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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • grh7grh7 Posts: 10
    Cgaydos – I’m not sure this is the explanation to what you are observing but here goes. On my 2001 T&C with 3 zone A/C, I noticed what could be interpreted as the A/C running all the time even with A/C not selected. The folks who design the system gave the following explanation. In a commonly occurring driving condition:
    - Rain or damp roadway
    - Stop and go traffic
    - Temperature not high enough to require the engine cooling fans (just behind the radiator) to be on all the time
    The moisture will turn to steam when it hits the hot engine and can bellow out the front end when the vehicle is standing still. Since there is nothing wrong with the vehicle, they did not want the driver to become unduly concerned and therefore the fans are turned on to blow whatever steam is created under the vehicle. The fans are controlled by a solid state relay that allows the fan speed to be varied. At slower speeds, the fan noise is high enough that I thought the compressor was on.
    If this is not what you’re seeing, could you provide more information. Model year of your T & C. What leads you to believe the compressor is always on? And, any other information you deem important.
    As to the A/C symbol - it is illuminated when the A/C has been selected with the A/C button. Pushing the button will turn off the A/C and the symbol should turn off.
  • dwgutwirdwgutwir Posts: 128
    I'll second Drew's reply that 40-45 PSI is too high. The recommened pressure on the Michelins on out LXi is either 35 or 38 PSI.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    I say a post that you work for DC ? I to work for DC at the Brampton LH plant . Nice to see other DC people on these boards.
  • gvahegvahe Posts: 8
    Hello Again to GRH7,

    Thanks very much for the info. I am happy to see employees from DC monitoring this board and getting questions answered that not the average (Or even above average) dealer could answer!!

    My hobby is Car Electronics. Im facinated by Data Aqc ETC. I swear--the main reason I opted for the Limited T+C is because of the MUCH COOLER trip computer. (EVIC)

    I even bought a programmable OBDII scan tool.

    Im hoping you can help me further----Im looking for the commands it takes to aquire the Enhanced Powertrain Data over the OBDII interface. I know its not something the average person would care about, so I doubt its in the service manual.

    Would you have any Idea how I could obtain this data? I know I could buy an EXPENSIVE scan tool and reverse engineer, but I would like to avoid that expense (Since its only for my purpose)

    THANKS for any information you can provide. If you would like to take this off line, I can provide some contact info for you (For me)

    Anything you could do would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!

    Gerald Vahe
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    Thanks for the help. I have a 2001 T&C Ltd. The situation I'm describing occurs when the climate control (CC) is in auto mode. At this time the AC symbol is always illuminated. Obviously, I can turn the AC symbol off by touching the AC button, but this takes the CC out of auto mode.

    When the CC is in auto mode I have yet to see the AC symbol NOT be illuminated. Granted, the lowest outside temperature I've seen in that time is probably 55F, but even by adjusting the temperature for all three zones to the highest position I can't get the AC button to stop illuminating.

    Why I believe the compressor is on. I could be wrong, but first, at the end of the trip I see water under the car consistent with condensation from the AC. Second, except when the temp is set to the highest setting some of the vents feel like at least part of the air output is AC (AC air not only cools but also dehumidifies).

    Any thoughts? Given that we're in July this is not a pressing issue.
  • gvahegvahe Posts: 8

    My 2k1 Limted does the same. I do notice the compressor cycling. The compressor clutch is VERY QUIET so maybe you just dont notice its cycling.

    Also--Ive had about 4 cars now with Auto Climate control, and they all behaved the same way. The AC is ON when in Auto Mode, but the computer determines if the compressor is needed.

    Hope this helps, but I wouldnt worry. It sounds completely normal.

  • ingramwd2ingramwd2 Posts: 15
    Let me first thank you so much for all the valuable info you have provided here. DC should be very proud of employees like you especially as their dealers and customer assistance (at least in Canada) staff are not much of a help to customers.

    My '01 T&C LTD has the button to toggle between total and trip distance on the instrument panel odometer. But there is no reset button for trip distance as in my previous GC. Is it because this function is available on the overhead console/trip computer? Is this normal? Just curious...

    I too posted a message about a couple of months ago re: AC symbol and compreesor cycling as described by cgaydos. Thanks to gvahe too for the explanation. Guess I shouldn't worry?

    Also, this is the first vehicle I've seen without factory-installed battery terminal covers. All the '01 vans at my dealer didn't have these. Wonder how much is DC trying to save...

    Thanks a lot again!
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    I wondered about that too until I figured out all you have to do is hold down the trip toggle button for about 5 seconds and the trip will then reset.
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    Those who replied were right. I was looking at the sidewalls which do actually say Max psi 45. But, following advice, I looked at the door well and see 36 psi. I fixed it just now. This, of course, throws off the mileage calcs I've been watching carefully.

    Yet, your replies raise another question: why did everyone replying have michelins while I have goodyears? Maybe its just that I have an LX.

    Anybody gotten and installed the rear spoiler?

    Anything special that I should monitor these first 30 days? I've looked at the manual and it basically says "don't gun the engine from standstill and don't slam on the brakes for 3000 miles". This is fine.

    But, what about any oil additives or higher/lower octane gas in the first 1000 miles? Just wondering.

    No 2100 rpm resonance that I note. No roof rack howl that I notice.

    I do feel very very very slight vibration in the engine/trans at around 1800 rpm though. But, nothing that I'd write home about.

    Oh, mine was manufactured in April, so even though I just bought it two days ago with 13 miles (mileage from when I picked it up for the test drive) I'm having to call in to the 1.800.853.1403 number to check on recall info.


  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    I see that previous discussions have included seating arrangements in the T&C. I also see one suggesting dealer switching (post #1022), as well as one asking about how much a post-purchase rear bench or Quad chair would cost (post #1041). Anybody know or want to comment on that?

    2 questions:

    1). The dealer seatswap: Is that only something considered on the LTD? I actually came out and asked a dealer about it when I was looking and he said they couldn't do it (new) because of soem legal VIN number configuration thing.

    2. Speculation on cost of obtaining a post-purchase Quad or split bench? Where would one be found if possible?


  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    Oh, and I purchased a maint package that involves unlimited life-time oil changes as long as I provide or pay for the filter. Anyone know where to get the best filter for a Town & Country? And, what kind would be recommended?

    Also, looking under the hood today, I too saw that sticker mentioning not 2 but 3 engines on the vehicle (adding the 3.5). I would think that D-C will go ahead and do that engine in 2002. It sounds as if they were very close.

    And, for those without leather but with seat covers: where'd you get them and at what cost? I think they'll come in handy witht he children.

    Thanks, again,

  • ingramwd2ingramwd2 Posts: 15
    Thanks for your help!

    Does yours have battery terminal covers?

  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    1. Dealer swap. I've done this twice, once in '94 (replacing 2nd row bench-with-child-seats with 2nd row quads) and in '01 (replace 3rd row splits with 3rd row full bench). I've had dealers say this is not possible due to VIN issues (the seat configuration is on the sticker), but upon realizing that I wouldn't buy any cars in stock both decided a switch was possible.

    For '01, there definitely is a trim line issue. Different trim lines have different seats so you couldn't, for example, swap a Ltd full bend for an LXi split bench.

    2. Speculation on cost? $800+?
  • Hello all!! I am 5'2" and I want to purchase a new car pretty soon. I really would like to get a van and the one I like is the chrysler town and country. I was just wondering if any of you guys that have one and have had experience with one are as short as me. The biggest problem I have is if I put the seat all the way up the steering wheel is in my chest and my head is on the roof. So if any short people like me have a town and country could you please email me at [email protected] and tell me how you fit in it Thank You
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    While waiting for responses, you may want to browse through this archived discussion titled "Minivan for short people."

    That power lift gate sounds like it would come in handy too.

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards

  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
  • gvahegvahe Posts: 8

    My wife is about 5' even. We testdrove both the Windstar (With Adjustable pedals) and the T+C Limited.

    Even with the adjustable pedals in the WindStar, my wife says she feels MUCH MORE comfortable driving the T+C. (Thats what we bought!)

    She still sits a good distance away from the AirBag.

    So far---its been a pleasure to drive! (Except for the Gas Mileage!!)
  • dwgutwirdwgutwir Posts: 128
    I'll get them all in one message.....latest post replied to first.

    shortlady25 - my wife is 5'1" and has no difficulty in our T&C LXi. She's more comfortable and can reach the controls more easily than in her last ride (an '98 Isuzu Rodeo which is smaller inside). I'd also recommend the power liftgate. For the best seating possibilities, you probably want to pick a trim level that includes the power drivers seat as its much easier to position the seat and has wider range of possibilities than a non-power seat.

    dsoiam - the tires are probably due to trim level. My LXi has the touring package and the 29U which is probably why we have the Michelins.

    No need to run higher octane than required. If you feel like paying for premium fuel, it won't hurt. You also shouldn't add any additives to the fuel or oil. Most of the additives recommended by the dealer are just that, recommended by the dealer.

    More than likely, the 3.5 liter motor is dead forever (unless sales really pick up).
  • grh7grh7 Posts: 10
    The battery terminal covers were an engine compartment dress item that was eliminated beginning with the 2001 Model. Since it has no impact on the performance or durability of the vehicle, it was deleted to help hold vehicle pricing.
    As dwgutwir reports, premium fuel is not required. The extensive use of sensors on today's engines allow the use of lower octane fuels. I frequently fill up my 2001 T&C with 86 octane and get an average MPG of over 20 with no degradation of performance.
  • grh7grh7 Posts: 10
    gvahe - The commands you seek are only available to the development engineering community. Altering any of the code could easily make the vehicle non-complient with existing Federal emission standards and could even cause damage to the engine/transmission. As such, I would advise you to not attempt any changes to the code.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    I have the rear spoiler and the running boards on my 01 T&C ltd. I bought them from the dealer and took them to a body shop to have them installed. The job took about 3 hrs.
  • gvahegvahe Posts: 8

    By no means do I want to alter ANY data. I only want to View Data. There is a whole bunch of data such as: (Which are all read only)

    Would there be any way to get some data on how to get this?

    Total Fuel Used Gallons
    Total Idle Fuel Used Gallons
    Total Idle Time Hours
    Trip Complete Flag
    Trip Fuel Used Gallons
    Trip Idle Fuel Used Gallons
    Trip Idle Time Hours
  • thank you for all the help i think i am going to head out to the chrysler dealer and take a look at them. One last question did chrysler change the seating position when they did that remodel this year.
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    For your spoiler running boards answer. I've actually been reading back on this Town and Country board today and saw in January when you bought the running boards. I was going to ask you about that installation.

    Can I ask how much they cost? And, how much did you pay for the spoiler (chrysler catologue says $270)? And, how much for each install?

    Did you look at the spoiler? Would it have been easy enough to install yourself if you had wanted to? I installed a spoiler in my previous car pretty easily (I took my time and was careful not to mess up anything). I'm thinking of buying a spoiler and trying my hand at it. I really think it would enhance the van.

    Thanks, again,

  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    I went to the dealer today to look at some parts and looked at all the vans they had. It was obvious that LXs are goodyears. I'm sure the ride is smoother and quieter with michelins but, it must really be like driving on cotton because the present ride is so nice.

    Also, in looking back over messages, I see that not many people mention buying an LX. Most people writing here (if not all) have LTDs or LXis. Maybe the LX buyer either aren't as excited or their excitment is calmed by all the vocal upscale buyers.

    I also see that most seem to be leasers (affording more van per dollar) versus me buying outright, which speaks to me buying a lowly LX.

    Anyway, I really like my lowly LX. A nice van is a nice van regardless of trim. I was looking at structure, features for the money, and fit and finish. You can't beat the T&C for those. I thought about the Honda, but one day, I looked in one parked beside me and was kind of disappointed with simply how it looked from inside.

    And, I had to aim at keeping my costs down because . . . . . .

    I'll probably be buying another van next year.

    Not that I am just fascinated by vans, but really, I do like this van. And, I do have to get rid of another car. And, I do need child space. And, I like the ride better than SUVs. So, why not jus have two vans?

    So, I went for the LX. May go for something else next spring.

    Anyway, thanks all,

  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    I was going to put the spoiler on by myself but it wasn't as easy as those put on the trunk plus I needed to buy a couple of drill bits. Since I needed to have somebody to install the running boards I just let them do all the work. I don't remember how much I paid for the spoiler but I am sure I didn't pay the retail price. I got the sales to give me the invoice price on accessories on the day I bought the van. As for the installation, I think I paid about $200 for the whole job.
  • trstno1trstno1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone heard when the 2002 models will arrive, and if the priice will go up?

    If not, does anyone remember when the 2001's came out?
  • darnbusydarnbusy Posts: 5
    It does seem that most posters on this board have bought either an LXI or a Limited, but I don't think that makes the LX lowly.
    For myself, after owning a van with cloth seats for 8 years, there was absolutely no way I was going to get a new van with cloth seats again. Leather may be considered an upgrade by some, but for my lifestyle it's far more practical than cloth. Plus, it seems that of the 4 dealerships I visited, they were way more overstocked in Limiteds, and willing to deal. I got mine for $2000 below invoice,and the 1.9% financing. I'm happy.
  • mjcocciamjcoccia Posts: 1
    To Shortlady25: Just to add to the kudos the T&C has gotten from others, my wife is 5'2" as well and is now 8 1/2 months pregnant and sitting farther back than ever before. She has never mentioned any difficulty in reaching any of the pedals or controls and really likes our T&C alot. Power seats are ok, although I bet that manual seats are actually faster and to "find" a preferred position. The LTD memory seats would be great if you want to go for the LTD. My wife has no complaints about the manual liftgate either and can reach the handle fine. If you want the power options just to have them, go ahead, but they can be pricey and a "short person" as tall as you probably doesn't "need" them either.

    LX vs LXi vs LTD: We didn't really need the power and comfort options of the higher trim levels, and instead opted for an AWD LX. Bigger engine, AWD, and 4-wheel disk brakes were where we wanted to put the money not climate control and gadgetry. AWD comes with one power door and split rear seats; the model on the lot also had the upgraded sound system, a floor console, roof rack, and side airbags. We find that the kids play with the darn power door like a toy, it can be annoying, and there are few moments when the power feature is actually a real advantage over manual. Just as soon have manual doors, thanks. I do "like" the gadgets and power features of the higher trim packages, but with a limit on what we could spend, we wanted the AWD features instead.
  • ingramwd2ingramwd2 Posts: 15
    Thanks for the confirmation that this "dress-up" item was eliminated in '01 model year. I thought mine were inadvertantly omitted at the factory.
  • pigfanaticpigfanatic Posts: 14
    Reading the post I thought that you might want to look into the T&C EX. We love ours! Has a power driver seat, a power passenger side door and a power lift gate, as well as some other items like 16" wheels, 4 wheel disc anti-lock brakes and more! We loved the value even if it did not come with a rebate or leather.
    I use the power lift gate more than I ever thought I would. Last week when it quit working I relized just how much I used it! When I took it in they said that it had a kremped wire. Works great now. :-)
    Just wanted to let you know that you can look into the EX and not just the LX, LXI and Limited.
  • bjohnson71bjohnson71 Posts: 33
    We are planning on buying a T&C or Dodge GC in the next few weeks and was wanting to know if there is anyone in on the Edmunds board that is in the KC area that has purchased either in the last few months.
  • bholiobholio Posts: 21
    I have a 2001 LX. I would have preferred the larger engine, leather seats and maybe a power door or 2, but it was more important for me to have a lower car payment.

    My biggest gripe is that I should have sprung for power seats (at least driver's seat). My Jeep cherokee has this and I take it for granted. Lesson learned for next time.

    We really do like our LX however, and, given good reliability over the next bunch of years/miles, will replace it with another one.

    By the way my 2001 T&C was manufacturered in August of 2000. This might be an indication for those looking for 2002's.
  • catsnglfcatsnglf Posts: 2
    Does anyone know what changes are anticipated in the 2002 model year? Should I wait or go out now and get an end of model year? Is it worthwhile to wait or should I get a good deal now?

    I currently own a 1999 LTD and drove a 2001 last week and like the quiet and comfort of the ride. I especially like the auto climate control which was not available on the previous years.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    For 2002, here are the additional available option that can be had on a new 2002 T&C:

    1. Optional In-Dash DVD Player

    2. Power Adjustable Pedals (Memory driver's seat, mirrors, radio presets, and pedals on Limited)

    3. Low Tire Pressure Light

    4. New color- Almond Pearl

    Basically a carry-over year with the only real addition being power adjustable (memory on LTD) pedals.
  • pepe11pepe11 Posts: 41
    I had thought that a Chrysler dealer had told me that DC was coming out with a new cash back program after July 8th. Does anyone know if the low finance/cash back program has changed this week?

  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    [I posted another version of this in another forum but wanted to ask here also]

    pgs_28, or anyone else who may have this.....

    I saw in another forum where you say that you "have a problem with an air noise . . . . at the driver-side door in the upper left corner? "

    pgs_28, I saw where the dealer replaced some trim that helped this. How much did it get rid of it? And, are you sure it was the front door and not the sliding door on that side?

    I also have some amount of outside road noise coming through what seems to be the top/rear of the driver's side door. I had read your message and was just prepared to settle with it. But, yesterday I rode on the passenger's side and heard even more noise coming through. Have you rode over there in your vehicle and did you hear road noise there too?

    Really, some of this noise that we're all noticing is simply because the rest of the van is so quiet. So, if the interior of the van is real quiet, little outside noises coming in are more pronounced.

    But, I am thinking of mentioning this to the dealer and maybe he could replace some trim and have a positive effect on it for me too.

    Anyway, its a very nice van. Its like a gift to drive it.

  • I have a '98 T&C LXi which is reaching the end of its 3 year warranty period. I've had one major problem and a multitude of not so major problems (mostly electrical gremlins), resulting in the vehicle having been in the dealership for one warranty repair or another mutliple times. I shudder to think what the cost would have been had the repairs not been covered by warranty.

    Has anyone purchased an extended warranty in the aftermarket? Is it worth it? Generally, I am not a fan of extended warranties, but given my increasing concerns over the long term reliability of the vehicle (and the nasty stories I hear that sooner or later - most likely sooner -the tranny will fail), I'm giving strong consideration to purchasing one. Thoughts anyone?
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    Quick question:

    I notice that floor mats cost more for the LTD. I know that the front ones have a "Limited" logo. But, are all the mats (front, middle, rear) in the LTD larger than mats in the LX or LXi? I read that the LTD mats are made of more hefty material. But, I'm wondering if they are larger, covering more area.

    And, do the non-front mats in the LTD have the logo? It doesn't seem like it from what I read; but, I want to be sure.

    The mats in the LX and LXi seem to be a little scimpy, and if the LTD mats are larger/wider, that would really be nice.

  • darnbusydarnbusy Posts: 5
    I saw an ad in th SF Cchronicle today that Chrysler has the rebates, and financing incentives going again. Check out, and click on incentives to find out if they are available in your area.
  • bjohnson71bjohnson71 Posts: 33
    I checked out and they have NO rebates, special interest rates listed for T&C.
  • plourdplourd Posts: 1
    The A/C in our 2001 LXi does not blow cold air. The car has been in twice now, and of course the standard answer is "no problem found". They spent 3 hours on it today, including calling the STAR center. Of course, they never take the time to actually DRIVE the car, to see if cuts out.

    Every thing checks out on the computer, and I sometimes get SOME cool air. I think the blend air doors are not working correctly. Anyone else seen this

    Sweating in CT
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    Here's what the Chrysler and Dodge sites say about minivan rebates:

    "We are currently updating our incentive information and it is not available on-line at this time. Please contact your local dealer to determine if you are eligible for any incentives on the vehicle of your choice."

    Looks like the new rebates are being revised and won't be generally published immediately, but in the interim the dealers have been given a set of temporary rebates. These are probably the rebates published in the SF Chronical.

    Why? Only speculation, but I'll bet that the unexpectly high DC minivan sales in June (56k for non-cargo minivans, vs. 44k in June 2000) have caused DC to modify their planned post-July 3 rebate program. DC will almost certainly offer attractive minivan tebates, but they may not be as high as DC was anticipating.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    I know this doesnt help much, but the A/C in my 00 T&C LX blows great cold air with the A/C on. I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with yours. Are you taking your van to a "Five Star" Chrysler dealership? In any case, I would recommend taking the van to another dealership (make sure its a "Five Star" even if your current one already is) and see if you can get a 2nd opinion on the problem. Besides your troubles with the A/C, how do you like your new van? We love our 00 T&C and I'm very interesting in what owners of the new, re-designed 01 models have to say about ther vans. -Adam
  • todd1108todd1108 Posts: 4
    I had a problem with my air conditioning. Wasn't blowing cold air at all!! Took it to the dealer, and here is what they did----Replace a/I compressor, receiver drier, discharge and liquid hoses,serpentine belt and perform TB 18-004-01, flash update cm--. This is right off my repair sheet. It works well now. Hope this helps!
  • jeffc1jeffc1 Posts: 29
    I just purchased a new GC ES and was told by the dealer that the rebates have been extended until September 9th. Based on the final sales price of the van, I would say that the $2000 rebate has been extended. The final price worked out to $2200 under invoice.
  • enfuego1enfuego1 Posts: 3
    I have just just agreed to a price on 2001 Town & Country, which I intend to pick up tomorrow . I have been told that "old" rebates/incentives still apply ($2000 or 0.9%/36, 1.9%/48, 3.9%/60). However, Chrysler is offering a modified financing plan which allows you to take 1/2 of the rebate ($1000) while also taking the financing, although at 2.0% more (2.9%/36, etc.). When I did the math, given the amount I intend to finance and the financing plan I intended to choose (1.9%/48), it appears as if I would pay virtually the same monthly payment under the "modified" plan while also paying approximately $1000 more in interest over the term of the loan. For example, if I financed $25,500 at 1.9% over four years, I calculated that my monthly payment would be $552.11, and the total interest if paid the term would the $1001.45. However, if I "saved" $1000 by taking the partial rebate and then financed only $24,500 at 3.9% , my monthly payment would be $552.09, while the interest I would pay is $2000.38. Accordingly, while I would save a whopping $0.02 on my monthly payment, I would pay an additional $998.89 in interest. Unless my math is wrong (always a possibility), this would seem to be a somewhat shaky offer. I intend to mention this to the dealer tomorrow, although if anyone finds a math error in my calculations, let me know.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    Local paper full-page ad does indicate the $2000 rebate on minivans had been extended past Labor Day in September.

    To Enfuego1 ... the value of the financing options vs. rebates varies depending on the amount financed. The more you finance, the better the finance option. Sounds like you are right at the equilibrium where the options generate the same payment.

    So: TAKE THE HIGHER REBATE. There always is a chance you will terminate the finance agreement before the loan ends (sell the car, car is stolen, car is totaled, pay off car loan as part of a mortgage refinance, etc.). If that happens you definitely will benefit from having had a lower starting principle.
  • pepe11pepe11 Posts: 41
    Enfuego1 - your deal leaves you exactly even after four years so it is not really a "shaky offer". I think DC figured that one out, they are not giving the consumer any break whatsoever.
    cgaydos - who would pay off a 0.9% loan with a mortgage refinance that at best will be at a rate of 6 to 7% (not to mention paid over 15 to 30 years)?? Even with tax deduction for mortgage interest it doesn't make sense.
  • pepe11pepe11 Posts: 41
    Does anyone know how much DC requires to be put down when financing at the low rates?

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