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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    If you own a Chrysler T&C, Voyager, 300M, etc. or a Caravan, Intrepid, Durango, ONLY a genuine DaimlerChrysler Extended Warranty.
    If you own a Honda, get a Honda warranty.
    With manufacturer's warranties, the repairs are paid directly to the dealer by the company.
    All other warranties are just insurance policies where the person PAYS for the repairs and then submits the bill to the warranty company. The warranty company will then reimburse the person IF the warranty company is honest.
  • warrantydirect says it pays with a credit card when the repairs are complete to your satisfaction:

    Here's one of the discussions I found about warranties... is this guy off base?

  • sam128sam128 Posts: 1
    Hi, Have a 1999 T&C AWD VAN with 29K miles, fully
    loaded (think its a limited) on hold to lease
    for 39months/36K miles. Includes extended warranty
    with $100 per incident deductible. When I return it in 3 years it will have 65K miles. Anybody
    have experience with a van with this many miles?
    Are there lots of repair issues? Any leasing
    advise? Leasing is based on price of $18,000
    Thanks for a quick response
  • barlee22barlee22 Posts: 1
    I read all the posts at this site before buying my 2000 T&C and I would not recommend that anyone buy one or rely on Chrysler to stand behind their product. I have 27000 miles on mine and have a rebuilt transmission and now Chrysler's solution to an internal leak in the coolant system is to replace the engine with a rebuilt one. This has all happened under warranty and I haven't been offered a replacement vehicle just replacement parts. Beware if you have a problem because service and satisfaction is one thing you won't get from DaimlerChrysler. I have talked to the dealer, the district representative and the home office in Detroit and they think their actions are going above and beyond what they should have to do for their customers. I hope none of you have to suffer with a lemon like this .
  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    Well folks, I just bought a new T&C Limited., and went for the 1000 dollar extended warrenty covering the car from the end of the 3rd year till the end of the 7th.year. The power tran is covered for free right now. I may keep the car for five years, or I might keep it for the total 7 years. should I tell them to cancel the bumper to bumper part? I am confused. I know that electronic stuff and automatic door stuff can quit on you.
  • ecnirp1ecnirp1 Posts: 13
    Is your warranty from Chrysler? I know you said 7 years but is there a mileage limit also?
  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    Warranty covered from end of 3rd year to end of 7th year. 100,000 miles. It would have followed along with the free 7yr, 100,000 mile warrenty from Chrsler. It was by encore smart something 2000. Anyway, I called the dealer to cancel. Guess I'll take my chances with just the powertrain warrenty.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    Any ideas what the cause of thumping, not quite a rattle, sound could be coming from the right front? Is prevalent when hitting bumps in road, like compacted snow. On one occasion it almost felt like something down there rattled up against the floorboard. Put van up on ramps and everything appeared good and tight. There aren't any handling issues; just the thump. Many thanks.
  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    We just took delivery of a new T&C, but is has about a 1 inch scratch of the tailgate. The scratch is down to the primer, and about the width of a pencil mark. The dealer says he will take care of it , but what should I expect for a fix. I don't want just a quick paint brush cover up!! The color is Sterling blue satin glow. A great looking color.
  • twigmantwigman Posts: 1
    Don't know about the scratch, but I'm curious as to whether you wound up buying from Carmax in LA (your post #954), and whether you have any recommendations about them, good or bad. Thanks.
  • My wife and I bought a used 97 Grand T&C with 77K miles from the original owners. It was such as nice car I felt compelled to get it for my wife. In addition, the owners had great records on maintenance and servicing. However there are two issues I have to address. First, they were smokers and we're not. Are there any good rememdies to reduce or change the odor? Second, they had the transmission replaced at 71K miles. The wife noticed degraded gas milage and delayed shifting to higher gears. The husband did not notice the problem. The dealership chose to replace it because "it was not sending the right information to the on board computer." Thus, the computer was not signaling to shift expeditiously. What do you think?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    About the odor, try tossing some fresh ground coffee on the carpet. Reapply as needed.

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  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    To 971, Didnot buy frome carmax, because the color we chose, was no longer available for Chrysler. Serling blue satin glow. Bought from a local dealer who had to look aroung for it. Carmax sold right a dealer invoice, with only addition of 45 doc fees plus tax and lic. I would have gone down to LA to pick up , but had recent surgery on my back. I have the new T&C Limited in the garage and go out and sit in it each day. Been two weeks, so will drive it around block soon!! Sales people at carmax were real nice to deal with even tho I didn't buy from them. Autobytel told me they would sell for 100 dollars over invoice, but when I went to order the car , they wanted 500 dollars for advertizing. Sounds like false advertizing to me!! The new car is great, I had a 96 T&C Lxi which I liked very much, but now everything is just better!!
  • I just purchased a T&C Limited this past weekend and I have some questions.

    First (no big deal), the product brochure states that adjustable pedals are a standard feature of the T&C Limiteds. My Limited does not have them. Chrysler's web site does not mention them as a standard feature. Any Limited owners out there missing the adjustable pedals?

    Second, I did not get any documentation on the 7/100 powertrain warranty. The dealership told me I'd be in the Chrysler system, but that they didn't have any specifc details on the warranty, other than a copy of my application for the warranty. What type of documentation have other new owners received?

    Finally, the owner's manual states only one recommended fuel octane - 87. Yet, the product brochure states that mid-grade fuel is recommended in order to get the optimum performance (horsepower/torque). What are other owners' thoughts on fuel type? I'll be using mid-grade, since I want peak performance (acceleration/gas mileage).

  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    Well, havoing read your message, I went out in the garage to see if my Limited had the option. I don't see any switch that lets me adjust them, but chrysler broushure says they are on the Limited. I thought they would be neat for my wife who is short, so will ask the dealer what happened. I used nothing but 87 octane in my 96 Lxi with 3.8 liter, so don't intend to change with the new car. I got 24 mpg on lots of trips of 3000 miles or more , so don't see a need to change to higher octane. I am going to check the center console, the pedals may be adjustable from there.
  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    Just got one, with cargo storage, that I don't want and will sell for 150 or best offer. I live in the Sacramento area, if anyone is interested and it is a Navy blue color.
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    was told by my dealer that the adjustable pedals would be "late availability" for 2002. He said probably summer. So our early 2002 limited (Purchased Dec. 01) also does not have adjustable pedals as the brochure suggests. Now if I can just convince my dealer to do an even swap when a Limited comes in with adjustable pedals ;}
  • I own a 2001 T&C LTD. Last fall, after about 7000 miles, the van starting making a whining/buzzing noise between 2000 and 3000 rpm. The noise comes from the engine compartment, on the passenger side of the van. The noise is present about 65% of the time, and is more noticeable when the weather is cold or when the engine is under stress. This does seem to be the infamous 2100 rpm vibration, because it does not go away above 2300 rpm, but instead continues to get louder. I have had the van to the dealer three times for this. First, they replaced a bracket for the a/c. No difference. The second time, the mechanic could not duplicate it. The third time I took the service rep out myself and the noise was there. They replaced the fuel pump. No difference.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated. The van is going back for the fourth attempted fix next week.
  • I have a '96 T&C with 86,000 miles on it. For the past 2 years it has been making a horrible grumbling sound when the steering wheel is turned and when backing up. It usually gets better once the car has warmed up, but not always. The dealership and another private mechanic can't find the problem. It is very disconcerting! We bought this van used 3 yrs ago with 50,000 miles on it and have had numerous problems: replaced cassette player, A/C compressor replaced, constant freon leak from A/C, several sets of brakes, sliding door switch repaired, rear hatch will not open below 30 degrees, wiper motor shot, not to mention some transmission problems. Oh, and the metalic blue paint started to get cloudy and turn white on one side. We just repainted it. And how could I forget new shocks as well! I would like to sell it, but am afraid it will never sell. It looks good, just sounds terrible. I really love the way the car rides and all it features, but I am very hesitant to go down this road before. Are the 2000's any better?
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    To answer your question, yes, the 2000 DC minivans are much better in terms of reliability than were the first-year production 1996 models, such as your Town & Country. Ever year DC has been improving the reliability and quality of their vehicles, especially their minivans. The 2002 models are better than they have ever been before.

    We have a 2000 Town & Country LX 3.3 V6 with 40k miles and it still runs like new without any problems.
  • btillbtill Posts: 4
    980 I to had a 96 T & C that I sold with 117K miles, I had problems with it as well new Trans at 62K (Chrysler paid for everything except 400$), also new water pump, and problems with A/C. But I liked that Van enough to purchase a new 2001 LXi in December I only have 4k miles but love it so far. You cannot beat the comfort and features of a T & C.
  • Anybody know how to turn off the autolocking at 16 mph feature on a 99 T&C? The manual has directions (turn key on/off 4 times, then hit power lock) but this doesn't work.

    Interestingly, I bought a keyless remote off ebay for $9 and went to program it using the directions in the manual, and it also didn't work. Fortunately I found instructions (very similar - just different buttons on the remote to push) on the internet that did work. You'd think they'd get it right in the manual. The place where I found the programming instructions for the wireless remote doesn't have instructions for turning off autolock however.
  • mcdawg1mcdawg1 Posts: 1
    Hi. I'm new to the board. I'd like to hear from some of you T&C owners, because we are currently considering purchasing a '99 Town & Country LXi van from CarMax. It has 53K miles on it, but the body and interior are in supreme condition! A mechanic checked it out, and said the main thing he was concerned about was (surprise, surprise) the transmission. When he put it up on the lift, he showed me where it was starting to leak fluid underneath the front pump, and he suspected it would probably need replacing at some point.

    My question is: Do you guys think that if I can get a good extended warranty which will cover the transmission, would it be a good family vehicle to own? The price is $16,600, which seems pretty good. But they want a lot for their ext. warranty ($1100 for 18K miles, $1700 for 36K). Have you guys been pleased w/ your T&C's? Have you had any major problems with yours? Would you buy another one?

    Thanks for any input. Take care...
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    New Voyager have less options, less power than 99 Chrysler LXi but has long factory warranty. Cost lots money to replace transmission.
  • sunfox1sunfox1 Posts: 3
    If you saw the factory invoice for your T&C you would see a credit off the base invoice price for the lack of adjustable pedals.

    87 octane fuel seems to work perfectly here -- no lack of power or pep.

    One stupid question: what is the difference between AUTO LO and AUTO HI on the temp controls? The manual's only mention is "to select either LO or HI" but goes no further to tell you what the actual difference is... and I can't seem to see one!
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    In my T&C Limited, they are used to vary the fan speed to the desired temperature.

    If I set my temperate for say 74 degrees and press Auto HI, the system will work fast and blow the fan at full speed to get to 74 degrees in the quickest amount of time.

    Usually I opt for Auto LO where, while still getting to my desired set temperature, it will just take a little longer but more quietly given the lower fan setting Auto LO uses.

    I think this is a nice feature, because in my 2000 Toyota Avalon, it gives me no choice. I always have to go with just "Auto," which is basically equivalent to my T&C's "Auto HI."

    Hope this helps!
  • rajvenrajven Posts: 4
    Greetings. I purchased a 97 T&C LXi about 2 months ago. Awesome van - very smooth and comfortable with many features. I have a couple of questions though:

    1) The fuel economy on the center console shows 20 mpg for mixed driving (city/highway). However, when I filled the tank up and calculated the gas mileage, it gave a little less than 17 mpg! The refuel light comes on at around 300 miles. Is this normal? I am a good driver who doesn't accelerate or brake hard. The engine is the 3.8l variety.

    2) I cannot find anything in the manual about changing the timing belt. The van has 95k miles on it and I am concerned whether I need to change the timing belt and water pump at 100k miles. Does this van have a timing chain by any chance?

  • kstatealkstateal Posts: 4
    I would like to know if anyone has purchased a front end cover for their town & country and if so, what type did you buy? I plan on using it for vacation highway travel only and is looking for a front end cover that has a good fit. I noticed that mopar does not sell one for a 2000 t&c, could someone point me to the right website?

  • fcas2004fcas2004 Posts: 15
    First visit back to this site in 10 months. Bought a '01 limited last May. Now has 18k. Overall love the car. Here are my observations/experiences.

    1) In August bought a Thule luggage rack. Works great on factory roof rack.
    2) In December bought weathertech floor mats for the winter. Excellent quality.
    3) Today had recall part for a/c compressor replaced. recall #B05
    4) Had vibration on braking caused by warped rotors. Resurfaced today for $102. Noticed this problem on two earlier posts. I may try the recommendation of getting a torque wrench and properly torquing the front lugs. Anyone know the proper torque?
    5) Had front suspension noise. Today replaced link sway 17029017. warranty item.
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