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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • We've only seen a white Limited. I was curious about the Champagne color but can't locate a Chrysler vehicle with this paint. We live in a small community. I'm wondering how the champagne exterior looks with the taupe interior. I noticed that Chrysler is not producing any green Limiteds. What ARE the popular colors of choice on this vehicle?
  • Sakimball,

    The available colors on the '99 T & C Limiteds are: 1) Candy Apple Red(About a $200 "option"), 2) Deep Slate Pearl Coat(A dark grey), 3) Taupe Frost Pearl Coat(A medium grey) and finally 4) Golden White Pearl Tricoat(A beautiful white, but also a $200 option). The ONLY, I repeat ONLY interior color available on these is "Taupe".

    We bought a '99 Limited in the white. We have only had ours about a month and have only accumulated about 1,200 miles, but so far, it is awesome! Recommend the "Limited" for several reasons...The interior displays(guages etc.) are a luminescent blue at night/black on white in the daytime, the wheels are chromed(beautiful!) and the rear bench set can be made to look like two more bucket seats due to the fold down arm rest back there. They all come at a bit of cost(about $2K over the "LXI", but worth it if you are going to keep your vehicle a while. Also, I thought that the Seat Heaters on the Limited would be a gimmick I'd NEVER use...but guess what? They are also awesome, and I have used them way more than I ever thought!

    Best of Luck. Let me know how you make out.
  • clw1clw1 Posts: 1
    I have recently ordered a Chrysler T&C LXI but now am thinking of changing to the Limited. However, I am concerned over the suede trim on the interior wearing well with kids. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  • That 'suede' is not really suede. We too are considering the purchase of a Limited and I agree that leather would be easier to clean because you can wipe it clean. We have a Hoover home steam cleaner with upholstery attachments that we use to steam clean the carpets in our '93 Town & Country and I guess we'll be able to clean the fake suede in this fashion.
  • debsigdebsig Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase the 99 T&C in the Pearl White. It looks beautiful. I have queried several independent people who have purchased them in the past year. Coincidentally they bought them at the same dealership. They were pleased with the sales and service. I will be trading in a 93 Explorer XLT. I need the 7 pass. capacity. Plus I think I finally deserve alittle luxury.
    Can anyone give me some sound advise on the AWD or FWD. I am thinking about going for the AWD.
  • aling1aling1 Posts: 225
    Definitely go for the AWD. I've driven in about 2 feet of snow without any problems. Besides, it gives piece of mind in the rain especially when you are cornering. Another thing you won't have to worry about in the winter if you have AWD is snow tires/chains.
  • Just signed a two-year lease agreement on the 99 Limited FWD (pearl white) yesterday. Will pick up the van this week. Can't wait!! Decided to lease vs. buy in case Daimhler (sp?) decides to change the style for 2000 or 2001. Got a great deal on a lease. Traded my '93 Taurus Wagon (84,000 mi) and ended up with payments of $350/mo plus tax. Can drive up to 15,000 miles per year.
    If you're thinking about leasing, definitely go to and purchase the Lease Wizard.
    By the way, rebates and incentives will apply to a lease deal.
  • Just went to the PDX auto show. Must say the T&C limited caught my eye. But I keep hearing about Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler transmission problems. Do or could the '99 models have the same? And if so how bad is it?. Any other problems to consider?.
  • jotjot Posts: 4
    Has anyone seen the add in USA Today on 2/1/99 that mentioned a silver color for the limited to be introduced in spring of '99. No dealers in eastern MA. know anything about it. The literature I have mentions radio controls on the steering wheel, I have yet to find them. I guess we were lucky our 91 grand LE Voyager lasted 160,000 miles till we dropped a pinion gear. My only problem was exhaust systems which I replaced every two years or twenty four months which ever came first.
  • aling1aling1 Posts: 225
    Maybe you haven't found the controls on the steering wheel (assuming you're just looking at the pictures) because they (the buttons) are actually on the back side of the wheel. All there is on the front side of the sterring wheel are the cruise control buttons.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    #0 of 1: In the beginning... (gmarquez) Wed 03 Mar '99 (09:53 PM)

    Are there any Town and Country owners out there
    that are HAPPY with their T & Cs?

    We are very happy with our month-old Town &
    Country Ltd. AWD...but of course, that's not much
    time for stuff to go wrong! 8)))

    When we were looking for a new minivan, we had narrowed our purchase decision down to the Dodge
    Grand Caravan, the Toyota Sienna, and the Honda
    Odyssey. We liked the ride, capacity, and driver
    visibility of the Caravan best, and it was our
    front runner. Our friends were having NO problems
    with their 5 year old Caravan until they hit 70K,
    when they had their transmission replaced under
    extended warranty. WAY too soon in my book, but a
    possibility we thought we could live with.

    On a fluke, we test drove the T & C, hearing that
    it was an "upscale" Grand Caravan. We're very
    glad we did! It was very fun to drive, and our
    "professional passengers" (our baby's Godparents)
    thought that the passenger seating was the best by
    far. The only thing that annoyed me were the
    abundance of what other mini-van owners are
    calling "gee-gaws" and "bells and whistles". 'Who needs them', I thought, but the Town & Country's ride, acceleration, and comfort convinced us.

    After a month, these are the things we like bout
    our T & C (including some of the "gee-gaws"!):

    1. Very nice handling, lots of power, smooth ride,
    and an excellent driver view.

    2. Two sliding doors. One to access the baby's
    car seat, the other to load/unload the adults.

    3. 2nd row "captain's chairs" that flip up for
    easy access to the 3rd row.

    4. A very nice leather interior. This is a first
    for us, and we like it a LOT (even better than
    most of the "luxury" cars we've been in).

    5. VERY comfortable seats for our passengers (2nd
    row 'captains chairs', 3rd row 'bench' seats with
    flip-up center arm rest). So far, the comments
    have ranged from "Wow, this is REALLY nice" on up.

    6. Heated front seats ('bun warmers'). We had
    thought "give me a break, who needs that?", but
    now we love them!

    7. Excellent cargo capacity, even without removing
    seats (our test case includes two bookcases and a

    8. Individual overhead lights for each passenger.

    9. Auto-dimming side view and rear view mirrors.
    These worked out great during our trek between
    between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    10. Small turning radius for such a large vehicle
    (smaller than my Saturn's!)

    11. Ample storage behind the rear bench seat.

    Things we don't like:

    1. Rear window tinting that is a bit too dark for
    backing up at night.

    2. The specter (or reputation) for a weak

    Any other T & C owners care to comment?

    - Grego

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  • jeffmaiojeffmaio Posts: 6
    Just bought a T & C Limited one week ago & was wondering if anyone has had any tips on cleaning it inside and out. I'm not that crazy about using Armor All on the dash and other vinyl parts. Does anyone have another suggestion?. I had the rug & "seude" fabric guarded but I would be intrested in any tips to clean the "suede" & rug when they do get dirty. The chrome wheels are great but the brake dust does dull the shine, I was thinking of just using wax on the chrome. And finally, I'm investigating clear coat waxes - I'm looking @ Mothers or Gliptone. I bought a product called "Finish enhancer" from mopar which is suppose give you a show room feel after waxing - anyone else try this product?
    Thanks in advance for your help
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094

    Check out Waxes & Polishes (Topic #8) over in the Maintenance & Repair Conference. It's a very active, and sometimes volatile, discussion, but you'll find tons of info!

    KarenS/Vans host

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  • We've had our T & C Limited AWD for several weeks now and we love it. It is our third Chrysler mini-van and second Town & Country. It drives like a dream. We will be purchasing wheel accessories to help with the break dust. These are available after market. Also, we will be purchasing the Zaino products that we learned about on the Waxes & Polishes forum.
  • rockycowrockycow Posts: 114
    Don't know if you all have seen the latest on the Chrysler vans, this is from The road and track daily insider 3/3/99.

    Federal regulators said that during crash tests staged last summer to gather data about the hazards light trucks pose to cars in collisions, a 1997 Dodge minivan air bag deployed with such force that a small female dummy seated on the passenger side suffered neck injuries that safety experts said were the equivalent of a broken neck in a real-life situation, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • Chrysler has incorporated low-impact airbags into their '99 model minivans.
  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    What do you use for the brake dust on your wheels? For some reason, the rear wheels on my van are always accumulating lots of brake dust, even though most braking is done with the front brakes, I think. It takes a long time to clean the aluminum wheels ('98 LXi). I tried one wheel cleaner where you spray on and rinse off, but even when I scrubbed it didn't work much better than hot, soapy water.
  • There is an after market product available at your local auto supply store. You remove the wheel and install the disk brake cover. This keeps the brake dust from covering the wheel.
  • rellarella Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of trading my 94 Grand Cherokee for a Town & Country- I have two kids now and thinks it's time for a van. I love the Town & Country, but wish it had a power sliding door. Does anyone know if Chrysler intends to incorporate that into a 2000 model? I'd be willing to wait a few months on the van for that feature. Thanks.
  • gmarquezgmarquez Posts: 4
    >I love the Town & Country, but wish it had a
    >power sliding door. Does anyone know if
    >Chrysler intends to incorporate that into a
    >2000 model?

    Dunno, I haven't heard one way or the other...

    - Grego
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    Edmund's Road Test review is now featured on the front page!

    Road Test: 1999 Chrysler Town & Country Limited AWD

    KarenS/Vans Host

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  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    Chrysler probably won't integrate power sliding doors until the 2001 redesign. I can't see them not integrating them.
  • beatlesbeatles Posts: 5

    2001 redesign? What do you know about that? Any links to further info?

    BTW, our T&C 1999 AWD LXi is a real joy. The dealer has been excellent in terms of service, prep, and price and the vehicle seems very solid at 20K miles.
  • mrfinaglemrfinagle Posts: 20
    I calculated with dealer, customer incentives and
    hold back a new T&C '98 LX at present (5/99) would
    be $21,800 excluding destination. Is this possible
    and do any dealers actually still have them? If
    you know, could you please respond to my email as
    well? Thanks,
  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    DC has not released any information of a new model for '00, and it would follow the trend of a new model every 5 years ('91, '96, '01). I'm hoping to gather more information as my lease expires in '01. One area you might like to check out for news is and select Daimler-Chrysler Edition.
  • Our 1999 Town & Country Limited All Wheel Drive Minivan is a red LEMON.

    Owned for 114 days, it was towed on a flat bed truck to the dealer in the first 17 hours of ownership and then again less than 24 hours later. After 35 days of owning the vehicle, we requested a new vehicle from the dealer. (See below for the repair list of why we requested a new car!)

    In the 114 days of ownership, the car has been available for us to drive it 30 days (26% availability); has been at the dealers' for repair 36 days(31.6%); has spent 13 days (11.4% of the time) at the dealer, alignment and tire specialists, body shops, test driven, etc. to understand and resolve why the vehicle shakes itself of of the road at all speeds and has the other serious problems listed below. The remaining 35 days (30.7% of the time) the car has not been driven because we were traveling by plane on business or fearful of taking it to the mountains on weekends. Thus, 43% of the time we've owned this car, we've spent having it or trying to have it repaired.

    Worse yet, we purchased an identical 1999 AWD Town & Country Limited six (6) weeks prior to purchasing this car. Like our other 5 Chrysler automobiles before it (two (2) of which were AWD vehicles), our first 1999 AWD Town & Country vehicle appears to be fine. We thought we would get the same quality in the our second AWD Limited, but not so. After being loyal Chrysler purchasers for the last ten years, Chrysler's failure to give us a new vehicle, when they've been unable to make this car operate like its advertisements say and like the other 1999 AWD Limited that we own, raises serious questions about Chrysler "top end" products, the company's valuing of customers, and their willingness to stand behind their products, when they are so clearly inferior in performance to any car we've ever owned.

    Since 17 hours after taking delivery on our second 1999 AWD Town & Country Limited, we've had the following problems and service history: (1) malfunctions in the driver's memory seat, which jammed us against the ceiling, windshield, dash and steering wheel or alternatively threw us into a reclining position in the back seat; (2) continual severe vibration throughout the car and a continued severe "pulling to the right", even though the alignment was originally virtually "right on" the manufacturer's specifications; (3) replacement of the rear differential, drive shaft, and power take off unit (within the first 32 days)to try to resolve the vibration and drone in the vehicle; (4) repositioning of the exhaust to try to correct the continued vibration and noise problems; (5) dealer's inability to resolve a variable intensity harmonic tone which comes from the rear of the car at speeds of 15 mph to 38+mph and which appears to be related to the general vibration throughout the car; (6) testing, without success, five (5) different sets of tires and/or wheels on the vehicle to remove the vibration and pulling; (7)inability to resolve (and denial by Chrysler that it exists ... because the on-board computer shows "nothing") an engine power degradation, which occurs after driving the car at sustained high speed driving for more than 2+ hours in cold weather.

    After two different dealers said there is "no reduction in the vibration" when different tires and wheels are placed on the car, Chrysler's Zone Representative now gives the car for the FOURTH TIME a "clean bill of health." This is after the alignment specifications (which were nearly perfect at the time of purchase) have been modified in 13 of 15 specifications. We were told a week ago by an alignment specialist, that the car was aligned nearly perfectly from the factory, and that we should not have any adjustments made to the alignment by the dealer, that the "problem pulling to the right" and vibration were being cause by "drive unit pull", not by alignment. In March the dealer's service representative also confirmed the pulling to the right was being caused by "torque pull," another name for "drive unit pull," and that if a car has "torque pull" it is very difficult, usually impossible to fix. The dealer told us that he wants us to drive the car, but that in honesty, the vibration is still in the car, and that the car will ONLY go straight, if on a completely flat road (i.e., no crown, otherwise the car will pull itself off the road).

    If anyone has experience with these particular problems in 1999 AWD Chrysler Town & Country Limited Minivans, we would appreciate hearing from you. This process has been extremely time consuming and costly. We've now exceeded the number of days necessary to take this through our state's recovery process, since Chrysler has been unwilling to resolve this.
  • gmarquezgmarquez Posts: 4
    >This process has been extremely time
    >consuming and costly

    Get a lawyer involved (if you haven't already).
    Take a look at
    there may be some advise that helps...

    >we purchased an identical 1999 AWD Town
    >& Country Limited six (6) weeks prior to
    >purchasing this car. Like our other 5 Chrysler
    >automobiles before it (two (2) of which were AWD
    >vehicles), our first 1999 AWD Town & Country
    >vehicle appears to be fine

    2 T & C Ltd. AWDs? $$$$$$! 8)

    - Grego ('99 T&C Ltd. AWD, non-lemon)
  • mrfinaglemrfinagle Posts: 20
    Not a direct hit (apologies) but I'm panicking near a buying decision: is it worth it to buy used an 97 LXI w/33K for 20K?
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