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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • As thanks to all who post here and provided such great info, here are details on my just completed deal (1/7/2010): 2010 Prius HB III, Blizzard, Navigation Pkg, Mats, and nothing else. Quoted and Paid Drive Out of $25,437. Despite having access to >23 Toyota dealers in Dallas & metroplex, completed internet deal at good savings with out of state dealer 700 miles away [Ackerman Toyota, St. Louis, MO] in part, to avoid Gulf States Distributor-mandated add-ons (that are totally pure profit margin). Super professionals and NO selling beyond items I requested. Finance manager offered in simple sentence to match 3.75% no down 72 month financing from my credit union, and net sales manager recommended in single sentence that I consider buying extended warranty coverage from someone, sometime, but ZERO pressure to buy anything. Arrived at dealer and was on the road one hour later. Thanks again for your prior posts.
  • I'm in the Southwest Area and will drive up to 1000 miles for a good deal. I'm looking for the best price for a Prius that has the Solar Roof and is Black. So far the two quotes I've gotten from Dallas, TX and Scottsdale, AZ have been for 31,700. There's gotta be something better out there right? A model III? I just really really want the Solar Roof. Anyone have any insight to obtaining a better deal?
  • I received so much quality information from this thread that I feel obligated to continue it on. I'm in San Diego and last night I bought a silver 2010 Prius III w/ navigation system off an internet deal for 25319 + tax + title.

    I really feel it was a totally awesome deal. I had to go to the dealer and haggled the initial internet offer price down and got Toyota fiance to beat my credit union APR% by .25.

    Great Deal - Good Luck
  • I called the dealership and mentioned this price and they've told me that they will honor it-these guys are GREAT
    I have a question though? How do I know that once I fly all the way to MO they won't raise the price on me?
  • My only evidence for you is my own single experience. The internet sales manager was straight up, and the finance manager was solid. The first price they quoted was firm and never wavered, not even for a nanosecond. Put your $500 deposit down and they will send you the vehicle buyer's order, signed sealed and delivered on that price. I drove 650 miles and had a Southwest flight booked for my return to Dallas--so I was skeptical and prepared. I only have my experience with them but it was absolutely what I wanted--exact car, exact features, fair price, NO SALES TALK or BS additions to price for any reason, perfect instructions and delivery. If you know EXACTLY what you want, you can get a solid deal there. Good luck and let me know how you did.
  • I can share the dealer info, but I wonder where you are thinking to shop. Portland or Seattle area? Also, my info is all about a Base Prius III, no nav. So don't know if it will help you.
  • Hi, that is a great price. Did you also pay for processing fee? Is this a Fitzmall in VA or MD? Thanks!
  • h3595h3595 Posts: 3
    I quoted your deal to fizmall and they denied the transaction ever existed. Do you have the transaction number or the date you purchased the car so that I can pin them down on this price. It is a great price!
  • Just home with new 2010 Prius II with $349 accessories. OTD $23275(California). Very happy with it!!!

    Thank you very much to Sckling!!!! can not find it without your information!!!!!

  • ickick Posts: 17
    Can you email me where you get the deal and the sales person name?
    [email protected]
    thanks much!!!
  • ickick Posts: 17
    Can you send me the dealer's infor and the sales person? thank you thank you!!
  • Looking for Prius IV with Nav in the NY Tri-state/Long Island area. Anyone have any experiences? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • dt6dt6 Posts: 1
    Very impressive -- That sounds like a price of just over $20k for a 2010 Prius before taxes, title, registration and doc fees. Can you please share the dealer name, city and state on this post? That would be very helpful. I apologize if it was listed earlier and I missed it.
  • Congratulations!

    Please share the dealer and salesman info. Thanks in advance.
  • Fleet manger's name is Hiwa from Toyota of El Cajon. give me your email address. Good luck!!!
  • jb62jb62 Posts: 1
    After going through the routine at several area dealers finally found the color (only two found in the area)and option I wanted.

    2010 Prius III with solar roof package -SW-(nav included in package)

    Paid $1880.00 under MSRP of $27980. in NJ
    Probably could have gotten the price a little lower if I walked and waited for the call.
  • disney2disney2 Posts: 25
    I am in NJ too looking for the same Prius III with nav. Can you pls give dealership name and city. Thanks. :)
  • sv996rsv996r Posts: 2
    Great deal. I have found that out of 5 local dealers you will have 2-3 dealers willing to give a good deal and the others telling you it's not possible to stay in buisness selling below invoice..bla..bla...bla...

    It's a buyers market not a sellers market.

    I found 3 dealers willing to go between 24,760 and 24,900 plus tax and license for a Prius III with mats and Nav. Ended up going with Rodland Toyota in Everett, WA. at 24,780. One of the best dealerships I have dealt with and would recommend them.

    Give me an email for the salesmans info.
  • ocuihsocuihs Posts: 138
    Does anyone has price experiences with Prius IV with Solar Roof Package (includes Navigation Package)?

  • pauleyepauleye Posts: 11
    Prius IV with nav, mats (floor/cargo), rear bumper applique, wheel locks. MSRP $29,766; price paid $28,000 plus TTL and $55 doc fee. Picked it up today.

    Damn this thing has a lot of gadgets! Going to take a while to get with the program.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 168
    In the past I have not had good Toyota dealer experiences. They seem to have a take it or leave it attitude, and did not provide reasonable pricing or test drive experience(Kt. Kisco NY dealer). Looking at many Toyota dealership sales experiences noted on Edmunds in the metro ny area many had dealers who lied, changed quoted prices, and were not treated professionally. Who has had a good experience with a Toyota dealer in the nynj/ct area? I am considering a 2010 Prius but may cross it off my list if I cannot find an appropriate dealership.
  • tammy10tammy10 Posts: 15
    See my post about Southeastern Toyo dealer problems. It covers Georgia.
  • MD location... but i paid taxes and title for VA
  • It was listed on their website (PA location) until recently..
    They matched the price at MD location...
    I am not too sure about transaction number...
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    "24,760 and 24,900 plus tax and license for a Prius III with mats and Nav"

    Was there any trade or dealer financing involved. Sometimes the "deal" isn't so sweet with the other factors in.

    In general, if anyone is trading something in or using dealer financing please indicate in your post.
  • dmaysdmays Posts: 7
    Anyone know why the prices are dropping? Live in NJ but picked mine up after researching online in the Baltimore area. Ended up 2250 off MSRP for a IV with Nav and Sunroof. Carmax in Laurel advert 29240..I ended up at another dealer due to color and ability to transfer Jersey tags and Credit Union. In and out in less than 1.5 hours. Felt deal was better than I had seen anywhere else.
  • Finally booked Prius II with just Floor Mats,

    OTD : $22,800.
    36 months loan : 3.6% APR.

    Not sure its a good deal, With radius of 60 miles, this is the lowest I got.

    Waiting for delivery.

    Thanks a lot guys. You are awesome.

    Thanks !!!
  • I want to buy a Prius II in Massachusetts, the best I got price from dealer was 22.000 + taxes and document fees. I do not know if I can get a better price.
    Has anyone bought a Prius II in Massachusetts this month

    Thank you guys
  • mlb10mlb10 Posts: 2
    We are shopping for a Prius II or III with solar roof. Thinking of doing it through Costco program. Anyone used the Costco program? If so how much off MSRP. We are in the Sacramento/Davis area.
  • can you provide me with more info about the dealers? email: [email protected]

  • any luck in purchasing the vehicle? I'm in the Bay Area and looking for a good deal on a Prius...
  • Can you provide me with the name of the salesperson you talked to? Thanks!
  • Got a Prius II with some dealer extras (mats, cargo net, wheel locks, oil change) at 23700 +TTL minus 1000$ toyota loyalty at Toyota of Lewisville. Talk to Ricky Reed. Also could have gotten the same at Toyota of Fort Worth for 200 cheaper but was far for me with Scott Bolin.
  • I'm glad I waited to see if any problems popped up on the 2010 Prius. Toyota has to address the brake problem and a possible computer glitch that has caused some 2010 Priuses to lurch or accelerate unexpectedly.

    The daring should be able to get a good buy right now. Just be sure the dealer knows you're aware of the problems and that only a good deal will get your mind off a Fusion hybrid.
  • Have you had any luck in purchasing a Prius? I'm looking for a Prius III w/ navi in CA too. Best offer I got was $25,389 w/ navi & mats in the Bay Area.
  • Looking in tri-state/Long Island area for Prius IV with nav. Can you let me know what kind of offers you've seen. Thanks.
  • Oh....$25389 out the door price? can u tell me which dealer @ bay?
  • hvmhvm Posts: 8
    i am looking to purchase a 2010 Prius III in MA. i was wondering if toyota has lowered the price significantly given the wuality issues regarding the prius' recently. Have dealerships been lowering their prices due to the publicity? Has toyota offered dealers any signifcant incentives to sell the cars off of the lots? It seems the premium prices (MSRP) are high given the issues with brakes, other possible issues to be determined in the future. Whats a good discounted price for a 2010 Prius III withOUT nav or sunroof?
  • No before TTL. Any luck for you in the bay?
  • Seems like they are cutting the prices about $400 more..I received an offer from a dealer in so-cal for a Prius III w/ navi -- $1900 off MSRP.
  • hvmhvm Posts: 8
    This is pretty much in line with I what I was told. Toyota plans to cut prices of the Prius line significant after the President's sales event. Expect cuts as deep as 25-30% for the high end models. So far it seems the discount wend from MSRP prices to 5% discount a week ago to 10% now.

    I think I will wait for the deeper discount...
  • Here is the first offer I received. Carman, can you advise?
    Prius IV
    MSRP = 31717
    36 MOS 12K/YR = $389 INCL TAX (RESIDULE = 19839)

    Thank you
  • Hi laderaking. $100 over dealer invoice is an excellent selling price for a leased Prius. The other important variable on a lease is the money factor that you are being charged. I don't think that you have to worry about the factor very much because Toyota dealers aren't notorious for marking factors up like BMW dealers are, but if you tell me what state you are in I may be able to give you an idea of what this car's factor should be like right now.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • hvmhvm Posts: 8

    I am not sure if you follow the news in the last couple days. Dealers already offer a 7% discount just to get folks in the show rooms. A more deep discount is coming. There are some significant risks buying a prius right now. Nobody knows where the current saga will end. All the risks are with the customers. A deep discount to the order of 25-30% is coming especially for the high end cars. Hold your purchase for now.
  • My local dealer is offering 125% of KBB for trades right now, so I brought in to see what my 2008 Camry SE would get in exchange for a new Prius. At first they started low, but I have them close to $15K for my trade (owe $12K on it and will take the $3K to invest) - KBB "good value" currently listed at $13.5K.

    I think I can get this trade-in deal and a new Prius II with mats and cargo net for $21,500 out the door (inclusive of processing, fees, etc.). Assuming an MSRP of $23,350 for this model (including freight), I'd be at a discount of $1,850 (or more, since all dealers fees are included in this price as well). I'd also be saving about $700 in interest on my loan payments going forward (I qualify for the 0% financing for Prius and pay 3.9% now on the Camry) and I don't have to pay sales tax in DC on a hybrid. Can anyone comment on what they think of this deal and whether I go with it or hold off? I've been hearing some rumors of possible price reductions going forward, but is it likely that there will be deeper reductions on on the lower models (Prius II and III)?
  • hvmhvm Posts: 8
    I will definetly wait. See latest article in MSN about new offerings from Toyota (including incentive and services):

    Good luck!
  • Thanks Carman...I am in Southern CA... Historically I love the 24 month lease. I have done 3 sessions of 24 month leases with Infinity but want to explore the Hybrid world. Toyota has horrible rates for 24 month leases though.

    Anyway, please advise.

    Thank again!
  • I know everyone is saying to wait, but does anybody have a tip whether or not Toyota will bring back 0.0% financing. I have a deal on a basic Prius II for $23,900 OTD in PA that I am trying to decide on. If Toyota offers $1,000 cash rebate with 3.9% financing, I am still better off taking the higher OTD price with the 0.0%. Does anybody think this is a good deal or do you still wait on this?

  • hoinoyhoinoy Posts: 10
    You should be able to get a much better offer. 2 dealers in Philly Metro area were giving me deals of 21,400-21,800 before tax and fees (add~1500) on Prius 2 that were in the lot before Feburary. Now, due to the recall issues, you can really squeeze them more. Try to counter with the above number.
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