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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • my 99 T/C limited had same issue, for about 2years, The RESOLUTION, I kid you not, is the Instrumentation Cluster panel. A $400 fix. I did it myself, but you'll need the dealer to re-program the settings with their scanner. My mechanic works for a Chrysler dealer and did it for me.

    Many tows to the dealer, just to have it start, I changed Battery, Starter, PCM-(the main computer ) and the dealer wanted to change the BCM-Body Control Module.

    My Starting problems have not surfaced, since I replaced the Cluster board. Im telling Everyone with similiar starting problems it's the Cluster Board. I'm Shocked that Chrysler has not caught on this.
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    Hi All, we are at 96K and I would like to replace the serpentine belt at 100K. (It's not making any noise or anything, just normal wear and tear.) How easy is it to replace the built on the 3.8L engine? From looking under the hood, looks like I might have to take some things off in order to get to it. Thanks in advance. :shades:
  • I have a 2007 Chrysler T&C Touring Limited. I just hit the 16K mark.

    In the year we've hadit, we've had to replace 3 tires (all on the front end) because of splitting at the seams. Not covered under warranty.

    It has completely died on me twice, for no reason - so dead the power door locks won't work. They charge the battery so I can get to the dealership and then service dept says they can't replicate the problem.

    Everytime we fill the tank with gas, it sputters as though its going to die and then recovers miracuulously.

    This week, our breaks went from perfectly fine, to shaking when we hit the brakes, then ultimately within 36 hours, grinding, It even made the grinding noise while not braking. I took into the dealership and was told I must "drive with 2 feet". I had an Expedition for 5 years, 70K miles and only one break job. I have an 02 Mazda, 153K miles and 2 brake jobs. I had to pay to replace my rotors, pads - all of it. It just doesn't seem right and I'm about to ttake the dealership to court.

    We have lots of little issues as well, like every once in a while the sliding doors won't open automatically or otherwise. Both sets of headphones have broken in the same exact place. Just goes on and on.

    Is anyone else havng the same problems?? If so- please let me know!!
  • dejahdejah Posts: 1
    I recently purchased this vehicle, I love but would like to know if anyone has had similar problems. Such as doors not shutting, horn sticking (how embarracing) it also seems like the transmission hesitates at times. And I think lastly the climate control in the back does not always work. Any suggestions or comments?
  • dhaywooddhaywood Posts: 3
    We have had the following issues with our Town and Country

    1. When we turn on the vehicle the radio, wiper, power windows, and ac/heater do not turn on, but the van runs normal otherwise. Then if we turn it off and back on right away they work.
    2. Sometime (more often then not lately) when all the above things are working while driving the radio (radio, CD, tape) will suddenly go to a buzzing noise and will not work again until the van has been off for a least an hour.
    3. NOW- tonight my husband saw flashing lights outside our window. When he went out to check it out our light were flashing quickly on our radio was turning on and off. The fuse box was also ticking. The vehicle had been turned off for over an hour and there were not keys in it. We unplugged the battery for now.

  • sgangesgange Posts: 1
    I have a Chrysler T&C 2002 and every so often when the AC Compressor kicks in there is a loud klunking noise. Sounds pretty bad, but it is momentary and does not happen every time. In fact it seems to happen more often when backing out of my driveway. Should I be worried that the AC compressor is about to go. Or is there a known issue out there for this year/make/model. It has about 78,000 miles on it.
  • I have a Chrysler T&C if the van you want to buy is shifting ok now go ahead and buy it if you are willing to take it to the dodge/chrysler dealer for a transmission ATF+4 fluid change and filter. Go to the best Chrysler dealer service department in town pay up and have the fluid change done right. At this mileage your tie rod ends and front disk brakes and spark plugs are also probably worn out. The tie rods, brakes and plugs do not need to be done at the dealer but the transmission work should not be trusted to others who might put in the wrong fluid to save money. So this work all together will cost you about $600 and the van should last you another 60,000 miles with regular oil changes. These are good vans if you maintain them properly. Maybe the seller will knock down the price $300 if you can prove in advance what service work needs to be done.
  • HI...
    I have a T&C 2001 with similar problem. Did you find a cure?
    Mine has a throaty sound at about 2,000 rpm's goes away pretty much above 60 mph.
    Any suggestions?
    Allan Reed
  • susieysusiey Posts: 1
    I am so happy I found this forum. Many thanks for sharing your solution--it worked beautifully! I just recently replaced the sway bar bushings and end links on my 2002 T&C (hitting 70,000 miles) by the dealer (on the advice of my neighborhood mechanic) thinking it would be covered by the warranty before that expired in a few weeks. It ended up not being covered and costed about $300 :( So, I was frustrated when I noticed that my speedometer "pegged out" two weeks later and coincidentally after my warranty had already expired. I was considering either spending the estimated $800 the service advisor at my dealer said it would cost without an warranty or spending around $2,500 to get another extended warranty. SO there lies the reason for my excitement for finding this wonderful website!!! Should I still get an extended warranty, though? Through who? Thanks again:)
  • I just purchased a 2002 T&C Limited. The owners manual isn't too clear on this and i hope someone who has this model can help me. Reading the manual gives me the indication that I should be able to not only receive the Temperature and Compass heading on my overhead console, but also give me the information for mpg, dist. to empty and other things. It lets me know if doors are ajar etc...and allows me to change to metric and other things as well.

    This one i can only access the T/C setting not the message center information. Is that the case with this model or should i be accessing both? When i hit the C/T it gives me a service requested or needed message and it does it calibration process then i get the compass and temperature readings...when i press the step just gives me my options of any settings i wish to i doing something wrong, is there anything wrong with the sensors.,...or do you just get the C/T or the Message Center...hope this isn't too confusing, any help will be appreciated.

    By the way, very nice van, loaded to the hilt and extremely comfortable. Using it for mostly work but wife is slowly taking it away from me. :D
  • There should be 3 buttons on the console. one to change from standard to metric, one says reset, and one marked STEP. Just depress the step button. Each time you press it it moves to the next topic in display.
  • Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Actually it has 4 buttons, not including the homelink and the auto doors open ones...

    left side is the : Menu : Reset
    Right side is the: Step: C/T

    when i press the step button it just says perform service and then begins the calibration of the Compass...

    I'm thinking the Mini-Trip computer is not with this model...or... :confuse:
  • bhuey12bhuey12 Posts: 1
    i have a 1998 town & country lx ,it has a security system called steadfast,, for some reason , it won t let me start the vehicle,, ive tried every key ,, disconnected the battery, nothing works,, has this happened to anyone else,,if so how did you remedy it,,if i have to disconnect the system im ok with that. any help would be welcome
  • I have been fighting the same probem for more than a year now. Nobody can tell me what is wrong. I found this and thought I might finally resolve it but the dealer has no Idea what an "Ignition Recall Switch" is. It was suggested it is a part on the instrument cluster but they want to replace the whole thing. Does anybody know what this is or where it is located. I don't want to throw hundreds of dollors of parts at the problem just to find later that it is still not fixed.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Sorry, never heard of an "Ignition Recall Switch".

    Some cars used to (still do?) have a roll over switch that would cut power to the fuel pump in the event of a rollover or other severe accident. Problem is that, on occasion, those switches would open up on a very hard bump (think a deep pothole), disabling the car until it was reset.

    I have no idea if the Chrysler minivans have something like this or not.
  • eennseenns Posts: 1
    Plugs and wires are all new as well as fuel filter. But our van studders like every five minutes or so at random. Any ideas before I start dumping money in again?
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 13,800
    Have you run some fuel system cleaner through it? It might clear up the injectors, if one or more are gummed up at all.
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  • I bought a new 2008 T&C and it has been nothing but trouble. The brake pads on the new T&C on lasts about 15000 and possible rotors too as I had to replace both.
    I have had wheel bearing go out, A/C, radio several times, thief switch bad which took 3 weeks to replace, back rear cover buckled, gear shift was very noisy, lots of air leakage causing you not to be able to hear radio, and several times the electron key has failed (once at Mount Rushmore). I had owned T&C and Dodge carivan before and they were great but stay away from new ones. Too much electronics and poor craftmanship. Just check out all the infor at this site.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    You know you replied to a message that is over 11 years old, right? :)
  • shinikeshinike Posts: 1
    I want to post, although this in response to a very old post. We bought a t&c 2002 almost a year ago. We bought it because our friends had a 2000 T&C that they bought used with nearly 200k miles on it and they loved it and had nothing but minor issues. Our previous car was a Ford Focus my mother gifted to us as a temporary solution when our 1997 Ford Aerostar van blew the transmission at 327k miles. With 3 teenages and 2 service dogs(one of whom is a saint bernard) the Focus had to be a temporary solution.
    We took a trip from Nebraska down to Lousiana, Florida, upto Georgia and then along the east coast up to Connecticut and then on up to Maine and then home through the Alleghany Mountains and across the northern states. During the trip we averaged 25mph over all. At home we average 17-18mpg city driving.
    We did have an issue with the car after verbally agreeing to buy it... the switch for the window worked when my friend and I test drove it but the next morning when my husband and I went to let him test drive it and to sign the papers, the power window controls on the front passenger door no longer worked. The dealer repaired it before we finalized the paperwork. The car had 105k miles on it. We took the trip above about a month after purchasing the van. In New London Conneticut on the 3rd of July, the service engine light came on. We finally found a repair shop that was open. They checked the car over and could find nothing wrong, but although they found the error code, it was very generic... a problem with the emissions control system. They changed all the fluids and filters and suggested we take it to a chrysler dealer after the holiday. We went back to the hotel, the temperature cooled off overnight and the Perform Service light went away for several days afterward. When we started up through the mountains, the Perform Service Light came back. We have taken it to 5 different Chrysler dealers and to 3 independent repair shops, none of whom can find anything wrong relating the emissions control system. We don't seem to be having any problems with it otherwise.. just a light no one can figure out why it is on. I am going to have them check the EGR valve and see if that might be the culprit.
    We have the power seats for the passengers and I only wish that the passenger seat had the auto-lumbar adjustment as the driver seat but other than that, they were very comfortable on the long trip. We were able to fairly comfortably fit in 2 adults, 2 teens and all their accessories and the 2 service dogs and all our luggage inside the van and even spent a couple of nights when we couldn't find an available hotel room taking 4-6 hour naps in the reclining seats at rest areas. That is with both of the adults having back issues. So yes, this is a comfortable car. I just thought I would right a positive comment about an 8 year old car. It has no rust on it, the only body work was after an accident right after the rain, which we are chalking up to an oil slicked road,wet brakes,partially worn tires and the car in front slamming on their brakes without warning on a hill. Just a bad combination of variables. Definately going for the AWD on the next one. Sometimes I miss grandpa's old Oldsmobile Wagon with Posi-traction. We currently have about 135k on it, and if all we have to do is change out the egr valve, I will be very happy, but am going to definately get it checked out so we don't develop transmission problems like we did on our aerostar when a similar part wore out, though I guess at 327k miles, it probably was time to either sell for parts or replace it.
  • How does one link the key fob to a seat memory position. The users manual is of no help.
  • Can anyone confirm that the passenger door mirror is controlled via seat memory, and whether or not the mirror is suppose to tilt down when in reverse, like the driver's door mirror does.
  • I have a 2003 T&C, had the battery replaced @ Firestone, when they got finished the odometer and Rpm needles are pegged to the back side of the pins. Supposedly they called Chrysler, and were informed this is a common problem. If I understood the man, he is going to remove the instrament ;panel, and shake it and they will go back to where they should be.Anyone ever hear of anything like this? Sounds wierd to me.
  • It happened to my 05 too when i unhooked the battery but bounced right back. Did your stick in the full blast position?
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