2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • gopriusgoprius Member Posts: 15
    I purchased the 7 year/100,000 mi extended warranty for $1440 (with 0% financing too) from 355 Toyota in Rockville.
  • felixdcfelixdc Member Posts: 10
    Just got a Prius II for @22700 plus TTL at Dublin Toyota in Northern California. Also got a 1.99% for 5 years thru my Credit union.
  • jordanbev5jordanbev5 Member Posts: 2
    Shopped around but received best deal from Daytona Toyota. Purchased 2012 Prius IV for $27,563. Red, leather package, pin stripes, mats, Aux cable for Ipod hook up, new tag, taxes for Orlando, dest. fee came out $30,460 plus given $25 visa card for traveling to pick it up. Coupon for this is on their web site. Emailed Jermaine Lewis, but handled by "JB" Bland, New Sales consultant. Got the no interest deal too!!
    Toyota Orlando wouldn't deal and quoted me $2000 more for a Prius III with leather put on. Couldn't get deal except through this dealership. Tons of cars on other lots to test drive but Daytona Toyota had the deal and the cars with it!!! Am very pleased with their professionalism, no run arounds. Would buy with them again, anytime!
    Beverly Jordan
  • mja216mja216 Member Posts: 4
    I have a quote for a Prius III with solar moonroof carpet and cargo net for 25999. I am in Minnesota. I think this is about as good as it is going to get. thoughts
  • nish23nish23 Member Posts: 1
    Hey jwlbel,

    I am looking to buy Prius II 2012, I checked pricing thru Costco Program but seems like you got better deal without on Prius 3. Only thing is that this dealership is offering life time oil change and life time tire replacement. How much was Prius II at DCH Torrance? Did you have to purchase extended warranty in order to get $23,688 (pre taxes)? Can you provide your sales person name at DCH Torrance? Thanks in adv for any info!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 194,200
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  • tjmalonetjmalone Member Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for a new Prius, but wanted to share my experience with my current Prius.

    I have a long commute (54 miles one way), and have, over the last eight years, put 266,000 miles on this great little car. The only maintenance has been to replace the catalytic converter, and some routine brake work. Otherwise, I religiously change the oil (at Jiffy Lube) every 5,000 miles, and have the tires rotated as recommended.

    I routinely get 52 - 54 MPG in the Spring and Fall. Winters and summers I get ~48, depending on the outside temperature.

    I had expected the mileage to go down after the 80K miles battery warranty period, but mileage has remained steady. The only reason I'm getting a new one is that one of my kids just graduated from college, and needs a car. So, my Prius will become a hand-me-down, and I'll get a new one (I'm looking at a Prius IV).
  • buy_priusbuy_prius Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    Just bought yesterday 2012 Prius 3, with default options.

    25500 OTD with 3% financing. This includes 2 yrs of maintenance and 3 yrs default warranty. Looking for better financing deal though.
  • droptopsolaradroptopsolara Member Posts: 19
    If you are looking to refinance check Pen Fed credit union they were running 1.9 % rateas and you don't need to be military or live in DC area to join. To refinance a new case you may need to wait a months. Or two for the first title to be processed.
  • mokiavellimokiavelli Member Posts: 60
    Check out the OC Register ads online. Go to the cars section and under dealer ads. You will see a dealer (Orange) that has the Prius II for less than $22k. Every week they have 10 at that price.
  • sjlgsjlg Member Posts: 1
    $25,500 for the Prius III out of the door is a great price. Congratulations!

    I bought my Prius III for $26,200 out of the door from Toyota 101 in Redwood City, California. It had ~$120 of options (cargo net, rear decal). This was over the Memorial Day weekend. Was very happy with the customer service and the no pressure atmosphere at the dealership.
  • jack1002jack1002 Member Posts: 3
    I am looking to buy Prius II 2012, what is the best price I could get the car in saint louis area?
  • golgol Member Posts: 6
    Was $25,500 Costco price or you negotiated with dealer ? I am also looking at Prius III .
  • pripri3pripri3 Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking to buy a Prius III with the solar moon package in blizzard pearl. Anyone have any advice on a good price to shoot for and/or a good dealership in the San Diego area?

    Thank you!
  • want_prius3want_prius3 Member Posts: 3
    Hi Buy_prius,
    Can you share who was the salesman you worked with at Dublin Toyota. I am looking to buy Prius3 as well, looks like you got a great deal.
  • hp2009hp2009 Member Posts: 65
    go to prius chat.com....

    lot of paid price and gas prices are going down so prius are selling below invoice with recent offer i seen on prius chat 2012 ii for 22500 plus ttl.....

  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 194,200
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  • micky10micky10 Member Posts: 4
    edited June 2012
    Just bought 2012 Prius - 3 OTD 25.4k with2.9% financing.

    Is there a way to lower int rate? Bought from Tustin Toyota- OC, CA
  • aauxtaononaauxtaonon Member Posts: 2
    edited June 2012
    Try penfed.org to get as low as 1.99%
  • tickletickle Member Posts: 5
    Just bought a 2012 Prius 3 Blizzard White $25,630 OTD with 2.09% financing through my CU.

    Had I chosen any other color it would've been $25,400 OTD. I paid $220+tax for the white.
  • want_prius3want_prius3 Member Posts: 3
    That sounds like a good deal. Which dealership and state did you get your car from?
  • kkt2002kkt2002 Member Posts: 2
    This is a great OTD price. What color and options do you have on this Prius III?
  • tickletickle Member Posts: 5
    I got my Prius 3 at Dublin Toyota in Northern CA.
  • lesrosalesrosa Member Posts: 2
    got Prius 3 also in Blizzard white for $26,215 OTD (in Alameda, where sales tax is higher). I've contacted 10+ dealers via internet pricing but couldn't reach the price as low as yours (Dublin Toyota even gave me a crazy high number and was not willing to beat others). I finally gave up and went for the lowest price, but enjoyed the service and experience.
  • want2buyhwant2buyh Member Posts: 14
    hi tickle,

    sounds like a real god deal. I have a couple of questions for you,

    Could you break the price down, ...before tax, license and fees? I live in the north part of the bay area and my tax rate is 8.375% so I might be getting it a little cheaper.

    Also, what options did you get.. ie floor mats, etc..

    thanks in advance for your response
  • want2buyhwant2buyh Member Posts: 14
    hi buy_prius,
    What was your tax rate? I am in the north part of the bay area and it would be 8.375% for me.

    maybe i can get it a little lower.
  • tickletickle Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2012
    Your pricing is still better than most. Dublin also originally priced me higher but I gave them a bottom line to match or I was going to leave. It worked out well and I'm very happy with the purchase. I'd recommend Dublin because they were pretty good about the whole thing :)

    Btw, Dublin originally quoted me $25,738.00 BEFORE taxes.
  • tickletickle Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2012
    Hi want2buyh,

    Before tax $23,265.00
    Doc fee $55.00
    Tax $2,040.50 (I think its 8.75% but the math shows 8.77%)
    DMV fee $29.00
    Total Cash Price $25,389.50

    License Fee $151.00
    Reg/Title Fee $90.00
    CA Tire Fee $8.75
    Total Official Fees $249.75

    TOTAL $25,639.25 (this is for Blizzard Pearl White)

    I paid $239.25 for the White color thats $220 plus tax. If I didn't get white, any other color would've been $25,400.00 Out the door.

    Hope this helps. It's for the Prius 3 with floor mats and no extra options.
  • want2buyhwant2buyh Member Posts: 14
    thank you very much for the details, it will help me in my purchase....
  • trinitytektrinitytek Member Posts: 2
    I came to Dublin Toyota with a check book ready to make deal today. I'm in Alameda county also. The best OTD Prius 3 blizzard pearl is quoted very high at 27200 by the manager. I forwarded this post to him. He said it's bogus. Either I have to speak to a different manager or he doesn't want do any business today. I even offered at 26k but no deal. :(
  • tickletickle Member Posts: 5
    Hi Trinity,

    I'm sorry :( I wish there was some way I can help you out more. But that's definitely the pricing I got and it's not bogus. I pulled those numbers from my Sales Contract. My transaction was done with mainly one person with a little bit of help from a secondary person. I dealt with a Fleet manager.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
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  • want2buyhwant2buyh Member Posts: 14
    My experience with another dealer(and another make of car) is the easiest way to get the best price is to contact the dealer's fleet manager or internet sale manager via email asking for their best price. You then continue to negotiate via email or phone.

    With my last 3 auto purchases I have never set foot on the delear's lot looking to buy a car, I have only gone there to close the deal negotiated via email/phone.

    hope this helps...
  • want_prius3want_prius3 Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2012
    I finally bought Toyota Prius Gen3 package 3 from Dublin Toyota for $26100 OTD on June 30th. It was $23688+ TTL on MSRP of 26550. Many of the bay area dealers have this car advertised for $23998 or so. BTW, I took advertised price from Fremont Toyota and they beat by $100. I felt we could have negotiated lil more by walking out but decided to get the car.
    I too was shopping to get closer to $25.5K OTD but no dealer could come closer to that.
  • micky10micky10 Member Posts: 4
    It is Prius III std (NAV and eNtune)and grey color and no additional options...

    It is Tustin Toyota in Orange county ,CA
  • micky10micky10 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for your help!

    Dealer matched with Penfed so now rate reduced to 1.99 same as credit union... I did this within 72 hours so they could change it...
  • micky10micky10 Member Posts: 4
    I think it will be helpful you should go with the OTD price and let dealer worry about calculating the invoice price...
  • want2buyhwant2buyh Member Posts: 14
    For the benefit of the other readers it is best to see a break down in price, every state/city does things differently. There are different tax rates, differnt dmv fees, etc. I am in California and the sales tax is based on where you live and not where you buy the car. If someone back east says they got a car for $25k, I need to know what their TTL amount and car price are. Is it 24k for the car and TTL is 1k? or 22k for the car and 3k TTL?

    By knowing what the price of the car is, I can get a better idea of what the cost is to me.

    When I solicit offers, I always ask for their best OTD price. I let them know where I am located so they can use the correct sales tax.

    In my experience with dealers, they tend to talk about car price +TTL.
  • alyfayalyfay Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    Just bought a brand new 2012 Prius 5 (not V) in Blizzard White with Misty Gray leather interior. No extra packages, just the base trim 5 model. This is a very hard combo to find I recently learned. I'm in the Bay Area (California) and discovered there's only 4 in Northern California!

    We called nearly every dealership in the Bay Area asking for $31,500 OTD with accessories (lower door moldings, all weather mats, all weather cargo mat). The closest we came was with Dublin Toyota at $32,200. However, they were going to have to reach out to their sister dealership in Salinas to have the car sent over by truck. To make a long story short, we backed out of the Dublin deal because they weren't being honest with us. We found out the car was going to be driven (rather than loaded on a truck like they had said) from Salinas to Dublin (90 miles), they couldn't provide us with the initial miles on the car, and they weren't firm on the day it would arrive. They were argumentative, called us liars, and it was just a very unprofessional experience.

    So... we went to Toyota Marin who was the only dealership in the Bay Area with the car we wanted. We ended up paying $32,320 OTD without accessories. After accessories the price was around $32,650.

    If you're in the Bay Area and looking for a Toyota definitely check out Marin. Customer service was top notch (we felt like we were at a Lexus dealership), they're quick to get back to you, and they don't play games. What more can you ask for??
  • lylexlylex Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    Hello, all:

    I want to buy a 2012 Prius III/2 with standard colors and no options. The absolute bottom of the line.

    TrueCar.com says:
    $24,760=Msrp, $24,317=MarketAverage, $23,741=FactoryInvoice, $23,261=DealerCost

    Kelly Blue Book website says:
    $24,760=Msrp, $23,881=FairPurchasePrice, $23,320=DealerInvoice

    Assuming I don't need financing from the dealer, and assuming the prices above are all-inclusive except tax, license, & doc: what figure should I target in negotiations? To me, $23,000 sounds like an agressive starting point, with $24,000 as a upper bound.

  • saz25saz25 Member Posts: 152
    I live in New Hampshire and we are just about (in a few days) to go to our local dealership to start negotiations on a new Prius 4.

    My questions:
    1) I know I can get the invoice price here on Edmunds. What are people's experience regarding purchase price? Since I see that the local Prius inventory at 4 local dealerships totals over 100 cars, plus the price of gas has been coming down, it seems that I should be in the driver's seat for negotiations. Can I expect to pay invoice, close to it, above/below?

    2) Are dealers typically adding on certain "options"? For example, my local dealership automatically adds floor mats (which is ok), but they also add those wheel locks for approx. $65. Are people seeing this "automatic" add-ons?

    Thanks in advance,
  • trinitytektrinitytek Member Posts: 2
    Thank you tickle, want2buyh and want_prius3,
    After digging a little bit, I found a manager that's able to give best price 23765 for prius 3 blizzard pearl. OTD come out to ~26110. Overall the experience with Dublin Toyota is great. I got the car last week :) . They are restocking more blizzard pearl prius 3 now. Look like everyone like that color.
  • pqlepqle Member Posts: 1
    Go here if you want to get tricked with bait and switch tactics.

    I was looking for 2012 Prius II, Blizzard Pearl, with dark gray interior. I saw an advertisement on OC Register for $21995, thought it was a great deal so I gave them a call. Spoke to Edward E. Reyes (aka Eddie). I asked if they would honor the advertisement and he said yes. Asked for an out the door price for the color and interior that I wanted and he gave me a price for under $24000. That was a great price so I gave him a visit.

    When we sat down Eddie then gave me an out the door price of $25103. Still a good price but I asked him why the big difference in price compared to the price he gave me over the phone? He stated that he calculated tax, title, and registration incorrectly. This is a guy that has worked there for over 14 years; with that many years of experience you don't make these type of mistakes. He also stated that the color I wanted, blizzard pearl, is actually $22995 since it was in high demand and that I can get any other color for $21995; funny thing is that http://toyota.com states that it's only a $220 premium over any other color. I then asked if I can purchase one in black and without checking his inventory he stated that they did not have any in black. This is after him saying that they have the largest inventory of Prius of all of California.

    I commented to Eddie that I felt I was getting the 'bait and switch' treatment and he went nuts. He catapulted out of his chair and started yelling at us. Saying something along the lines of "that is insulting, I never do that... I take that very personal." He even said "our business is done here... I think you should leave!" He was so loud I think people across the street heard him. Worst part is that he ran to the receptionist area ranting to all his colleagues like we committed some type of crime. Who yells at their customers, kicks them out, and accuses the customer of doing anything wrong? WTF!

    Pissed that I just got verbally rapped by the salesman, I got up and left to Miller Toyota in Anaheim. Wow, what a difference in customer service. Dean and John were very nice and helpful. Without any haggling I got the same car for $40 dollars more. Not as good a deal but worth it.

    Thanks Toyota of Orange for helping me staying away from your dealership forever!
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  • lesrosalesrosa Member Posts: 2
    I encountered the exact experience with Momentum Toyota of Fairfield - kept raising the price and eventually to a crazy number, 3 hours before our appointment time. Very very unpleasant.
  • pageuppageup Member Posts: 8
    I am using Carwoo to get some offers on a 2012 Prius 2 (I had several color choices, but the only one I am seeing offers on is the Blizzard Pearl which is OK). The problem is that several dealers have said that they are just over invoice or whatever, and one has told me that their invoice is just over $24k, however most of the sites I have seen say it is between $22560 and $23870:

    Carsdirect = $23870 (probably includes $760 destination)
    KBB = $23,515 (not sure if this includes $760 destination)
    Edmunds = $22,560 (does not seem to add the $175 for special paint. Does not include $760 destination)
    Truecar = $22,560 (does not include $760 destination)

    One possible reason the invoice prices are so different could be the ad fee being added in to the invoice price (around $550). Does anyone know what the actual invoice price is for the 2012 two without the destination or ad fees (with or without the special paint)?
  • pageuppageup Member Posts: 8
    I will answer my own question, it is $22560.

    There must be some incentives out there since John Elway is selling the two for $21388.
  • yepigotapriusyepigotaprius Member Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2012 Prius Two for $20,999 plus TTL. Hate to sound like an adverstisement but I'd been doing research and emailing dealers for 4 weeks, and happy to have my new car and I want to share the info. Had to drive 4.5 hours to get it (I did a one-way car rental to the airport and used a taxi back to the dealer), but totally worth it to get California prices on the east coast! Maguire Toyota in Ithaca, NY is the one to go to. Salesperson was great, and he moves a lot of Prii. They have the Prius Three for 21, 999. No B.S., no gimmicks, no funny stuff. Amazing. I had another dealer tell me that there was NO WAY that I was getting my car for that price. Well, she is in my driveway and what a beauty. I got 59 mpg on drive home (salesperson even synced my phone for me so that I could call everyone to tell them). Worth the drive, and Maguire got me an insanely low auto loan rate. Can you tell I'm happy?
  • pageuppageup Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2012
    That's a great price, thanks for posting. I am trying to get close to that, but the best I have so far is $22213 plus the $760 destination and the TDA fee of $437. Needless to say I am not happy with that so I am still trying to find a better deal. Does your $20999 price include those fees as well (if so that would go from a great deal to a smoking deal)?

    I am pretty sure there is some greater than normal pressure on moving these, but I am not sure how dealers are selling these below invoice. Except that the "invoice" they show is not their real invoice anyway so I am guessing that the price paid is really below $22560 anyway. I also looked at the sales data from Toyota and found that the Prius sales have fallen about 1/3rd since March (to June) while gas prices are down about 10% since then.

    My opinion is that the Prius is a pretty unexciting car that gets sexier as gas prices go up, and the opposite is also true ;) The same could be said for many of the Toyota line up though. I could care less about those things though, the Prius seems to be a good fit for me.
  • yepigotapriusyepigotaprius Member Posts: 3
    Hi pageup,

    Yes, the $20,999 was the total price. There were no additional fees. I was shocked because the lowest quote that I could find (before Maguire Toyota) was this: $21,899 plus $389 dealer fee plus $750 destination fee. AND that dealer told me that there was no way that I could get a 2012 Prius Two for $20,999. I did end up spending a little over $200 in my transportation costs (plus 4.5 hours driving each way). But I'm also going to save about $150 on taxes in my state registration (I'm registering it tomorrow). Ithaca seemed like a cool college town, not that I was there long. I have no idea about sales numbers, I really bought the Prius for the MPGs, but now, I think the car is pretty exciting. Even the base model has outstanding features.
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