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    We stopped by Koons on the way to 355 Toyota in Rockville in mid February. They would NOT match the documented price that we had from 355 Toyota, and insisted that the price did NOT include freight. I called 355 Toyota and twice, they said the quoted price INCLUDED freight. Koons lost the sale. When we got home, there were frantic calls from the salesman who talked to "another manager" and knocked off an additional $400. I called him back and said sorry, we bought the Prius for hundreds below what their "best" price was. Their original deal was only 200-300 off MSRP. We laughed and said you have to do better than that. They had all the smoke and mirrors... LIFETIME Virginia safety inspections... (think about it... $20 x 7 years of ownership). Also said they offered free nitrogen tire fill ups.... Costco has the same thing when you buy tires there....

    Koons was preferred due to its proximity of our house, but once you lie and play all those stupid car dealer games, I shutdown and stop listening...
    In the past 2 years, we have purchased two cars from 355 Toyota. Each time, all the pricing was done via email, and they honored all that when we arrived to finalize the paperwork.
  • gopriusgoprius Member Posts: 15

    Inventories might be artificially low by Toyota because they have all of their Prii locked up in storage lots in Long Beach, CA. Back in 2008, we wanted to get a Prius, but supply was tight and we couldn't justify the cost difference between the Prius and a Camry, even with the gas mileage differences. We bought the Camry, and within 2 weeks, there's a story on Yahoo about how Toyota had stored all the incoming Prii in storage lots, and not releasing them to dealers. So, go back to those slimy salesman and ask them to check the storage lots in Long Beach for your Prius, in the color YOU want. :-)
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    That's a great deal. What was your base price before Tax, title and license and doc fee (if any)? And what was the actual MSRP of the vehicle you purchased? Just trying to calculate what the actual $ discount off of MSRP is. I'm hoping to replicate this deal in my area for a family member.

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    Thanks goprius!

    That price sounds really good! We ended buying one last Saturday for $500 below invoice through the Costco Auto Program here in Silicon Valley. The cost of the Prius3 base w/floormats is $24,867.00 which is a lot more than the price you got.

    There were no rebates on the Prius, only the Highlander. I think the rebates changes from month to month.
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    You're right about the inventory. The dealer we went with had only 5 Prii on the lot whereas they had over 30+ Camrys. The fleet manager basically says that half of the Prii were sold before they arrive (which is my case) and once the car is on the lot, they pretty much get sold within days.

    No room for price haggling...
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    The MSRP was originally 24,848. That of course, includes the $750 freight charge. They also included carpet mats and the rear bumper Prius applique. (I had no choice there).

    The price before taxes, title, tags and $200 processing fee was 21,980. Toyota was running a $1000 rebate in the Mid-Atlantic states, so the advertised price came out to 20,980 before TTT. The TOTAL price of the vehicle was $21,957.

    I'm currently averaging 54.7 MPG based on about 490 miles.
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    It is nice the car dealer apologized to you on here...though they should just change their business practices. I had the same experience with my local dealer, who said they were going to lose money if they sold it to me any lower. Compared to what people are getting around the country, their lowest price was a bad deal. I got it from a dealer an hour away for your same reasons, they gave a me a decent price by email ($1,000 cheaper than the local dealer) and didn't play the game. I still didn't get it for nearly as cheap as people are getting it in other areas of the country, but wasn't willing to drive 1000 miles each way to save $1,000.
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    i am looking to get a deal on pruis 2 but it seems like i cant get it any lower then $23485. (Longo Toyota)..>Iam in Los Angeles Area
    would appreciate if you can let me know where you got yours from.
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    Hi Sam,

    I got my Prius 3 from Piercey Toyota in Milpitas, CA through the Costco Auto Program. Basically, $500 below invoice.

    Give Costco a try. If you do buy from Longo, tell Russell Lowe that I said "Hi" :D.

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    I'm out on the east coast, outside of Washington, DC... My steal of a deal was at 355 Toyota in Rockville, Maryland.

    Since you are in the LA area, I would check out those storage lots that Toyota uses to hold cars. If a dealer says their supply is constrained, I would tell them to release the cars from the lots, and stop trying to screw potential customers. Personally, I think right now is the worst time to get a hybrid. With the gas prices really high, the dealers are playing off this and marking up the prices. Wait until the gas prices stabilize and the dealers will be offering discounts again... I've seen this trend here in the DC area.
  • gopriusgoprius Member Posts: 15
    You might want to try


    and see what dealers pop up...
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    I just bought a 2012 Prius IV, with the deluxe solar package. We paid 31,500. I've only used it twice, but everytime I do I have visions of dollar signs in my mind. Does anyone know how to use the ABC, DEF mode when in the ipod interface? My alphabet buttons aren't highlighted...
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    Since this discussion is specifically about 2010 Prius pricing, you will probably have better luck with your question in one of our more general Prius discussions. Here's the list:
    Prius discussions


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    Purchased a 2012 Prius Two in Tempe Az for $264 over invoice, calculated as:

    22,560 Car
    760 Destination
    140 Carpet Floor Mats and Cargo Mat
    60 Estimated invoice for all weather cargo mat
    23,520 Total Invoice

    23,385 Car price, including destination and accessories above
    399 Doc fee :(
    23,784 Purchase price (plus TTL)

    23,784 Purchase Price
    23,520 Invoice
    264 Over invoice

    I used the fightingchance dot com method and got eight other proposals ranging from 1,926 over invoice to 457 over invoice.

    Interestingly, we ended up purchasing from the first place we went to and nearest our house (after eliminating a closer dealership because we did not like our initial experience).

    We did have one bid for a 2011 Prius Two for about $500 less out the door than our purchase (no 1000 incentive per what I found :(. Given the distance, additional hit for depreciation because it is a model year older, and no bluetooth we were happy paying a little more for what we got.

    If you're shopping, good luck!
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  • ericspyderericspyder Member Posts: 33
    Wow, You're getting a very good deal. How many percent of tax to apply in you state? in CA we have 8.25% for tax.
    Could you share that information? Thanks.

  • ericspyderericspyder Member Posts: 33
    Anyone recently bought Prius II in Bay Area?
    How much OTD? I'm going to buy one very soon.
    Thank you very much.

  • nuttyprof1nuttyprof1 Member Posts: 1
    Just brought home my 2012 Prius Two. Got it for 22088.00 plus TTL. No extras, no add ons, no nothing tagged on.

    Talk to Ryan from internet sales at Miller Toyota in Anaheim. This was their advertised special, except it was a black one. They were supposed to only have one at that price, but gave Ryan a call and he got me the silver one I wanted. Brand new. No test drives. 4 miles from factory. Full tank of gas, floor mats, fresh detail, all for freezies.

    I opted for the 6 yr 100k extended warranty for an extra 1,028. They got me 2.75% APR 60month financing too. My total per month is about 375 for 60 months, plus 4400 down up front.

    I think I got a great deal. My buddy at Longo told me the best they could do was 23,300.
  • ericspyderericspyder Member Posts: 33

    Thanks for information. Price is good. 2.75% also good.
    Anyone do better in Bay Area? Thanks for sharing.
  • ck90211ck90211 Member Posts: 158
    edited April 2012
    Just spent this afternoon with a friend to get her Prius 2 at DCH Toyota Torrance. Friday LA Times ad price was $21778 and it was $23730 OTD. Great experience with both salesman and finance (no upsales or talk-down). Best yet, they matched credit union rate at 1.99% for 5 year nothing down.
  • scrapple5scrapple5 Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking to purchase a PriusV Model three or five very soon. I was hoping anyone can share the deals they have negotiated. Has anyone gotten the V under invoice?

    We are located in the Bay Area (San Jose).

  • ericspyderericspyder Member Posts: 33
    $20,980 price is very good. But I wonder what's rate of tax at your state? Only a little less than $1000 for tax?
    In Bay Area , CA is 8.25% for sale tax. I'm not sure but in LA, CA only $7.25% sale tax.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • uspeeduspeed Member Posts: 1
    I just bought Prius 2 from Dublin Toyota, OTD : $24,950. ($22738+ttl)

    Excellent buying experience through email, spend just 2 hour there to ride back great car.
  • ericspyderericspyder Member Posts: 33
    Look like people in LA get better deal than us up here in Bay Area.
  • mi55sinmi55sin Member Posts: 1
    who did you talk to? i tried getting a deal through email from dublin and they were very unhelpful

    im also looking for a prius 2 2012 in either grey or blue
  • droptopsolaradroptopsolara Member Posts: 19
    Hi, can you let me know what dealers you looked at and where you ultimately purchased? will be looking for either a Prius IV or a Prius V three

    I'm in Hartford / Eastern CT Area
    best regards, Bob
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    A news reporter would like to talk with hybrid car owners in Northern California. If you fit the description, please contact [email protected] by Wednesday, April 25, 2012.

  • ericspyderericspyder Member Posts: 33
    I haven't buy it yet. Sorry.

  • av8nautigerav8nautiger Member Posts: 4
    Hey goprius, I live in Greenbelt. Did you go through Truecar? What did you get and how much did you pay? I'm looking for a Prius Two in MD. Thanks.
  • idreamofpriusidreamofprius Member Posts: 1
    Toyotaplace dealership, Garden Grove, CA

    Got the Prius 3 for 24K+ 1335 (costco pricing for the solar panel option) = 25335 + TTL = ~27990.

    Invoice price for the Prius 3 without the solar panel and without transport fee, carmats etc, was 23799.

    Negotiated the price for the Prius and they gave me no problems matching what other dealers had to offer and gave me lots of better perks, better financing.

    Added the Gap insurance (600) plus extended warranty 7yr, 100k miles (1600)

    Minus my trade in value ~500, I financed for ~29690 :)

    Very happy with my purchase and experience seeing as the sticker price alone minus TTL, was about 28500.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Maybe we can get you your 15 minutes of fame next time. :D
  • shigenobuchanshigenobuchan Member Posts: 8
    Was that the OTD price?
  • shigenobuchanshigenobuchan Member Posts: 8
    @tomwins, what dealership in San Diego did you purchase from? Thanks!
  • am99am99 Member Posts: 1
    Purchased a 2012 Prius II from Miller Toyota Anaheim, CA for $22,088 + TTL.
    They had one of their internet specials on some of these. This had Dealer Invoice date of March 2012. Has Floor mats Only.

    The lowest deal I found prior to this was from Longo Toyota, El Monte, CA for $23,200 +TTL. Same configuration.
    Also checked Power Toyota, Irvine, CA with Costco pricing - $23,649 + TTL. (it included a TDA fee of $437 that kind of negated the Costco $500 below Invoice on package II).

    Interestingly Costco's Package III pricing is $100 over Invoice.
  • aladin11aladin11 Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Purchased a New 2012 Prius 3 w solar roof Blizzard Pearl for $26K + TTL ~ $28.5K (OTD)
    MSRP was 28270
    Dealer: Toyota Palo Alto
  • jenm1231jenm1231 Member Posts: 2
    I know Norwood Ma is a hike from Ct... But Boch Toyota in Norwood has the best prices. I bought a Blizzard Pearl Prius V three below invoice. $25498 and got $2500 more for my trade. If you finance, deal with Jimmie the finance manager directly. He is the best. I even negotiated my rate down. Tommy jr was a great salesman. You can call and speak with the sales manager Ray and negotiate a price before visiting. Good luck!!! :blush:
  • droptopsolaradroptopsolara Member Posts: 19
    Thanks, I purchased two cars from Boch when I lived a few towns over, so I know they are big in that area and I had good interactions. Not too far if it is a good deal.
    ThankS, I'll check them out again.
  • gopriusgoprius Member Posts: 15
    Eric, the sales tax in Virginia for a new car is 3%.
  • gopriusgoprius Member Posts: 15

    The price mentioned was for a 2011 Model, Prius 2. It did include a $1000 rebate from Toyota. Although the car was 2011, it was brand new with only 2 miles on the odometer. Check the Washington Post on Friday/Saturday... 355 Toyota had a Prius 2 for something like 22.8 + TTT last week... so maybe you can get similar deal on a Prius 3. We don't need leather seats (hot in the summer, cold in the winter) or a GPS, so a Prius 2 is fine for us. I have filled the tank 3 times since getting the car in February, and each time, the mileage has been hovering in the low 50's with a mix of highway and city driving!
  • gopriusgoprius Member Posts: 15
    I tried truecar, but they couldn't beat the deal I got from 355 Toyota.. the TOTAL price of the car was 22.8 and included the car mats and the rear bumper applique, both of which I don't care for. the mats were replaced with the weathertech.com mats. :-)

    I can't remember exactly which dealers participate in truecar in the dc area. I want to say passport toyota, some dealer in bowie? and Woodbridge?? They weren't household names to me, so that's why I can't remember them now.
  • ericspyderericspyder Member Posts: 33
    Thank you goprius. You got the best deal compare to us here in California. Right now I check at Edmunds.com and truecar.com, both they want aroud for prius II without any option. Congratulation.

  • ericspyderericspyder Member Posts: 33
    Thank you goprius. You got the best deal compare to us here in California. Right now I check at Edmunds.com and truecar.com, both they want aroud $24,000 for prius II without any option. Congratulation.

  • utc2utc2 Member Posts: 42
    I have always found these forums to be helpful for consumers so I will share our experience. I helped my father purchase a Prius V - model V Blizzard Pearl/Grey car this past week. Used cars.com to locate the vehicle. Used dealerater.com to identify the most recommended internet sales manager and emailed him directly. In this case it was G.R. at Manhattan Beach Toyota. Negotiated for a little over $400 over invoice so I think it was a fair, competitive price for this area.

    MSRP - $36,844 (included applique, mats, special color charges)
    Sales Price - $34,500 (Invoice using edmunds.com was about $34,050)

    Hope this helps some of you out there. Good luck....
  • av8nautigerav8nautiger Member Posts: 4
    Thanks. Do you remember the name of the sales man you worked with? Did you email them directly and solicit bids? I tried the www.carwoo.com method but only got one offer; I am thinking about sending out a blast-mail to dealers looking for a 2012 Prius two Grey/Misty Grey or Silver/misty grey, and see what happens.
  • stmbtsprgsstmbtsprgs Member Posts: 7
    I'm about to go get my new Prius III or IV with the Solar Roof package in the next 10 days. Is there anyone that is able to share a good experience and price within a 200 mile radius of Austin? Based on what I'm reading, it looks like Gulf States Toyota prices are much higher than elsewhere in the country...
  • carandvancarandvan Member Posts: 4
    Hi...I'm in the market to buy a Prius 3 in Nor cal. Anybody have any suggestions...! I'm still reading through all the threads to find the best dealer. Willing to travel to get a nice price.
  • jwlbeljwlbel Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2012
    I just bought a black Prius 3 from DCH Torrance Toyota. It is does NOT have a moon roof but it has floor mats and the back bumper sticker thing. I paid $23,688.00 (pre taxes). I added the extra service/maintenance plan for $525 and the platinum extended warranty for 1126.00. My out the door price was $27,763.26.... If I hadn't added those 2 things my out the door price would have been 26,112.26.

    I originally was going to go through the costco program at another dealer. Their best offer for the same car was $24,400 (pre taxes) I sent them the above quote and they said they could not match it.
  • jwlbeljwlbel Member Posts: 2
    Oh I forgot to mention in my above post I also got the Xzilon paint and interior protection added on for free.
  • av8nautigerav8nautiger Member Posts: 4
    Purchased a Winter Gray/ Misty Gray Prius Two from Koons Annapolis. Negotiated down to $23901 base. Reluctantly added the 7yr/75000mile extended warranty for $1785 but with the expensive technology in the car I decided to go with some peace of mind (for the wife!). Total out the door came to $27604.
    I had tried Carwoo.com but got only one hit. I then decided to email as many area dealers on my own. I emailed the top rated sales people on dealerrater.com. I got lots of quick replys and almost everyone was eager for my business. Bidding started at $26752 OTD (w/o warranty) and I ended it yesterday by accepting a $25819 OTD + Extended Warranty.
    I was very courteous, honest, and treated the sales people with respect which is why I think they kept negotiating. By using only email, I never spoke to a single dealer! I recommend taking your time, decide when you are ready to buy, and email your interest to dealers. I found all the local are Washington DC dealers to be very respectable.
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