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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • In another Chrysler minivan related forum, I told how we did a trade-in of our 99 GC SE to the dealer who then sold it for same price to our daughter and son in law. Question asked: "Why did you trade it in instead of negotiate best price and sell it directly"?
    Answer: Our state has a 6.6% sales tax. By trading the van in, the total sales tax for us and our daughter was the value of the new 2002 T&C eL. We paid sales tax on the difference while our daughter paid sales tax on value of trade-in. We got a nice discount off MSRP of the 02 T&C eL at that dealer while no other DC dealer would discount the GC or T&C eL and also wanted to show at least a $200 profit on the "pass-thru".
    We had talked to 2 Honda dealers about a "pass-thru" and got same response of $200 profit. Honda dealers would not budge off MSRP. The eL MSRP of $24,330 has far less dealer profit than does the Ody LX MSRP of $24,680.
    A DC el minivan has many nice features not on an Ody LX while the Ody LX has the 240 HP V6, 5 speed automatic, and Magic Seat. For us, the many nice features of the DC eL were of equal value to the Ody items listed above.
    A comparably equipped T&C LX has MSRP of $28,515 while our T&C eL had MSRP $24,580 (with luggage rack). We paid $23,972 which would have been a discount of $4543 on a T&C LX with same options. We also have 4 wheel disc ABS as does Ody.
    It was beneficial to both us and our daughter to trade-in the vehicle than to buy the new one and sell our 99 GC SE directly to our daughter.
  • I entered Town Hall as chryslervan1 since I could not enter under my former name. I felt it necessary to state why we now own a 2nd DC minivan and to dispel rumors relating to my long absence.
    I am having difficulty with my new internet provider so if you do not see any posts extolling the many nice features of DC minivans, our complete satisfaction, etc. it will be because of internet service provider difficulties.
    Enjoy your nice DC minivans. Carl 2002 T&C eL
  • emwilemwil Posts: 8
    i wanted to thank those who responded to my post. i really appreciate you guy's input. i have more research to do but you did answer some of my questions.
    thanks again. i will be keeping up with your posts. there is always something new here.
  • Does anyone know if there will be anything new or different for the 2003 T&C?
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    For 2003, on the Limited you will be able to get power adjustable pedals(option), power sunroof(option),rear seat DVD system(option),tire pressure monitoring system (standard), 6 disc cd changer replaces the 4 disk unit,rear bench 50/50 split(standard) and 3 new exterior colours.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    So no adjustable track full bench with armrest is even an option? And I was hoping for a leather/wood steering wheel like in the 300M/Concord LTD/Jeep Overland. If they totally take that away, it really will be an Acura for us next.
  • emwilemwil Posts: 8
    what is the time frame for availablity on those? one of my cons was that there was no sunroof. wahoo! any chance they have changed the seat coverings from the leather/suede* combo?
  • realtiredrealtired Posts: 1
    I am contemplating purchasing a used 99 T&C Ltd w/67k miles.

    The transmission was just replaced with a rebuilt unit and torque converter by AAMCO last month and comes with a 12 month/unlimited mile warranty. When the transmission is shifted into reverse/drive (with the car not moving) or when slowing to a stop with the windows open (almost stopped - seems like shifting into 1st gear), I can hear a faint clicking noise (series of 6-8 clicks). The clicks are barely audible, not loud or any knocking sensation, the car does not jerk forward, but nevertheless the clicking noise can be heard and it happens consistently.

    Other than that, the van appears in great condition.

    A couple of questions:
    - Anybody have any experience with AAMCO rebuilt transmissions - Good/Bad/Other? Or specific experience with this noise? Does AAMCO stand behind their trannys?
    - Anything else specific to 99 T&C Ltds that I need to look for?
    - I was looking at possibly buying an aftermarket warranty (2 Yr Warranty Gold Platinum for $1075). Is it worth it on this van? I've heard (and read on this board!) that the trannys are the big thing to worry about with these vans.
    - Any other thoughts?

  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    From what I have read , the only seat is the 50/50 .

    The sunroof should be available from the start and no the LTD still has the leather/suede seats.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Assuming AAMCO used the correct 41TE 4 speed auto transmission that almost all Chrysler minivans come with, the "clicking" sound you are hearing is totally normal. We've had two DC minivans and both of them have made this sound. Every other DC minivan I've seen has also made this sound when slowing to a stop or shifting from park to reverse or drive.

    Our 2000 Town & Country is trouble free at 46k miles. But if I were you, I would probably buy the extra warranty for added protection. You never know when something might break down on ANY used car. Good luck!
  • realtired,
    I would wonder why a '99 T&C would need a new transmission if I were you. Why wasnt it covered under Chryslers service agreement? You say AAMCO rebuilt it? I doubt it, nobody rebuilds those units, they just remove and replace with an aftermarket unit. BTW, clicking is fairly normal, thats solenoids that are switching on and off to control the transmission. I would be very wary of this vehicle. I currently own a 2000 and used to have a 89 Caravan with horrendous experience with the trans. I know they have been greatly improved since then, use ONLY the CHRYSLer transmission fluid in these units. Most garages wont put that in because they already have dextron lying around.Over the years, I've had transmission work done by many shops, and to tell the truth, Not one of them did work that held up for the long haul. Good Luck if you decide to go for this vehicle!
  • Just returned from another 1355 mile round trip to Disneyland in our very comfortable DC minivan. With Cruise Set at 75 to 80 MPH, the van delivered 26.6 MPG enroute to Disneyland and 24.5 MPG for return trip. The overall average was 25.1 MPG.
    I am always amazed at the efficiency of the 3.3L V6 even when running at 3500 RPM in 3rd gear to maintain 75 - 80 MPH on long, steep hills of I-15 between Las Vegas, Nevada and Barstow, California.
    I am also pleased that our 2 DC minivans have consistently delivered MUCH better gas mileage than my brother-in-law gets with his 2001 Honda Odyssey that has a slightly higher EPA fuel economy rating. He does not keep detailed records but told me his van got between 20 MPG and 25 MPG when computed at each refill on a long 2200 mile round trip to Vancouver, Canada. We have NEVER had as low as 20 MPG on a trip and have had as high as 31.6 MPG Salt Lake City to St George Utah.
    If our T&C odometer read "high" like his 2001 Odyssey, our mileage would have been 27.4 MPG enroute, 25.2 MPG return, and 25.8 MPG overall with a "high" of 32.5 MPG SLC-St George segment.
    As I have often written, the ONLY accurate fuel economy figures are long round trips AND the DC Trip Computers. DC Trip Computers on our 1999 GC SE and our 2002 T&C eL have been more accurate than the data computed manually since it is almost impossible to get the same level of "FULL" when refueling.
    Although we have loved our 2 DC minivans, the driver's seat of the 2001 Odyssey EX is much more comfortable for me than has been the driver seat of either DC minivan. Each minivan has unique, very nice advantages.
    My computer crashed Saturday July 20th. I had to completely re-load all programs and had fortunately written down my Edmund's password since I no longer use my former ISP.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    (1999 Dodge GCS with 3.8 liter, now with over 39k miles)

    Memphis TN to Rochester NY, about 975 miles in 13 hours door to door, fully loaded (4 persons plus several hundred pounds of luggage), no cruise, most of the time between 80-90 mph, AC on all the time, average fuel economy 19 mpg.

    New York NY to Rochester NY, about 350 miles in 6.5 hours door to door, 1 person, cruise set at 64 mph most of the way, no appreciable cargo, no AC, average fuel economy 26.2 mpg.

    Otherwise, routinely a solid 22-23 mpg on long trips when driven in a "spirited" fashion.

    Not bad for an "old" technology engine running on regular gas in a rather large heavy vehicle one would say.
  • The "Old Technology" pushrod engines are still my favorite over the more sophiscated, more trouble-prone Overhead Cams that require more expensive routine maintenance.
    My friend Kurt loves his 2000 Grand Caravan LE with the 3.8L V6 and says he sets the cruise at 83 MPH (I-15 to California and I-80 California to Illinois) where he gets 24 to 24.5 MPG with 6 people and all the luggage 6 people need for a week long vacation. He was quite unhappy with the rigorously enforced 65 MPH Speed Limit in Iowa.
    He liked his prior 96 Grand Voyager SE with 3.3L and the earlier DC minivan with the 3.0L. He thinks DC minivans just keep getting better.
    Although we were worried about the "perceived unreliability" of DC minivans reported in the Town Hall and by Consumer Reports, we know many very happy owners of DC minivans. Many now drive their 2nd or 3rd one and have had NO problems.
    Heidi and DJ have a 96 T&C LXi with 3.8L and use it to pull a rather large trailer. They had transmission rebuilt at 180,000 miles and most recently had a minor problem at 240,000 miles but say there is no other vehicle that fills their needs as well as the T&C with 3.8L engine.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    If I discount the approx. 50 miles of stop and go driving, on the last leg, my van travelled 238.3 miles on 8.1 gallons (approx. 29.4 mpg).

    Hey if it works this well, I don't care if they have hamsters on treadmills in there!
  • audreykaudreyk Posts: 4
    Need input: I love my 2001 T & C but the seats are killing my back to the point of turning in this 18K car which handles like a dream. I don't know what to do, please advise. Took car to upholstery place-told me others have complained-problem: seat angles back tilting legs back putting pressure on lower back. Even with the 6-way tilt the seat is angled back, a slope. The curvature of the seat back hits the ribs and side of my back causing pain and cramping of muscles. Don't know what else to do-Dealership no help. Any National recalls?
  • Thanks for a 2nd complaint about comfort of DC Minivan seats. I have a similar complaint about our 2002 T&C eL and our former 1999 GC SE seats and am surprised that the more luxurious leather seats of a T&C LXi are NOT comfortable to someone else.
    My biggest complaint is the "too cushy" feeling of the cloth seats where I sink into the seats and the "wrap-around" of seat back and seat bottom make the seat uncomfortably HOT for me as a driver. Additionally, I get lower back pain unless I frequently shift weight on my bottom.
    On the other hand, the cloth driver's seat of my brother-in-laws 2001 Odyssey EX is VERY comfortable with a firm but soft feeling and very little "wrap around" of either the cushion or back.
    Although I enjoy the many nice features the DC minivans contain that are not even available as options on the Odyssey, the DC minivans seats are to me the "Weakest Link".
    I wish I could place a 1999-2001 Odyssey driver's seat into my 2002 T&C eL for a much more comfortable ride for me as the driver. BTW, the seats of the 2002 Odyssey are NOT as comfortable for me as the 99-01 versions and the materials look cheaper.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    I have the opposite experience with the cloth seats in my 2002 T&C LX. I find the seats very comfortable, in fact, I bought the minivan because of the seats and the upright seating position. I find the seating comfort so good that I do not like to travel in sedans if I can help it. For the record, I am 5 ft, 10 inches.

    This issue reinforces the point that anyone comtemplating the purchase of a new vehicle should not simply go by magazine reviews, but should try the vehicle themselves.

  • Apparently the contour of DC Minivan seats is more comfortable for many than it is for me. I felt the seats were more comfortable in cold weather than they are now the temperature is in the 90's and 100's.
    The old fashioned bench seats are more comfortable for me than bucket seats for long trips. The 1999-2001 Odyssey seats are more flat on both cushion and back portion with a more firm feeling...which is probably the reason I prefer the Odyssey seats. I also do not like the new GM pickup seats as well as the ones in our 1981 Chevy C-10 and 1987 Chevy R-10.
    The seats in our 1999 GC SE and 2002 T&C eL are NOT as comfortable for me as the seats in the 1999-2001 Odysseys nor as comfortable as pre-1996 DC minivans or the current PT Cruiser seats.
    I would prefer the PT Cruiser to the DC minivans IF the PT had a V6, larger fuel tank, and more space in the engine compartment to access battery and other components.
  • audreykaudreyk Posts: 4
    Listened to the points the two of you made. I noticed that the cloth seats tended to be "sticky" that is the material snagged me from getting out easily. That is why I went with leather. I did, in fact try the seats and they "seemed" great however, with further driving and more often the concave and convex shapes of the back part and the seat part got to me. My 94 GDC has a more straight back part and the seat is level! Any suggestions on how to fix it Chryslervan1?
  • brophbroph Posts: 85
    I own a 1997 with 70K & having intermittent starting problems. It mostly does this when the engine is cold, & dealer cannot duplicate the problem. They had it for a week. The engine turns over like it wants to start but no good. The van was tuned up in Feb. I really love this van & want to keep it, but afraid it will leave me or my wife & kids stranded. Has anyone had this problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • The concave design of seat cushions and seat backs in connection with foam that is too thick contributes to my discomfort in current DC minivan seats.
    This could be a result of many years driving vehicles with convex shaped seat backs and cushions of the old fashioned bench seats. I preferred the more firm feel of 70's Volkswagen seats to the cushy feel of GM seats of the same era.
    I am trying to fashion a "pillow" of 100% cotton towels with a cotton towel "pillowcase" to fill the concave "bowls" surfaces of the DC seats. I had placed 2 pieces of plywood on the seat cushion and seat back for more firmness and using 1" thick foam pads over the plywood. That solved the lack of lumbar support but was not a satisfactory solution.
    The best solution would be to just replace my driver's seat with a driver's seat from a 1999-2001 Odyssey as the Odyssey driver's seat provides perfect comfort for me. I need to check the measurements of both the DC and Odyssey seats and mounting hardware.
  • Does anyone know when the 2003 T&C will arrive at the showroom and whether there will be a price increase?
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Is the AWD system of the T&C the same as the Jeep Grand Cherokee's Quadra-Drive?
  • Aren't they arriving now? I thought I saw some 2003 Voyager and Caravans on the lot now. If the 2003 T&C isn't out yet, they should be soon.
  • sensei1sensei1 Posts: 196
    Does the van stall at all when you're driving? 1997 seems too soon but I had a similar experience a while back with my '80 RX7. Same merry-go-round with the dealer back and forth -- turned out to be a loose electrical connection with my fuel pump, sometimes making contact and sometimes open.

    Also had an '89 GC LE before my current '99 T&C AWD. It would start hesitating or sometimes hard to start as well, turned out to be the fuel pump also. If I remember correctly, the fuel pump was in the tank itself so the tank had to be taken down to replace the pump. My old van served our family well though before we let it go with 135k and peeling/fading paint on it.

    Good luck!!
  • brophbroph Posts: 85
    sensei1: It has never stalled when driving, which I had that happen to me doing 65 mph on a highway in 5:00 traffic. Not fun but interesting. I'll check it out. Thanks for the input.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100

    The AWD in the minivan has nothing to do with the 4 wheel drive system in any Jeep.

    In the AWD, 90% of the torque goes to the front wheels in normal driving, basically it is FWD. If the front wheels slip, then torque is transferred to the rear wheels.

    I have a new AWD minivan and it works seamlessly. You would not know it is there except that the traction is excellent under slippery conditions.

  • dleescdleesc Posts: 1
    I have recently purchased a 2001 T&C, used. The dealer is unsure of the cause of a low-speed wobble in the front end. It first felt like a tire with a crooked belt, then I thought it might be an engine miss, but the engine idles smoothly. Now the service advisor is talking of a bad axle.
    Does this sound familiar to anyone?
    The van has been modified by IMS for a lowered floor wheelchair ramp, but the front end is not affected much by the modification, and should not be a factor, as far as I know.
    Any ideas would be appreciated in trouble-shooting. I like the van; it seems to be a good vehicle; it is great on the freeway.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Thanks for the response Ed, I'm just doing some casual research.

    The reason why I suspected they were the same is that "Quadra-Drive", developed by McLaren Traction Systems, is also used by GM under the name "Versatrak", and is employed on the GM minivan triplets, as well as the Pontiac Aztek and Buick Rendezvous. These GM vehicles are all built on FWD minivan platforms.

    This "gerodisc" system is equally effective on both FWD and RWD biased platforms, so it seemed logical to me that Chrysler would use this same system on the T&C, since it is already in the family.
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