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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • winginskywinginsky Posts: 5
    edited October 2010
    Leased a Prius III without NAV recently, bay area,

    $1000 drive OTD and $208/mo (after tax) for 35 month, 12K mi/yr

    is that good deal? I don't like to pay for the NAV since it's just too fancy for regular use :) However, I do like the bluetooth & CD changer, mp3 player all the time
  • Which dealer in the bay area? I am in the market as well.
    What was the negotiated selling price on the car?
  • fremont.

    Maybe because all toyota dealers have $1000 matching for down payment until Nov. 1, we can have a better price than last month? The cap before adjusted is about 232xx and money factor is 0.00009, if my memory serves ...
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,079
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  • surysury Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    Bought a Prius IV Metallic Blue (Nav, Carpet Floor Mats & Cargo Mat and Appearance Package). Price is $27,850 before Tax. Took a lease with MF=0.0009, Residual = 57%, with $1000down and Toyota matching $1000, monthly payment is $319 (Bay Area, CA, sales tax os 9.25%). Hope this is a reasonable deal. This is for 15000 miles per year and for 36 months.
  • This is a great deal.
    What dealership did you make it ?
    What would be the price for Prius III without Nav ??

  • amar2amar2 Posts: 2
    Looks good deal.. How is your dealer? Is the $319 inclusive sales tax ?
  • amar2amar2 Posts: 2
    Hello Friends, Can you help me to understand what is a good buying price on the Package 4 without sun roof. I noticed in some posts that dealer matches $1000, what does it mean?

  • orunorun Posts: 4
    Have been offered the following for Prius III *WITH* Nav in SF bay area

    Negotiated price 24884
    residual 15857 (57%)
    Initial down $500 (Toyota matching $500)
    Money Factor .00009
    First payment $689 + $500 = $1189
    Monthly payment incl. tax $270

    Is this good?

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    You can't assess a lease without the msrp.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    it doesn't even say how many months and how many miles are included either.
    Very vague.
  • orunorun Posts: 4
    Sorry skipped on some info:

    Lease term 36 months/36k miles
    MSRP $27010
    - Special color fee (Blizzard Pearl) $220 - has anyone heard about this?
    - TDA (Advertising fees) $429
    Both above fees included in MSRP/Invoice

    Also, does TFS allow lease transfer in case one has to get out before 36 months?
  • Sounds pretty good deal, you get $2000 down from MSRP before $500 matching?
  • orunorun Posts: 4
    Yes (or so I have been led to believe:))

    MSRP $27010
    Invoice $25384
    (Lease) Price $24884

    (Lease) Price is $500 below invoice and then a $500 match.
  • orunorun Posts: 4
    Howdy folks!

    Has anyone transferred a lease for Prius or another Toyota vehicle, when the vehicle was leased through Toyota Financial.

  • cp101cp101 Posts: 6
    To anyone who can offer an opinion -

    2010 Prius II w/ cloth
    36 Mo / 45,000 Mile Lease (15K / Yr)
    $1500 total at closing (includes payment #1)
    Total monthly payment: $242
    Location: SW Florida

    Please let me know if this is a good deal in comparison to what others are paying out there. Thank you very much.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Roll everything into the lease except the 1st payment if possible. Question --Why would you lease a car beyond the warranty of 3 years/36k miles. Although unlikely, you will be responsible for repairs on a car you don't own. You could also be looking at a set of new tires when you turn it in at 45k miles. The new owner will be very pleased.
  • cp101cp101 Posts: 6
    Interesting advice, but I can't reduce how much I drive per year (I average at least 15K). There's no way I could have afforded a 24 month lease (~30K miles), so this was really my only option as far as I can see.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Maybe you should consider buying -- drive it for a 100k miles -- no major service issues til then. Low financing is available. Just talking here -- do what best meets your needs and good luck.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Can't Toyota also do 30 month terms? It will have a lower payment than 24 months and you won't go much over the warranty coverage.
  • volvooceanvolvoocean Posts: 11
    edited October 2010
    Antwerpen auto in Clarksville, MD. The msrp was $31,909 (it has the solar roof package). I bought it for $29K plus tax, title, and tags. I received the 2 year free maintenance from Toyota plus 0% for 60 months.
  • The dealer was offering Fidelity Warranty Company for extended warranty. They are based in the south and offer extended warranty for Toyota dealers. Anybody with good/bad reviews?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Don't buy it -- you can get a genuine toyota ext. warranty for 654 -- 7 years 75k miles zero deductible. Just search toyota warranties -- several dealers sell them online. got mine that way.
  • Would a Prius IV with Nav (not the Solar package) be a good deal at this price?

    MSRP: $30,040
    INVOICE: $28,142
    Invoice less incentives= $27,484 PLUS T/L

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
  • I just bought a white Prius III for a great price with 0 down, 0% interest for 36 months.

    Even though I went in not wanting to be sold on "extras", I was=( There is a 60 day refund policy on everything so I can change my mind...

    1) GAP: $495
    2) Platinum Extra Care (8 years/125k miles) - I won't keep it past 5-6ish years and I dive 10k a year. He told me it's good for the next owner, but I generally don't sell private. This cost me $1675
    3) Premium Auto Care - while new Toyotas come with 2 year free maintenance I was sold on this extra care for $495. I think it's for 1 extra year, I don't even remember what else the guy said.

    Anyhow, would really appreciate some advice. Should I cancel? I do want peace of mind and I know it's a complicated vehicle, I just don't want to be ripped off at point of sale.

    Side note: Any thoughts on window tinting? I'm about to do 30 on all windows. Too dark? It's illegal where I live to do the front ones, so I'm considering just doing rear windows.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited November 2010
    Yes cancel all of it ASAP.
    GAP is not worth much on a car that is being paid off in 36 months.
    The maintenance package is a complete waste of money for 1 year extra coverage.
    The extended warranty is way overpriced and way too high mileage for you if you only drive 10K miles per year and normally trade in.

    Just cancel all of it. You have 3 years to think about and shop for an extended warranty for a better price if you are scared of repairs after 36K miles.
    The hybrid system including the battery is already factory covered by the free included warranty for at least 8 years. An extended warranty adds no extra coverage for the battery or hybrid system parts.
    When the car is about 2 1/2 years old, you can reevaluate how much longer and how many more miles you will keep the car and decide which extended warranty term you want to get, if any.

    Since they were able to pressure you into buying these things even though you didn't intend to buy any of it, they will probably also try to talk you into keeping it or maybe giving you a "discount" to keep it, but don't let them scam you a second time.

    Obviously, do not buy tint from these people either. Check with locals where the best place to get tint is.
  • Sigh. Thanks for the quick reply. I got the IV, not the III but that won't impact the question or answer;-)

    The extra maintenance will cover 2 extra years (so 4 total) and 45k, which will cover the 30k service.
  • How much did you paid for IV ? i am in market for III or IV. not able to decide at this moment.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited November 2010
    It's still not worth that much even for 2 extra years. You can shop multiple dealers when you need the 30K service and look for coupons and specials. The dealer showed me a glossy service brochure that had wildly exaggerated prices for service costs when he was trying to convince me to buy the maintenance package.
    The 30K service isn't that costly if you don't overpay and don't get extra unneeded services done.

    They sold you an overpriced GAP policy on a 36 month loan, so you can bet they didn't sell you a bargain money-saving prepaid maintenance package.
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