ripped the antenna off my car and beat the heck out of the car with it .
  • Last sunday we were driving along when the "low coolant level" message pops up. Crap we've not even owned this van for a month yet! Turns out it's a busted radiator which is being replaced under warranty. The mechanic says either the rad was improperly installed at the factory or else it's a building defect. Itend to believe the latter. This all happened on a sunday so we could't even get a loaner that day since the dealer is closed. At least the roadside assistance didn't take long the flatbead was there in under 45 min. I hope we don't have any more breakdowns with this new van! We traded the old clunker we had before in because the repair bills were killing us.
  • dennie4dennie4 Posts: 24
    We purchased a 2000 Chevy Venture Van,
    Warner Brothers Edition three weeks ago. It came with traction control and the trailering package and right power door. The list price with destination was $30,770 The dealer offered $2500 off list, plus GM was nice enough to offer a $500 loyalty bonus. In our area that weekend the Cleveland Auto show was offering a bonus $ 500 off any GM vehicle. Also we took the $1500 incentive from GM, which took the price of the vehicle to $25770. It was the best deal I have received on a vehicle. We looked at the Honda's and the Chrysler Town and Country. I wasn't that impressed that much with the Honda, especially since their was a month waiting list and you paid list price. The Chrysler Town and Country was very nice, but they wouldn''t deal on them. The Venture has more features than the other two for the money. The kids love the video system, it has a very nice picture. Also the sound system is top notch. The only concern I had was the poor test crash results. I read a lot of mixed results on them in various magazines and postings here. I would suggest any one to strongly consider the Venture Van. I almost forgot I had a piece of crap trade in that they gave me another $1000 for.I couldn't have gotten that if I sold it my self.
  • bdg13bdg13 Posts: 1
    You bought a Venture LT for $24500, and that included NJ tax and title? How did you manage that; a final cost, including destination, tax and everything for far below invoice? Let me know where you went. I also live in NJ (not far from Philly), and will gladly go to PA for that. Sounds too good to be true. That is the SD package, correct? Any other extras? I guess you took the rebate, I may go with the 0.9% for 60 months.
  • lilmorglilmorg Posts: 1
    I'm very seriously considering the 2000 Venture, Warner Bros. Edition. The vehicle we're looking at has the automatic passenger-side sliding door, traction control and the touring suspension. The sticker price on this vehicle is around $30,700 and the dealership is offering it @ around $28,500. I'm definitely leaning towards the 0.9% financing over 60 months vs. the $1,500. Any suggestions on what I should offer?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I ordered the Venture 2000LT only option was the 8 passenger seating at no charge. I went with (They're in Town Hall)and ordered in January. Correct I took a $2000 rebate, but carOrder discounted the dealer invoice by $800 in addition. At time of pick up from Reedman in Langhorne PA carOrder had to pay $2411 as the difference to the quote and the order cost from Reedman. This appears to have happened to a lot of people in Jan, plus we got a special $100 check for hanging in. I tried for the GM loyalty $500 but only applied on on lot and had to be out of dealer by 2/29/00

    carOrder now offering in NJ about 1% over dealer invoice, plus the option of the $1500 rebate which is close to $26150 incl tax/title.

    I know I lucked out big time and special order through factory that was virtually made the next week.

    Good luck
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    I have a 1997 Venture with 7 passenger bench seats. I would like to add the modular seats so I can have 8 passenger seating. It looks like the floor mounts exist. I just need the seats. Does anybody know where I can purchase these seats?

    BTW, it's been a great van!
  • luvkidsluvkids Posts: 2
    Has anyone thought of buying their vehicle through a fleet dealer? We've never bought directly from a dealer fact our bank won't give us a loan unless we use a fleet dealer. They give us $50 over invoice at the fleet dealer. It beats the hell out of buying from some joe who's going to give you a hard time for three hours before caving anyway. You get the same warrenties and service just no hassle. I love it - the internet has some very good features that way too. Just a thought for those who hate the hassle of the "dreaded" salesman. I agree with some other comments here on the Honda. I looked at them today...not at all inpressed with the "comfort" I think I'd be more comfortable sitting on a brick. They have some great features safety wise but nothing for the family like the TV VCR thingy...that would seemingly make my life so much easier while we're traveling (which we do a lot). I have concerns with regards to the safety and crash tests - anyone with any comforting advice? We're looking at the Warner bros. addition.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Luvkids...can you explain what is a fleet dealer ?

    Not heard this expression before
  • dennie4dennie4 Posts: 24
    I am still wondering about safety concerns with the Venture van. Has anyone with a Venture Van been in an accident and want to tell us about it. Also I looked at the Pontiac Montana conference room it had some pictures of test results and quite a few comments regarding safety. In the real world I don't know if most of these tests apply. Vans are supposed to have some of the lowest injury rates around. But if there is a problem I can't understand why GM dosen't get right on it. It a shame such a fine Minivan is marred by this.
  • kinjalkinjal Posts: 7
    Question for experts:

    is there any difference between exactly similarly eqipped venture LT and Montana other than two-tone paint? Specifically, in absence of sports package option, is montana's suspension better?

    why do so many television programs put montana at the top of minivan list and do not list venture at all?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    I am not an expert.

    Apart from the sports suspension option would say that they are identical under the skin. Agree there are differences in the interior dash etc, Have just got a new Venture LT and very pleased with it. GM Divisions pitch their siblings at different market segments. The Venture is family orientated, Montana outdoor and the Pontiac up market.
  • alvinskialvinski Posts: 8
    We currently own (one month now) a 2000 venture LT, sandrift, eight passenger, trailer provision with the transmission cooler. I was never a van person myself but I am convinced that I will never go back. My wife and I are very pleased with the van overall, and expect many years of owning this vehicle. I would highly reccomend it to anyone in the market. You will not be disappointed.
  • SAhladasSAhladas Posts: 35
    The montanas suspension is not better, just different. The Olds has the 'softest' ride the Chevy in the middle, the Ponitac the stiffest. If you like stiff, I suppose the Montanas is better. GM seems adamant to advertise the Montana as SUV like, I have'nt a clue why.

    Dennie4, 1 crash test does not a safe vehicle make. GM 'does not get right on it' because they do not view this as a major problem. Go check out the IIHS site statistics that show the GM injury rate is actually a bit better then the crashworthy Sienna.
  • dennie4dennie4 Posts: 24
    Thanks for the words of wisdom, I agree with you. What I can't understand is why people are waiting months for the Honda Van and paying full price. I am not against the Honda, but when you compare it the Venture, especially the Warner Brothers Van it comes up short. For around $2000 more than the Honda I got the entertainment system, leather seats, a great stereo system with cassette and cd player, trailering package, traction control, a power door, touring suspension and touring tires. The value comes up for the Chevy all things aside.As I have said I have nothing against the Honda except to me it dosen't seem to be that great of deal
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    When looking at vans in Jan, Honda dealer in NJ wanted $2000 mark up over sticker plus a 12 week wait. Honda have had problems with this van especially on electric sliding doors. It is only the fact that Consumers Assoc, gave it a top rating that the order books went through the roof. Honda make 66000 per annum at the Canadian plant so supply is well below demand.

    We could not spring for the WB,(Did you have the Bugs Bunny logo removed ??) but got the LT and had it over a week. It is a really superior van in every respect and even with 500 miles ave 23 mpg..according to the computer.

    Instead picked up a small 9" tv with VCR from Sears @ $265.00. As I have the 8 seat version we will fold center 2nd row seat all the way foward.

    The TV will sit on floor but found one of those keyboard wrist rests will raise it up enough for the back seat passengers to view. Got an adapter at Radio Shack to allow two headphones.

  • well folks,
    my wife and I bought a chevey venture cargo van. Its a 99, and we have had it for 7 months now, and have had it in for repair on the anti skid module, 4 oil leaks, they had to replace the rack and pinion, and now i got still another oil leak (5 now!), and while i found the leak, i noticed that my front tyres were rounding on the outside edges of the tread. with futher inspection, i found that all four of my bolts that hold my sway bar in place, are loose, (one actually missing!) mabey I should have waited and got the WB package. at least it would've come with a lucky rabbits FOOT! well, we are going to take it in and try to get a new van, we love the room and the hight that we have over our old saturn. Any one know if I can TRADE UP AND PAY THE DIFFERANCE? I am tyred of this van being in the shoppe soooo much.
  • vanateevanatee Posts: 1
    Does anyone else feel excessive heat on their stereo and heating/cooling controls on long drives? We just bought a 2000 WB edition Venture. The van is great but the stereo gets very hot to the touch. I can't imagine this is normal as it might warp a CD or damage a tape?
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    I noticed this same condition on our 2000 Silhouette. The dealer says this is normal. Any other opinions?
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