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Chevy Venture



  • wanzawanza Posts: 1
    Hi I purchased a Chevy 2000 Venture about a month ago. I have had problem with it cutting off while I am driving. I took it back to the dealer they could find any thing wrong but changed the ignition switch. Then a week later I went to start it up and it would not start, I had to have It towed back to the dealer and that is where it is now. What should I do.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    To see new front end..only picture shown go to and click on NY Autoshow icon. In left side bar mentions new GM minivans. Gone is the chrome grill in favor of a all painted single bar.
  • sloan2sloan2 Posts: 8
    To Mikeglyn: It is really unfortunate that you have experienced so many annoyances with your Venture. I can suggest one remedy for your banging sliding door glass. Adjust the window. My Venture had the same problem. The window was too low on the end that latches and was hitting the metal on the van when we hit a bump. The adjustment is at the hinge end. Once mine was adjusted, I had no more problems. You may also want to get some silicone spray and apply silicone around all the window seals, including the little rubber square piece that the window rests against. This stopped some of the squeaking as well.

    Now to MPASS: My Venture has the same problem, the loud poping noise that sounds like it comes from the front suspension. It does this very rarely and only during hard acceleration from a dead stop and sometimes as the Van begins to back up. I think it happens because the weight shifts quickly from front to rear. My Van has been in a wreck, though, and I thought it was related to the wreck, although the wreck did not affect the front of the Van. If you find out what the problem is, please post it.
  • minnbillminnbill Posts: 28
    GREAT value for the money! Paid $300 below dealers invoice (special deal thru wifes employer), PLUS got the 0.9% financing for 60 mos., which is like a free loan. Looked at Caravan, liked the layout & engine of Venture better, did not like all the tranny problems reported in Town Hall from Dodge/Chrysler van owners. Would have liked to look at an Odyssey, but there are none in our area, and was wondering if they are really worth their MSRP.
    Anyway, Venture drives like a dream, so far. Love the large side mirrors (about 2x as big as the ones on our Lumina). Got the Plus interior, pretty basic, with the split-bench seats in back, (no problem taking those out), kind of plasticky looking, but w/2 small kids, it cleans up nicely. Got the RDS radio/CD player, too. Gas mileage low 20's around town and plan to take it on its first road trip this weekend. Only concern is where the wipers rest, under the hood. Seems like this will be a problem come winter, w/ice and snow accumulating there. Also, the wipers leave a V-shaped spot in the center of the windshield, behing the mirror. Bothers me, but I guess I'm used to wipers that clean right-to-left. All in all, a great van, and we plan to keep it many many years (hopefully trouble-free). Check one out if you're shopping around. Some great deals out there!
  • big__daddybig__daddy Posts: 30
    You've just described our van! Do you have the long or short wheelbase? Yeah it really rides wonderfully with more than adequate power. Fuel consumption is quite good so far with mostly city driving. As for the wipers in winter don't worry about it. The first 4 days we owned this van it snowed every day last february. Sure some snow accumulates a bit there but you just brush it off like any other vehicle.
  • bpaynterbpaynter Posts: 4
    I am looking for some recent-model year Chevy
    Venture owners who are interested in talking about
    their ownership experience. I am working on the
    2001 Venture catalog and would like to include
    actual owners' words.

    Specifically, I'm looking for:
    1) A Venture LS family (mom, dad, two or more
    kids) whose children are soccer players. Kids
    should be fairly young (between 5 and 13).
    2) Venture LT family living in the Rocky Mountain
    area who take their Venture on skiing vacations.
    Should have two or three children.

    I certainly would appreciate any response I get on
    this. I can be contacted via e-mail at Thank you.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Noticed over weekend that some of the stiching on left rear of drivers side seat had come away, exposing a plastic strip.Have had nothing large in back pocket, but will be fixed by dealer via an upholstery shop under warranty. Will also have front toe in checked as slightly steering to left. Just as info
  • ayllamsayllams Posts: 1
    Hi! I bought a new 2000 Chevy Venture on Monday May 8. It did not start the next day --- the van has only 40 miles on it! Had it towed to the dealer and they said it was a bad battery and that the negative bolt was loose and stripped. they replaced the bolt and I went to pick it up on Wednesday and it would not start again!! They looked all Wed and on Thursday they called up and said think it was the security system. Today is Friday (May 12) and they are still looking into it. Has anyone seen a similar problem? Also the person who posted #416--- is your problem fixed? I would appreciate any info. You may email me at
  • beentherebeenthere Posts: 1
    Wow...glad I stopped by this site! Next wk our 99 Venture loaded LS model will be repurchased from the manufacturer after pursuing the Lemon Law--problem w/ ABS brakes that couldn't be fixed. Now we're doing the "van shopping" thing all over again and guess what? We're back to the VENTURE! We have searched every model high and low and have not found anything comparable for the money or ride. We definitely got the most "bang for our buck" w/ this product despite that one and ONLY AGGRAVATING problem.

    Even when we test drove all the newer vehicles we were not impressed at all. Good luck if you can find an Odyssey-plus there's no "child infrastructure" in the back daughter could not even reach the cup holder! The dealers are using the old supply & demand principle to keep the price UP which is a crock-they just don't have the capacity-period. Toyota finally made enough Siennas this year, but can't put the price range in the "family first" range. Plus, what's up w/ that tacky looking gear shift? Ugh! The Ford Windstar still drives like a truck and has poor acceleration and the rest...don't even deserve a one-liner. So, should one lemon sour the entire lot?

    p.s. for those of you wondering abt that "popping" noise coming from the front/rear end when putting the car in gear or backing up, I was told it's the ABS system engaging or some nonsense like that.
  • dvdlee98dvdlee98 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2000 Venture recently and noticed
    that there is water leaking into the vehicle
    through the middle windows on both sides. This
    only happens while the car is sitting in the rain for a coupe of hours. I can see the water getting into the car through the bottom of the window. It did not happen while driving or going through car wash. The dealer replaced the weather strips on both sliding doors. It is still leaking.
    Another problem is that It is VERY difficult to close the passenger side sliding door. It is not a power door. We are having trouble getting it latched.
    Has anyone else experienced this?
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Re #427, Venture 2000 Have not found any problem with leaks around driver side sliding door. No problems with closing door, so yours may need alignement or some silicone spray. Ironically we found a work sheet in that door from the factory for door correction at the time of manufacture.

    Others have had leaks in back door, and did find that once both sides, but suspect it was my fault when washing with a hose.During a very heavy rainstorm nothing got in.

    Most irritant is a small piece of trim by the passenger side sliding door. It slips under the weather seal,with out any clips etc but just started to drop down. Have held it up with two side tape. Seen one other posting.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Refer to my post #428 and resolved last item of the plastic trim over sliding door with Krazy Glue GEL. This $1.99 a tube and does not run and ideal for this repair. I put some on the two supports even on the foam covering. Once placed and stuck I also put some on the door seal which supports this trim.
  • juliez1juliez1 Posts: 2
    I had a leak in my Venture, which I posted about earlier. The leak was indeed in the jack compartment - it was a faulty body seam. It was sealed and has not leaked again. GM also reimbursed me for the library books that were ruined by the leak. We haven't had the problems with leaks in the rear hatch as mentioned recently.

    We haven't had any other problems and are getting about 20 mpg, mostly driving around town. We are gearing up for a month-long vacation in July, so we'll see how it does then.
  • doh1doh1 Posts: 1
    we are just starting our search and could use a little advice. at this time we have 1 child, will be a year in 2 weeks and are planning on 1 or 2 more. we looked at a '98 venture tonight but don't really know much about the venture. my wife and i both like the appearance and i have read the comments from above. there seems to be some mixed feelings. would you recommend a first time van buyer (still coming to terms with buying a minivan)to purchase a venture and why or why not?
  • mducharmemducharme Posts: 1
    Just a few lines for any of you out there considering Chevy Venture. The Oldsmobile Silhouette is the only way to go, have not heard any bad news on the Oldsmobile. And in my opinon is the better of the 2 other GM lines (Chevy or Pontiac). If you are considering options, the Olds Silhouette Premiere only has a very few options, tow package, gold package. everything else is included. If money is of some concern looked for used, the new ones can be spendy, but then again aren't all vehicles!!!!
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Before you consider any vehicle go to where you can see all manufacturer recalls and service bulletins that have been issued. This will give you a good idea on how that model year performed.

    We have a Venture LT 2000 which I got in March. Yesterday we drove back from Toronto to NJ 534 miles and averaged 29.5 mpg ave speed of 60 mph.

    We are out of the small child stage, but the rear space in the back can hold a lot of stuff such as strollers etc. I put in mats and rear liner.

    Noticed in Canada that the GM van outnumbers all the others Chrysler/Ford, but mainly the SWB version.

    Whether you go for the Chev/Olds/Pontiac, they are made at the same factory in GA, essentially the same but slight differences in "fixtures and fittings". Whether any one brand is better than the other, depends on personal taste and cost.

    The 2001 versions have changed front grilles and more sophisticated entertainment facilities.

    This van is the unsung hero of GM.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    When looking at select Chevrolet Truck to get to the Venture.
  • minnbillminnbill Posts: 28
    We also have one child (4 yrs old) and one on the way, and a month ago we took the plunge and bought a 2000 Venture. Other models we looked at were Caravan and Windstar. Would've liked to look at Honda Odyssey, but of course, the only way you can see one of those is if you see one in a parking lot or while driving on the highway. We chose the Venture because my wife works for a GM supplier, so we got a great deal on the price. Put 1200 miles on it so far, with many more to come this holiday weekend. Also heard many bad things about Caravans/Voyagers. The Windstar was OK, but the Venture fit our budget better.
    The Venture is probably the cheapest-looking (better to say least plush) of the Venture/Montana/Silohuette vans. Our interior is grey-colored and plastic all around, but that works well when you have little ones that are prone to making a mess with food or drink, or crayons or their muddy shoes, etc. The engine/tranny combo is terrific, great acceleration, and a quiet ride. The gas mileage is 22 mpg in city, 26 on the highway. The drivers seat can be raised up and down as well as front-to-back, so you can sit as high as you want. Visibility is terrific out the front and the outside mirrors are huge. Side and rear windows are tinted, so can be hard to see out the rear at night, but tint keeps the inside cooler on hot days. No need to get power sliding doors, unless you like that sort of gadgetry; the doors slide open and shut real easily. We've only had our Venture a month, but we absolutely love it, a great value for the price (low finance rates now too). Check it out, and let us know what you end up buying.
  • aquakidsaquakids Posts: 7
    After putting all the options we wanted on the LS package, we didn't realize we exceeded the cost of the base price for the LT package. Of course the dealers wouldn't tell us that.
    We found a basic LT and paid strait-up invoice. We couldn't have been any happier. Just got back from a 2,000 mile trip. The van drives it's self.
    No problems . . . . Love the van.
    I think we're gonna' get another one.
  • kinjalkinjal Posts: 7
    Due to similar situation as #435 (wife is a GM supplier as well as second child is due anytime after a 4 year old), finally bought the Venture.

    Paid $550 below (invoice+destination+advrt).
    Chose $1500 rebate on basis of tax-adjusted present value calculations.

    Venture LT is more cost effective if you want most of the options.

    Wanted to buy Honda or Toyota but Toyota was too small and Honda required 5 months wait (They are good buy even at MSRP)
    The only reasons we bought Chevy were:
    a) Was getting No haggle below invoice pricing
    b) Had $4660 on GM Card points and they were expiring every month
    c) Chevy has 8 pass seating AND integrated child seat

    At 120 miles, Service Engine Light came up, had to take it to the dealer who would give me appointment only after 9 days!! Anyway they looked at it and notice that certain hoses were not connected at all!!

    Lost 3 hours (pretty expensive for hourly paid)

    I guess deserved it for buying an American car.
    (In last 20 years of owning 9 cars, anything but Honda and Toyota have given problems)

    Bracing for more problems.

    For others looking for Van or any other car, BUY HONDA OR TOYOTA unless you have $5210 worth of external incentive such as one we had.

    By the way, car buying experience was better this time around as some dealers have learned few things however most are still the same.

    Again, buy honda/toyota and be happy.
  • melismelis Posts: 7
    I own a 1999 Venture LT w/33,000 miles on it. I have taken it into the shop twice to have the airbag light fixed, well it's come back on & stayed on yesterday so this will be the 3rd time that I've had to take it back into the shop. The 2nd time I took it in to be fixed, they said that they had replaced the sensor. My question is, has anyone else had this problem & if so, did you look into the Lemon Law? I've also had to have the #4 injector replaced. I'm starting to get really frustrated with my van at this point. We leave for vacation in 2 weeks & we were planning on driving my van to Texas but now I'm not to sure if I want to take it.

  • handy9handy9 Posts: 1
    Bought a Venture 2000 last month. Liked the styling a little better on the Montana, but couldn't find a local Pontiac dealer who didn't want to skin us alive! Found this Venture late at closing time, gave us great $ for our trade and were super to deal with. We agreed on numbers in about 15 minutes. They gave us the keys to Van and told us to come back the next day to sign papers. We got the .09% finanacing which kept us from having to lease, then buy. We love this Van! We came out of a 1996 Mercury Sable that I hated and would only wish on an enemy!
    I had a small problem last week. It rained the other day and after I drove up an incline about a 1/2 cup of water trickled around where the driver door and dash meet. Has anyone else had a leak in that area?
  • Can anyone explain the seat configuration/layout of the 8 passenger Ventures? Do they just have 2 large(same length?) benches in the back,which are supposed to hold 3 persons each? Between the 7 and 8 passenger Ventures - where does the 8 passenger Venture put the room for the extra seat? Thanks.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    Yes, someone can, but it won't be me now because I just spent about half an hour writing it up in detail with stick figures and everything and then "lost" it through some random keystrokes as the keyboard was sliding off my lap.

    No, it is not achieved with two three-person benches. GM uses a multi-anchor system in the floor which allows many differently-built seats to use various combinations of those anchors to achieve a wide range of configurations. Even the benches in the least expensive models are not the one-piece seats their name seems to convey; they are two individually adjustable sections that can be aligned to serve as the "traditional" bench seat, if necessary.

    The eight passenger configuration is achieved by placing three individual seats in the middle row.

    So, instead of 2-2-3: 2 front-row buckets, 2 smallish benchlike sections that does not go all the way across the vehicle, 3 smallish people sharing two smallish, benchlike sections that go all the way across the vehicle, but in the narrower rear wheel area of the passenger cabin in the back row),

    it is 2-3-3: 2 front-row buckets, 3 medium-sized individual "modular" seats that cover the entire mid-vehicle width, and 3, as above.

    Very imaginative and clever engineering in my mind. The only thing that spoils it for me is that apparently GM does not allow the purchase of additional seats if one wanted to be able to configure their one vehicle with all the possibilities the platform supports. The desire to do that would seem rare, but to not be "permitted" to do this in the "land of the free" no matter how foolish most might feel that it is, is corporate arrogance to me.
  • aquakidsaquakids Posts: 7
    Anyone notice the over-head info. center flash bright every once in a while? That's the only funny thing I've noticed about our 2000 LT.
    Drives solid as a rock . . . . kinda' wish I'd have leased it though.
  • greg32greg32 Posts: 48
    You can have multiple seating configurations!!!

    We purchased from a junk yard 2 modular seats to replace the 1/2 bench seat. The floor mountings are there all you have to do is put them in. Now we can mix and match seating configurations to have either 7 or 8 passenger seating. The only problem now is to get the out board seat belt reconfigured. Again the mountings for the seat belt are there its just a matter of remounting it. We're having a specialty shop in the area that is licensed to make seat belt modifications do the work. Happy configuring!
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Venture LT 8 passenger since March. We had the old Lumina APV with three seats in second row and two at rear which is 7. We did not like the two captains chairs in row two as we found the flexibilty of the three seat arrangement far superior at no extra cost.

    You can fold back down of center seat to use as table for two outboard seats. This is ideal for card games. In picking my daughter up from college with all her gear we could remove the seats individually.

    The rear split bench would be tight for three adults but again we like the fact it can flip and fold by section, but they are heavy to remove.

    All these seats do recline and can slide back and forwards.

    This choice has to be made at time of ordering!
    No leaks around front end. Number of reports of rear leaking, which seems to be the rubber grommets under the rear door carrying the electrical wiring need to have some sealant.


    Not seen any change in overhead info center light intensity. Could be a faulty unit.


    Will have van into dealer this week over rear stitching on drivers seat coming undone. Said they would get it fixed at upholstery service, but looks difficult as plastic strip needs to be re inserted. Also having front alignment checked as steers straight with wheel slightly off to left. 7400 miles and we love it.
  • daverose - thanks so much for the detailed explanation of the 8 seat arrangement. I appreciate it.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    The brilliance of the display changes depending on whether the headlights are on. Perhaps the "flash" occurred while you were proceeding through a relatively short tunnel or shady area and the automatic headlights came on, dimming the display, but not in so dark an area that you noticed the headlights or dash lights come on.
  • jelsingajelsinga Posts: 2

    I just bought out the lease on my '97 Venture Van. I have never had a bit of trouble with it and felt it was a good decision as I am in need of a van for a number of years yet. The week after I bought out the lease, my transmission crashed! This happened without any warning and the dealership is presently fully diagnosing the problem(s). I have 91,000 kms on the van and no extended warranty. I decided not to buy the extended warranty as I was informed that the new Chev motors did not even need a tune-up until 160,000 kms. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has had problems with the Venture transmissions and if so, what was done about it? Thanks in advance for any help with this.
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