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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • this place has the front end cover and hood cover for the '01 model but i would send them an e-mail regarding your '00. they seem to have them at a lower cost than my local dealership.

  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    Assuming I buy an LXi AWD with the same features as a Limited AWD, are the only differences the chrome wheels and painted roof rack on the Limited? Is there any other substantial difference?
    Thank you for any input. We're about to jump to get the $3K rebate available in NE Ohio. Disregarding the rebate, how much over invoice should I expect to pay?

  • greg9811greg9811 Posts: 1
    My 96 T&C LXi has 137k miles, not all trouble free, but I intend to drive this at least another 137k. Nothing drives as well as these and nothing ever has to be left behind. Has orig motor (3.8) and trans, always used oil. Fuel pump most recent failure. Dealers fix is $850 got it done for $550 at local garage. Problem is I LOVE this van! New ones just dont have the charm as this generation. Paint, seats, etc holding up very well.
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    The differences are:

    -Leather/Suede Seats

    -Wrap Around Front Bucket Seats

    -Chrome Wheels

    -Body Color Roof Rack

    -Interior Chrome Door Handles

    -Memory Driver's Seat, Mirrors, Radio Presets (and soon pedals)

    -Automatic Interior Day/Night Mirror and Driver's Side Outside Mirror

    -Automatic On/Off Headlights (Auto Off standard on LXi)

    -Standard Full Back Bench Seat w/Armrest (Delete if the no charge split bench is specified)

    -More Wood In Interior
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    I think I just discovered something. I think the LXi now has deleted the power passenger seat. (It's very hard to decipher what is current on these beasts. We are still at the mercy of our dealers, it seems, unless we are very careful!)
    My dealer says he has pre-price increase AWD's available. Has there in fact, been an increase?

    Since it's a +$35K purchase, I want as much info as possible before facing the inquisition, oops, I mean the car salesman!

  • sweingastsweingast Posts: 28
    On the LXI, power passenger seats were/are an option. If you don't have the power seat, you will have a locking storage box under the seat. So you get something either way.

    I think LXI is better for kids because of the leather seats. Suede seats a kids fingers should not meet.

    Does anyone have long term issues with the suede seats?
  • lsherlsher Posts: 29
    As I have reported here previously, my LXI AWD (29U) with cloth upholstery was delivered without a power passenger seat, despite the brochure and salesman to the contrary. The dealership (Dorschel in Honeoye Falls, NY) stood behind their word however, and on their own nickel, installed a powered seat base for the passenger seat.

    My 9000 miles of experience to date with the vehicle has been excellent. The only problems have been an initial slight pull to the right, which the dealership fixed by interchanging the front two tires. And an occasional transient difficulty in extracting the ignition key, which I haven't brought to the dealer's attention yet. It's comfortable, quiet, powerful, has excellent handling, and it all works.

    My only "criticism" is that when the vehicle is heavily loaded, it could use a bit more suspension control, perhaps a better grade of shock absorbers.

    Naples, NY
  • rajvenrajven Posts: 4
    Got it from a dealer for $6900 through autotrader..
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100

    I have a new LX with AWD. I have only 2800 miles, but this is by far the best vehicle I have owned. I am actually in awe of the engineering that went into this vehicle. The terrific headlights, the windshield wiper spray pattern, the comfortable seats, the quiet interior and on and on.

    You know in the industry the standard for measuring assembly quality is the 1 mm rule, i.e, no panel should be uneven by more than 1 mm or left to right symmetry should be within one millimeter. I measured mine with a caliper and found only one gap that was out by one millimeter, all others were a fraction of a millimeter. Well done indeed.

    Continued good luck with yours Larry. This is my first van and at this point I cannot imagine ever getting anything but a van.

  • lsherlsher Posts: 29
    ed12 -
    You forgot
    - cruise control that shifts *down* to keep downhill speed from rising (Click and Clack didn't think that this feature existed on any vehicle)
    - 3.8L engine that is still quiet at 4000 rpm
    - battery saver that shuts off power drain when a door is accidentally left open
    - audible warning for low gasoline level
    - easy-out seats
    - tight turning circle
    - extra bright instrument-lighting that can actually be seen during the daytime with headlights and sunglasses on (oh, how I've wished for this in other vehicles!)

    - a "close" button for the rear hatch similar to that for the powered side doors
    - CD player, not tape, as radio standard (I changed my radio to one with a CD player)
    - more convenient parking brake release handle
    - better design for the movable center console, and an extra rubber floor plug when the console is out of the vehicle
    - dashboard design that prevents stuff from migrating forward to base of windshield
    - better gas mileage

    At 9000 miles, I can truly say that this is one great vehicle.

    Naples, NY
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100

    I agree on the button on the back for the rear hatch and a better release for the emergency brake.
    I am also pleased at how manevrable this vehicle is and how it keeps its feet planted on some very rough road.
    AS to the gas mileage, I am getting 17 to 18 mpg in suburban driving, about what I expected.

  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    I would like to have a lockable gas door, a better design front cup holders and an instrument panel that show both trip and total mileage at the same time.
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    The door jamb lists the max GVW and 36 psi front and rear. Does that mean you should run 36 psi if you are carrying max load? What if you have a light load most of the time? Can you run lower pressures, like 32 psi?

  • lzmlzlzmlz Posts: 7
    My 96 T&C has been perfect with 51,000 mile on it until this morning. It shaked a little when started and idling seemed bit rough. Then "service engine soon" light came on. It drove OK. What is going on? Am I going to damage the car if I have to drive it for 20 miles to the dealer? The manual says it could be the emission system problem.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    It could be one of many things, but a likely culprit is the EGR valve (about $300 to fix). 20 miles to the dealer should not be a problem.
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    Today we ordered a Limited AWD from available local stock. Locally, the dealers are throwing in an additional $500 which brings the rebate to $3K. Although there was the usual regional and national "advertising" fees that drive me crazy on the printout, we bought the car for $100 over invoice from our local Chrysler dealer. Cheaper than Autobytel which wanted 1%...
    This will be our fifth (!) Chrysler minivan and our second T&C AWD. I guess you could say we're true believers! All the luxury, coupled with the room to take everything, plus decent +20 mpg mileage...why does anyone buy an SUV instead?

  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    In answer to comment #998 regarding suspension, I recently sold my 96 T&C Lxi and bought a new T&C Limited with the towing package and load leveling , which is part of that package. I had it on the 96 van and it is great. It drives and holds the road real good and in the 6 years that I owned the 96, it never overheated here in Calif., partly because the towing package includes a automatic transmission cooler. Even tho I don't intend to pull a trailer, I wouldn't be without that package. Only down side on the new van, is the dealer did not tell me it did not have the adjustable brakes, like it says in the fancy brochure!!
  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    Question for commentor #1009, Tell me more about the TSB regarding fluid changes. I think my new 2002 T&C says something about 40,000 miles for the transmission.
  • jfz219jfz219 Posts: 63
    We noticed a significant increase in the noise level of the power steering pump, especially at low speeds. The TSB for this problem involves a change in a section of tubing and a change in the type of power steering fluid (I assume to an ATF type). Since the servicing, the engine and power steering are very quiet.

    This TSB has nothing to do with the transmission. I will add that a conversation with my service manager confirms my belief that the transmission fluid and filter should be changed at 30,000 to 50,000 mile intervals. The owner's manual states 100,000.

    I hedged my bet by buying the Maximum Care contract for 100,000 miles. However, good routine maintenance of the oil, transmission fluid, and the above power steering should make the next 66,000 miles uneventful.
  • crkeehncrkeehn Posts: 513
    If the doorjamb sticker lists 36 psi for the tires, than that is what they should be inflated to. The pressure listed is the one the manufacturer has determined is the best balancing of handling/durability/wear/ and comfort. Sometimes dealers will underinflate the tires as it does give a softer ride. However durability and handling both suffer.

    Just a note, the PT Cruiser requires 34 psi so the 36 psi doesn't sound out of line for it's big brother.
  • jfz219jfz219 Posts: 63
    The posted tire pressures are determined by the auto manufacturer to give the best combination of ride and handling. As in the Explorer controversy, sometimes ride can take precedence over handling and tire wear. Some manufacturers give a standard inflation and higher pressures for full load or highway speeds.

    I have experimented with higher pressures and have monitored tire wear and handling characteristics. On my rear drive sedan, I have increased the pressures by 5 psi and have crisper handling and less cross wind problems. On my T&C, I have increased the pressures to 40 psi when on the highway with full loads.

    Bottom line: the posted pressure is the minimum safe pressure. The maximum pressure on the side wall of the tire is the highest safe inflation. All measurements should be made with cold tires at outside ambient temps. Monitor handling and tread wear patterns with each adjustment.
  • eyebizeyebiz Posts: 6
    I have a T&C LTD 2002 with 3500 miles. The A/C compressor just went out and the part is on back order. Sounds like there may be some problems looming. Anyone out there with a similar experience?
  • dwgutwirdwgutwir Posts: 102
    We have an '01 LXi that did not come with the towing package.

    We've now got a situation where we'd like to tow with the vehicle, and were wondering if its possible (or if anyone has done it) to retro-fit the towing package to the vehicle? My local dealer seemed to think it was doable, but at comsiderable cost.

    I know that the brochure indicates the the package includes the load leveling rear suspension, an higher capacity alternator and battery. What else is different about the vehicle with the tow package than without it?

    If we don't (or can't) add the tow package I know we can still tow around 2,000 lbs. Assuming a tow weight of about 1500 lbs, can we still carry 3 adults and the stuff associated with a weekend caming trip (I'm thinking about GVWR)?

    Thanks for the help and advice.
  • nfl2nfl2 Posts: 22
    I wouldn't worry about the alternator and electrical stuff, but you might consider buying self leveling rear shockes, which came on my T&C in 96. My new 2002 T&C also has load leveling shocks, but they are operated buy an oil pump. I would think that it would be expensive to put that type on your car, but the self contained ones are not cheap either. They cost around 350 dollars each! At least from Chrysler. The problem you may have is installing the tow hitch. When you order a tow package with the car, it comes with what I call blind nuts at the rear on the frame to be used with the bolts supplied with the tow hitch(2inch) that you buy, which cost around 160 dollars. You will like the load leveling shocks, even it you don't get the tow hitch.
  • jfz219jfz219 Posts: 63
    If you are trying to stay within your weight limit, you will probably not exceed 300 pounds of tongue weight for your trailer. I doubt that load leveling shocks will be necessary. My 94, 96, and 98 T&C vans handled such loads without the towing package or the shocks. My previous vans had after market hitches that used the attachment points of the rear bumper assembly.

    Watch for engine temperature and fill tires to maximum pressures printed on the tires.
  • buyingonebuyingone Posts: 2
    Have a 00 Town and country that had a head gasket problem at 4,000 miles and again at 10,000 miles. The idler pulley went at 15,000. The water pump went at 35,000. The drive bearing just went at 39000 and I am dumping this thing asap. I put alot of miles on my car per year with children and activities and spend alot of time at the dealership with these repairs. Chrysler did nothing about our dissatisfaction for the vehicle and it has been a hassle to own this van. I spend more time dropping this vehicle off for repair than enjoying it. I have the LXI AWD with all of the toys. Its a great looking car with a great feel to it. I wont miss the ringing noise that all chrysler vans make. I could have my eyes closed and hear a Chrysler van coming my way. All of you chrysler owners know what I am talking about. That ringing and squealing noise that the vans make that are magnified when you are sitting at a drive through bank line... I am leaving Chrysler and not looking back or else I shutter...
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Waiting list for Odyssey but worth wait. Consumer Reports and Edmunds rate Odyssey #1. Most power, most space passenger and luggage, high gas mileage.
  • buyingonebuyingone Posts: 2
    I have a tow pkg with my 2000 LXI AWD and I think the tranny cant handle regular passenger load. Towing with a T&C minivan would be begging for tranny problems. If you are the lucky few to not have a problem with your tranny, then dont push your luck with towing. If you want to tow then go buy a diesel 4x4 pickup.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    We have a 2000 Town & Country with 41k miles and no problems. If you hate the noise produced by 1999-2000 Chrysler vans while idling, put the car into "N" or "3" to get rid of the sound. I dont know why it bothers you so much considering you can't even hear it unless you have the windows down and are idling along side a wall or structure. Based upon all the failures you have experienced, have you considered you might have a lemon? Engine problems at 4k miles isn't common.

    My good friend has a 1999 Grand Caravan ES 3.8 FWD with the Autostick transmission they use for towing their trailer and are very happy with their van.
  • We are taking a serious look at the T&C Limited. We live in Michigan and the winter weather has its moments. Is the AWD option worth the extra 2k for winter driving? Does it really make a difference for winter driving? what speed is the AWD best sutied for - highway or city?

    Also, I believe it is not full time AWD and will only kick in once the wheels slip.
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