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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • i have found a 2002 awd limited in new mexico. i am still waiting to hear the exact options it has... however, msrp 39,645
    invoice 36,751
    price 33,751
    shipping 500
    is this on par with anything anyone els has seen? and if so, where are you that you have are looking at an awd limited? this one is in las cruces. the other one i found was outside portland,or, however he wants above invoice and can't imagine anyway to get it to texas for me.
    it has been incredibly frustrating looking for one because they really are not anywhere to be found. i have been searching individual dealership websites. neither of these two that i have found have been exactly what i had hoped to find but one of them may have to do.
    so, what do you think about the price? i'm thinking it's pretty good.
    does anyone have these things in a lot near you, clearly i have an open mind about traveling to get it.
    is there a way to search all the five star dealerships at once to find if the one i have in mind even still exists out there? somewhere? anywhere?
    thank you for any and all responses.
  • okay, now i know that price had already assumed the 3000.00 rebate. so it no longer looks like a super deal.
    would still appreciate any feed back.
    thank you,
  • I have a 2002 Chrysler minivan w 3.3L engine and 12.000 miles. I did not not have any prblems whatsoever until very recently when the engine has started to make "funny noise" when driving 1) uphill, 2) 1800 rpm.

    Seems to me that the noise is coming from the throttle. Sounds like some parts would not be properly fixed ("rattling").

    Any thoughts appreciated.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    When I leased a 99 300M, thre was a video tape explaining the features of the vehicle. My 2002 minivan had no tape. Is there supposed to be one?
  • Doesn't look like a SUPER deal but I think you're bumping up against the laws of supply & demand. I would assume that '03s are coming soon so the supply of loaded '02s is probably tight and it sounds like those with inventory have no incentive to deal at the moment.
  • There was a tape with my wife's T&C...don't think either of us ever watched it. I'm more of an owner's manual person.
  • Well I am at the 30,000 mile service.

    The book does not say much about 30,000 miles, but the local 5 Star wants to do a tune up, transmission flush, etc.

    What should be done at 30,000 miles?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Here's what we say you should do:

    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide



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  • grathgrath Posts: 13
    I have a 2001 Limited.When i just touch the brakes lightly at 30 to 50 mph or really at any speed i get an ABS type vibration.Any ideas as to problem?
  • just a reminder, i am in texas...
    this has been quite an adventure which i am hoping this research and deciding part will be ending soon.
    the deal is 6429 below msrp on a 2002 limited awd.
    that is taking the rebate instead of 0.0 financing.
    i am going to new mexico to get it, but i am planning on getting a rental car to drive home if i don't just fall in love when i see it or drive it. my debate, at this point, is really just over the colours. is it worth it to settle for differnet colours to save the money or should i order one like i want? so that is what i will have to decide when i get there. white doesn't make me gag or anything.
    so feel free to make any comments thus far.
    the question i have is regarding the power train warranty. what exactly does the powertrain include? is that a fancy way of talking about the transmission or does it even include the transmission? the chrysler website did not elaborate on what was covered, only how great it is to get this warranty coverage...
    i leave friday morning, so any quick responses would be greatly appreciated.
  • grath - It sounds like you have warped rotors. When ABS kicks in there will generally be a noise to accompany the pulsating pedal. Warped rotors are a fairly common problem on many makes and models as manufacturers reduce material in rotors to make them lighter and less expensive. Rotors are usually only covered on warranty for the first 10k-15k miles.

    emwil - Manufacturers usually define powertrain as the engine and transmission. This does not include accesories such as the alternator, power steering, etc. and often excludes the CV joints. Warranties can be funny though. I recently had the PCM (computer) go out on one of my cars at 70k miles and it was covered on the extended emissions warranty. Apparently if the PCM goes the emissions system won't work (or anything else for that matter) so it has to be covered on this special warranty that is mostly meant to cover catalytic converters.
  • grathgrath Posts: 13
    Thanks for the advice on the warped rotors.That sounds exactly right.I'll have that checked.Thanks again
  • I have a 96 T&C LXI with 85,000 miles that has had a "wobble " for over a year.It seems at its worst between 30 and 40 mph.It brakes smooth and rotors have been checked out.I have replaced all 4 tires with no improvement.Dealer checked it out and felt the symptoms but could not figure it out.I really love this car and want to keep it ,but the wobble is starting to drive me crazy-would appreciate any help.I heard a rumor there is a safety bulliten on this, but haven't found it.Thanks.
  • Our engine light recently came on & after taking in to an ASE shop-came back with more problems than it went in with. Has anyone experienced the "service engine soon" light...along with gages not working correctly? If so...was it diagnosable & repairable quickly OR did it take time for the mechanics to find the problem? What was the diagnosis & fix??? Sure could use your help! Know of any good dealer repair shops in the Phoenix/Mesa AZ area ?
  • Does anyone have any info on when the T&C is due to be redesigned? 04? 05?
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    Most likely for the 2006 model year...Chrysler is usually on 5 year model cycles. There were the:

    1991-1995 Minivans
    1996-2000 Minivans
    And presumably the 2001-2005 Minivans

    So three probably won't be a new Chrysler minivan till September of 2005.

    Although, they probably will get minor cosmetic and interior ubdates for the 2004 model year just so they stay fresh.
  • Here is a link that may answer some of your future minvan questions

  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Yet another story that makes it harder for Ody owners to bash past DC quality. There is no doubt in my mind the Odyssey is not up to par with typical Honda quality. Even the 2002 Honda Odyssey with the 5 speed auto is not what it should be in the quality department.
  • It MAY be a little engine knock. My van (also with the 3.3) was making a slight "pinging" or "knocking" when I was under the exact same conditions you mentioned. I don't know what the correct thing to do in this situation is; but, what I did was top off the gas tank (about 7 gallons) with Chevron Ultimate 93 and the ping stopped. If it comes back, maybe I'll look a little deeper.
  • Anyone here in the Atlanta area and get invited by Chrysler to Six Flags this Friday night? They said I was going to get a post card in the mail about a week ahead of time that will tell me where to pick up my tickets. I have not received mine yet. Anyone here have their postcard? Thanks.
  • I have a 2000 TC LXi with about 43,000 miles. No problems (other than a warped rotor) until today. The 4 gauges (Temp,Tach,Speedo,Fuel) on my analog instrument panel are not working, that is they are at the "0" or lowest reading on their respective gauges, with the engine running/driving around. Also, the lower bank of readouts (odometer, etc)just below the main gauges does not display at all. The bulbs that illuminate the 4 main gauges work OK. I've checked all the mini fuses in both the under-hood fuse panel and in the under-dashboard fuse panel, and they are all fine. The only thing I can't determine is if any of those relay boxes(?) surrounding the mini fuses in both of the fuse panels would have anything to do with the instrument panel not working. Any ideas or suggestions out there on what may be the cause and how I can fix it myself? I only have the 7-year/70K-mile drive train warranty, so I hope it's an easy fix.
  • Yeah, I got the letter in the mail for the invited by Chrysler to Six Flags this Friday night, but I did not call the 1-800 number soon enough so I missed out. I understood the letter to say that you will pick up your tickets at your dealership, might want to give them a ring.
  • Thanks for the reply. I got my tickets yesterday. I had to get them at Carmax in Norcross. The way they jump on you as soon as you walk in the door there--I don't know why anyone buys there! I guess that's just me, though. Thanks again.
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    I have a 98 Grand Caravan AWD, and have experienced the low speed wobble. There was mention by the dealler of a problem with the Michelin tires causing this. I had two set replaced in the last 40,000 miles under warranty. Last time went to BF Goodrich B 420 for 2 wheels only. Nice tires much cheaper than the Michelins.

    After rotating the tires, I noticed a wobble in my front end again!! Tire store found that one of my aluminum wheels is actually out of round. When rotated the tires, the wobble was eliminated.

    Go to a good tire/alignment store, and they should be able to help you find your source of wobble. I need to spend $175.00 to have the wheel repaired.
  • I have a 97 Town/Country with the same problem which has occurred 8, I really mean EIGHT times. Mine started under warranty and has been frequently replaced. I have had 7 replaced "printed circuit boards". One covered under warranty, the second one just past warranty ( they only charged me labor) and 5 others replaced, I think they only charged me labor one more time more. Chrysler has paid for these as they don't even last one year now. In fact mine again blew out Today!!. My dealer, Len Stoler Chrysler in Maryland, ( Owings Mills) tells me he never heard or seen this before. The last time, (the third time in 3 months) they kept my car 3 days to run the wiring to look for short circuits. The now believe the "body computer" is the culprit . I am told Chrysler "will help" with this, what that means I don't know. We are obviously going to have to replace this van but I cannot even sell it as the dash goes out every 4 weeks now. Pass this on to your dealer...please follow up in this board or email me
  • rstcrstc Posts: 3
    I have a 99 Town and Country Limited and am also facing the low speed wobble. Have Goodyears though. Been to the dealership many times and they could not figure out anything. The drive is as if one tire is bad. Had them balanced 3 times no help.
    Also has anybody experienced exhaust drone at 50mph ?
    I test drove another Plymouth Voyager'99 and it had the same problems too.
    Is this something common with all Chrysler products ????
    BTW, the dealer replaced the rear shocks but still no improvement and says that this might be the way these vehicles ride !!!!
  • I have a 2000 Town and Country LX with 28,000 miles and lately I have noticed poor cooling quality from the A/C. I find myself setting the system on #3 fan speed and recirculation in order to get a decent cooling temperature. This has been accompanied with a recently occuring hissing noise coming from the 2nd (rear)compressor. This hissing noise is sometimes heard from the front end compressor as well. Does anyone know what the possible cause of this noise may be?
  • sensei1sensei1 Posts: 196
    jdelro, I used have an '89 GC LE that did the same. The AC became intermittent then the hissing started. If I remember correctly when I had it checked, I was told the hissing was the bypass valve relieving pressure from the compressor due to a clogged AC valve. The pressure would build up when AC was turned on with nowhere to go due to the clog. Have it checked by an AC pro unless you have the skill set. You should still be covered by the warranty. Good luck!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    A beauty of a minivan



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