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Chevy Venture



  • fsimpsonfsimpson Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if the 97 venture has a power window lock. The drivers side window goes down sometimes but rarely goes up by the passenger controls. No problems with drivers side controls. Also not all doors lock when using the power door lock - especially the drivers side slider. Also have a slight engine knock when 1st started which goes away after a minute or so.
  • aquakidsaquakids Posts: 7
    I've noticed it most at night. Dash lights are already on. Normally happens just once . . . usually about ten minutes of driving. No problems . . . just catches my attention.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    Sorry. It was a thought.
  • nksunsetnksunset Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Venture LS extended van and its transmission died at 17000 miles. It occurred suddenly (as I was driving to work one morning) without warning. All of a sudden the van began to shudder when it shifted and luckily I was a mile from the dealer. They completely replaced the transmission but now it shifts hard and I don't trust it. I have not been very happy with our van - mouldings fall off on the inside, knobs broke off. Tires that will not align, and gas mileage averaging 19 mpg. I have always loved Chevys and this is the first bad experience I've had. Maybe I have a lemon. Anyway - I'm trading it in on a Malibu. Now maybe I can park in a normal space!
  • aquakidsaquakids Posts: 7
    Thanks anyway.
    If that's all I have to worry about, sounds like I'll be pretty lucky.
  • jeffc83jeffc83 Posts: 1
    We have had the Venture Since Jan 99. It rolled off the lot and had transmission prob within two weeks. We have had intermittent and dangerous electrical problems which can't be reproduced. Car just shuts off while driving. Individual electrical systems will fail and comeback on.

    The power door rattles and we have relaced the track once. Low quality plastic parts in the interior. The real problem is I had to convince my wife to buy a made in USA car. I'll never live it down. Please give feed back on any success in making GM step up and take responsibility for for there garbage vehicles. We are taking the car in for every problem large or small and documenting. Dealer is trying but they did not design or buidl this piece of junk.

    Toyota here I come!!
  • We looked at a 1999 Chevy Venture Ext 8 passenger seating model today with about 25000 miles. Although I didn't dwell on it at the time - it did not seem to have a separate rear airconditioning. Does anyone, who has an extended version Venture without separate rear ac/hear,have any comments re the temperature comfort when riding in the back? Also - any thoughts re $19,900 for a 1999 LS extended model with 25,000 miles? I like the 8 passenger seating but I am having difficulty, in the Cleveland, Ohio area in finding 1999 models(the 2000's are probably out of my price range)with the 8 passenger seating. Thanks.
  • jelsingajelsinga Posts: 2
    Hi, I wrote in before (see #447) regarding the transmission going at 90,000kms....and I had just bought out the lease! Well, after much phone calling back and forth and demanding that GM stand up and take some responsibility, they have decided to "participate" in fixing the van. This means that GM pays 1/3, my dealer pays 1/3 and I pay 1/3. Just for the record, I do not agree with this, but need the van fixed. I plan on paying my 1/3 (about $1,000 CAD) and then making a claim in small claims court to try and recover the costs. I got some very good advice on this, so I will try it and see how it goes. I told GM that they need to stand by their product, they won't sell many $35,000 vans if they can't promise a transmission beyond the last lease payment! FIGHT for what you believe when it comes to dealing with the big car companies, it is by nature, an adversarial system and we need to understand this.
  • SAhladasSAhladas Posts: 35
    Sounds to me like GM is being more then fair with you. In the states, the warrentee is 36K miles, so you would have been 14K miles out. Nobody would argue that a transmission should not need replacing at that mileage but how do you figure you should get full coverage for a replacement? At what mileage do you think repairs should become your responsibility?
  • rk18rk18 Posts: 1
    Hi - New at this computer stuff!
    Read your comments on trans prob.
    Our van started shifting very rough at 16K
    with a high pitch whine. Took it to the
    dealer and it took a full day for them to
    fix it. Solution - they did a field change
    i.e. new shifting valve and solinoid. It's
    been fine ever since.
  • fsimpsonfsimpson Posts: 2
    Bought a used 97 chevy LS extended van and have a few quirks with door locks and power windows. The passenger door does not lock when using the drivers door power door lock switch when exiting the parked vehicle. When we 1st purchased the vehicle it was the drivers side sliding door that would not lock. My wife has also noticed that on occasion when the van is sitting the interior lights go on and she hears the clicking noise as if the unlock function was pressed on the clicker that accompanies the ignition keys. Also the passenger window will go down via the switch on the door but rarely will go up. If you use the drivers door switch and get it started then the passenger door switch will raise the window. Has anyone had any similar quirks with their van.
  • lorelei1lorelei1 Posts: 1
    I was glad to hear that so many others had problems with their Ventures. (Not glad that you had problems, but glad we're not alone!) Ours is a company vehicle. Over the years we've had Caravans, Luminas, and now the Venture. It's a '99, with 65,000 miles. We had the same problem with the stiching on the back of the driver's seat coming apart. Plastic molding coming out of the seat and everything! The driver's side electric window won't go all the way down - makes it very tricky to get your turnpike ticket! A piece of plastic molding on the side sliding door has broken and is falling off. It won't come completely off, just kind of hangs there to poke you in the eye should you try to enter the van. That handle on the inside of the rear hatch broke, so now we have to pull down on the outside of the door to close it. All very annoying examples of poor workmanship/design. Just recently the coolant thingy has begun to leak. I have to carry a spare jug of water to put in if I'm going to be on the road for a while. Luckily, we only have to keep it for another month or so, but the problem is that we aren't getting minivans anymore. The fleet company has decided to go with Malibus (What are they thinking? The minivan was barely big enough to handle his job related equipment!) so now I'm in the market for a minivan for me to drive. We know we don't want to buy a Venture, that's for sure! I'm looking at the Villager. Haven't heard too much bad stuff about those!
  • marcbmarcb Posts: 152
    if your considering the mercury villager/nissan quest twin, you might also consider the mazda mpv also. they would fall within the same size.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Not sure why a hidden message, but certainly would advise anybody considering the Mazda MPV to check out the site and look at the problems.
  • As a venture owner for 6mths, I am very dissatisfied. AT 300 miles the transmisson developed a whining noise. Dealer replaced a flaking sprocket? Alignment has not been correct since. Found lift damage behind front wheels at unit boxes. 2 times back to dealer, which has claimed alignment was within limits after last adjustment. Newer dealer found engine cradle not inline, take back to original dealer for fix. Called GM for service mgr input. To date van pulls to right steers to left for straight and rear tires are worn abnornal.7000 miles of lemon juice.
  • cevans4cevans4 Posts: 1
    We bought a 97 Chevy Venture brand new, fully loaded. We waited a long time searching for the right van for room and for equipment for the price. We got the options we wanted, but we were not expecting the problems that awaited us in the last 3 years. Our van has been in the shop 5 times for a knocking noise, just to be told it was normal and to find out 2 years later it was the transmission going out and had to be replaced. Since being replaced 2 weeks ago the service engine light keeps coming on for slippage on the new transmission. We had a leak for 1 year or longer that they could not find. They resealed the windshield 5+-times, when finally found. The headliner had to be replaced nothing fits right now, or is tight anymore. We are told this is normal for ventures to have leaks, and we should not expect it to be like new. When the liner was replaced they screwed up the tint or antenna wiring to glass, leaving it to look busted. We were told not to expect it to look new. But by GM's Policy they cannot fix their screw up. Also we had to argue for the headlights to be replaced that were filling up with water in the rain. Luggage rack peeled several times and had to be replaced. Windshield wiper mister will not stay attached, finally gave up and tie wrapped them our selves. We have lost our faith in CHEVROLET PRODUCTS all together, after swearing that Chevrolet was the best-built vehicles on the road, because of 2 years of constant service calls without satisfactory results.

    Good Luck on anyone that wants one. Even though we love the room, options, and driving it we cannot go on taking it in every other week.

    The Evans
  • cevans - sounds like you should seek out a lawyer, in your area, who specializes in "Lemon Law" claims - assuming your state has such a consumer protection law. You might have a viable claim and it should not cost you anything to find out. I used to defend those claims and the company would pay legitimate claims. We've had our 1999 Venture LS Extended, which we bought with 25,000 miles for $18,200 (plus I purchased a 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty just in case) about 3 weeks now - and we love the room; it also drives very well - like a car. Good luck with your Venture - my auto from hell was a French-American joint "venture", in the late 1980's, a Renault LeCar.
  • jotalupajotalupa Posts: 1
    My wife and I are very interested in the Chevy Venture minivan. It appears to be a good value for the money. However, the IIHSA offset crash tests are disturbing although I have appreciated the running commentary at this site.

    Regarding the safety issue: GM's Nov 21 1996 response to the IIHSA offset crash test results seems to be the only GM comment on offset crash testing re their minivans that I could find.

    In the response, their spokesman asserts that GM ran 3 offset barrier tests using a "well accepted European test procedure" on the European GM minivan and that the van "performed well"

    Anyone who is familiar with the Euro NCAP offset crash testing results(performed after the GM response) knows that the GM minivan (the Opel Sintra) had a very difficult time in the European offset crash test.

    GM also indicated that it ran 72 full scale crash tests during the design phase of its vans, is there any way to obtain the testing information referred to by the spokesman in the article, especially the three offset barrier tests?

    Can anyone recommend a good book or a paper on interpreting the results of crash tests? Is it fair to extrapolate the results of one crash test and apply it to a wide variety of circumstances? ie real world crash between Venture and smaller vehicle at 30% offset and 120 pound driver(as [opposed to 150 pound dummy) Is the GM safety cage really that much more poorly designed than its counterparts?

    Interestingly enough, the GM spokesman also alleged that the one passing minivan in the IIHS crash tests had an intrusion of a tire into the passenger compartment as a result of the crash. Is it possible to get specific information on individual crash tests from IIHS?
  • It has been 1 year since I purchased the Venture LS. NOT 1 PROBLEM!!! I took ownership with a scratch on the passenger mirror, whole thing was replaced. We drove from NY to North Carolina in June and got 27 mpg avg 65 mph.

    The power slider is working without a hitch and there are no rattles, clinks or clunks.

    I am an extremely happy Venture owner!
  • spirit97spirit97 Posts: 2
    We are looking to buy a van and are on the fence betwwen the Venture and the Honda Odyssey. Any input on either vehicle or both would be greatly apreciated. Thanks
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Re your last post. We did contemplate the Honda, but dealers in NJ had huge mark up over MRSP and 3 month delivery. In the end went with 2000 LT 8 seat version in dark sapphireblue and gray interior and took the $2000 rebate, plus through got a significant discount.

    The rebate is still at $1500 unless you take financing. CarOrder much downsized and prices gone up.

    The new 2000 for 2001 has minor electronic changes wireless headphones etc, and the chrome grille has gone replaced by a single color keyed bar.

    We have done just on 9000 miles since March and on long trips gas mileage 30.2mpg (how accurate the computer is I am not sure!)Only minor repair was rear stitching on drivers seat under warranty.

    Very quiet ride and excellent on long trips, and ample space for luggage.

    Not sure what model you are looking at but worth getting rear A/C. Noticed some dealers are pricing down the van as new models will start appearing.
  • mjensenmjensen Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2000 LT Venture at the end of March. Currently have 5K miles. Have been satisfied with purchase so far. Had it back to the dealer once because the motor of the windshield wipers went out (of course in a heavy down pour). But over all, very happy with it. Very nice ride, and lots of room.
    Friend just purchased the Honda and he is happy with that also. It did take him about 4 months to get the van though.
  • tsarticetsartice Posts: 1
    We have a '97 Chev Venture LS Ext. I LOVED it up until about 8 mos ago. The headlights filled up with water. Dealer would only replace one, now the other one is Out Of Warranty. The auto sliding door only works intermittently, dealer advised waiting until "it is really broken" before fixing, now it too is O-O-W. The tranny is shot at 2 1/2 years and only 42,000 miles. The engine reeks of oil at every change no matter who changes it. Many pieces of plastic trim are falling off. Including the CHEVY symbol on the front! Chevy claims everything is O-O-W and refuses to fix.
    TOYOTA here I come! They at least stand behind their $27,000 vehicles!
  • pmarchandpmarchand Posts: 7
    I bought a new 1999 Venture a little over a year ago, have had no problems except the airbag warning light is intermmitantly coming on. If it stays on I can usually restart the car and it goes off. I know that this warning light flashes on at start up and does some self diagnostics to see if everything is O.K. So when I recycle power I am sure I am resetting a control chip etc. so my question is, has anybody else had this problem. I know if I take it to the dealer they won't find anything and my car will sit there all day. So I am trying to gather all the information I can before I take it in. I love the van and reading the 1st. couple hundren posts made me feel good about my purchase, but it seems the last hundren or so posts deal with problems folks are having. Scarry, is a trend starting? Thanks.
  • minnbillminnbill Posts: 28
    It's my opinion that those who have problems with a vehicle are more likely to publish their comments here or anywhere else, while those who have a trouble-free vehicle are more likely to just browse these posts, or not even be looking at this web site.

    I have a '00 Venture, at 3200 miles it runs like new (still have some new-car smell too)! Yes, the interior is cheap plastic, but having young kids, I like the ease with which that cheap plastic cleans up. The side windows on the sliding doors rattle when open, but a cure for that was posted in this forum a few hundred posts back. Mostly we keep those windows closed and the A/C on.

    I dare anyone to say that ANY manufacturing process produces 100% defect-free products all the time. If Chevy builds 100,000 Ventures in a year and 99% of them are trouble-free, then 1,000 Venture buyers are gonna buy lemons. S*** happens. Happens with all vehicle mfgrs. too, even the Almighty Honda and Toyota.

    I like my Venture, I really like the financing I got on it, and plan on keeping it 5-7 years or more. Of course, if I do run into unexpected problems, will post them here...
  • jakesmomjakesmom Posts: 1
    We bought a 1999 Venture program car in January 2000. We found that following a rain there were droplets of water leaking from around the ceiling light fixture. It has been in the shop 4 times without resolution. At first they didn't believe us until another customer had the same problem. Covered by warranty, we have never been charged for the visits. However, after the 4th "fix" which included removing the windshield, the problem is still unresolved. Anyone have any similar experience?
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    Hello everyone. I have been on the Chrysler 300M forum for a month or so and thought I would jump over to the Venture topic to see if anyone was having an airbag light problem like my wife was having on our 2000 Warner Brothers Venture. I read the post from pmarchand, and it sounded very familiar. We were having an intermittent problem that, of course, never happened at the dealer. One day the light came on and my wife was passing the dealer so she turned around and went to the service dept. They put a code scanner on it and got a strange code which baffled them because it wasn't a trouble code that they had a listing for or had ever seen. They called GM 2 weeks ago to find out what it meant, and we are still waiting to hear back. Meanwhile, the light is on constantly now. We bought the Venture in March and have about 11,000 miles on it. So far, only problems have been slight oil leak around the oil filter, the airbag problem, and a broken latch that holds the video screen locked when not in use. We've been happy so far. Take care all.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    Refer to airbag light, had this on another vehicle and resolved by taking out fuse covering the airbag light and re-inserted back into socket. This cured the problem. Worth a try.

    Am interested in the oil leak. Was it that filter not tight enough or some other fault.

  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    Hi venture owners , would you please rate the power of your 3400 v-6's from 1 to 10,10 being best and 1 being worst. thanks------------mattmcdill
  • beansmombeansmom Posts: 2
    I own the mother to the venture, the lumina APV. It appears Chevy ignored all of us Lumina owners and changed the car's name and passed the same problems on to the Venture. I need to mention I own 2 Lumina APVs a "90" and a "94". The "90" being the first model year for that van. It was and still is a great van {240,000 miles},but it appears in "94" the NEW was not better,and it does not look like they change anything or solved any of the OLD PROBLEMS when they changed the name. Good luck to you all in getting your problems taken care of. If you want any so called help from Chevy,your car better still be under warrantee. Of course they will probably tell you what I am sure you have ALL been told before "can't get it to repeat", but trust me once you are out of warrantee suddenly they THINK they know what it could be, of course now it cost us money. My advice forget them! Find yourself a honest hard working mechanic.
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