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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Sorry you had to post another needless post. Now everyone will be ticked because I posted again to take time to respond to you. That's how these things happen.
  • Just negotiated a 48 months lease with a dealer in San Francisco. Blizzard Pearl with Dark Grey, Pkg II, no option other than the Blu-Logic thing. $308/mo with $1284 out-of-pocket which includes first month payment, deposit.

    Is that a decent deal?

  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Just negotiated a 48 months lease with a dealer in San Francisco. Blizzard Pearl with Dark Grey, Pkg II, no option other than the Blu-Logic thing. $308/mo with $1284 out-of-pocket which includes first month payment, deposit.

    Curious, what was the MSRP, residual and money factor?
  • I don't know what the residual is. The purchase price is $23,269. With no capital paydown.

    It's through Toyota Financing. The lease payment is significantly cheaper than the best quotes from

    The same deal on has monthly payment of $360 and money factor of 0.00301.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Well if you truly want to know if this is a good lease and you have any desire at all to possibly purchase the car at the end then you need to know the residual. How much of the MSRP are you really paying off in the lease. The interest rate on the leasecompare lease is around 8%. That's not good unless you don't have a good credit score. Four years is a long time to lease a car.
    If you were to purchase at 5% for 72 months and finance $23,000 your payment (not including taxes) is $370/mo and after 48 payments you'd owe less than $8500. You need to compare that to the residual from the Toyota lease
  • :mad: I sold my 2007 Honda Ridgeline RTL that was fully loaded on Friday 6-26-09 to a Doctor in VA Beach, on Saturday 6-27-09 I placed a $5K deposit for a 2010 Prius IV in Silver with a solar moonroof package, it probably would be safe to say as of 7-6-09 the dealership hasn't placed my order.They informed me on Monday that they will have (3)Prius III in Gray arriving sometime this month. I will not settle for a Prius III since that is not what I ordered, I will inform the salesman to change my order to a Prius V with the ADV TECH package instead. :shades: I would like to say for the record after my purchase is 100% complete to my order specification's I will be rating RK Toyota on Edmunds, may be the first person yet to rate their experience with this particular dealership; However so far the salesperson did get me into a loaner car until my order comes in which I thought was very professional of him...
  • Keep them both. Your 'fun car' is used for weekends and special events. The Prius is what you use for work. Literally, that is what we do with:

    1) 2003 Prius - my commuting, work car
    2) 2010 Prius - my wife's goin' for groceries car
    3) 1993 Coachman RV - my wife's get outta town, mobile efficiency, which tows my 2003 Prius

    Bob Wilson
  • dmaysdmays Posts: 7
    I'm a bit reluctant to plunk down MSRP for a Prius at this point and am wondering if others think the same way. I only paid 250 above invoice for my 2007 in 2007 after the model had been on the market for a couple of years. My 2007 is running great, averaging 48.6 MPG combined and so far no trouble.

    Just wondering if anyone has had success with any dealer not driving the MSRP message. CARMAX is a few 100 below MSRP...but...
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    Hi dmays. Please do not consider this as council .... we all have our owns needs and wants. I did agree to paying MSRP, but my circumstances were completely different. My car is a 2001, and while doing well, it consumes a lot of gasoline. My GIII IV is due in port on 7/10.

    Knowing nothing about your circumstances ..... I think I would be inclined to wait. 1) you drive a 07 Prius that seems to be problem free, and very economical. 2) New models, (and the 2010 is mostly new from the wheels up), are more prone to have issues that, more than likely, will be resolved the following year. 3) Dealers will be very reluctant to sell below MSRP on a brand new model that is selling well. I understand the factory is working overtime trying to meet the demand. I even read where Toyota may limit Prius shipped to the USA to help meet the demand in Japan.

    Quite frankly, I would have wagered that gas prices would be on the rise by now. The economy seems to be so bad that it is retarding price increases. But watch "cap and tax" in congress. If that passes, many, including myself, predict prices and taxes, will shoot sky-high. In addition, I read that credit is very hard to get. That will have a cooling impact on dealers holding out for MSRP.

    All said, there are many factors to consider, and we must all make out own decision. As for me, we are proceeding with MSRP.
  • Where are you located? It seems pretty easy to get at least $500-$1000 off MSRP in the SF Bay Area.
  • In LA I cannot get any off MSRP. Looking for Package IV with solar/moonroof package. Anyone in the LA area had any luck?
    Thanks :(
  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    I just bought a prius package 4 last night sticker 29,500 from Justin Post at Glendale Toyota last night. They were also offering this deal at Longo Toyota in El Monte by a guy named Derrick Nguyen as well but it was too far to drive. You can easily get the prius at sticker - you just have to shop around. I opted not to get the solar package because its a 3600 option and just shot the monthly up too high.

    This was the deal

    MSRP 29,500
    12,000 miles/yr
    2500 drive off
    415.00 per month

    Some of the items package 4 include were:
    heated seats
    bluetooth for phone and ipod streaming
    ipod jack
    integrated XM satellite radio
    voice commands
    backup camera
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Some “experts” are predicting that RUG will be around $2.00/gal by the end of 2009. If that happens I would expect to see deals on the Prius. For the most part sales of hybrids and diesels are driven by fuel prices.
  • msmortonmsmorton Posts: 4
    I live near the bay area can you tell me which dealers and salesperson are 500-1000 off MSRP. Thanks
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    I know that Toy in cerritos is willing to cut $500 off the MSRP. does anyone know if any other in southern CA willing tu cut more than $500? I need pack IV with fully loaded.
    does anyone know if Pruis IV comes with intuitive park assist?? (the option that beeps when you are close to an object). ?
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I picked my Prius V w/ NAV up yesterday. I got $500 off MSRP. In addition I got him to throw in a set of all weather mats. The dealership had a promotion going on and I got an 8gb iTouch as well. In all fairness, the $500 off was more of a "buddy" think. I'm a regular customer (bought about 10 Toyota's) and I don't think they are willing to discount just yet. None of the Prius they have received yet have sat on the lot more than 5 days before being sold.

    When they called me I was just leaving Walmart where I had bought cleaning supplies and some wax. They had me leave the wax when I went to look at the car and they waxed it for me before delivery the next day.

    Credit Union loan for 72 months @ 5%. I'll pay it off way early, but I always get the 72 months to keep the payment down and then pay off chunks when I have money coming in from dividends or when I have some spare cash. The credit union is real convenient to do that with.
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    which dealer did you get it from ?
    Lexus is giving big discount off the 09 Lexus IS 250, the prices of IS 250 are pretty much the same as the Prius V and IV packages. I know the are very different, one is hybrid and one is much more luxurious. can someone give me his/her opinion on this? thanks
  • SF Toyota. Ask for Michael Ma. Tell him Paul who ordered the white Prius with dark grey interior sent you. May be he will give me a free key chain. :)
  • My father is about to "trade-in" an old pickup and buy a new Prius. I'm trying to help him with the process and am wondering if anyone can help me figure out how much I should be able to expect to get the dealer to pay me for the scrap value of the vehicle. I know that the vehicle has to be destroyed, but on the website it says:

    "No. The law requires your trade-in vehicle to be destroyed. Therefore, the value you negotiate with the dealer for your trade-in vehicle is not likely to exceed its scrap value. The law requires the dealer to disclose to you an estimate of the scrap value of your trade-in vehicle."

    Surely the scrap value is worth something. I just don't want to hand that to the dealer. Thanks in advance.
  • We tried to negotiate for the scrap value, even printed out the bill and they wouldn't budge, saying that it was not something they could give us. I think after more people approach them with this question they will start giving up on it but since it's still so new, I don't think you can get anywhere with it yet.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I wouldn't mind having an IS250awd but it's not comparable to a Prius in any way other than they both are transportation. So it depends on what you want.

    The Prius is much more roomy inside. I tried sitting in the back of the Lexus when they first came out. I just couldn't do it comfortably, or for that matter gracefully. It's small. But if small kids are all you have maybe that would work. The Prius probably gets double the milage. With the Prius V you're paying for a sporty Prius with hybrid technologh. With the Lexus you're paying for the name and a sporty car. If I was going for a Lexus right now it would be the 250h, but it will be a $40K car.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Surely the scrap value is worth something. I just don't want to hand that to the dealer. Thanks in advance

    Wouldn't want a business to actually turn a profit, would you. Perhaps if you offered to drive the truck to the junk yard and do all the paperwork they may discount that for you.
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    I've read all the previous posts and they're interesting. I apologize in advance for asking some questions that are directly pricing or buying experience-related.

    I'm quite interested in the 2010 Prius, either the IV or the V version.

    (1.) I noticed that the V version, with its 17" tires/wheels, has a slightly wider turning circle than the other versions (36.0 ft curb-to-curb vs. 34.2 ft). The vehicle height and minimum ground clearance are listed the same for all versions. Wouldn't the V version be slightly taller than the other versions and have slightly greater ground clearance? Any opinions on ride/handling characteristics of the V version vs. the others? Is it all "show"....or is there some "go" in the difference?

    (2.) Would the V version (with 17" tires/wheels) be expected to get as good mileage as the other versions (with 15" tires/wheels)? If not, why does Toyota not have to list 2 separate sets of EPA figures?

    (2.) The solar roof package is unavailable with version V. An early post said this is due to fuel economy, while another post mentioned that Toyota might not want a fully loaded 2010 Prius to be too expensive. Does anybody have any other info on why the solar roof package is unavailable with the V version?

    (3.) The LED headlights on the 2010 Prius V version consume about 25% less electricity than the regular halogen headlamps, but does anyone know how these LED headlamps would compare visibility-wise with, say, HID headlamps?.

  • gfr1gfr1 Posts: 55
    Understand that I am not an authority with inside information on this vehicle, but speaking from experience, -- #1 -- The turning radius increase woud likely be from tire clearance from the wider diameter tire. Turning sharper would cause tire-wheelwell contact. Other things being equal, such as suspension changes, the different wheel sizes would have a minimum effect on ground clearance. The larger wheels (on the same installation) installed by manufacturers will have nominally the same radius/diameter/circumference. That being due to the larger wheel having a lower profile tire. Such as, the rim to road distance is of an equivalent distance as the different wheel radius, or nominally the same tire tread diameter. Again, other things being equal, the larger wheel/lower profile tire should result in better handling and dry road traction, but probably a less supple ride and likely a very slight reduction in fuel economy due to roll resistance. #2 -- The lower profile tire has a larger contact footprint and this type of tire often has better traction design, causing some rolling resistance. Such a change would not likely exceed the rounding of the figures accepted by the EPA tests. Very little differences affect apparent figures when the are as high as the mpg of the Prius. Your second #2 -- Toyota hasn't given much of a position for the Prius V Solar roof item. It migh be total cost, handling balance, or whatever. It may become an enticement later, also. I wouldn't be too concerned about the solar, though. It doesn't get used to charge/augment the battery. It only does some venting of the idled vehicle, as I've read, so it would be a pretty expensive accessory, in my mind. #3 -- We'll have to see. They have to meet standards and they are expensive, so if you want the ultimate in saved electrical energy (& equivilant hybrid electrical performance), they should contribute to that. As a per/headlamp item, I'd expect them to save more than 25%, but overall, the 25% might cover it.

  • mitridatemitridate Posts: 1
    has anybody of you an idea, how to update (load revised maps) Prius's Nav equipment software?
    Appreciate your help
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    Thanks a lot, gfr1. I appreciate your answers and comments. And, as you said, the solar roof option has only limited utility, but costs quite a bit.

    (A) With respect to the LED headlights on the 2010 Prius V, they're presumably brighter than the standard halogen headlamps on the other versions (II to IV), But does anyone know how LED headlamps' brightness compares with HID (xenon) headlamps?

    (B) I live in SET territory in far southwest Florida. Local dealers are pricing the 2010 Prius above MSRP. I've read many positive posts for Fitzmall Toyota in VA and Moll Toyota in MO. Does anyone out there know of customer-friendly dealers closer to my locale?

  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    has anybody of you an idea, how to update (load revised maps) Prius's Nav equipment software?

    You can purchase the latest DVD for the Nav at your dealership (Pretty expensive).
  • javentjavent Posts: 1
    Almost ready to buy a 2010 Prius. The difference between a Prius II and a III is a $1k stereo. The Nav package, not available on the II, costs $3.6k and includes the same stereo. Actually a lesser one if you consider swapping a 6 disc changer for a 4 disc. Are they charging twice for the same stereo?
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    No, the NAV requires the JBL 4 disc and the "extra" cost is for the added NAV. Everything in the model jumps are just an incremental charge for the extras that are included. There are things included with the NAV/JBL that did not use to be part of the package. The Backup camera being the main feature. Satellite radio reciever is now standard and that was about $400 add on last year.
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    I just got my package IV with solar roof for $400 off invoice. Can anyone tell me if there is a way for me to replace the headlight bulbs to make them brighter, like change to Xenon light bulbs ?? is that possible? and if yes, how and where can i go to have that done ? thanks very much.
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