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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • I too want to have an eight passenger minivan. I moved the 3 passenger rear seat in a new Windstar to the middle position (easily done in 5 minutes with no tools.) Access past this wider seat (not a 50/50 split seat like the T&C) to the back was almost as easy as with the narrower 2 passenger middle seat. The 3 passenger seat has no armrests though. I figured that I could order another matching 3 passenger seat from the dealer for the rear and have an 8 passenger minivan. It looks like the T&C uses a similar mechanism of cleats on the floor of the vehicle to secure the rear seats as the Windstar. The T&C 50/50 folding seat would seem to make access even easier to the rearmost seat. Maybe I'll rent a T&C for a day and play around with it. The other eight passenger vehicle I investigated was the the Sequoia, but I afraid of rolling it over; beautiful vehicle though.
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    Sorry, can't tell you about new models. But the TSB you want is 23-002-01. Have your dealer print you a copy. It has part numbers of the replacement crossbars. I'm not sure whether part numbers are stamped on the crossbars, but there is some way for the dealer to determine the shipped part numbers. It also should be a simple matter to have the dealer order and install the replacements if you don't receive the new parts originally.

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  • hotspurhotspur Posts: 34
    I have yet to see any credible evidence from an independent source that a third seat well increases the noise level inside any minivan.
  • erucehteruceht Posts: 26
    Chrysler has replacement roof rack bars available from your dealer, I ordered mine last week. You can put tape (I used masking) across the the top of the roof rack bars for a quick fix while your waiting for the new ones. johnd18, the noise in is best described as a howling wind noise but I didn't hear it on are test drive. I guess conditions must be right. I don't know if the new bars are being installed at the factory yet.
  • We are considering buying a used 1999 or 2000 T&C Limited FWD. Does anyone have information on the differences in these two models? We are interested in knowing what items are standard as opposed to options. Also, we would like to know what colors were available on these years. Have never bought used before- is the extended warranty a good idea for all the extra gadgetry?
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    Both model years the Limited kept the same standard equipment, with no real options other than all wheel drive and the trailer package. They both came with standard power heated leather front seats, with a memory feature for the driver that could recall two seating and mirror positions for two different drivers. Along with that there was the temperature readout, compass, mini trip computer, Homelink garage door opener, rear air conditioning, dual zone front air conditioning, CD/cassette player, rear center armrest for the third row, sued inserts, and an umbrella holder along the back of the passenger seat. I think that just about covers it for the standard items. Now for the differences between the two model year Limiteds. Mind you, there are only a few differences. During the 1999 model year, the colors available were Taupe Frost, Candy Apple Red, Golden White Pearl, and Slate. Halfway through they added the Champagne color to the models. Also, halfway through the 1999 model year little Chrysler wings were added to the wood trim on the front doors. For 2000, Taupe Frost was discontinued and Bright Silver was brought in. Along with that Shale Green was added. Also, the strip on the lower cladding was returned to chrome where before it was body color. So now the LTD had chrome wheels, chrome handles, and a chrome strip along the sides of the car for 2000. So other than color changes, a Chrysler wing badge on the doors, and the a chrome strip running along the lower body cladding, there wasn't much to differentiate the 1999 and 2000's. Hope this helps.
  • Does anyone know when the 2002 vans start shipping?

    I also heard rumors that plans are to boost the hp 3.8 rather than offer the 3.5l. I cannot validate this rumor (heard on line elsewhere) but it would make sense because the engine already fits therefore less expensive to offer. Anyone else hear anything?
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    And the little 3.3L in a 99 GC SE has more than sufficient power for our needs. My friend said our GC with 3.3L had more power, was quieter, and smoother riding than his 99 Maxima 5 speed that has a much higher HP rating. I would opt for the 3.8L over the lesser 3.3L if offered in all DC models.
    Our 99 GC SE runs so flawlessly with zero problems in 2 years that we are just looking at all minivans in case it ever does deteriorate. I think we will get a T&C next time as the price is about the same with same equipment and when items are standard, the resale or trade-in value is higher.
    The idea of getting an additional rear seat sounds good for those wanting an 8 passenger van. I think the one piece rear seat is MORE comfortable than the 50/50 split rear but would not work very well for the middle row. I think the Odyssey 2nd row seat ability to be bench OR separate seats with armrests would be a good feature for others to copy. I like the 25.5 gal fuel tank of Venture but overall comfort and conveniences are much superior in a DC minivan.
    It is difficult to imagine why separate temperature controls for driver and front passenger are not standard on all nice vehicles. The Dual Zone Temperature Control (now Triple Zone) and Trip Computer are 2 very nice features that we rate very high on our "Want to Have" items. Easier for us to fold down and slide 3rd seat forward for the occasional trip to Home Depot than to get the Magic Seat and suffer without Dual or Triple Zone Temperature Control.
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    Help! We just bought a 2001 T&C LXi. No problems except we have noticed a puddle of white (milk-like) fluid under the rear of the mini-van. We've only had it for a week. The service dept. looked at it and couldn't find anything wrong with it. They thought it might be condensation coming from the exhaust until it gets broken in. Any thoughts????
  • shepherd5shepherd5 Posts: 35
    Just bought a TC Limited @ Tuttle Click Irvine. Paid $33,225 + tax and license ($100 below invoice -- MSRP $36,435). They had added their advertising charges on top of the invoice, so the invoice they showed me was $33,725. Opted for the 3.9% over 60 months in lieu of any rebates -- montly payment came out cheaper this way.

    I went there simply because they happen to have 3 TC EX in stock (they wanted $300 above invoice plus their advertising fee). But after comparing the monthly payment, I personally felt it was worth shelling out an extra $70/month to get all the features in the Limited. The I was offered $26,490 for the EX, which was really tempting because it was $10,000 less than the Limited's sticker and $7,000 less than the the bargained price of the Limited, but once the monthly payment was calculated based on subsidized APR for the Limited, it didn't make sense to settle for the EX. What finally swayed me -- sitting in the EX made me feel like I finally broke down to buy my very first minivan -- it feels and looks too plain. Sitting in the Limited appeased me somewhat -- because it feels more like sitting in a luxo (or semi-luxo for true luxo fanatics).

    Undoubtedly, this is not the best of deals, judging from other postings I read. But I want to thank all those who posted here. Your comments helped me out tremendously. Thank you. Sorry for the long post -- but hope this is food for thought for those of you in So. Cal. who are waiting for EX's.
  • tgerlachtgerlach Posts: 1
    Help! I just bought a brand new T&C Limited. I have a two person sea kayak that I have to tie to the roof rack for a long (+1,000 miles) trip this summer. Anybody know how I can secure the nose of the kayak to the front of the car? I do not wish to rely only on the roof rack supporting the kayak, as I will also have a Thule box tied next to it. In the past I have used tow hooks on the front of my Grand Cherokee to reinforce the tie down. Anything similar for the T&C out there? If not, can I rely on teh strength of the roof rack alone?
  • milchomilcho Posts: 1
    Does anyone have an opinion on a 2001 loaded LXi vs. a Limited? We are torn between the two. Love the interior of the limited vs. the LXi but are worried how the suede inserts will hold up to general wear and dirt. Would love to hear from folks who have the Limited as to how the suede is working for them, especially if they have kids.
  • First, thank you all for your postings. I have been tracking this group for some time. I took delivery of my LXi FWD two weeks ago and am quite pleased. Incidentally, I can elicit NO noise or vibration at or near 2100 rpm. Nor do I have problems with roof rack noise, even though my bars have the lengthwise seams previously described. Build date of my van is 3rd week of February. Maybe some of these problems have been addressed.

    I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with tweaking the fuel octane of the 3.8. The 215hp rating is (per the T&C brochure) based on mid-grade fuel (89). I assume the increase in compression ratio this year (from 9.0 to 9.3) allows one to benefit from the slightly higher octane. I've read that the ECU will take some time to increase the spark advance once the switch has been made, so it may take a tank or two to notice the difference. Also, has anyone seen performance data for this engine with regular grade fuel? I've been running 87, but average mileage has been 17.3 mpg. Somewhat disappointing, I think.

    Has anyone been running 89 consistently for awhile?
  • baloneybaloney Posts: 1
    I just paid $600 to replace the fuel rail on my '96 LXI, which Chrysler has recalled (No. 895) but the dealer and Customer Serv denied knowing about any recall. Car has 112k miles we bought it new and love it to pieces.
    Any one else with this experience?
    Not exactly trouble free but drives/looks/works better than any other. And the stereo is awesome.
  • stilaboystilaboy Posts: 1
    Very pleased with my 2001 T&C LXi, but note a striking difference between this and my '91 GV (143K): the driver's seating position, even with power seat at lowest setting, is like sitting in a kid's high chair, with very low window sill and dash. I guess maybe it's just that my stubby legs have a hard time reaching the pedals, but does anyone know whether the seat can be made to ratchet lower than the factory setting (or any other "fix(es)", including retrofit)? I have the cloth (5 messy kids...) and the leather just seemed to sit a bit lower - I only need about an inch...

    Also, mine came without the new console and the in-dash CD (it was an early deliver and yes, I got a great deal on it...) - does anyone know whether either of these can be retrofitted (the salesman said "No"), and is there a good on-line parts seller for this kind of stuff?

    Thoughts on gas/octane for the 3.8?

    Finally, I have one of those plastic roof carriers that fit well on my '91 using the rain gutters - any experience with the newer model's rack, and whether my tie down clips can be used on the rack rails, or do I need to find another carrier?

    Thanks much to all and happy vanning.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I have some experience toting 17' canoes and short kayaks on minivans. I never rely just on the racks; they can fail. So your instinct to tie the front down is good.

    Double sea kayaks can be especially long so you don't want to crank them down at the ends and bust them midships, but you definitely want to secure them front and rear, as well as putting ropes/straps across the middle. If you get too much boat hanging out there, you may need to think about some kind of cradle.

    My old Voyager had some slits under the front bumper that I was able to stick a carabiner in for an easy, simple attachment. My Nissan is a pain however, and I actually have a little rope loop attached to some of the body framework in my engine compartment to tie off the front of my boats too (there's a tie down underneath the rear). It fits out of the way of anything when not in use and doesn't scratch anything, and hangs out from the front of the hood when in use.

    Better to try to find something under the bumper to tie off to if you can though.

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  • shepherd5shepherd5 Posts: 35
    Milcho, my wife and I actually went back and forth between a fully loaded LXi and a Limited. We ended up with the Limited. I agree the LXi's seats will last longer than the Suede and the split seats are easier to take out rather than the bench. Unfortunately, sitting in the middle of those split seats is very uncomfortable -- though the leather seems to provide more padding than the cloth. Even though I opted for the Limited, I would choose a fully loaded LXi if I have children.
  • drellerydrellery Posts: 3
    i have the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty from the chrysler dealer . its a mfg warranty 100000 miles added care policy 100 deductible 5 years for 900.00 the retail price is 1600 any suggestions would be appreciated
  • ...and we have a nice new Inferno Red Lxi in our New York garage.

    I could not come anywhere near some of the prices posted on this forum in the tri-state area -- and I really tried. I couldn't find anyone who would take 6k off of a Limited, a figure I've seen posted several times.

    It really came down to either driving a new van up from Car Max in Atlanta or paying about $1200 more to a local dealer who provides Saturday morning hours for their customers.

    MSRP was about $34,800 and our cost was about $30,500 after rebate (not including taxes, fees, license, etc).

    Other than a rattling noise in the left side of the dash, we love the van and the dealership made the whole purchasing experience very easy and enjoyable.

    Our van came with the "Touring Suspension". I don't know what that is, but the van seems to be stiffer on the curves than the demo Lxi I drove.

    After putting on 300 miles, I'm very happy we bought the Lxi over the Honda or Toyota.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences on pricing, and problems with AWD.
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657

    under problems, type in chrysler truck, otherwise it won,t work. The campaign number is 00V268000 and covers vans mfg between feb 95 to sept 99. Print one out and take it back to your dealer.
  • Bad deal! Extended warrantys don't take effect until after the mfg's warranty expires. You're paying for three years with no coverage provided. They have so many exclusions that most likely your repair won't be covered anyway. Warrantys are a very high dealer profit item along with rustproofing, fabric protection, pin stripes and the like. If you are deterimed to waste your money on an extended warranty, get it from your credit union or other insurance agency and save hundreds.
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Has anyone ever replaced the headlights (bulbs) with something more brighter than the stocks? I have a '97 T&C and even with the aux lights on, I don't think it's sufficient. I would appreciate any feedbacks on what lamps you purchased. I'm thinking of getting a philips vision plus.

  • jbrinda2jbrinda2 Posts: 12
    In case anyone's interested, I want to clear up confusion on Chrysler's special financing. The programs were originally scheduled to expire 4/3/01 but were extended o 4/30/01. I confirmed this with the Chysler Rebate Center. We are looking to get a 2001 LXI with most options and a sticker of about $34,000. Additional dealer cash rebates expired 4/3/01 and the dealers I have talked to so far don't seem to want to come down more than about $1,800 off MSRP, which according to my calculations is about $2,000 above invoice (including holdback), about $1,100 excluding holdback. Does this sound right? I am really tempted to hop on a plane for Oklahoma and buy T&C Ltd. from for $5,200 off sticker. It almost seems worth it. Any suggestions??
  • aislamaislam Posts: 1
    Jbrinda2, I got into the same scoop but I decided to buy my full-loaded LXI (MSRP $33995) from the local dealer. But I got a better deal then what your dealer is offering you. I got the deal for $30000 + special APR but keep in mind that I got the deal during March when there was dealer incentive. I knowingly gave the dealer some $800 for the holdback as I did not want to spend my whole day for the van going to melton sales. In addition, melton sales did not have what I wanted. They still don't. It may be surprise to you but I preferred LXI over Limited.

    My suggestion would be that if you are not stuck with LXI, and if you have time, and if meltonsales has your color for the Limited then go for it. Not only will you save money now but will also have high resale value. Get the van before they change their minds. They are already $1000 up because of disconinuation of dealers incentive. Get all the details of the van and APR before you leave though.
  • gvahegvahe Posts: 8
    Hello All,
    I did something kind of crazy. I ordered a T+C Limited in Almond Pearl. The reason I say Im crazy is because I didnt see the color yet. The dealer claims its a 2002 color, but it has become avail on the 2001's. (It was on his computer) Sounds like a nice color, and I am willing to take the risk. Anyone ever heard of this??

  • I want to thank smart_alec for posting the information on the TSB for the roof rack wind noise. I took my Limited in for service last week, and told them about the wind noise. When I got the van back, they said they had adjusted the roof rack and that some noise was normal. Actually, they made it worse! I took it back, armed with the TSB info, and they admitted that they should have ordered replacement cross bars. Apparently, the TSB did not match up with the VIN on my van, but they found it when I brought it to their attention. They claim the replacements will be in within a week. I'll let you know when they actually come in. Still love this van.
  • jbrinda2jbrinda2 Posts: 12
    Hey guys. I didn't get as good a deal as you did aislam but if you take out the additional March incentive money ( Was it $1,000 or $1,500?), I think I was pretty close. See my post in the "Honda Vs. Chyrysler" board for details.
  • cheezecheeze Posts: 2
    I am about to purchase a T/C Limited for well under dealer invoice. I have my old vehicle that I plan on selling to a co-worker, a private sale. The dealer informs me that he can do what is called a "pass through". He explains that if I would sell or trade in my old vehicle to the dealer for the price that my co-worker and I agreed on, let's say $15,000, the dealer would then make the car available to my co-worker to purchase for $15,000 plus a $100 processing fee. The advantage to me then would be have the $15,000 be counted as a dealer trade-in thus deducting this amount off the price of the new vehicle before being taxed. This would save me $750 in taxes minus the $100 processing fee. Is this legal? The dealer assured me that they do this all the time and it is perfectly legal. Is anyone familiar with this process?
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    I've heard of it being done, and in fact, if you trade a vehicle on a new one, most states will tax you on the difference, not the entire cost of the new car. Check with your state's tax department or motor vehicle registry to see what their policies are.
  • erucehteruceht Posts: 26
    The dealer installed the new roof rack bars on are limited Monday and we took it on a 100 mile trip over the Interstate yesterday. This seems to have fixed the problem. I asked them if they knew about the 2100 noise/vibration and they said they didn't know anything about it but would test drive it, but of coarse they couldn't find anything wrong. However its really not a problem since I never drive at this speed or RPM.
  • esklutesklut Posts: 3
    Dealers just don't know squat. Any ideas why Chrysler has delayed this engine? Release date was March, now it's postponed.

    Anyone anywhere know anything? Pathetic excuse of a car company - and I own a T&C now! Want the 3.5 right away.

    One other thought - why in the world did they crap up the seats with that ultrasuede? You can't even get all leather seats now.

    Really sad. Great van otherwise.

  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    You know I've been wondering about the dumb suede, too! I was fine with my all leather in my old LXi and now I have this suede leather combo. I think Chrysler just doesn't know what to add to the Limited to make it different from the LXi other than the extra chrome and memory setting (which were selling points for me) for the seats, mirrors, and radio which were on my old LXi. But the suede is not called for. I have suede shoes and I've seen how bad they've gotten when dirty and used so why would I want to sit on it? I guess I'm bitter because during the 2000 Auto Show the preproduction 2001 Limited was ALL leather. Oh well, maybe in 2 1/2 years they will have changed that.
  • I was looking forward to the 3.5 engine with more horses until I finally read this.,2669,SAV-0103080002,FF.html

    Maybe I will wait until the 2002 models come out in fall to see if they are waiting for the next model year.

    What idiots for planting that seed and then pulling it. It makes me wonder what the 2002 will have that the 2001 does not now.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Maybe you'll have to build your own (or wait for the Porsche minivan):Where are the high performance minivans?

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  • I know what you are saying. I drive a Lexus ES300 and I have never attempted to see how fast I could go from 0-60 in it or take it over 100mph and my wife will drive the mini van as her car so performance in a mini van is a crazy discussion, but what turned me off is the fact that they did not deliver on what they said they would. I also would like to have the top of the line offered if it only means less than $100 a month over 4-5 years. I was more interested in the early articles that said the 3.5 would get better gas mileage than the extra horse power. They said it would be a more fuel efficient V6. I also considered that with earlier posts they may have worked out the 2100 RPM and wind noise on a new engine model. We will never know unless they make one for 2002. I have the time so I might as well wait and see. Also the Edmunds web page still lists "with a 3.5l engine that will make you the envy at every PTA meeting" under their WHATS NEW FOR 2001 when looking at the new car section for 2001 T&C so forgive those of us who were looking forward to it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Are you familiar with the terms "vaporware" or "FUD" (fear, uncertainty & doubt). Makes one wonder at times. I'll mention the engine "switch" to editorial; thanks for the heads up. Good luck.

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  • glynnmglynnm Posts: 3
    Currently using 87 octane in my 3.8 liter engine in a 2001 T&C LXi. Owner's manual recommends this. Anyone experiencing any advantages, especially better gas mileage, by using 89 or 93 octane?
  • The higher the octane rating, the fewer calories contained in the fuel. If the engine is designed for 87 octane and does not knock, there is no advantage to using higher octane fuel. In fact, expect reduced mileage.
  • howie99mnhowie99mn Posts: 20
    I bought a new T&C LX and found out that the passenger front door does not align with the rest of the body. Does anyone have experience getting doors to align right. It's in about 2mm at the hinges. I think that it's all looks and I am worried that fixing will make the problem worse (hard to open or close doors).
  • I posted two messages the other day and they are now gone. What happen to them? I really wanted to hear what people had to say about the video system before I bought one.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Blame it on Friday the 13th :-)
    Sylvia "Talk to the Hosts Part Three" Apr 12, 2001 8:25pm

    Hopefully the missing posts will reappear, or perhaps you'd like to repost in the meantime.

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  • I too have a problem with alignment on the doors. Mine is the passenager sliding door. The dealer says he has made the best adjustment that he can but there are no marks on the screws or bolts that align the door. Can the doors be aligned? I would like to know this before I go back to the dealer for the next round of getting this problem resolved.
  • jbrinda2jbrinda2 Posts: 12
    This is more of an oddity than a problem and easily rectified by the dealer, I'm sure, but has anyone noticed any water underneath the clear surface of their door trim strip on the LXi. Somehow water appears to have seeped into the space between the clear outer protective shield and the body of the silver trim strip of the driver's side of the car. There are four strips on the doors and the other three are fine. I'm guessing that perhaps there was a tear in the covering or something. I didn't even notice it until after I went to the car wash the other day. I'll have the dealer install a new trim strip. I was just curious as to whether anyone else encountered this.
  • jbrinda2: I have a 2001 T&C Limited AWD with the same water underneath the chrome side moulding problem. It's on my driver's door and the other panels are fine. Just picked up the van a few weeks ago and had the problem from day one. The service department at the dealer ordered me a new side moulding, but said it might take a while to get it in; since it's a new design for 2001. Side moulding are for protecting the body, so I guess any impact is going to cause this problem.

    I also have a roof rack that howls like crazy. The van was built late January 2001. Does anyone know when the TSB for the roof rack was issued?
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    thebone33 - the TSB was issued in Feb. I don't have it with me. Check for posts that reference it in the MY2001+ Chrysler... topic.

  • shepherd5shepherd5 Posts: 35
    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the navigation system for TC/DC? Where does it go?
    Dealers are asking $1800 for the Navi (list price) plus installation. I am debating on getting a Magellan 750M instead. Any thoughts?
  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53
    I just noticed a strange noise upon closing of the driver side power door on my T&C Ltd. It happens about 2 sec after the door is closed, at the rear of the door. It sounds like a piece of plastic is being compressed or twisted. I recall someone mentioned this in a number of previous posts. The noise was not present during the first 1K miles, but only developed during a 500 miles road trip over the Easter weekend.

    I also have water seeping under the side molding for the passenger power door, so I may also need to take it to the dealer for an inspection.

    Any clues for the cause of these problems? Thanks.

  • bmalikbbmalikb Posts: 6
    I have a 2001 T&C LTD (3K) The suede is doing fine so far. Keep in mind that this isn't suede like your coat or shoes. I think that is why they use "Preferred Suede". In fact, Preferred Suede is a registered trademark by Milliken & Company. I think it is a nice touch and adds a bit of class to an otherwise ordinary interior.

    Yes...I have kids.
  • bmalikbbmalikb Posts: 6
    Does anyone have the rear seat video? How is the screen size for viewing? Does it obstruct the rear view mirror at all? Is there a power plug for the video games that there are A/V ports for?
    What did you do with your extra console and is the new console (w/VCR) have any functionality?

    Sorry for all the questions. But it is a big investment....
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