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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited

Mustang10Mustang10 Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Chrysler
I heard that Chrysler was going to make another
model for the T&C. I also heard the sticker is a
whopping $34K!!!!!!! So does anyone know what
makes the Limited any different than a LXI?

Also what is the difference between a LXi and a LX
other than Leather, seat heaters and power
passenger seat? Thanks!!!


  • MWRMWR Posts: 1
    Dustin, I sat in a 1999 Limited yesterday. It was $1650 more than a 1998 LXi. The Limited has chrome alloy wheels, chrome door handles, roof rack is same color as the body, thicker carpet and sound insulation, better perforated leather seats, suede seat trim and the seat heaters are standard instead of a $250 option. Assuming you want the heated seats, it didn't seem worth $1400 more and no $1000 rebate to get a 1999 model.

    The 1998 LXi has many standard features that you have to pay extra as options on LX. They include: Cast aluminum wheels instead of hubcaps, full size spare, load leveling suspension, CD player and 6 more speakers, 8-way power driver seat, leather seats, roof rack, sunscreen glass, programmable garage door opener, bigger battery, rear air and heat w/intermediate controls, and a big 3.8 liter engine instead of 3.3 liter.

    LXI also has features you can't get at all on LX such as: heated front seats, 8-way power passenger seat, automatic day/night mirrors, rear reading lamps and a tow package option.

    If you want most of these options, it's cheaper to get the LXi than get an LX and dress it up. If you only want 1 or 2 of these options, go for the LX if you can find one with just the options you want.
  • JakeSpoonJakeSpoon Posts: 1
    I'm looking at the Town & Country Limited and the dealership is not very willing to deal. Has anyone gotten a good deal on the Limited? Thanks.
  • wayne9wayne9 Posts: 1
    The dealer cost should be what Edmund's says, but you need to add advertising fees.

    A good price varies with region. I got a T&C LXi AWD at invoice price. In retrospect, I'm sure the dealer wishes he held out for more. He tried to weasel out of it, but when I took my complaints to "strategic" places, he informed me that it was just a misunderstanding, and he planned to give it to me at that price all along.

    In Northern California, there are no more like mine. The Limited is the only way to go. I got a color my wife wanted and the integrated child seats, so the Limited was out.

    I can't speak for the Chrysler market across the country, but by father in NY got a Concorde at invoice.

    My dealer did tell me that his one remaining 98 T&C LXi AWD wouldn't go for less than $1000 over invoice. That may be true if it's the last in the area. It doesn't mean anything for the Limited. A good price is still what Edmund's says, but preferably cheaper on one with this much margin, and a large holdback.
  • jcvjcv Posts: 2
    Purchased Limited 2 weeks ago--only two on the lot of dealer. $500 above invoice--$31,300. Had negotiated 98 lxi $2000 under invoice, could not find one in taupe. There seemed to be a big supply of 98s 2weeks ago--limited color selection. On lot of 35, only 2 had AWDs. I am in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. I sense I could have got a AWD for $2k under invoice too. 2 weeks ago there was a loyalty rebate too. Heard radio commericial for 2k under invoice last week though.

    I had narrowed my choice between Sienna and Town and Country--could not get Sienna a color or price I wanted.

    With a family of 5, the Town and Country has more room, and pushing the 2nd row captain chair forward makes access to roomy 3rd seat made the Town and Country the better choice.

    The accessories in the Limited are impressive--more than Sienna and with better location. Ride in Town and Country is excellent.

    Only 150 miles so far and very happy--my first American made car in 20 years. When I test road Town and Country and Sienna, the Town and Country seemed to offer more quality and workmanship. When I bought a Toyota Previa 9 years ago--still have it, the Toyota seemed to offer better quality and workmanship than a Town and Country.

    The Chrysler Vans still have a poor reputation for reliability that I have some concerns me--yet their share of market so big, the reliability problems may be just a result of large market share.

  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    Did you remember to get an extended warranty just in case?
  • jcvjcv Posts: 2
    Extended warranty cost $1250--and when 36 mos 3y expires the future value of $1250 will $1600. Most of auto consumer recommend against the warranty. Since this is the 3rd year of this model--I am not too worried about the reliability issues.
  • kiwaykiway Posts: 2

    I bought 99 T&C on 6/29/98. I am very happy with it. I put on 1400 miles and its been great. About the extended warranty, I plan on getting an extended warranty on mine after a year. I can get 7 year 100,000 miles for $6.00/month , $250.00 ded. and can quit anytime I want. This warranty covers everything but normal wear and tare stuff. I would get this warranty even on Honda. (it’s so cheap). I also want to say that there is no substitution on the feeling you get driving T&C. Toyota don’t quite have it yet. Another happy T&C owner.
  • clevacnclevacn Posts: 8
    Going to pick up my new 1999 T&C Limited tomorrow! I got it for 30,697 with candy apple red and the tow package. I think this is as good of deal one should expect. Let me know otherwise. Anyway, I decided to lease it for 3 yrs. just incase Dailmer/Chrysler come up with something better or until BMW comes out with a van. Keep you posted on its' reliability.
  • mscomsco Posts: 6
    Anyone ever compared the LX-i vs Limited?
    Does Limited runs quieter than LX-i? I heard that Limited has better sound insulation and therefore quieter..
    Test drive an LX at about 40mile/hr and I heard wind noise came in from right sliding door. Was it normal?
    I had a 1992 GrandVoyger and traded for a Ford Bronco while I had only two kids. Now I am a father of three and really miss the space of minivan. I sold the Voyager because of its poor brake performance at turning and rattle after only three years...
    Is it a better time to go back to Chrysler now? Did they improve the van since?
  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    Much so. The brakes are quite powerful. According to one dealership:
    the only differences between the LXi and the Limited are:

    - Center armrest rear bench with integrated head
    - 15-spoke 16" chrome wheels
    - Steering wheel audio controls
    - Unique IP cluster graphics
    - Body-color cladding and roof rack
    - Leather-trimmed and Preferred Suede® seating
    - Chrome door handles
    - Liftgate Chrysler winged badge
    - Plush 18-oz carpet
    - Unique "Limited" logo floor mats

    The only thing would make the Limited quieter would be the thicker carpet. There might be sound insulation upgrades for '99 model year, I'm not sure. In any case, yes, the Limited should be quiter than an LXi. Test drive one and see for yourself. If you're thinking of an LXi, go for Limited. The seats are much better.
  • I took a look at T&Cs at a local dealer last night. We're almost certainly deciding between a high-end Sienna and a T&C.

    They have a 99 Limited with 6,500 miles on it, which is one that "the sales manager & his wife used to demo -- they drove it to Arizona & back on a vacation."

    It's VERY loaded, and price is a little under $30,000. Is this a good deal? I have no idea what instant depreciation would be one of these.
  • mscomsco Posts: 6
    I can find a local dealer offering just "a litle" more than $30000.
    I guess your little plus my little is less than $1000 and I will NOT go with a "new" van with 6500miles for that "little" price difference.
  • mscomsco Posts: 6
    Just got my 1999 Limited AWD two days ago. So far so good. It produces much more heat in the garage than my big Bronco does. Strange!
    I compared it with Dodge and T&C LX model before making this decision. It is quieter and smoother than its sister brands. Don't ask, I don't know why.
    The AWD version does not pick up as fast as regular 2WD version but it surly handles better with AWD. I am happy with it. Hope you guys won't see my complaint post in a few years.
    For people who are comparing T&C with its siblings, I will be glad to share my experiences/research with you.
    "[email protected]"

  • mscomsco Posts: 6

    Just got a Chrysler T&C Limited AWD minivan. the first thing I noticed is
    its bad gas mileage. It never goes over 15MPG with city and highway
    combined. This is too high comparing to manufacture's published 16/23.

    is my car normal?
  • msco,

    Well, we finally went on our first mini vacation with our new T&C limited. It rode very nice and of course got alot of looks and complements. It should for 30K. Anyway, I monitored the mileage and I ended up getting around 16.5 mpg. Not too good in my opinion, however, to the van's credit, I was doing 75mph and windy conditions through kansas and oklahoma. I am trying to figure out where the sticker of 23-24 mpg came from as well. Anyone who figures it out, please let me know.
  • I have an offer from the dealer '99 T&C Limited, already has 12300miles on it he say's 28000$ is this a good deal, or should i go in for a new '98 model.
  • kiway,

    The warranty you speak of in your last post, would that be the "Warranty Gold" package we hear so much about in here? If not, which is it? Yours sounds to be very affordable, and the ability to quit at anytime sounds great. Can you advise please?
  • fjb1fjb1 Posts: 2

    Yeah, what about that warranty. For those of you who think you don't need it my 93 T&C (118,000 mi.) is on its fourth, count em, fourth transmission. Fortunately, I had the 7/70 warranty and only had to pay for a third of the last one. The 7/70 doesn't exist any more to my knowledge, but that transmission is the same one from what I've read on other topics pertaining to reliability. I wouldn't even be inquiring (I'd be waiting for my Oddessy to come in) but my wife simply loves the T&C. So I guess I'll get an extended warranty, a roadside assistance plan and a good cell phone!
  • mjh32mjh32 Posts: 1
    I am going this morning to probably purchase a 99 TC LX/LXI. From what I understand most of the features of the 98 LXI have been dropped into the LX, making room for the new Limited.
    As for the drivetrain probs., I have a 90 Caravan that was customized with the Conversion package.
    It has had 3 major transmission problems. The first two were under warranty (replaced) and the last one was rebuilt by a shade tree mechanic for $750.00. However, I was towing a camper with it up in the Smoky Mts. this last time. And yes, it does have the towing option. However, the new van will never tow anything.
    As to the engine, the 3.3L has been perfect. With 145k miles it hasnt had one major problem yet. Does'nt even burn any oil and has'nt broken down one time.
    I have to admit that the reliability problem postings I have seen on this sight do make me feel somewhat skeptical, I think alot of the Tranny problems come from people who tow with this vehicle and are afraid to tell.
  • jean5jean5 Posts: 1
    Are the tranmission problems the same with the
    extended lengths and the shorter version?

    I'm shopping for a new caravan, voyager, or chysler. My only problems with my 89 caravan have been A/C-I'm surprised to see so many problems reported.
  • I have new Candy Apple Red LXi -- Told that it was a 99 but do they make the LXi in 1999.

    We love the car. But Edmunds lists only LX and Limiteds for 99.

    Anyway, I have it but I wish I had known about Edmunds before I bought.

    Herb Phillipson aka shuppy
  • Do any of you have any experiences with an intermittent rattle in the left side sliding door? I have a '99 T & C Limited. I LOVE it so far, but the rattle, which only shows up intermittently, and only in the left sliding door, is a bit maddening in a vehicle of that price range. Any suggestions???
  • Tconsolo you may want to get the door adjusted. The sliding doors are heavy and they must be aligned perfectly or they will rattle. I have been following these chat lines for a while and there are others reporting the same problem and not only with the Chrysler products. The adjustment seems to cure the problem.

    You may also want to see if any of the moldings on the outside or inside seem loose. It could also be that the window is not properly sealed.

    Hopefully others with similar experience will add to this. You may also want to ask this question in Topic # 20 (Which Minivan is best). Good Luck!
  • gullygully Posts: 2
    I had what could be described as a rattle @ the door which actually was cured by spray silicone lube on the gasket areas. It was actually just the rub of new gasket against new clean painted surface.
  • Gully and McStrav,

    Thanks a bunch for your replies. Both are good suggestions and I am willing to try them both at this point. Thanks again!
  • Just reporting my 3500 mile commentary. My 1999 Town and Country limited is still going strong. I did have a perplexing situation though, the drivers side window on a rare occasion will not roll down. If you wait a few seconds and try again, it comes down. Of course the dealer says the windows are tight and that it just needs to work loose-ha! Anyway, anyone have this occurence? Happy to say the vehicle still runs w/o a glitch and looks great.
  • My boss's wife has a 98 T&C LXI. He said it had 15K miles and the only reason it went back to the shop was becuase some hit and damaged his side mirror. So far, his wife is very pleased with the van.

    Just another persons thought I would like to share.
  • andisandis Posts: 2
    We looked at the Limited in August (as well as LX & LX-i) & it was a gorgeous vehicle. Definitely noticably different from LX, and also felt a little quieter than LX-i.

    After much discussion w/my wife, we ended up getting a 96 LX-i lease turn in w/29k miles. We got the extended warranty as a precaution. No major blow ups (made sure the tranny fluid & filter were replaced before buying it). We must have lucked out because our dealer's svc dept is excellent. They even go so far as to not only drop me off in the am but they also pick me up when svc is done.

    8000 miles & 4 months later we love it (& saving almost $10K vs 99 Limited was also nice).

    - Andi
  • baer1baer1 Posts: 1
    Andis, baby I gotta blow my horn here.

    Yeah, but we bought in August and I gotta tell you, my wife looks like, feels like and the leather makes her even smell like, a million bucks!! the limited is the car my wife deserves! and besides how would you ever get the used models if it were not for guys like me??

    check out dem wheels...
    a little elbow grease every Saturday a.m. and they sparkle for the rest of the week... add a little tire black, the kind dat makes 'em look real wet. oh baby...ready to cruise now!! people stop her at lights and and just moving down the road , inquiring about dem wheels.

    15,000 miles and its a cream puff.

    we 'll keep that old Limited.. you now Andrew it just occurred to me why they call them a limited must be did not make too many and a limited amount of folks can have 'em.
  • baer1,

    I have got to side with you on those wheels. Every time I showed our new Limited to one of the couples in the neighborhood, the wife usually said...ooohh! nice van. The husband inevitibly said...WOW! Nice wheels!!! They were half the reason I wanted the Limited over the LXI. Another factor was the blue luminescent dash over the white on black with orange lighting in the LXI.

    We have had ours for a month. 1,000 miles to date(admittedly not much) but, the van is AWESOME! I love it so far.

    Can you tell me which Tire Black product you use?
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