2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • david6david6 Member Posts: 75
    Oh, the deal came from Toyota West in Statesville, NC.
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    This is a great sweet price that you've gotten, my friend!! Congratulations!! Just 8 months ago dealers were charging premium on top of MRSP for Prii-- well, it was also after disaster in Japan and shortage of vehicles. Buying a car between mid-December and the end of January is the best deal: dealerships are deserted, however you still have to work hard and negotiate not to give extra bucks to the dealers. :)
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    I just got a Prius II deal from Hayward Toyota for $21k (before tax and licensing) Tax and Licensing adds up to $2K so it came out at $23K OTD. There is plenty of ads in the news paper these days from dealers wanting to sell the Prius II with that price.

    I would have gone for Prius III but they charge $1K more for Bluetooth and JBL stereo which I think is a rip off.

    I went to Frys and bought Motorola Bluetooth speaker, stick it on the viser and it works great, the inbuilt stereo system is pretty good, why pay 1K more!

    By the way I am very happy with my purchase, I have been getting 50-55mpg, I don't know why anyone would want to drive any other car, this is a great car!
  • henochsphenochsp Member Posts: 1
    hi, it sounds like you got a great deal. i'm looking for a prius ii as well. can you tell me what to ask for, a special discount or special? was your car a test drive car or was is brand new? were there others left? thanks.
  • amitb1amitb1 Member Posts: 4
    Just contact their Internet department, my car was brand new (only had 2 miles on it) they still have few left, contact them soon before they are gone.
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    The dealers around St. Louis are loaded on prius inventory -- deals are pretty decent but be careful out there. The f & i mgr is waiting to make your net deal stink with all kinds of worthless add-ons. And those guys are good at what they do.
  • want2buyhwant2buyh Member Posts: 14
    sounds like a very good deal. I am in th SF bayarea too.

    What was your 'doc fee' and what sort of add-ons did your car come with... the standard floor/cargo mats? I will check to see what Hayward has in stock and also the dealers closer to me in the east/north bay.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 210,245
    I think the doc fee in CA is restricted to $55, by statute...

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  • subjectivesubjective Member Posts: 62
    On 19 Dec 2011 I purchased for my wife a 2011 prius three hatch in which our dealer advertised 20 % off any prius in stock(they had 21). This came out to $21,081 from a MSRP total monroney sticker price of $26,353. I asked our salesman to take me directly to the general sales mgr. in which I informed him that I would be paying cash in the form of a cashiers check and wanted him to delete the doc fee of $599.50. He told me he could'nt do it due to the low price with little profit to the dealership. We decided to go ahead and purchase the car anyway after thinking it over for an hour. We had the salesman take us back to him and then he told us for that price we would have to finance the car through Southeast Toyota Distributors. We told him we did'nt want to do that and had already earlier told him we would be paying cash. I was very angry but asked how much woulf the fee be. He picked up the phone, called accounting and told us $785. We left telling him this was rediculous. The salesman, who we like, convinced us it was still a good price. We went back to conclude the deal and the comptroller told us the genera Mgr had made a mistake and the fee would be $2000. but he would ask the same Mgr if in view of the circumstances a $1000. fee could be accepted. I then told him that the General Mgr had already offered the fee for $785. origonally offered to us. He said yes. If it was'nt for my wife, I would have told him what he could do with his "if you pay cash fee". The out the door price with all the add on junk and fees was a total of $24173.19. I am going to go to the Florida Attorney General about these obviously deceptive sales practices.
  • want2buyhwant2buyh Member Posts: 14
    I didn't see an email address on their website, did you use the 'request a quote' link for dealer in Hayward... AutoWest?
  • phillyguy6phillyguy6 Member Posts: 4
    edited December 2011
    Purchased a 2011 Prius II today for $23,500 OTD. The best deal I was coming across were ~$23,000 OTD on advertised specials (on specific cars in the dealer' inventory). I didn't have the patience to chase them down (dealers start playing games on what's available or not, etc.).

    This was in the Peninsula in SF Bay Area.
  • autumnskyautumnsky Member Posts: 3
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    Dec 31, the last day of the month and the last day of the year. The stars are aligned for great car deals.

    The opportunity to connect with dealerships via the Edmunds site is fantastic. After narrowing my car search to a Prius lll without nav. I started the day early on Saturday emailing dealers (about 10-12) in three regions of Virginia using the Edmunds site to request price quotes. By 9am my phone was ringing off the hook. Negotiations went back and forth until about noon when I narrowed the offers to two. A dealership in Northern VA offered to sell me a new Prius lll w/out nav for $22,300 including everything except tax and title, this deal also included the 60 month finance at 0%. A dealership in Maryland (just over the VA line) offered the same deal for $22,700. The critical factor in closing the deal would be what could I get for a trade-in of my 100k+ miles vehicle?

    A little after noon I loaded in my aging car to make the 2 1/2 hour trip to Falls Church in northern VA. Not only did the dealership there deliver on their promised price for the car plus 60 mnth 0% financing, but they also offered a very fair deal for my aging car (you have to know your numbers going into this and the Edmunds site and Kelley Book helps with perspective).

    Needless to say, I'm loving my new Prius 3 and I am very impressed with the sales team I met. BTW, the second dealership was in Salisbury, MD. I was also very impressed with my phone dealings with them.

    Remember, only a few days left (Jan 3) on that sweet 60mnth 0% finance deal by Toyota. Happy shopping.
  • drivingmainedrivingmaine Member Posts: 4
    This is a classic example of "low-balling" practice, it should be included in all textbooks.
  • newprius37newprius37 Member Posts: 5
    The cheapest I am able to get a 2011 Prius around here (midwest) is $23,300 (includes all fees except sales tax). Seems like others in this thread have gotten a lot better deals, not sure if I am lacking in negotiating skills or this is just how it is in my area. Gonna make a decision today, any advice?
  • sink1sink1 Member Posts: 3
    Yes, that's the number I get a lot here in Ohio. But today, so far, I have 2 dealers going down to match Columbus OH price of $22,500 for Prius II., plus tx, title and doc fee of $250. I want to buy today, and on the phone they say they can sell at that price. Now to see if I get a surprise when I get to dealer to get the deal done.
  • newprius37newprius37 Member Posts: 5
    Ya it sounds like you are getting about $550 less than my quote. I am getting Blizzard Pearl so that adds $220 generally, and this one has lighted door entry which is an extra that I probably don't care too much about but is on this model.

    The nearest dealer to me was about $200 higher and I felt like I did all I could to negotiate but they weren't budging.

    I am headed to dealership today as well...good luck!
  • sink1sink1 Member Posts: 3
    My dealer here in Ohio did come through. No hard sale, very quick and easy. I got my Prius II for 22,500, plus tax and title, and OH doc fee. I financed it all for 3 yrs at .9 percent. Other dealers did not budge below $23,600! I got to that number by getting Columbus dealer quotes and then taking it my dealer who matched it.
  • autumnskyautumnsky Member Posts: 3
    Oh yes, giving a view into the competitors pricing gives leverage. Congrats on the new Prius.
  • manigopimanigopi Member Posts: 17
    Hi, Thats an excellent deal. Do you mind sharing the dealership names? Is 22300 for Prius 3 or 2? Apologies for too many questions as the lowest i got was 23600 for Prius 3 in Philli area.
  • autumnskyautumnsky Member Posts: 3
    Bill Page in Falls Church, VA
    Pohanka in Salisbury, MD
    also try Koons in Alexandria, VA
  • newprius37newprius37 Member Posts: 5
    edited January 2012
    For prospective buyers, here is the deal I did in Kentucky...

    - i took my vehicle into a dealership to do a trade for a Prius II...the net price was not what I wanted, so I left and put my vehicle on craigslist. It sold the next morning for $800 more than the dealership was offering on trade in.

    - then bought a 2011 Prius II (Blizzard Pearl (+220), Illuminated door seal (+200), Floor Mats (+$200), no side molding and no other extras. $22,975 plus $299 fee (plus my state sales tax), comes with Toyotacare (2 years or 25k miles or oil changes) and the dealer provided a lifetime warranty on engine and drivetrain (though I am sure it is pretty restrictive and hard to take advantage of)

    ...the day after...took a 400 mile trip, about 2/3 interstate miles and 1/3 city/rural. When I was on the interstate, it was averaging around 42 mpg, but at the end of the day the overall trip averaged 46 mpg. sales guy said it can take 5k miles to "break in" and implied that the mileage gets a little better during that period.

    - best feature so far is smartkey...nice!
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    When you take your car in for service, check out the "recommended" service packs at various mileages. Easily $3-500 per. This is what you will be required to do to keep the lifetime power train warranty intact. About all the owners manual says you need is oil changes every 10k miles. If you want an extended warranty -- you can get a genuine Toyota 7year/75k zero deductible for around $700 that covers everything.
  • newprius37newprius37 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks jayrider for that advice. The lifetime warranty happened to come at the dealership with the lower price as well, but I will have to look at those numbers to see which makes more sense for me.

    MPGs on my first trip of 1300 miles averaged 51, which came way up from the first stretch of the trip on the interstate.

    My second trip of 300 miles is averaging 56 mpg so far, some interstate and rural/city as well. That is great!

    The one negative I can think of is when I break and something is switching (not sure if it is switching to the motor or just the gears shifting), something is not as smooth as I would like it to be.
  • jumroojumroo Member Posts: 2
    Northern California : Dublin Toyota.

    Paid $21495 for Prius II, Added leather and rear guard plastic protector for $1600 for a total
    of $23100. Blue Ribbon with grey interior. Leather job appeared great on other cars in show room.

    Out the door for $25381. financed at 4.9% for 60 months. Could have done for 1.9% without
    $500 rebate

    Very nice experience in and out in an hour. They had a couple more left. Salesman Nick and Mike Amin.

  • quattroquattro Member Posts: 100
    edited January 2012
    Anyone getting 2012 Prius? I am in San Fran and there is no 2012 yet. Worse yet even the dealers don't know when they are going to get 2012s.
    I cannot understand why Toyota is not putting 2012 prius on the market yet. Hello Toyota, the new year is long gone and its now 2012. What are they thinking? How hard is it to change the model year when all is changed is just some minor stuff. And they have to give out rebate to get rid of the 2011. Not very smart Mr Toyoda!
    Very frustrating..... :mad:
  • t_rob76t_rob76 Member Posts: 1
    Production of many Toyotas was slowed due to the earthquake and tsunami, especially the Prius in which some of the battery manufacturing plants were damaged. I understand your frustration, as i am currently waiting for my Prius V to be built, but realize Japan was hit by the third largest quake in recorded history and may need some time to rebuild infrastructure
  • mrp33558mrp33558 Member Posts: 1
    Is $ 27,278 for a 2011 Prius III with Navigation, Solar roof, and window tint...Is this a great price for Tampa Florida???
  • bigrinbigrin Member Posts: 18
    M: not bad, a family member got same model/options, only with cloth seats for $26779 + tax, lic. in LA. He also got extended warranties for that price.
  • alcarralcarr Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me about the pricing for a Prius ll or lll in Los Angeles--looking to purchase soon.
  • jsctjsct Member Posts: 10
    I just purchased a 2011 Prius IV. In the CT region (and I think NY too) the current incentive is $750 cash or 0%. We took $750 cash. Here's what I got:

    Prius IV, base w/ MSRP $28,080. Price paid after $750 rebate: $25,228 +400 doc +TTL. That's appx. $2800 under MSRP.

    I used TrueCar.com to obtain pricing from several different zip codes in larger metro areas (NYC, Boston). I talked to the TrueCar dealer to be sure they actually had a car to sell that met my specifications (often they don't). I then called local dealers to see if any would match. I've tried this in the past with other vehicles and it never worked. I've always ended up traveling to the larger dealerships. But this time the local dealers were willing to work with us.

    The process was very smooth. I'm happy with the outcome. Hope this helps someone.
  • LAPRguyLAPRguy Member Posts: 3
    My 2009 lease was up, and was planning on buying the car off of residual. Checking out value of the car with some issues (mileage overage, some minor damage), made sense to consider a new car. Thinking I'd get a better price on a 2011, I followed the advice of jsct and contacted local dealers through Edmonds and Costco. Turns out, the 2011 was a couple hundred dollars more than the 2012, so I opted for that instead. There are other threads comparing the two if you're debating the two, and for me, the 2012 made sense.

    I spent day one negotiating the price of the car, and day two was about getting best value for my return. Spent the afternoon getting appraisals, and got all kinds of various prices, and ended up with a fair price and good deal on the car. I live in southern California.

    Purchase price for 2012 package 3 with Nav was $24,961 plus Tax/License. They even gave me a loaner car until the color I want comes in, saving me a month of a lease payment and registration that was due on the lease. They also gave me $800 more than the second lowest bid on the appraisal. With the price worked out ahead of time, process was easy and stress free. Good luck!
  • manigopimanigopi Member Posts: 17
    Hello all, Just want to let you know that I just closed a deal on 2011 Prius 2 Pearl White for $23200 OTD including everything (tax,tags,fees included) with remote starter installed. I did the 'negotiations' fully via email without lifting the phone. I had a very positive experience with the dealership. I was in and out within 2 hours. No pressure or gimmicks to sell anything fancy.
  • subjectivesubjective Member Posts: 62
    In the SOUTHEASTERN US, to purchase a Toyota, we have to put up with almost every vehicle having been preinstalled by the disrtibutor(SOUTHEASTERN TOYOTA) and their dealers, unwanted overpriced $699. TOYOGUARD, $100. pin stripes, $150. incomplete undercoating.,for advertised prices a requirement to finance at an above market interest rate provided by Southeast Toyota Distributors and extended warranty sold by Southeast when we as customers want the genuine Toyota extended warranty contract in which we have to buy outside the controlled Southeast territory. HELLO TOYOTA
  • lacarshpprlacarshppr Member Posts: 1

    I am also in SoCal and am looking for a 2012 Package 3. I have a lease to trade in and am wondering where you purchased your car. Based on my research, that seems like a really good price, considering the dealers I've contacted have said they can't keep them on the lot and have no incentive to make a deal.

  • tomwinstomwins Member Posts: 1
    We are in San Diego. Yesterday we picked up a 2011 Prius III with Navigation, solar panel, moon roof, and KARR anti-theft alarm for $27,515 out the door. The KARR was originally $800 and was already on the car so we told them to remove it. By the time we got to reviewing the options, the KARR was down to $405 so we kept it. The one thing we did not do was the extended warranty (8 yr/75,000) for $1,145. We are shopping around to find something better within the next couple of years while we are covered by Toyota's warranty.
    Pricing breakdown:
    25,710 Cash price
    +2,305.54 taxes and fees
    -500 rebate
    27,515.54 otd

    If you are a USPS employee check with NAPUS CU. They are offering .5% off their rate for hybrid cars. Their 24 month rate is 1.25% making the rate .75!!! We were going to pay all cash but decided to let our cash work for us and finance because of that rate.
  • iontrapiontrap Member Posts: 139
    Through my job I can get 3.25% below invoice on Toyota's. How does this compare to what others are seeing from dealers?
  • cessna10cessna10 Member Posts: 4
    edited February 2012
    first toyota, first Prius, first lease. 2011 Prius II, MSRP $24280.00, cash price $22280.00. I took a zero down 36 month lease, payments are $298.33 and residual is $13642.00. we have driven it about 50 miles, seems an interesting vehicle. I was told that the money factor was .0001 - not sure if that is true. silver/dark gray interior, its going to be interesting,
    minneapolis, MN
  • minnuminnu Member Posts: 5
    did any one purchase recently 2012 Prius III in the Tristate area. what did they pay. I am getting it for 25400 + TTR. Is it good deal.
  • chiplchipl Member Posts: 3
    Looking at cars.com for inventory.., and Tysons is wanting $21858 on a 2011 vs Arlington $20963.... What the heck is going on?
  • kscharmmkscharmm Member Posts: 1
    I noticed the same thing, I have been searching the entire DMV and I notice for 2011 package two the price varies from 20,500 up 22,500.
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  • fk1028fk1028 Member Posts: 2
    Just leased a 2012 Pruis II in Melbourne Florida. Located a Sea Glass Pearl color one and set a deal on the phone for a $305 x 39 mos 12K mi/yr lease - sign and drive with no $$ at close. They prep the vehicle, parked it in the new vehicle bay and added the license plate $200 at the end and ends up with a $310 x 38 payments deal. I could have walked but there is only one with that color in town and I just absorbed the extra. This is my first Prius and it is pretty impressive. The 2012 has the mp3/usb/bluetooth as std equipment. The vehicle comes with tint, floor mat and they put nitrogen in the tires??

    Do not know whether this price is good as there is no reference in the forum. Any ideas?
  • bebesalinasbebesalinas Member Posts: 2
    Just got 2012 Prius II for $22,988 comes with floor mat only, OTD is $25,220 over the weekend. Toyota Sunnyvale dealer gave me a very good deal on my trade-in of 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE with 96,250 miles on it. Very excellent customer service from Delon and Papas in Sales and Mike from Finance. Mike, the GM is so easy to deal with. We put 300 miles in it already since my husband commute to work one way is about 40 miles. With the gas price right now, we are so happy with Prius!
  • dontbanmedontbanme Member Posts: 1
    "Just got 2012 Prius II for $22,988"

    Is it AFTER the trade-in? I am presuming it is. Thank you kindly.
  • subjectivesubjective Member Posts: 62
    AS I posted earlier in the purchase of our 2011 Prius lll where our dealer advertised 20% off on all 2011 prius in stock(they had 21), but to get this 20%off they required the car be financed through Southeast Toyota Distributers at an inflated above market interest rate or else pay a fee of $2000. if the buyer pays cash or will arranges their own financing. I complained about this deceptive sales practice but still had to pay $785. in order to complete the purchase of the car. I wrote to Toyota President Mr Toyoda in which a reply came in the form of a telephone call from a customer service clerk rudely stating to me this was OK because the dealer stated in his ad that the 20 % off required financing through SE Toyota Dist. Really! Now the dealers are advertising the same deal on any 2011 Toyota left in stock. I have also written to the Florida Attorney General about what we view as deceptive sales practices. Last week a lady being transported home from the dealer service dept.,complained to the van service driver how she had been charged a $2000. fee for paying cash for her new 2011 Toyota.
  • kwailaukwailau Member Posts: 6
    Hi there,

    I'm looking to purchase a Toyota Prius 3 in the San Francisco Bay Area and would appreciate any helpful advice that I can get.

    I've made a few inquiries from the Costco Car Buying program through a local dealer (Piercey Toyota) and got a verbal offer of $500 off invoice price for the base Prius 3.

    The invoice price that I have from Edmunds is $24,559.00 which will bring the offer to $24,059.00. Good deal?

    The salesman did say that their selections are low right now because of the increasing gas prices. I'm not sure what the inventory levels are right now.

    Anyways, I would greatly appreciate any helpful insights and recommendations that you guys have to share (especially in the South Bay!).

  • kwailaukwailau Member Posts: 6
    OK, it looks like the invoice price at the dealership is not the same as the one listed on Edmunds.

    They told me that the invoice price for the Prius 3 is: $25,367. Edmund's is $24,559.00 which is $808 less.

    Not sure if they are artificially jacking up their invoice price...

  • bebesalinasbebesalinas Member Posts: 2
    You can try Toyota Sunnyvale where I got my 2012 Prius 2 2 weeks ago. Sticker price is $24,985, dealer price is 23,900 I think, they had it on sale for $23,200 but they matched the sale price from Piercey which is $22,988. I had a trade-in where they added $300 on the price that they matched from autotrader.com. Goodluck!
  • kwailaukwailau Member Posts: 6
    Thank you! I have made a call over to Stevens Creek Toyota and they have not called me back yet. Will check with them to see what I end up getting!

  • gopriusgoprius Member Posts: 15
    On Feb 16, 2012, the total price (includes freight, taxes, title) was only $21,980 (Washington, DC area) This did include the $1000 rebate that Toyota was offering. There was no trade-in. This was a steal of a deal! This was a brand new car with an odometer reading of 1 mile.
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