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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Just bought a bare bones (no extras) Black Ext/Grey Int Package II Prius with ~$300 off of MSRP this past weekend during the madness of C4C (I had a clunker to trade in too). I think it's challenging to get much off of MSRP while C4C is going on in metropolitan cities and selection is definitely limited.

    tasogare - out of curiosity, which Package did you buy and in what color? Also, what city did you buy the car from?

    Also, one thing I wasn't aware of when I went in, if you do C4C, MAKE SURE YOU GET THE SALVAGE VALUE OF THE CLUNKER!!! Under the rules of the program, dealers are by law supposed to show you the value of your car's salvage value (scrap value) and have the right to subtract $50 for admin fees. I got only $50 back, but other posters have reported getting back $150. This is in ADDITION TO THE C4C DISCOUNT.

    More discussion on this can be found here:

  • Yesterday I bought prius II, silver at Quality Toyota in Corona So Cal, MSRP $22750, floor mate $200, bluetooth $299, bumper protect..$69, total $23318, got $500 off for Costco member, price come down to $22818, minus $4500 clunker rebate plus 8.75% Tax $1607, Govt fee $358, Doc fee $55, Out of door $20339. The car is not in stock, I have to wait for 10 days for shipping. Ask for Salvage value but I didn't get it, this dealer didn't charge $50 admin fee. I am still happy with the deal.
    Thanks for people post their comments and experience here.
  • Is your discount for a loaded VI or V or for a more basic model. I am looking for a base II or III and the best I saw was 500k (I didn't push very hard) right before C4C started.

    You don't have to post the dealer but maybe you could post a couple of the competitive dealers (discounts, no fake options, didn't mess around or play games)

    SoCal is crazy for cars!!! lol
  • Is your discount for a loaded VI or V or for a more basic model? I am looking for a base II or III and the best I saw was 500 (I didn't push very hard) right before C4C started.

    You don't have to post your dealer but maybe you could post a couple of the competitive dealers (discounts, no fake options, didn't mess around or play games)

    SoCal is crazy for cars!!! lol
  • How did he check if you're a costco member? Did you have to present a card or something?
  • wpeasewpease Posts: 6
    d like to know what options it comes with. A friend said that by law they had to show the invoice but they said not.

    Also anyoen in NJ tried to buy a 2010 prius yet?
    Most posts seem to be from So CAl. Curious as to how much above invoice TMV may turn out to be. I could not find the 2010 on Edmunds' calculator.

  • Costco auto program refer me to this dealer after I sign on Costcoauto program will assign the closest dealer who partcipate in this proragm to you. The dealer will contact you. Or you can just call a dealer and ask for costco member discount. I think they will check your memebrship card before the deal is made..
  • I just had my GEN III Prius V 9 days ago and so far...I am falling in love with the gadget and new technology that comes with it. Every day seems like a new small good surpise. I love the exterior and makes feel secure and at the same time...feeling awesome!!! The most amazing part that I like from my Prius V is the 17" alloy wheel. It really give you the feeling of stability even at a higher speed!
  • themdtnthemdtn Posts: 18
    I've just bought a 2010 Prius III Blizzard Pearl with Navigation and Carpets for $25,000 (plus tax, Doc, and DMV fees), -$4,500 pre-tax Cash for Clunker and -$100 post-tax scrap value. The car's MSRP is $25970 and invoice is $24,418. The dealer is in Sunnyvale, CA. How good was the deal?
  • Sounds pretty good, almost $1000 below MSRP. ($25970 to $25000) right? I didn't get $100 scrap value. Enjoy your new toy!
  • mrcheepmrcheep Posts: 6
    Hi You got a fantastic deal.. can you email me the salesperson's name and what else else did they thrown in for you.. what was the finance charge? please email this info asap.. thanx :)
  • tvc1tvc1 Posts: 1
    Bob Wilson,

    I just saw your post from June regarding working with Prius dealers near one of their ports of entry. Do you have a list of the ports of entry used by Toyota for the Prius, or do you know where I could locate the list of ports they use?

    Nat Adamson
    [email protected]
  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53
    I'm also looking for a Prius IV Blizzard Pearl at Sunnyvale Toyota. Can you send me the name of your salesman? Thanks.

  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53

    Thanks for the referral. I submiitted a Costco request 3 weeks ago, and they sent me to Piercy Toyota. The internet mgr there only quoted MSRP even for Costco referral, so I said thanks but no thanks since I can probably do better at local dealers. The C4C program is creating a temporary shortage for these cars, so dealers are leveraging this one time opportunity as expected. Thanks again.
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    On the market for the above in socal, so far I get the price MSRP $30,450- 1000 = $29,450. Is this reasonable or should I wait another month. I am not in hurry but is seems hard to get the one with solar panel. Thank you for the advice.
  • That is what I am looking for! Where did you get this price???
  • Look at Edmunds pricing as that is pretty accurate. Don't pay above list price. PLEASE.
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    I am not so sure what are you responding to but Prius Package 4 with Solar Panel is running around $30,830 at Edmund. Anyway thank you for your response.
  • No problem. Sorry I wasn't able to be more helpful. There are other resources besides this site, but due to TOS, we are not permitted to reveal them in our posts as they are competitive with this site.
  • can you message me also the sales person you bought from?tahnks
  • Toyota Santa Monica- who gets the most Prius' in So Cal- is selling the Prius package IV at 31099 with the solar panel/safety connect. That is the only way they are coming now. So, it's a bit above Edmunds - which is 30830. Not sure if good deal or not.

    I am currently trying to decide if I should or get something else since these Prius are getting so expensive!

    Any opinions?

    Thanks!! :) :(
  • Most dealer will negotiate up to 800 below MSRP. The problem is that package IV with solar panel also include safety connect that adds up. I am still waiting the price to come down little bit. Not in hurry but I just don't see the justification to buy this car while you can get ES Lexus almost for the same price.
  • Exactly. I thought the same thing! Only I am in a hurry. I have toyed with getting something else too.
  • I called 20+ dealers in SoCal this morning and many had Pkg IVs and Vs in stock. For package IIs and IIIs, a lot of them wanted markup (1000 to 3500 over MSRP) for deliveries in 4 to 8 weeks (no one has them in stock.)

    I'm thinking of renting a car on a monthly basis (399/mo for a camry) until the prices come down. C4C program has completely dried the toyota inventory in SoCal.

    If anyone out there who can get them below MSRP, please let me know which dealer is doing that.

  • Sorry to post this in the Prius section but I don't know how to send just a message to someone. But, where can I rent a Camry for 399/mo? I would do that!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,081
    A reporter is looking to speak to consumers were unhappy that they paid (or were offered a price) over invoice for the Toyota Prius during Cash for Clunkers. Please send your daytime phone number to [email protected] by Wednesday, September 16, 2009.
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  • i feel so much better now . no more driving fast going save me alot money
  • I am looking for Prius III as well. Could you pass on your dealer contact and location please? thanks,
  • mine in daily city near san francisco it call city toyota
  • negotiated price 28839. Got a non clunker trade with 170000 miles on, honda and a total of about 1600 below that invoice.

    Is this a good quote?
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