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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I bought a IV with mats and nothing else. Has everything I need. For 10k less you can buy a 2011 Ford Focus SEL with leather. I wanted a hatchback or might have gone that route. MPG is fine for the Focus and the 10k difference will likely never be made up with the higher mpg in the Prius.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    You don't want to pay anything down in a lease. Add the $51 to the lease to cover your 1999 and then divide the sales tax by 39. Assuming the msrp is 24400 then your monthly payment is about 240 without tax and fees. At 1% of the msrp, the lease is very good. There should be some discount off msrp however [with gas skyrocketing maybe not]. Keep in mind that you are leasing beyond the 36 month warranty so a 36 month lease makes more sense. Your payment will be higher of course.
  • juliannmjuliannm Posts: 2

    Went to the dealership and basically they said they take it or leave it. They can't keep the Prius in stock, in fact, they don't have any 2011 models on the lot (and won't have any for the next 3-5 weeks.) .

    They also had 2 CPO'S -- 2008 and 2009 for $22,100 and $22,700 -- both with 25k mileage. It doesn't make sense to me to buy used for this price when I can get a new for 24K+ which seems to include 2 years free maintenence? My brain hurts.

    Thanks for your help -- these forums are so helpful (also sorry for posting the lease question in wrong section)

  • May I know your dealer. I am shopping for a new prius II.

  • mankumanku Posts: 69
    I'm thinking about a Prius as my current (audi) car lease is up...not thrilled about the car, but cheaper insurance and gas offset the lack of driving excitement.

    In any case, I have been quoted 309/month, first month free (only dmv) + state taxes for a Prius III in nav or sunroof. Seems like a decent deal, especially with some dealers now deciding not to discount the Priuses with gas prices spiking. Comments anyone?

    Unfortunately, my lease wasn't up in friend got a V with NAV for the same price!
  • sachin24ksachin24k Posts: 31
    I got one last year for $300 for 36 months, $0 down, Prius III with Nav, Red, 12000 miles/ year, $16800 residual in san diego.

    Let me know if you need more details
  • mankumanku Posts: 69
    Unfortunately, last year they were giving them away...not only was the residual higher, but the money factor was virtually zero. also, with bad toyota publicity and slightly lower gas prices, demand was much lower.

    Good buy on your car...congrats!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    When I bought my prius in August, the 2 local lots had 70 cars on their lots. Now there are 6. A few are loaded IV's and V's priced in the mid 30's. Not a good time to buy around here. Bad trades and lots of dealer add-ons. I'm surprised and pleased to hear of anyone getting a deal in this market.
  • juliannmjuliannm Posts: 2
    Toyota dealer in Doraville Ga
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Hi, I am in North California. Three dealers in south Bay Area quoted virtually the same, around $24839, plus tax, license, etc.

    Is it a good enough price? I am on the fence now.
  • pmagganpmaggan Posts: 62
    Although I didn't buy my Prius from them (but did buy a Camry), I always check prices at They have all of their inventory (and prices) listed online. I've found that it is usually very difficult to beat their pricing.
  • I've gotten quotes from 10 dealerships and i've seem to hit the rock bottom price. They are offering me $24,450 for a PRIUS III with Navigation Package, Winter Gray. This is all before tax and license. Is this a good deal? With gas prices going higher the price doesn't seem to be a flexible.
  • gurplegurple Posts: 8
    Thursday I bought a new blue 11 Prius 2 with the Bumper laminate. The car also came with the floor mats, which I intend to replace. Paid 21175 after $500 factory rebate. Had my choice of dealers at that price however color choice was limited. I bought mine in Culver City, Ca. Price does not include tax (Ca. is 9 3/4%) License fees or registration and doc fees. Ca. limits doc fees to $59. Hope this helps someone. Remember even though gas prices are up, big discounts are still available. Good hunting!
  • Wow! What a awesome deal even at this time.. you can snag one for 21175?? Do you mind if you can send me a copy of the sale price??? I would love to show this to my dealer and get that price.. please please!!!
  • Hello Everyone,

    As you can see I need a prius!!

    Dealers offered me this.. over the phone but wants me to come in.

    Prius 4 2010

    MSRP - 27696 and 30166 (w/ Navigation)

    Now whats a good price to pay considering my tax is about 8% since I am in NY.

    Thanks for your help in advance! :)
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Prius is not being assembled at this time. I can't believe with gas prices up that anyone can score a deal. If you get a decent discount you better not wait. Inventories will not be replenished for who knows how long. The dealers will want top dollar.
  • Dealer advises Prius is completely built and assembled in Japan. I worry more about getting parts in the future for the Prius than getting a good price on either purchase or lease. I realize the probability that there are large centers worldwide which stock Prius parts but what happens 2 years from now when they run out?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I'm sure the manufacturing issues will be resolved in less than 6 months. Parts aren't much of an issue with the Prius. Not much breaks. :P
  • mankumanku Posts: 69
    FWIW, I just paid $25050 for a III w/ was Blizzard White with mats and rocker molding...

    I think I got a good deal, but what do I know :)
  • Hello,

    Can I get the name of the dealer? I am looking to buy one 2011 model with Navigation package.

    Thanks for your help,

  • ntanta Posts: 1
    I got quotes for 26440 in irvine, ca. Which area are you located?
  • Unfortunately I was not in the area to purchase the car at the time. After waiting two weeks i've been getting $26,200. Some are quoting me $27,000. I'm not in a rush to buy a Prius so i'm thinking of waiting for gas to go down. Prius are made in the US. I can't be sure if 100% are made in the US, but i have a feeling most Prius are made in the states.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Better wait til the auto industry recovers in Japan. Could be a while to see inventories meet demand. Save 11k with a 2011 Ford Focus SEL loaded and get a Garmin GPS in the mean time.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,104
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  • rcdomarcdoma Posts: 2
    Am considering a prius II base model and was quoted $23400. Is it a good price? Has anyone in the area got a better deal -thanks!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    msrp 23800 --- almost sticker but probably about all there is now.
  • rcdomarcdoma Posts: 2
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Be warned that the dealer may have a bunch of aftermarket add-ons that won't be disclosed until you get there. Then of course is the time spent in the finance office fending off all the other options. It's a sellers market so check the real bottom line before you buy. You can save 7-8 grand buy buying a 2011 Ford Focus. The one I drove was fine. needed a hatchback though.
  • Yes, grab the deal.

    On the 5th of this month, all incentives go bye bye on this.

    Remember, everything in a finance office is negotiable. Everythig, except tax and state fees.

    Good luck ;)
  • msrp on the west coast on a II is 24,010.00. :P
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The higher msrp is probably offset by VERY reasonable state sales tax rates. :P
  • steversksteversk Posts: 9
    Just bought a 2011 Prius 3 last seekend. Bought it through the Costco program at Hollywood Toyota. Got $500 of the list of $25240. From what I hear, because of the potential shortage most dealers are doing full list or more. Talked to my salesman 1 week later and they have discontinued the Costco discounts. They normally have about 150 Prius in stock, but are down to less than 70.
  • terry1023terry1023 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    I just found this forum after I bought a Prius III with NAV today. The MSRP is 27240 and my price is 25585+TTL after the $500 rebate ends 4/4/2010. I also purchased the following but I haven't installed anything yet. Does the price looks OK? If not, can I cancel them and purchase from somewhere else?

    (1) Leather Seat upgrade $1460.
    (2) ResistAll EnviroGuard NG advanced protection $430.
    (3) Extended Warranty 8 yr/75000 mi for $1320.

    Does the price looks all right? If not, can I cancel it and purchase the extened warranty here?
  • Bought a 2010 Prius 3 last Saturday, blizzard pearl with carpeted floor mats and the JBL six speaker CD/Bluetooth option but no nav system. Paid 24,513. Hope I got a good deal. But there's no more in my area that I know of and the incentives for 2010 models terminated on April 4th. Purchased in Connecticut
  • klinklin Posts: 54
    I just yesterday exactly the same model color/option as you had. I am from North CA. I paid $25121. I missed the $500 rebate.

    So I guess you and I paid about the same about. I do have the extra protective film.

    I was told by dealer that there is none coming to them due to earthquake. But I am unsure if the dealer is ripping off people now due to the Japan earthquake.

    Did I pay too much? I am $1000 above "invoice".
  • sjawahranisjawahrani Posts: 4
    edited April 2011

    I am looking at Prius II in No calif. I was quoted $23,500. Is it a good deal? I was quoted $22750 about a month ago and but couldn't pull the trigger. Does Toyota have any financing option?

  • klinklin Posts: 54
    Yes, price has gone up. I just got Prius III around $25K with basic options. Try for comparison.

    Which dealership is that? I bought from Toyota Sunnyvale which seems to be fair and reasonable.
  • Thank, It's Toyota Sunnyvale.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    A reporter is interested in speaking with consumers who wanted to purchase a Honda or Toyota but decided to purchase something else because inventory was tight.

    If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to [email protected] and include your name and email address.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,104
    Have you held off on a car purchase because you're waiting for a better deal? Or did you go ahead and buy because you assume car prices could just rise even further this summer? An Associated Press reporter would like to talk with you. Please send your contact information to Aaron Lewis at [email protected]


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  • aguaagua Posts: 1
    Just leased a dark gray with floor mats, cargo mat, wheel locks and 2 years free maintenance. 60 months with option to buy for $290 per month (tax included) $0 down in southern CA. Agreed upon price of vehicle is $26,003. Traded in my 2005 corolla ($4500 estimated dealer value). Residual will be $10,819. Originally tried to get a 36 month at $309 (tax included) $0 down but dealer wouldn't bite. Not sure if I got a good deal or not. I've gone through the forum posts for the past few hours but I can't tell how good or bad I did compared to other deals. Everyone here seems to have gotten a 36 month deal. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Never heard of a 60 month lease. You should have asked for an evaluation before you did the deal. Too late to ask for opinions -- enjoy your prius.
  • dmckenziedmckenzie Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    We were looking for a hybrid and finally settled on the Prius because of its ability to get 50 mpg. We used the Costco auto buying program which, for this car, gave us $300 off and a $50 service/parts credit. Being in a hot climate, we wanted a white colored car. Such Prius cars were very scarce after the earthquake and tsunami so it was a seller’s market. We really enjoyed our built-in navigation system on previous cars and found the plug-in GPS’s to be very awkward. We paid a lot for this decision. We found a Prius 3 with a navigation system at Folsom Lake (California) Toyota. Our salesman honestly told us not to buy a Prius now because they were scarce and costly. Unfortunately we needed a car immediately. Folsom Lake Toyota had various semi-mandatory dealer add-ons such as Toyota black pearl emblems for around $1,495, door panel molding for $695, extra tinted rear windows for $795 and chrome wheel covers for $995. I asked if we could make some money by melting down and selling the mandatory emblem. The salesman said no, but we were able to bargain them down on the extras.
    The finance person pushed hard to sell Toyota extended warranties. They offered a 7 year/75,000 mile extra care vehicle service agreement. Their retail price was $2,495. They said they would knock it down to $1,555 if I bought it then. The retail price on the Toyota website was $1,525 which was less than their special price to me. Midwest Toyota in Kansas offered it for $654 which was a 74% discount from the original price and a 58% discount from my dealer’s special price.
    These extended warranties can be canceled within 30 days for a full refund. After that, you can cancel and Toyota “will pay a pro rata refund based on elapsed time from the Agreement Application date or elapsed mileage…” In other words, the pro rata refund starts upon the application date of the contract and not when the extended contract kicks in. This would be a reason to wait to purchase these contracts until shortly before the original warranty expires.
    We made the purchase on April 30. So far we love our Prius and its great miles per gallon.
  • ixchellaixchella Posts: 1
    Just leased a new prius. Made deal yesterday for 48 mo lease at 309 before taxes. Have excellent credit. But the car was NOT the color I wanted and dealer told me there were no other ones available and that there's a huge wait list of 6 months just to get one. So I could tell something was fishy but I signed the contract anyway (WITHOUT DOING MY RESEARCH...LESSON LEARNED) but as soon as I went home after signing contract, I called a dealer in the next town an hour away, and sure enough, they have some coming in in a couple weeks, in the color I want.

    So I called the dealer right back and since my car had not been delivered and I had not driven it off the lot, I refused to keep with contract. Also, I had never wanted a 48 month lease, so we renegotiated back down to 36 months, for even less than I had negotiated before. So it ended up being $302 payment before taxes. I had no idea if that was a good deal or not...but I knew I was not willing to pay more than $300 for 36 months. They were either going to give me that or I was walking away, onto the Mazda 3 which I loved. :-) $302 was an OK compromise.

    Hope this helps!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,104
    A reporter seeks to interview someone in the market for a new Toyota Prius who cannot find one on dealer lots. Please email [email protected] no later than Thursday, July 7, 2011 with your daytime contact information if you care to share your story.


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  • saidiadudesaidiadude Posts: 49
    edited August 2011
    I was offered a new 2011 Prius II for about $25K out the door in Southern California (LA county). Barcelona Red, Gray interior. Anyone else get a similar deal recently? I've noticed that the Toyota dealer lots are filling up again after the supply chain disruption following the Tsunami. Quite a few more Prii now, but mostly in Silver, White or Beige colors. Dealers have also started advertising "specials" for the Prii. This week, Claremont Toyota has a special for a Red 2011 Prius II for $22,988 before tax, etc. The deal I was offered was in response to the ad for Claremont Toyo. I took the printout to a local dealer and asked him to match/beat it. They were out of the Red one, so I walked. One of the salesmen ran after me and told me that they'd give me any available color on the lot for that price (similar options, ofcourse). Decided to wait a few weeks. With the 2012s around the corner (and gas prices coming down), the 2011 prices should start coming down soon because of decreased demand.
  • I just bought a Prius III with Nav & back camera $26,209. It is a good price. Dealer also offer Extended Warranty to me $1500 for 75K /miles and $1800 for Road Service. I also add $800 for Alarm system. Added up about $32K.. It is located in Milpitas Toyota.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    My genuine factory Toyota extended warranty cost $651 for 75k zero deductible. There are several Toyota dealers who will sell you that online. I just had my selling dealer match the price. You can cancel and rebuy. Search the prius forums on edmunds for details.
  • I decided to take the plunge and bought a silver Prius II for 21, 995 from Toyota of Orange. I was able to get a 5/80k mile platinum extended warranty for $650 and paid $300 for keyless entry alarm in addition to purchase price. Tax and title were of course extra, I am happy with the price as Truecar quoted $22,454 but that dealer needed to add $200 for floor mats. Of the 10 dealers that contacted me, only 2 would go this low on the price. Most dealers told me they would lose money at 21,995 but I don't believe them. Looking forward to life with the Prius, I have been driving a dodge sprinter diesel as my daily driver, good bye gas pump.
  • Was it $25050 with tax?
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