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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • jfz219jfz219 Posts: 63
    Shepherd5: sorry about your experience. Keep in mind that a negative survey can result in a very serious financial penalty for the dealer. Sometimes the service departments are put in a very difficult position by the manufacturer. The 2100rpm resonance problem is a case in point.

    Let me describe a positive experience that my wife and I had with Tomkinson Chrysler in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We heard a progressively louder noise originating from the power steering pump (most apparent at low speeds). We drove into the service entrance late in the afternoon without an appointment. We didn't even buy the van there. They checked it immediately, found a TSB for the problem, ordered the parts and fluid change, called us in 2 business days when the parts arrived, and promptly corrected the problem with our 2001 T&C Limited. That dealership will get top consideration the next time I buy a new car.
  • Didn't think telling the MFG that my service manager is rude can result in such drastic consequences.

    My first impression of him was that he's a jerk. My last conversation with him seemed to confirm it.

    My biggest regret was that I bought a Chrysler because I didn't want to deal with a Honda salesman for an Oddysey. I should have. I would only have to deal with a salesperson once, but I probably would have to see a service manager more than once.
  • I have a 97 Town and Country LXI which I purchased new that has 103,000 miles on it. I Have never had any problems with it until about a month ago I detected a slight noise in the steering occasionally. I thought it might be in the power steering or the belt. My dealer road tested it and verified the noise and said it could be in the rack, lines, or column. Nothing is loose or broken and the vehicle is safe to drive. If he was going to repair anything he said he would try the column first and the part would cost around $600 and there was no guarantee it would be any different. After that the next repair choices would cost in the thousand dollar range. Basically they had no idea what was wrong. It does not make the noise every time you turn. Sometimes it is very noticeable when parking or leaving your driveway and turning onto the highway. Has anyone ever had a similar problem and if so what was done to correct it?
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    hey, we had a smiliar noise in the steering column of our 2000 t&c lx model a few months ago. we took it into the dealership and they confirmed the noise and then did something (i have no clue as to what they did, exactly) that seems to have fixed the noise. since then it hardly, if ever, makes the creaking sound when turning the wheel to manuever the van. whatever they did was covered under warranty so we did not pay anything for the repair. our 2000 t&c now has 33k miles on it and has not had any other problems.

  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    hey, we had a smiliar noise in the steering colomn of our 2000 t&c lx model a few months ago. we took it into the dealership and they confirmed the noise and then did something (i have no clue as to what they did, exactly) that seems to have fixed the noise. since then it hardly, if ever, makes the creaking sound when turning the wheel to manuever the van. whatever they did was covered under warranty so we did not pay anything for the repair. our 2000 t&c now has 33k miles on it and has not had any other problems.

  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    I was quoted a price for a new 01 T&C Limited with trailer tow, cargo organizer, heated seats and 4 disc changer. List price is 36,685 invoice is 34,097 I was told the rebate/dealer cash is now 3,000 off invoice so I could purchase for 31,097, how does this sound?
    Does any one know if it is 3k off of 02's?
    Thanks for any help,
  • Just purchased a 1999 limited with 39,600 miles. The radio/cd only work if the headlights are on, it doesn't matter if the van is running or if the key is in the acc. position the lights have to be on. Is this a problem or is it some kind of safety feature that I don't know about? Can;t find anything in the manual about it.
    Just found out about Town Hall, It's GREAT.
  • Sounds like a pretty good price on the 01 Limited. My local dealer has 2 remaining 01 Limited's on his lot. They have been there for a while. It is equipped the same as the one you described.

    Best price they quoted me was $30,400 so you might be able to do a little better.
    Depends on your dealers motivation. I offered $28,500 and they would not do it. They are still on the lot so I'm hoping their motivation to move them might lower the price.
  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    I am waiting as well hoping someone is going to crack and drop down to the 29k area, hopefully this will happen as the end of the year draws closer.
    I want to purchase by the end of the year for the 7/100k warranty, I would appreciate any updates you may have, I will update as well.
    Has anybody heard about a 3k rebate on these vans?
  • Considering purchasing the EX for my first mini-van. Test drove it and loved it but lack of 0% financing is an issue. Drove the Sienna and felt it was too small. My 18 month old kept kicking me in the back.

    The EX would be about $26K and we really like the dual power doors and power liftgate among other things. I didn't really see a lot of information on the EX here so can anyone tell me if the price is good, are there a lot out there used since I'll have to pay a financing charge, and any general experiences good or bad with the power lift gate. We plan to own the car 6-8 years so will it be reliable (we have a Camry now at 6 yrs. old and no major problems yet.) Thanks.
  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    Here is the deal I gave a deposit to last night: a 2001 Limited with these options trailer tow, rear cargo org., heated seats, 4 disc CD, MSRP is 36,685 invoice is 34,097 I bought it for 29,995.
    I think I got a good deal, hope this helps.
    Happy Holidays,
  • Congratulations on your T&C. To get a Limited under 30K is a great deal. I am sure you will love it. Most of the 01's are gone now so it is tough to get a deal like yours and they cetainly are not dealing like that on the 02's-at least not yet. I have a 1991 Honda Civic with 113,000 miles and would love to pull the trigger on the T&C but keep hesitating because of I am enjoying not having any car payments. Enjoy!!
  • But we do not buy previously owned vehicles. I do NOT want anyone to abuse a vehicle before we get it. Our 99 GC SE had 4 miles on odometer when we got it. I feel the T&C are more attractive than the GC but the Dodge dealer is just over 1 mile from our home, gave us a good deal, and the service has been Outstanding.
    One sister and her husband will never buy a previously owned vehicle but 3 other sisters and their husbands will NOT buy a new one...until one sister and her husband got a NEW 2001 Odd EX which is nice as they have me take them to the airport in the Odd EX and I can make a side by side comparison to DC minivans. Odd EX are nice but seem plain and spartan compared to our lowly GC SE which is rather plain compared to the nicer T&C. Our GC w/3.3L performs as well as the Odd EX. The T&C with 3.8L would leave an Odd in the dust.
  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    I went to look at the 2001 Limited I had left a deposit on (over the phone). I took one look at the vehicle and on the drivers side door was a ding about the size of a quarter. Needless to say I was not happy about this, the body shop manager told me what he needed to do and it involved repainting a section of the door, at that point I said no thank you.
    I then looked at a 2001 LXi with 29U,Traction,Side air bags,3.8, power liftgate, roof rack, CD, and rear cargo organizer, I purchased this vehicle for $28,174 the MSRP was 34,375. I got a little over 6K off of MSRP, I am very happy with the deal and very happy with the van. I will pick up next Thursday or Friday, I will keep you all updated with the van.
    Happy Holidays,
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    Here in KCK a few dealers are offering Limited's (2001) for $29,995. FWIW
  • I just saw and visited her today. They got a used 96 T&C LXi that had transmission failure at 150,000 miles. They had it fixed and still love it. She said they have towed a much heavier trailer than they should and they will continue to own and drive their 96 T&C LXi. They just drove it 800 miles to visit her mother (who is my sister) for Christmas.
    Our daughter's best friend got a used 96 T&C LXi that started having a few problems with A/C at about 100,000 miles. They looked at all minivans but did not like any as well as T&C so they traded their 96 T&C LXi in on another T&C....but got a 99 T&C Limited this time. She says they really needed those heated seats in Dallas, Texas. (LOL...they got the Limited to get all the other nice features).
  • I have enjoyed reading your comments and suggestions here in the Town Hall.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Thank you Carleton1, and the same to you (and everyone).

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  • lsherlsher Posts: 29
    In my '02 T&C AWD LXi, I have (mistakenly) the radio with "CD changer capability." It was my mistake in reading the brochure. I somehow thought that this radio could play CDs, whereas it can only control a CD player supplied by the user.

    Hence the question: Has anyone attached a CD player to this radio? If so, what CD player, where did you put it, how well does it work, and were there any gotchas?

    (The radio is described in the Owner's Manual as "Sales Code RBB--AM/FM Stereo radio with graphic equalizer, cassette tape playeer and CD changer capability--if equipped.)

    Naples, NY
  • I am new to this - my brother-in-law turned me on to it. Very cool. Bought our T&C Ltd. one year ago, with 34k miles, at an auction for $24 and change. Recently, I have felt the driver's side heated seat (a big selling point for me) had a "spot" that was getting a little too heated for me. I then started smelling something burning and noticed it burned an actual hole in the leather! Anyone else had this happen? Also, I heard a rumor about some kind of "recall" for T&Cs, but haven't found any other info. Thanks.
  • lsherlsher Posts: 29
    In my '02 T&C LXi, I have the radio pictured on p.167 of the Owner's Manual. There it is described as "Sales Code RBB--AM/FM Stereo Radio with Graphic Equalizer, Cassette Tape Player and CD changer Capability--if equipped." On p. 169, the Manual speaks of a TAPE/CD-C button, which the picture does not show and which my radio does not appear to have.

    Boy, am I confused. Could it be that the "CD-Changer Capability" for this radio is itself an option? Or is the option only the user-addition of a suitable (?) CD-changer?

    Having been burned by one brochure mistake, I'm wondering whether I've been burned again.

    Naples, NY
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    Even our 02 Limited, had the optional CD player (factory installed) for $150 per window sticker.
    So yes, it is an option. And, I do not know if dealer could intall the changer (I doubt for $150) or if an aftermarket cd player would work.
    Let us know what you find out.
  • dsoiamdsoiam Posts: 32
    I too am very interested in an additional CD player (whether generic after-market or a MOPAR version).

    Anyone add a CD player after purchase?

    phkck, is that what you did?

    I have the regular cassette, no CD player configuration. I now want CD, even if its the single CD player and not the changer. Anyone know if the changer can be added to the no-CD cassette radio?

    I do assume that I could switch out the current radio for the one that plays CDs and cassettes. I assume this would be well over $200. I have thought about looking for a wreck and trying to do this myself (buying the set in a wreck and trying to put it in my van myself).

    Anyway, there seem to be more than a few of us looking to add CD- (or CDs- plural) capability.

  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    The CD 4-disc changer was factory installed.
  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    I own a 96 T&C Lxi and I am going to buy a new T&C Limited. A dealer in Northern Ca. is willing to sell me one for Dealer Invoice plus $250. Is that a good deal or not? Looking at $33,500 for Limited with 4disc CD changer and Tow Package. It would be for around the Sacramento Area. Thanks NFL2
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    While the $250 over invoice sounds okay, there is also the $1,500 Chrysler rebate going on. You should be able to get invoice MINUS the 1,500 dollar rebate unless you are going with the 0% financing. If so, the $1,500 rebate doesn't apply when with the 0% financing and you have a good deal.

    If you check as a reference and got to this link, you will find many of the 2002 T&C Limiteds only have a $31-$32,000 price including the rebate.

    Once again, if you're doing the financing, you have a good deal, but if not, you could probably do a little better. Hope this helps.

  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    Make sure you get the rebate!!
    Currently $1500 and possibly holiday cash of $300. This should be behind invoice.
    Plus powertrain warranty 7/100 for free until Dec. 31st.
    These are great vans, but they (and many others) are just not selling well right now.
  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    Thanks for all the info. I meant to add, I was looking for a price less any cash back. nfl2
  • lsherlsher Posts: 29
    Following up on my message of last week about "If equipped"???:

    I've been doing a lot of research into adding CD capability to my '02 T&C LXi with RBB radio. There are four general ways to do it:

    1. Replace the RBB radio with another brand that can play CDs. Downsides: Warranty, steering wheel radio controls won't work, clock?, dial light may not dim/brighten correctly, etc. In short, this solution is bristling with gotchas.

    2. Use the SCD-C130 CD changer made by USA Spec (=Pioneer?). A site with a very good price (

    says it won't work, and two high priced sites ( and Crutchfield (by phone)) says it will. Downsides: A multivendor solution with some unresolved compatibility issues.

    3. Use an adapter cable (e.g., made by PIE) that matches some brand of CD changer (e.g., Kenwood) to the radio's PCI bus logic. Downsides: Again a multivendor solution with potential debugging issues and maybe some gotchas.

    4. Go with a Chrysler (Mopar) brand swap-out or add-on. A very good site for this is They will give me $100 for my current radio, which reduces the price of the RBK (single CD player) radio to $245.

    I'm going with #4. Playing single CDs suffices for 90% of my CD needs, so it's not worth the installation of another box somewhere in the vehicle for getting CD changer capability.

    Some sidelights: The RBB radio, as is, does have the capability of accepting a Chrysler CD changer as an add-on. The T&C Owner's Guide is wrong in its description of the RBB radio; the picture is correct, but the text is from a cuneiform tablet recently unearthed in Egypt. The radiosandmore site tells me by phone that their RBK radios go out as soon as they come in, since many people are swapping. I wondered if I was alone in misinterpreting the T&C brochure that speaks of "CD changer controls" as meaning that it could play CDs. Grrrrrrrr.


     Naples, NY

  • Just bought a T&C EX for $500 below invoice. No rebates or special financing but I still got 6% for 48 months. Great mini-van that includes dual power doors and side air bag - only 2 options available on EX.

    The window sticker says there are side air bags but I don't see any sort of area where they would deploy like a vinyl spot that says "Side Air Bag." I don't want to find out that the sticker was wrong after an accident. Dealer assured me they were there but we forgot to go back and look during delivery. How can I tell they are present?
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