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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • DimaDima Posts: 14
    Thanks for the tip, will get on it tonight.
    Out of topic - are you really in Kazakhstan? I stationed there for one summer when in military - west of lake Balhash.
  • darnbusydarnbusy Posts: 5
    cgaydos May 1, 2001 7:07am
    We have finally narrowed our new van choices to the Town and Country. I've really learned alot from reading this board. Now I need to learn about how to get the best deal, as it's been 8 years since I've purchased a new van. mentioned finding a great deal in SF area...where was your dealer? Any negotiating tips? I can be emailed at [email protected]
  • mgsamgsa Posts: 1
    I am planning to purchase either a T&C EX or a GC EX soon.

    I am concerned about reliability of the vehicles and have found something curious about the two models:

    In both the Edmunds Town Hall discussions and the MSN Consumer reviews, I have found a few complaints of serious problems with the Grand Caravan EX and ES models within the first 6 months of ownership (transmission, brakes, leaking oil), but no serious complaints about the Town & Country for that same timeframe (complaints usually concern wind noise, water build-up in trim, door gaskets hanging out, etc).

    Why the discrepancy? The vehicles appear to be identical (except for the front grille and the lack of fake woodgrain in the GC). Does the factory from which they came make a difference? Are Chrysler customers less likely to complain in a town hall forum? Have I just missed the major T&C problems when I did my searches?

    What does this mean?
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    For dealer name info, check post #417. For negotiating tips, check my post in Haggling Styles sometime around May 8. is currently listing T&C Ltd's at $1900 below invoice in SF Bay, but this price includes the $2000 rebate. The real price is thus $100 over invoice. Figure you should be able to beat CarsDirect on a T&C by at least $1000, possibly more. Also, get all local bay area papers this Friday and see what discounts are being offered.
  • sp01sp01 Posts: 81
    how'd the programming go? Did it work?

    Never been to Kazakhstan, myself. As far as I've been able to ascertain, my ancestors may have been from that region (adopted you know). What's it like?

    mgsa: We just traded a '98 Caravan SE with 60K miles. The battery died at 52K miles (not the van's fault), and the sliding door latch trim bezels had a habit of working loose. Other than that, it was pretty much flawless. It was replaced last Monday by a 2001 T&C EX. On the same day, we trade my '95 Stratus ES V6 in for a Sebring LXi coupe.

    Here's a speculative thought: The difference in bitching volume may be a reflection of the level of customer service one receives at a Dodge lot versus a Chrysler lot. Though both of our Dodge's were strong, reliable performers, we never once got any real satisfaction from Dodge service, regardless of the dealership. It's a little too early to comment on Chrysler service, but the sales experience was DRAMATICALLY different than any Dodge dealership I've been to.

    So, while the vans are pretty much identical, perhaps the Chrysler customers are getting the problems solved, instead of prolonged. It's a stretch, I know, but...
  • fcas2004fcas2004 Posts: 15
    Check out today's NY Times - Circuit section page G7 for an interesting article on RKE. The diagramed key fob "strongly" resembles Chrysler's.
  • DimaDima Posts: 14
    Well I see now you moved to Pitcarin (your country icon previously showed Kazakhstan) - I always thought it was against the law to drive Chrysler in Pitcarin! (just kidding - where is it any way?)
    Kazakhstan - where I was - it was a flat desert with nearest settelment 2 days of driving away, camels and a whole lot of scorpions.

    I have to report I successfully programmed the remote buttons. Thank you and also thanks to G Miller who e-mailed me. I have ordered the Manual from DC - $10.60 including postage. Good experience with the customer service - the reps even have their own extensions and follow the cases through.

    The van is great and my wife is having a blast (after 1990 Mitsu Eclipse). The only problem is the garage has shrunk it seems (two big cars)...

    Thanks again!
  • darnbusydarnbusy Posts: 5
    I have a day-care business, so having this feature is extremely important to me. I want the T&C with leather, and have been told at the dealership that the leather only comes with one integrated child seat in one of the center bucket seats. I was told I could order an addition seat, and swap it out, for $700 !
    I called Chrysler customer service # and was told that I could only get one integrated child seat for leather. It was only available in the left bucket seat, and there are "right" and "left" seats which are not interchangeable. So if I ordered another seat I would end up with two "left" seats. This sounds kind of ridiculous. Does anyone have a clue?
  • jc86jc86 Posts: 18
    I had my T&C EX for a week. They just put in the full set of rubber mats. I'd notice the second row mats are exactly the same as the third row. The dealer told me that's the way they made them. I can't believe they would use the same mats for second and third row, because they requires different cutouts. Can any one shed some light on this problem?

    Regarding the cross bar noise. I've notice a small noise, more like to annoying tone from a musical instrument when I'm going between 50-65mph. I don't hear it when the radio is on. I would presume that I don't have the older cross bars that make a "howling noise".
  • sp01sp01 Posts: 81
    I was shanghai'd by the pirates of Pitcairn (pinpoint in the Pacific).

    Glad it worked. I love not having a remote to deal with.
  • jbrinda2jbrinda2 Posts: 12
    The set of rubber mats on my 2001 T&C LXI was different for middle and third row. They are not even close to being the same. The rear has a cut out for the seat belt socket. Though I like them better than the carpeted floor mats and they provide more covereage, Chrysler was sloppy in not making one unibody mat to cover the area in the second and third rows. They could have put in cut outs so that you could just pop out the second row bucket seats, lay down the mat and pop them back in. Instead they opted to use left and right sections for both second and third rows. Its bad enough they aren't connected. But to actually have two floor mats for each row is stupid. They also leave a gap between the second and third row seats (about 8 inches I think) which is precisely where the traffic pattern is. Therefore the part of the carpet that gets the most wear from stepping in and out of the van remains uncovered. There was no vision in these floor mats. Definitely an afterthought. This is kind of picky but the cut out for the passenger's seat in front is also a little too narrow so it doesn't lay right on one side. This could have been alleviated by more careful measurement when the mold was designed. On the brighter side, they do have a nice heft to them. I like the way the drivers side locks in place too.
  • sp01sp01 Posts: 81
    was just installed in the EX. Very hip.

    Mrs. sp01 is ecstatic. The kids watched Scooby Doo on the way home from school yesterday.

    Like they really needed more TV time..
  • jc86jc86 Posts: 18
    Basically, I am very disappointed with the rubber mats for the T&C. I got the full set, (front, 2rd and 3rd row). The don't cover enough area, they have cutouts where you would normally put your foot and they don't have lips to hold water in. I live in New England area and 5 months out of a year, we would track snow/slush/dirt into the car. Without a lip to hold the water in, not to mention salt in the slush is just inviting trouble into the car. It looks like I have to look for after market floor mats to get what I need.

    On the other hand. The cargo area molded rubber tray is on the right track as it covers the entire trunk area and has lip around it.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    What did you pay for the VCP unit? Did the dealer install it?

    I see you can get these for $1150 on the internet, but then you have to arrange installation. I've installed my own car stereos in the past, but something about the idea of personally cutting into the roof fabric of my new minivan makes me hesistant.
  • fcas2004fcas2004 Posts: 15
    After reading the posts on Chrysler's rubber mats, I'll opt for aftermarket ones. Any good sources to recommend?
  • jimdeljimdel Posts: 1
    I purchased a T&C EX last month. Nice van but after the first month I really regret not getting an LXi with the dual power doors. I am now very disappointed that the EX doesn't come standard with one. It appears that the motor wire harness is in the driver's side door. There is a location for a switch on the overhead console and also the button is on the key fob. Seems to me that most of the hardware is in place to add the motor and switch. Does anyone know if the driver's side power door option can be installed on an EX? If so is it dealer only or can it be done yourself and how much? Thanks.
  • sp01sp01 Posts: 81
    part of the puchase price of the van (warrantied with the rest of the bumper-to-bumper), so its cost is buried in there with the two trade-ins, the price of the Sebring, etc.

    When I extract it from the purchase pool, it looks like we paid about $1350-$1400 installed. It comes in its own center console (so we now have two) with two sets of wireless headphones. The installation, unless I'm seeing things, appears to require relocation of the forward dome light as well. I'm with you: I've installed a few stereos and fog lamps in my time, but NO WAY would I attempt this particular job!
  • njdriver1njdriver1 Posts: 96
    Anyone come across inserts to close up the holes in the floor left from using the bench v. the split back seat?
  • dwgutwirdwgutwir Posts: 128
    You can find custom rubber mats for most vehicles at the following sites
  • grh7grh7 Posts: 10
    Speaking to those in the know here a DaimlerChrysler, jimdel would have a very difficult time retrofiring his vehicle with power sliding doors. The wiring is not in place and a great deal of hardware must be added. One would need to strip the interior of the vehicle to change the wiring and remove the doors to add the required hardware. We do it here in our labs but it takes a lot of work and knowledge.
  • fcas2004fcas2004 Posts: 15
    I plan on purchasing a luggage carrier for my T&C Limited. Any recommendations? Also, do they attach to the roof rack or are additional connections (i.e. drilling, securing) required?
  • scoyle1scoyle1 Posts: 14
    I am trying to decide between the following two cars:

    (1) An AWD LXi with the following options:
    29U package
    Trailer Towing Package
    Heated Front Seats
    4-Disc CD Player
    Side Air Bags
    Roof Rack

    CarsDirect Price $31,588 after rebates

    (2) or a Limited AWD
    Trailer tow prep
    Heated seats
    4-Disc CD Player

    CarsDirect Price $33,393 after rebates

    My questions are as follows:

    (A) We have a 20 month old and 2 dogs (one of which sheds a lot. I am worried about the suede in the Limited. Does anyone have the Limited and have young kids? Should I get the LXi just beacause of the full leather vs. the suede? Can you get a Limited in full leather?

    (B) I like the idea of a full bench seat as in the Limited. However, if I bring the two lab mixes along for a trip, can you fold the seat forward I know it is not a "magic seat", But I am wondering if it folds forward and secures like the spilt seat in the LXi. I know that you can get the split seat in the limited, but if it folds forward and creates enough room for luggage and two 60lb dogs, then I would go with the full bench seat.

    (C) My wife really wants to get the video unit, does anyone think that I could get it installed for $1,400 or less? If not, what do you think about after market systems, such as the Rosen system?

    (D) I had ordered a car from the Dealership from hell here in MA. After 6 weeks+ of waiting, and very little contact by the salesman, I cancelled the order. The manager screamed at me repeatedly, and suddenly my car appeared. I don't appreciate getting screamed at by folks that I am about to give a $35,000 sale from, so I walked away (with my deposit credited -- dealer should learn that you shouldn't forge the customers signature on the agreement, even if the customer later signs it). Overall, it was a most unpleasant experience. Does anyone know a good Chrysler dealer in MA? I would appreciate being dealth with in a fair and polite environment. If not, I guess I'll go the Carsdirect route. It may not be the absolute cheapest, but it is still a very good deal (better than I did at the previous dealer) and it is hassle free),

    Thanks for your advice. Sorry for the long post, but I am down to the last few final decisions.
  • fcas2004fcas2004 Posts: 15

    Under different criteria I recently bought the Limited FWD over the LXi FWD.

    A) As far as I know, you cannot get the Limited with the full leather. However, I don't think that the "suede" is real suede leather. Note the trademark next to the name in the brochures. I have a dog that sheds but he only stays on the floor, never on the seats.

    B) The rear seat folds down and locks in place. You can also secure the rear seat in a more foward position, thus creating additional luggage space.

    C) Can't help you on this item.

    D) I bought from a dealer in Ansonia, CT; not quite MA but close. Had a very good experience and feel I got a good deal.
  • dwgutwirdwgutwir Posts: 128
    to scoyle1 - we just went through the LXI vs Ltd debate in my family.

    We wound up getting the LXI since I really couldn't justify the additional dollars (our deals were about $1800 apart too) for the Ltd.

    The Ltd, as you probably know, gains you as standard equipment stuff thats optional on the LXI. I couldn't see paying $1800 for the standard load leveling suspension (which I wanted, but couldn't find on an LXI in my area), a body colored roof rack, auto-on headlights, auto-dimming mirror, seat memory, and the partial seude seats.

    You might want the load leveling suspension of the Ltd with the two dogs (I can't recall if the load leveling is included in the trailer-tow package - if it is you're back to comparing virtually similar vehicles, with the Ltd costing more for a couple of additional features).

    The Ltd only has the partial seude seats. You should be able to clean dog hair off of it with a high quality lint brush (not the 'masking tape' type) that you could keep in the car. I believe the full bench only slides fore-and-aft and folds in half. Only the split bench does the fold/tumble thing.

    I agree that the middle position of the split bench isn't the most comfortable, but its nothing a small pillow (say airline sized) wouldn't cure. Personally, I think you give up a lot of flexibility with the full bench. With the split bench you could fold.tumble one and take the other out. You'd have ample room for dogs, luggage and could carry an additional person once you reach a destination
  • dwgutwirdwgutwir Posts: 128
    to scoyle1 - we just went through the LXI vs Ltd debate in my family.

    We wound up getting the LXI since I really couldn't justify the additional dollars (our deals were about $1800 apart too) for the Ltd.

    The Ltd, as you probably know, gains you as standard equipment stuff thats optional on the LXI. I couldn't see paying $1800 for the standard load leveling suspension (which I wanted, but couldn't find on an LXI in my area), a body colored roof rack, auto-on headlights, auto-dimming mirror, seat memory, and the partial seude seats.

    You might want the load leveling suspension of the Ltd with the two dogs (I can't recall if the load leveling is included in the trailer-tow package - if it is ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ
  • gvahegvahe Posts: 8
    If you dont mind, what dealership did you have the bad experience with in MA?

    I just bought a T+C Limited in MA with the Split Bench. It took 2 months to get!!!

    Let me know where in MA!!

  • vlisvlis Posts: 28
    Judging from the posts in other discussions regarding Chrysler dealerships in MA, you'd think they were trying to outdo each other sticking it to their customers. Wonder what gives? We've had a much different experience here in NY.
  • jc86jc86 Posts: 18
    I didn't get either the LXI nor LTD, I got the EX, so I won't comment on those related issues. I did purchased my EX from Patalano Chrysler/Jeep in Franklin on Route 140. My sales person was Peter Alger and he was most friendly and professional about the how deal. It took about 2 month from first contact to getting the car, mostly because I couldn't decide what to get.

    I visited Central on Route 1 in Norwood. The sales person was giving me BS about can't make any profit with the EX and only getting the min. $50.00 hold backs from Chrysler. I walked out of there very quickly.
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    We went through the same debate on AWD models in December. We ended up getting the same LXi model as you--cost was less of an issue than the ease of removing the two split bench seats (which were not available to us on the LTD at the time) vs. the big bench. My wife, a petite but strong person, can do the former.

    We have two small children (3.5 and 1.5yrs)and enjoy the flexibility of moving them around the vehicle to accomodate our hauling needs. I also like the ability to haul long items by removing both set of seats on one side.

    I did think that the suede seats were more comfortable initially, but over the 6 months the other type leather softened up just fine. I would not consider anything else with young children.

    I haven't missed any of the few additional luxo items found on the Ltd. The AWD is outstanding. Either way you will get a fine vehicle.
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    We recently moved our Thule weekender roof box over to our 2001 LXi from another vehicle. No drilling or autobody modifications were necessary.

    The Thules attach via four sets of two metal squeeze plates that are screw-bolted tight around the rack. Though initial setup was time consuming, the nice part is that the same plate configurations stay with the box after you remove it (if you remove it), thus attaching the box in the future will go pretty quick.

    The box holds onto the rack extremely tightly and Thule boxes are high quality--definately a step above the much hyped Yakima boxes. The only negative is that we experienced occasional whining wind noises when turning between 20-25 mph.
  • shepherd5shepherd5 Posts: 35
    no kids, but 2 german shepherds. had a civic ex 4 door. big shepherd took up rear bench, pup shepherd sat on the floor of the front passenger compartment. obviously, this was not to be a permanent arrangement -- and i didn't want the shepherds on the leather or my other car.

    looked at every van and suv -- value, reliability and looks were my main criteria. decided on the TC because didn't want to hassle with Ody salesmen. held out until the EX came -- but still fell in love with the way the LTD came. it was between a fully loaded LXi or a LTD. Decided on the LTD because dealer had the silver i wanted.

    why else?

    the price difference came down to very little on a monthly basis.

    i like having the extra features. memory seat, audio controls on steering wheel, and all the other gizmos that came with the LTD.

    i hated how the middle third row felt on my 'cushions' -- especially how the joints jam up against me.

    i needed the extra space created by the bench sliding forward. i am the designated airport driver in my family, and i need both the seats and the cargo space.

    no kids, but dogs. the rear bench stays in my living room ( i do wish for a fold down seat ). i bought a pet barrier and (since shepherds are famous for shedding) threw in those U-Haul moving rugs (clean one of-course) to cover the cargo space. i fold down the middle captain seats -- and I thought about buying seat covers to protect them from my dogs. but with the middle captain seats fully folded down, there's limited =) exposure to the dogs.

    it's a tough decision. i went back and forth between the two trims for days... in the end, i went with a philosophy that served me well -- get the top of the line -- it does not leave you wanting more!
  • pinkertopinkerto Posts: 3
    I am thinking about purchasing a used 1998 Town & Country LXI with 34k on it ... beautiful, well-kept vehicle ... family fell in love with the luxury.

    anything I should worry about ... we previously had a 1995 ford Windstar and ended up spending massive money on new transmission, new engine, new oil pump to name a few! We eventually found out that Ford recalled most 1995 engines and don't want to run into the same problem here.

    Obviously, all cars have problems (toyotas and hondas included). But I didn't know if 1998 Town & Country LXI was a bad year similiar to the 1995 Windstar year.

    any and all comments are appreciated.
  • I just took delivery on an LXI after debating on both the LXI and Limited models. Basically, the decision came down to the interior. I intend to keep the car for some time, thus the fake taupe suede made little practical sense to me (especially on the sides of the seats where you surely rub when sliding in). In addition, painted roofracks look great until you use them, then they look scratched up. In addition, the chrome wheels on the limited looked Whorish on a minivan. Sure, I'd like those few other options, but I bought my LXI with everything you could put on it, and I'm pretty happy.
  • maw1982maw1982 Posts: 62
    I am currently looking at used TCs so I may post other messages later on. I found a '99 LXI with 75k miles. It is grey ext with grey lthr. and has all options including heated seats. The only problems with it are that it has had some paint work on the front quarter panel (not noticeable) and the original stereo/cass/cd head unit was replaced by the crummy std. chrysler stereo/cass. (the car still has the 10 infinity speakers and sub in place). I can get it for under 10k. Is this a good deal and what is everyone's opinions on Town and Country. I've had many friends who've had major problems with DC products so I am a bit unsure about their products.
  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    I have come across a 1999 Limited brochure. It's 4 glossy pages of sales information on the '99 Limited. Gorgeous pictures of a Taupe Frost colored one. If anyone is interested, let me know.
  • david872david872 Posts: 11
    I noticed, for the first time, AC condensation dripping on the floor on the passenger side of my 2001 T&C LXI. We had taken a 4 hour trip and noticed it when we arrived at our destination (a wet spot that may have been 1-2 oz.) I've owned numerous cars in the SE US and have never had condensation inside my vehicle. Anyone experienced this with their 2001 or other T&C's? Any info would be appreciated. I'll be calling DC this week.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    sounds like the drain hose from the evaporator is plugged , or was installed incorectly . take it in .
  • njdriver1njdriver1 Posts: 96
    Picked up the new ltd last week and have put on 500 miles already. We love it, but have one question:

    Has anyone noticed a shudder at speeds over 60mph, a slight vibration? The car has plenty of power, and handles great (no safety concern). But over 60, I felt a little rumble, and hoped it would go away, but it seems to come and go when the car goes over 60.

    Other than that, this is a great vehicle.
  • grh7grh7 Posts: 10
    The unit in the vehicle contains a foam seal that on rare occasions can shift during manufacture at the supplier to DaimlerChrysler. The shifted seal diverts the condensation from the drain tube and into the passenger compartment through the filter access door. A change was made to eliminate the problem, however, David872 may have gotten one of the old units. If this is the case, the only solution is to pull the passenger compartment unit and replace it.
  • 98lxi98lxi Posts: 1
    We recently bought a 98 T&C LXi. I had spent months doing research on a number of vans that I thought we would be interested in buying. I had thought that the T&C was more than we wanted to spend, even for a used one. We thought we would end up buying a new GC or maybe an Odyssey that was a year or two old. The first day we went looking we came upon our 98 LXi, it had just been turned in on a lease. It had 14,250 miles (you read it right), every option inl. heated seats, premium infinity sound system, tow package and is in showroom condition. Everybody thinks it is brand new. We got it for $19,000.00. We also purchased the extended warranty through the dealership, because they give you 100% of the cost back, if you do not use it. I am totally "spoiled" now and told my husband that I could never go back to anything less. Our two and four year olds love it too!
  • gvahegvahe Posts: 8
    What is a typical gas mileage rating expected on these things? The sticker says 17 City, and 24 highway. Im way off that at 16.5 combined!! (According to the trip computer)

    What have other people seen out there that have this MiniVan? Im very disapointed with it!!
  • david872david872 Posts: 11
    Hi gvahe - My FWD 2001 T&C has 3200 miles. The trip computer has me at 16.7 MPG combined. It's about what I expected, I've never gotten what the sticker says on any car I've owned.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    Do you ever drive on the Interstate/freeway?
    We have a 99 GC SE with 3.3L and the OVERALL average for 28,364 miles in 27 months is 23.4 MPG. (Van had 4 miles when bought. Now has 28,368 and we have put 1208.3 gallons of gas into it).
    When we have topped off before and after a few trips to check the accuracy of trip computer, the mileage was the same with calculator as with Trip Computer. 4 round trips to Disneyland of approximately 1400 miles have averaged 27.1, 27.0, 26.0 and 27.5 respectively. It rained during much of trip #3 which lowered the mileage.
    I do not drive fast...set the Cruise at 65 to 68 MPG. (It maintains the speed set but I vary it every 100 miles or so). Mileage is always higher enroute to Disneyland (about 29.0 MPG going) than the return portion.
    The lowest gas mileage was on one refill for the last 2 weeks of January this year when the weather was quite cold and we got only 16.1 MPG with very little highway driving.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    I've had an '88 Plymouth Voyager, a 96 T&C LXi, and now a '01 T&C LTD. I'm not really sure what the Voyager got but it was OK. When I got the '96, I really liked the new trip computer it had. Over the 5 years I had the car, it averaged 16.1 mpg. Awful in my opinion. And my new '01 LTD is getting on average 15.7 mpg. You hear about "how bad" these gas guzzler SUV's are to the environment, etc., etc., but the truth is my three Chrysler vans have never been great, with the '96 and '01 ones being down right pitiful. I don't like it, but my wife is not about to give up her minivan. I tried explaining to her we really don't need one now that kids are older, but she's the boss. She says she likes "knowing" she can carry anything, whether she uses all the space or not. Granted, I love the luxury, but with the mileage I'm getting, I might as well have a Pathfinder, which I would like more.
  • kjtgkjtg Posts: 49
    In town I get 21+ since new all city, now has 8500 miles. Voyager swbase 3.0 v6
    , I'm happy with this..
  • mnoutdoorsmnoutdoors Posts: 19
    Our 2001 FWD T&C LXi is getting 16.7mpg around home (some highway, some city) and 21.8 - 22.1 highway on trips. We have the 3.8l engine and about 6200 miles of experience. All figures are from the trip computer.
  • chloe6chloe6 Posts: 38

    I'm interested in buying an AWD T&C Limited. I live in New Jersey. My local dealer seems like a weasel (and has for years!) so I'd like to know if anyone has had positive experiences with NJ dealers. I'm willing to travel just about anywhere in the state for a reputable dealer and a fair price.


  • chloe6chloe6 Posts: 38
    Hi again!

    I just posted the previous message about NJ dealers, and forgot to ask my most important question -- what are the going prices for a fully loaded all-wheel drive Limited T&C? I'm interested in all the options, including the video entertainment system. (Can you get a DVD system or is it a VCR system?)

    Thanks again for your help!

  • I just bought a '96 T&C with the 3.8l. I am seeming to have a wobble between the speeds of 35 & 40 mph. I have brand new tires and just got it aligned. Any Thoughts ?
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    Get your negotiating hat on. T&Cs can be had for way under invoice if you find the right dealer, preferably one with lots of AWD Ltds in stock. I'm on the west coast, but the local dealer is advertising all T&C Ltds for $7000 off sticker(including $2k rebate and $400 college grad). I know from personal experience that they'll go below that.

    As a starting point, price the car for your zip code at Figure you can beat that price by 5%.

    If you want to throw the entertainment system in to the deal you can do even better. They have a lot of profit in this system. List is $1400 plus installation. Some dealers quote $2k for the system, installed. However, installation is less than 2 hours, and these systems are being advertised on the net by many Dodge/Chrysler dealers for as low as $1150 (no sales tax). So the dealer should be willing to sell the system for $1400 installed if it's part of a new car sale.

    And, no DVD. Just VCP. The Chrysler site gives details. It's very nice in that they give you another center console, just like the regular one, that can be removed. However, unlike the regular console you have to decide whether you want the VCP console to be in the front or second row, and once you decide that is the only place it will work. Most choose the second row. If you want the kids to watch TV while the car is turned off you'll have to ask the installers to also rewire the electrical so that the always-on power also goes to the second row console.
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