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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • todd1108todd1108 Posts: 4
    I had the rear video screen installed about a month ago. It blocks the rear view mirror some, but not completely. We went from NJ to NC with it and my 2 year old loved it. If you have kids,it really makes the long trips go fast. I didn't go through the dealer. I bought it from the guy who installs it for the dealer and saved about $500. There is a power plug in the console and we moved the one from the front to the back where we keep the remote and head phones.
  • erucehteruceht Posts: 26
    Our Limited has developed a similar noise in the passenger door, took to the dealer and they lubed but I think its getting worse. Also have the water in the door strip.
  • mddamusmddamus Posts: 4

    I'm in the market for a T&C LXi AWD.They seem to be in very short supply around here. Is this the case everywhere?
    The best prices I've been able to find around here are invoice minus the $1500 rebate (if I take delivery by April 30). That means about $32,000 for the less fancy AWD LXi (non leather), plus some options (e.g., tow package, side air bags, console, power liftgate, CD changer). Is anyone aware of anything any better? I did call Melton and they can order one with AWD, but it sounded like their price would only be $300 less than from a local dealer, that is invoice less $1500 rebate, less $300 (although I would be able to ditch some unwanted options). $300 would barely buy my air ticket to Oklahoma, plus I'd have two days of driving to get home, probably not worth it.
    Also, is anyone aware of what my happen with rebates after April 30? Better? Worse? Gone? Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    I have a 97 T&C with regular rear view mirror (not auto dimming) and for some reason, it fell off the windshield. Came back from lunch (hot day) and it's on the floor somewhere. What's left looks like a hardened white glue they used. Do you guys know what glue to use to reattach the rear view mirror?

  • bholiobholio Posts: 21
    Any auto parts store will have special rearview mirror glue. Follow the instructions carefully.
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Thanks, bholio.
    I'll give it a try tonight.
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Oh, one other question, do you know whether I have to scraped the old glue out? It's looks like it's hardened plastic. Any tips on how to scrape it out?
  • Well, we singed for a loaded LXI FWD and will pick it up this week as they are installing the mopar video. We got the Steel Blue that we wanted with the blue leather. Invoice was 31,800. Mopar was $1550 installed - they originally wanted $1900- and they threw in the rear cargo organizer as it was already installed when they found it through a dealer search. They really negotiated to have us pay for the rear cargo organizer since we were already at invoice it was $250 plus if they install add $80.They said we were getting a deal since we would not have to pay for the install. They finally threw it in. We will pick the financing when we pick it up. Any suggestions for negotiating the financing? I assuming our choices will be $1500 off if we finance through our bank, $1000 off plus low apr, or the 0.9 with no rebate.
  • Dealer told me today that chrysler raised the $1500 cash back to $2000.
  • Hi!

    I'm trying to decide whether to buy the MOPAR system or the Audiovox system. The MOPAR doesn't have a tuner so you can't watch TV but having up front is a requirement. I can get the Audiovox system VCP installed for $1400 but they can't mount the VCP in my current console. They want to install it in the back. The dealer will sell and install the MOPAR system for $1640. So... I'm wondering how often you watch TV in the car vs. videos and if anyone has any suggestions for getting the MOPAR system for less.

  • If $90 means anything, I took the sheet I printed from the Chrysler site on the Mopar Video system which has it listed for $1,400 MSRP without install. Before I showed this to the dealer, I asked how much for the mopar. He said $1900. I then showed him the sheet and said $1,400. He quickly pointed out that this did not include installation. I was able to then call him on the $1900 saying "no way" would it cost $400 to install. He checked a big white soft cover book and said his install cost was $150. That is how I got it for $1550.Just so you know, the Mopar Video unit screen goes overhead and then also comes with another floor console that goes between the second row seats. This is exact in appearance to the floor console that comes with the van. Which means that you can have one or both consoles in at the same time. I would think that having an the same look in the console that houses the VCP/outlets for Game unit would be a big plus for the Mopar.
    Are you or kids going to be doing most of the watching. My wife will drive this as her van and I will be in the passenger or drivers seat and the kids will be in the back. Many people want only the video so that the kids are not clamoring for tv on short trips. They want the video/game for medium to long trips.
    If you do not have kids or will have adults riding in the back often then having a non - chrysler tech alter the mopar or going with another product would be the other choice.
    Most people who have installed tv say the reception is horrible as it fades in and out as you travel. Some have installed mini dishes for sattelite reception.
    It really depends if kids are watching, where you are traveling for tv reception and dealer installed as opposed to after market. Be sure to check with your dealer service manager to see if adding a non chrysler/mopar accessory affects the warranty on the van. Cosmetic changes will not , but anytime you are wiring an outside product into the vehicle electronic system - no matter how well installed- a dealer may refuse to honor the warranty if they feel that you have violated the agreement or if a future problem results in your wiring. I am glad that you did not mention the floor models that are tethered to the headrests on the front row seats. I have read numerous posts about how, although inexpensive -$300-500- they are not safe in accidents - basically a 50 lb.+ projectile in the van - and how if young children are in car seats - many get car sick from having to look down at the screen since they are usually propped up and reclined in the boosters.
    I had a friend who stupidly installed those cheap "xenon" bulbs in his car to make the headlights look like HID headlights. One melted into his light casing and the dealer made him pay full service to replace the light housing even though the car was still under warranty. He had taken out the manufacturer's recommended bulb and put in something not covered under the warranty. Just an anecdote for you.
  • jbrinda2jbrinda2 Posts: 12
    I just realized that the underseat locking storage bin that was listed on my MSRP for the T&C LXI does not exist. I'm assuming it is not there because we have the U Package which adds a power seat for the passenger. However, this item is not asterisked to indicate that on the window sticker. I feel like that should be disclosed. Fortunately we have ample room in the center console but I am annoyed that it is listed without being there. Another thing I realized after purchase... when we looked at the LXI, we looked at the rear bench which has three positions. We opted for the split bench. I assumed it also had several positions but I realize it only has one. We haven't encountered any problems regarding space but I was just kind of disappointed that no one told me about this at the dealer. I still love that car. Rides like a dream. Infinity speakers are amazing with the CD player. I heard they are now offering $2,000 rebate starting April 26. Not sure of the new financing.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    I too installed a pair of $30 HID look-a-like Xenon bulbs to match my Blue T&C limited. It works fine so far without melting anything. Also, this bulbs supposed to produce less heat than the regular bulbs...Jackfactor, I wonder how cheap of a Xenon bulb you friend put into his, maybe he put in a wrong sized one??!!
  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53
    I am curious as to the brand and model you've selected for your T&C, and where did you get them from? I've read a number of comments from people who like the PIAA, while others like the Philips Blue or Ultra something. Do you notice significant improvement over the stock lights? Are they tinted blue to look like HID, and do they give off a whiter light than stock? I wouldn't mind spending $30 to improve the headlights. Thanks.

  • striker5striker5 Posts: 8
    mommiedearest--in response to your question on the video system I would highly recommend the Mopar unit. I bought a new 01 Limited several weeks ago and did some research on other units and decided on the Mopar for the following reasons 1)The Mopar unit matches the interior forget it's there when not in use. 2)You get the additional console($250 value) which allows for the perfect positioning of the VCP unit and adds some additional storage for tapes. 3)The system integrates into the sound and electrical system and is backed by the factory if anything were to happen. 4)When the original console is moved to the second row you can use it to hold the optional Chrysler cooler for soft drinks for the kids while they watch movies-remember to bring the popcorn. The unit doesn't have a tv tuner but they never work very well anyway-had one in a conversion van.
    Regarding pricing...I went to the parts department after I bought the van and they very willingly sold me the unit for list less 10%, they sell parts and accessories all day long at this discount so the unit cost me $1260. I had seen the specs on this unit in the dealer's accessory sales manual before I purchased the van and noted that Chrysler listed the installation time at 2hrs. The dealer quoted me $200 installation fee which I thought was high but I felt the total installed price of $1460 was very reasonable. I also bought two extra wireless headphones.
    Last weekend my wife and I took four large soccer players to a tournament. The entertainment system with all four wireless headphones were the hit of the trip. The van with its video system, remote doors and tailgate, and the Infinity sound system with 8" subwoofer was described as "awesome" by a bunch of very hard to impress teenagers. By the way, they even liked how comfortable the van was...especially the ride! It's amazing how fast these boys are maturing!!!
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    The bulbs do provide a whiter light but besides the different look/ appearance. The stock bulbs look just as bright as these after market HID look alike bulbs even though it has a higher output 85/80w. I have bought a pair of Super White from PIAA and a pair of "cool blue" bulb from Sylvania for my other car. The PIAA certainly doesn't worth its high price tag. All these bulbs are tinited blue to look like HID but they are nowhere near what the HID can do. By the way, the bulbs I have on my T&C are from a company called Hiper, the bulbs are not street legal (don't know why) but the one from PIAA and Sylvania are. I bought the bulbs from
  • mulfomimulfomi Posts: 56
    I bought at 2001 TC LXI with the video system. I used the friends and family discount and the dealer got me the video unit for $1585. They had it for $1995 retail. I have had the van for 3 months and the kids love it. We only use it for trips of about 30 minutes or longer which we make fairly frequently to see family. It has worked great every time. We only use the sound through the radio and the Infinity speakers now though as my 2 youngest are to small to use the head phones (2 & 5). They will stay on their heads, but they dont stay tight enough to keep the auto-off feature from shutting them off.
    It does partially block the rear view mirror as someone else indicated, but not a big deal. Actually at night, it blocks the headlights which is nice. It is expensive but I would by the Mopar unit for the warranty, the fact that it blends in great with the van, and that it is permanently in place and up high for ease of viewing. Only problem I have is that the deal cut the headliner installing the screen and has to replace it. They say they are waiting on a template from Chrysler to do the work so they dont make the same mistake. The cuts are between the front of the unit and the sunglass holder. Its only about an inch but I dont want it to get bigger. Anyone else have this problem. I think it was a bad installation job.

    Overall, I love the van. Had no significant problems. Had to have the power tailgate adjusted as sometimes when you opened it, it would beep, unlock, and then stop. They adjusted something and its fine now. Also have some kind of metal spur that has poked its way up through the carpet right in front of the video console. When the template comes in for the headliner, the dealer said they would look at the spur. Other than that, it drives great, and is very comfortable. Not to mention the Odyssey in here, but it beats it hands down in my opinion. Traded it a AC for it with 80M miles on it and I had no problems with it, including nothing ever going wrong with the transmission. Also have a 94 Concorde with 90M miles on it and I've only had a couple minor problems with it. Both AC and Tranny work fine.

    This was my first post. Enjoy reading everyone elses, especially on the TC.
  • Question - is the vcr and headphone transmitter both located in the console? Can the console be removed when not in use? Can the console be placed in either the front or middle row?

  • mulfomimulfomi Posts: 56
    The headphones transmitter is in the ceiling in the front of the rear heat/ac controls. It is infared. It is part of the controls unit so you dont notice it. There are 2 extra plugs for corded headphones if you need them along with a power plug and jacks for a video system all in the back of the console. The VCR is in the console and you can take it out from what I was told (the console, not the VCR). I have not tried to take mine out. You cant, however, move it from where it is located. Once you decide where you want it, thats where it has to stay. Once again, you can remove it, you just cant relocate it to the other location. I put my console with the VCR in between the front seats so that is where it will always be.

    The sound from the headphones is good as well. I watched X-Men a few weeks ago on a trip long enough to watch the whole movie and everything worked great. That may be the only time I use the VCR for a movie I want. Went out with another couple for a day trip and we made the women sit in front. However, the front occupants cant have their music too loud as you can here it even with the headphones on.
  • jbrinda2jbrinda2 Posts: 12
    I wonder if anyone could comment on operation of the climate controls. We can't seem to find a plain old 'vent' setting in the T&C LXI. The auto temp controls are great but whatever happend to plain old 'vent'? Also, I set the driver side temp to 69 on 'low auto' and it seems to use the air conditioning more often than not, even when it seems that it shoudln't need to engage the AC to maintain that temp. I also have never seen the A/C snowflake cycle off once it has come on. LXI owners please comment. Thanks.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    My 2001 T&C Ltd is approaching 3000 miles. The overhead computer indicates service is needed in 3000 miles but the oweners manual said 3000 miles service is needed only when the van is driven under serever condition. Are you guys taking the van back to the dearler for service or a local gas station for a quick lube?
  • mulfomimulfomi Posts: 56
    Regarding using the vents, I simply adjust the fan one notch up or down and that takes it out of the auto temp controls. You could adjust that or the location of the airflow knob and it would do the same. So, simple turn the fan to the speed you want and adjust the air control knob to the dash vents and you should be all set. Regarding the AC, that has happened to me on occasion and I simply hit the snowflake button to shut that off.

    I have about 3,500 miles on my LXI and I am just taking it to a local jiffy lube. I need my headliner replaced but since the dealer doesnt have the template for the video unit, I havent taken it in yet. If they did, I would just have them do it. I only take my cars to the dealer for the major service intervals (15M, 30M, etc.) or if something significant seems to be wrong with it. The quick oil change place near my home has always done a nice job. I have heard the occasional horror story from people, but I have never had a bad experience at one. I would get the first oil change done before 4M miles, but after that, I would wait till 5M miles or so. Thats just my opinion.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    Just picked up our T&C FWD Limited. Very nice. Needless to say, it's a huge improvement from our '94 T&C, which we bought new.

    Our second choice was the Odyssey. Great crash tests, etc. But all research I've done indicates Chrysler's reliability is up relative to '97 and the Odyssey's is down, so that the difference isn't that great. But the deciding factor was cost: not MSRP, what you actually pay. We got $8000 off the MSRP of $36,435. So, $28,435 for T&C Limited FWD with all the options versus an Odyssey EX for $27,340 (best price I could find in the SF Bay area). Factor in a few dealer-installed options on the Odyssey and the prices are nearly equal. The Chrysler wins on features.

    One thing I'd like to see Chrysler change in 2002 is the 50/50 split bench. The Limited has a full rear bench, but the LXi and EX do not. If you have 4 kids there is no benefit in splitting the bench, as you need the seating room. However, you also need the maximum cargo room, so the ability to shift the full bench forward is a real plus. Chrysler should modify the 50/50 split bench to allow it to move forward, as Toyota did with theirs for the 2001 model year. Also, this is the main reason I am not a fan of Honda's magic seat ... When the seat is in use I want it to be shifted forward to maximize the cargo area.

    BTW, the high-end minivan market is really softening up, at least in SF Bay. I had the Honda dealers I contacted calling me back and promising me Odysseys for delivery in a week, albeit none came down to MSRP. There are T&Cs and Windstar SELs gathering dust on the lots. The price we paid included $2900 for rebates ($2000 car rebate, $500 owner loyalty which I see just expired, and $400 college grad rebate). $5100 was the dealer discount. This translates to $1400+ under the mythical dealer invoice. When you factor in the $500 dealer cash and the dealer holdback the "official" profit was $49. However, this dealer had a lot full of 75+ T&Cs that were not moving, and so I'm sure there were unpublished regional incentives to get some of those T&Cs sold by the end of the month. The whole negotiation took 10 minutes and was very pleasant ... the salesman started by writing down MSRP+$3000 mark up, I interrupted him and showed him my figures, started taking the kids to lunch, and on my way out he said he'd meet my price.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    I was initially impressed with the concept of folding one half for additional cargo space. When I sat in DC minivans, without exception, the 50/50 rear seat was not as comfortable as the DC minivans with the solid rear seat.
    On the other hand, the 2001 Toyota Sienna 50/50 split rear seat WAS comfortable in the middle. Honda Odyssey 3rd row Magic Seat was not comfortable at either edge.
    Odyssey has more space behind the 3rd row seat than does either Sienna or DC when the 3rd row seat is slid forward. However, for comfort and luxury, it is clear that T&C is THE choice, Sienna 2nd, and Odyssey 3rd.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    "Odyssey has more space behind the 3rd row seat than does either Sienna or DC when the 3rd row seat is slid forward."

    Hmmm. I measured each before I bought, and of course the Toyota loses due to being 6 inches narrower. But I'd rate the DC over the Honda. The Honda of course has several extra liters of volume due to the magic seat cavity in the floor, but the DC gets several more inches of front-to-back space with the seat forward. Not clear which has the most cubic volume, but since I do not typically transport liter-sized ballons of water, but more likely square boxes of stuff from Costco, the flat surface in the DC is much more accomodating.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    We have a 99 GC SE and my sister will soon get her 2001 Taffeta White Odyssey EX. It will be fun to compare the 2 where no salespeople are lurking. I thought the Odyssey seats more comfortable but my wife preferred GC. It was quite difficult to choose but with excellent price on loaded GC SE + built in child seat helped swing to the GC.
    Last summer we sat in a loaded T&C limited with the perforated leather seat. I almost felt sinful and decadent to be surrounded by so much luxury. My GC SE felt quite cheap after sitting in that luxurious T&C. There is leather in many vehicles....but none has ever had the extremely comfortable feel of that T&C Limited.
  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53
    I tip my hat off to you for such a GREAT deal on the T&C Ltd. Its nice to have the loyalty rebate + the College grad rebate to go with the $2K rebate! Unfortunately for us, our college graduation was years ago, and the next grad won't happen until another 18 years.

    I thought getting the Ltd for about $1500 over the Ody EX w/leather is already a pretty good value for us, but you take the cake with the same pricing. I am impressed! I suppose it helps that the dealer have lots of inventory and Chrysler is hurting finacially, and offering another $500 than March.
  • peterfxpeterfx Posts: 2
    I'm thinking of buying a 2001 TC Limited. I live in BC (Canada). I'm wondering if anyone could tell me the price I should expect to pay for it.
  • shepherd5shepherd5 Posts: 35
    First of all, bravo to cgaydos for setting a spectacular benchmark! $8,000 off MSRP! Made my heart sank given I paid $33,225 for mine. FYI, when I bought mine late March, I wasn't aware of the dealers supposedly getting an extra $1,000 incentive from Chrysler on top of the 3% of MSRP holdback. Since I offered to split the holdback, the dealer made about $1,500. They did make me pay for the regional advertising fee though (about $490). I didn't get the best price -- however, food for thought for future buyers -- the APR incentive is quite attractive. I needed the 60 month financing. So I took 3.9% with no cash rebate and payments came to $611.47 for the $33,225 I financed. If you work backwards and use this $611.47 payment and use an unsubsidized APR of say 7.5% -- you'd end up with a car costing $30,515 -- not bad for one with MSRP of $36,435. Even with an APR of 7%, you'd still end up with $30,880 -- a discount of $5,555 from MSRP. If I haven't bought my van -- I would have gone to the same dealership cgaydos went to armed with his info and went after the $5,100 discount AND the 3.9% financing -- and pay a monthly payment of around $575! Sigh. I would definitely drive 400 miles to the bay area for this price!
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    The APR discount is attractive. If you assume that you will NOT pay off the loan in advance, and if the loan amount is high then the APR in lieu of cash rebate may be the way to go. You can figure it out for your particular situation with a fairly simple spreadsheet using the Excel PMT function. For example, given the current incentive program, the break-even point for a 36 month loan ($2000 rebate versus 0.9% financing) is a pre-rebate loan amount of $21,300 (assuming finance rate of 7.45% for ordinary financing, which is what I got from Chrysler). Anything above $21,300 means that you get a lower payment by taking the APR incentive. Anything below $21,300 means you are better off taking the $2000 rebate with a higher APR.

    Note, though, that there is a chance that you WILL pay off your loan in advance (car is crashed, stolen, you sell it, you refinance your mortgage and put the car payment into the mortgage for tax reasons, or you just decide to pay off the loan). If any of these happens, you'll have been better off taking the cash rebate.

    Also: answering shepherd5's comments on the price I got. Several special factors came into play there. 1) The dealership I went to is not known for great deals, but I targeted them because their lot was way overstocked with T&Cs. I also chose the last weekend in the month, and was lucky that I was the only customer there at midday on a Saturday. Their mood was definitely biased towards closing a deal, any deal. 2) They expect to get some of it back with my trade-in. I normally sell my old cars myself, but this one needed repairs. Factor in the required repair work and cost of selling, and my net gain was the same whether I traded in or sold it myself. However, they can do the repairs for less than I could and sell for more, so although I got a good price for my trade-in they will get some profit that way.
  • dawn19dawn19 Posts: 1
    The Chrysler GPS can be retrofitted in the van for an additional $2000. It does not look anything like the Honda Oddessy's NAV system.

    Is there any experience with this system and/or comparison of features with the Honda's
  • sz1sz1 Posts: 31
    Anyone know when the NHTSA will post results for the 2001 T&C?
  • shepherd5shepherd5 Posts: 35
    I looked into this GPS also. Seems very few in Chrysler knows where it goes -- and price does not include installation. No one has been able to tell me where the GPS actually goes. It seems silly to have this unit mounted on the dashboard. I have given up hope and have narrowed my choice down to the magellan 750 or an alpine system.
  • jbrinda2jbrinda2 Posts: 12
    Damn! $8K off sticker, you rule! I got 2200 off my LXI sticker of 33845 plus 3300 for my trade and took the 1.9 financing over 48 months. I guess I could have gotten a better deal based on what I've heard here but my dealer had only LXs and a few LTDs and no LXIs. They just got one in on trade the night we bought. I did an excel spreadsheet when I was looking to buy and determined that it made more sense to do the 1,9% financing than to take the rebate, although cgaydos makes good points regarding early payoff.
    The real difference for me came in weighing the 1.9% financing over 48 months or the 3.9% financing over 60 months. Over the life of the payment schedule, I saved over $1,900 by opting for the 1.9% financing based on the $30,729 I financed. The payment is a little hard to swallow at $665 but it will be worth it in less than 4 years when I have a paid for T&C in the driveway with only about 40K miles on it!
  • blukensblukens Posts: 8
    Anyone else have a problem on the 2001 T&C/Caravan with the door lock and window controls pod hurting their knees? I test drove the Caravan and the T&C and the hard plastic hit the bone on my knee, either seat. It was painful after only 5 minutes.

    The 2000 version has a nice concave panel. Will I get used to it? or do I have to wait til enough complaints force DC to change the design.

    Enquiring minds want to know.....
  • mulfomimulfomi Posts: 56
    I read that the crash test results for the 2001 T&C and DC are due for release this month. I plan on checking the website every couple days.
  • I have been waiting to buy a Chrysler LXI or Dodge ES since the 2001's came out. The organizer looks like a useful accessory. I would love to hear your comments on this. Is it easy to adjust up and down? Does it seem sturdy? Useful? Thanks in advance!
  • gatogonowgatogonow Posts: 17
    I bought my loaded T&C LX on Monday. I called Carmax at 10:20 A.M. and asked if they had what I wanted. They called me back in 5 minutes and said they had it. It took another 5 minutes to get finance info over the phone and they appoved me while I held the line. I drove to Orlando (1 hour) and they had the car ready, it took the salesperson 10 minutes to close out the paper work which he did himself. I drove away 10 minutes later with the plates on the car and registration in the glove box. It was the most pleasant car experience I have ever had. No pressure to buy any of the BS extras most dealers try to strap you with.

    The price, MSRP $31,350.00 purchase price after $2,000 rebate, $25,489.00, no trade.

    The T&C, the optional roof rack howls something awfull. I positioned it as instructed in the book and it doesn't help. The LX has the upgraded stereo with 4 CD Changer and 10 Infinity speakers and does not sound anywhere near as good as an Infinity system I had in a previous Jepp Grand Cherokee. ther than those two complaints, I like the T&C very much the 3.3 is plenty of power for this vehicle.
  • erucehteruceht Posts: 26
    gatogonow- There are replacement roof racks from chrysler that will take care of the wind noise.

    cgaydos- I took the 2.9 with $1000.00 cash back. This worked out to be a better deal than than .9% or the higher cash back which was &1,500.00 at the time.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    "Unfortunately for us, our college graduation was years ago, and the next grad won't happen until another 18 years."

    Turns out that the rebate also applies to grad school graduates, and applies to degrees as far back as 2 years ago. This is not published anywhere that I could find -- I had to ask. In fact, many local Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep newspaper ads incorrectly state it is for only 4 year schools within 1 year. In my case, I used my night school masters diploma from '99.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    This one is crazy. My new T&C is subject to the steering wheel recall announced 4/24. No big deal, I've had recalls before. EXCEPT that I specifically asked about whether the recall had been applied before I drove off with it 3 days ago (4/30), and was told YES. The dealer called today and said "don't drive it ... we'll tow it for you." I know, you're thinking maybe the dealer wasn't aware of the recall on 4/30 (although it made national news a few days earlier). Well here's the kicker ... when I was on the lot my car was parked next to another T&C that had a big sign on it "DON'T SELL - RECALL".

    Oh well, certainly an annoyance and it gives me no confidence in the dealership's service dept, which did the dealer prep. But so far for the car itself I've witnessed no initial problem symptoms or or what CR calls "sample defects", and I've been all over and under the car looking.
  • bholiobholio Posts: 21
    Try driving one with a power seat. Most power seats let you move the seat lower.

    I do not have any problems with my knee in my non-power seat 2001 T&C LX. I also lean my leg against the door when I drive. I did have the problem you describe on a rental Astro a few years back.
  • gatogonowgatogonow Posts: 17
    Thanks for the info. Called Carmax and they said yes there is a TSB, fix is a thinner set of racks they will order and let me know how long they take to get in and call when they get there. Said just drop by when parts are in, just a swap. Again thanks!!!!!!!
  • f1_nutf1_nut Posts: 10
    Just wanted to say hello. I've been monitoring the town hall for some time now and I wanted to start adding my 2 cents.

    A little about me and my van: I live in Northern Colorado and recently purchased a 2001 T&C Limited AWD. I have about 1800 miles on it to date. It's Steel Blue with blue interior. It's pretty much has all the options except the entertainment package. I have two kids, 2 & 5. Both boys. My wife and I take turns with the van, so the memory seats were an option we really wanted.

    I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with everyone.
  • f1_nutf1_nut Posts: 10
    Overdrive does give you better mileage. How could it not? Any device which lowers your rpm for a given speed will increase your mileage, all things being equal of course.

    For example, you are traveling down a flat road at 60 mph. In 3rd gear, you might be running at 3000 rpm, Now in 4th gear or OD, you might be at 2300 rpm. Your engine is operating at a lower speed therefor burning less gas. Which equals more MPG.
  • f1_nutf1_nut Posts: 10
    I see that there is a lot of discussions in regards to rebate vs APR. The following web site has a very nice spread sheet that lets you figure which will work best for you. You can input 4 different scenarios on one sheet and compare very easily the various options. The site also has the best advice on car buying I have ever run across. I use to be a car salesman during a dark time in my life and this site mentions every trick I was ever taught and more. I highly recommend everyone who is buying a car read it.


    BTW, I opted for the low APR. We went with a 36 month loan and put just enough down to pay for tax & license. At 1.9% it didn't make sense to put money down on it if my money could make more in a regular savings account. And at that rate, I felt it best not to tie up my money in a depreciating asset.

  • franningfranning Posts: 2

    First time poster. Been reading a lot of post about T&C AWD Ltd. And finally after going back to Chrysler dealership in x amount of time we finally order one. Can anybody tell me if I got a good deal on this one or not?

    Limited option w/ AWD
    heated seat
    child seat
    50/50 rear bench (new option from last time I test drive one)

    for: $34837 before tax and extra
    and $36500 out the door.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Hey all you first time posters! Welcome to Town Hall.

    f1_nut, do your kids know they could be playing Nintendo while cruising in the van? Best not mention it .

    franning, you can compare your deal with Edmunds' True Market Value while waiting for other members responses.

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  • gatogonowgatogonow Posts: 17
    Dealer net is $34,324.00 less current $2,000.00 rebate leaves $32,324.00. Take another $300-$500 off dealer net for current average selling price (Dealer currently gets an extra $500.00 rebate). That means you should pay between $31,824 and $32.024. Any dealer should give you this price and then they will try to add back a BS dealer prep of between $99-$300, refuse to pay it. The dealers are stacked up with these vans if you can not get this price from your current dealer move on to the next one.
  • kbleskbles Posts: 1
    I just picked up a 2001 T&C LX last week. I really am enjoying
    the smooth ride and quiet cabin. Just a couple of questions
    for fellow owners.
    1)Do many owners have rear mud guards on. The rear tires
    seem to throw a lot on to the rear bumpers. What is your
    2) Has anyone tried to Scotchgard your cloth seats?

    Thanks for your help.
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