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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Toyota Santa Monica- who gets the most Prius' in So Cal- is selling the Prius package IV at 31099 with the solar panel/safety connect. That is the only way they are coming now. So, it's a bit above Edmunds - which is 30830. Not sure if good deal or not.

    I am currently trying to decide if I should or get something else since these Prius are getting so expensive!

    Any opinions?

    Thanks!! :):(
  • Most dealer will negotiate up to 800 below MSRP. The problem is that package IV with solar panel also include safety connect that adds up. I am still waiting the price to come down little bit. Not in hurry but I just don't see the justification to buy this car while you can get ES Lexus almost for the same price.
  • Exactly. I thought the same thing! Only I am in a hurry. I have toyed with getting something else too.
  • I called 20+ dealers in SoCal this morning and many had Pkg IVs and Vs in stock. For package IIs and IIIs, a lot of them wanted markup (1000 to 3500 over MSRP) for deliveries in 4 to 8 weeks (no one has them in stock.)

    I'm thinking of renting a car on a monthly basis (399/mo for a camry) until the prices come down. C4C program has completely dried the toyota inventory in SoCal.

    If anyone out there who can get them below MSRP, please let me know which dealer is doing that.

  • Sorry to post this in the Prius section but I don't know how to send just a message to someone. But, where can I rent a Camry for 399/mo? I would do that!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,104
    A reporter is looking to speak to consumers were unhappy that they paid (or were offered a price) over invoice for the Toyota Prius during Cash for Clunkers. Please send your daytime phone number to [email protected] by Wednesday, September 16, 2009.
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  • i feel so much better now . no more driving fast going save me alot money
  • I am looking for Prius III as well. Could you pass on your dealer contact and location please? thanks,
  • mine in daily city near san francisco it call city toyota
  • negotiated price 28839. Got a non clunker trade with 170000 miles on, honda and a total of about 1600 below that invoice.

    Is this a good quote?
  • Hi, can anyone please explain why the Edmunds TMV price for a certified standard 2009 Prius is actually higher than the TMV price for a new 2010 Prius II? I'm looking to buy a new or certified Prius, and assumed a certified 09 Prius would be a better deal than a 2010 one, but it seems I'm wrong? Thanks!
  • Southern Cal

    Great experience with the dealership.

    31,600$ :) Bought my new Prius last weekend. Paid sticker. Had it ordered. Have the illuminated door sills, power moonroof and rear bumper applique.

    So far, LOVE IT!

    I think if I would have waited, I would have been able to get some off sticker but I wasn't sure how long I'd have to wait since there are so few now and I needed a new car now. I don't like to pay full price for anything so I thought about this for a long long time but am pleased that I did it.

    200 Mi and really enjoy it. The only thing I would say is that the Navi is not better than my handheld Nuvi. The Package IV solar roof comes with Navi so it wasn't an option but I am trying to like the navi that is always on!
  • Bought package 4 with solar panel. Get 2 quotes from 2 dealers $500 and 800 below MSRP. I should just get the car before they increase the price and include the safety connect that I don't need it anyway. Bought the car for $30,599 (MSRP $31,099-$500)
    Good experience but hard to negotiate for the price because most dealerships don't have the car on stock.
  • If you can get below MSRP, I'd quick get it! Plus, in So Cal at least they are only getting the solar panel cars with safety connect/iPod. So, not I have it, don't need it and didn't want it at all.

    Where are you buying?

    Good Luck!
  • Bought Prius 2010 model II with no extras for 22,750 plus TTL. Eventually added all season floor mats ($99) and rear bumper protector ($58).

    The whole process took 3 hours at Toyota DARCARS in Ferderik, MD.

    I am happy with the purchase.
  • That's MSRP, right? Did you attempt to bargain below msrp? Also, did you go to any other dealers in the dc metro area?
  • I am offering $25,000 for a Prius 2010 package II with navigation. Sticker price is $25,835. Dealer in SanMarcos is not willing to do any discount?
  • It is package III not II.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 3,001
    I actually bought for more discount using the car buying service on E$&y motors. Once the desired car info. is entered, a few dealers in your area contact you with proposals. I was pleasantly surprised.
  • I bought a Prius 2010 with package IV navigation at $30125 today. I am currently pleased with it. However, I paid additional $1985 for 72 months extended warranty. What do you think, can I cancel this warranty any time?
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    Congrats !. So I assume it is a Package 4 without solar ?
    IMO the extended warranty is expensive. I got a quote from 2 toyota dealership in midwest platinum extended warranty for 7 years $1080. Good luck
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 3,001
    I was offered the extended warranty for under $1K, but chose not to purchase it. Check your warranty agreement as I believe most can be cancelled/refunded within 30 days.
  • I was approved with 5.95% for $30125 without TTL. They offered me another option. If I choose 7 years 75000 miles extended warranty and gap insurance, the rate would be 4.95%, so I chose the second option. Is it good deal?
  • mbros2kmbros2k Posts: 71
    You can cancel this warranty in California within 60 days for a full refund. I just paid $1045 for the 7yr/75000, which was still too much. Call them and threaten to cancel unless they reduce the price. Make sure you bought a Toyota Care warranty. My dealer tried to sell me their own. At $1985 your dealer made an outrageous profit of $1200 or more. You can purchase a Toyota Care warranty anytime before the original 3 year warranty expires. Let's not let them get away with these kinds of rip-offs.
  • Do I have to go through the dealer to cancel this warranty? They said they helped me to get APR down from 5.95% to 4.95% since I purchased the warranty? Yesterday They lowered warranty from $1985 to $1400 since I showed them a proof that warranty costs $1400 for 6 years and 72 months on Toyota Financial Services website.
  • dkny330dkny330 Posts: 31
    Was just offered a Prius IV with Navigation, Appearance Package, Solar Roof, Safety Connect and some other stuff that amounted to MSRP of $31,825. Was told it would be $531/mo with $1500 out of pocket for a 36 month lease for 15,000 miles a year. This sounds like alot to me - is this good? Thanks.
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    Your price I think is expensive. You can lease a $38,000 car for that price. You probably better of finance the car. For example I have my BMW 328i (Price $38,000) my 3 year lease 15,000 miles/year; 0 down is $499 per month including tax in CA) so go figure......
  • Hi,

    I am looking at Toyota Prius III with the navigation package. I got a quote for $26,090 from SF Toyota but I have to wait 2 weeks. City Toyota has the car for the same price.
    Both the dealership claim this car is HOT right now so no discount or anything special.

    What is everyone else's experience? Is it possible to get few hundred off the MSRP?

  • I got this offer after email negotiating with several dealers in the bay area (No. Cal). The OTD price is $32500 after tax and license fees. Should I take this deal?

  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 3,001
    Well, ignoring fees for a moment, how much are you paying over/under/ or equal to MSRP? What is the dealer's doc. fee?
  • the dealer I visited said they would match the prices (dest. charge included):

    for type II: $22,474
    for type III: $22,992

    what do you think about above prices, any room to go down further? Thanks.
  • I bought another Prius 2010 today. Blizzard Pearl, Package II, no options. $23025. Dealer offered an extended warranty for $2025. I said no, they offered $1000 disacount. Still did not take it though. :)
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 3,001
    You're smart not taking the extended warranty. Great car.

    You now have two?
  • cslasorcslasor Posts: 15
    Are you talking about 2010 or 2009? Any options? For my area (zip 32909) zag is showing those cars for the 2010 model with no options at $1000 more than you're quoting. So if you're talking about 2010 models then it sounds like a good price to me.
  • Thanks for the reply Cslasor. 2010 models, no additional options.
  • I called the dealer today that I paid $1400 for extended year warranty for a cancellation. They faxed me the paper and I signed it and faxed it back to them. Hopefully, see the refund in 3-4 weeks.
  • fursatfursat Posts: 6
    I bought a 2010 Prius IV with Navigation (NY), Floor Mats and Rear Bumper applique for $28000. The Dealer gave me a financing deal for 4.14% APR which is a little over 3.99% I had. But to avoid the hassle of getting the financing externally I went with the dealer.

    Do you think I got a good deal?

    Now here is the rip off that I might have incurred. The dealer sold me 60 mos/60K miles extended warranty for $1555.00 and 60 mos/55K mile maintenance contract for $1595.00. I think the maintenance contract is worth it as it covers 11 different scheduled maintenance programs which would cost over $2200. But I am not sure about the warranty though. Please suggest if I made the right decision and if not then what should I do..

  • fursatfursat Posts: 6
    I have not yet got the delivery of the car as it is still on the boat somewhere.
  • Fursat:

    Which bank gave you 4%? I am in Boston area, 750+ credit score, dealer said best they could give me was 6.75% for 48-month.

    Just bought a type III for $22,992, destination charge and floor mat ($200 value? they said) included.
  • fursatfursat Posts: 6
    TFS gave me the 4.14% for 60 months with 789 score. Look at Pentagon Federal Credit Union, you can get 3.99% for 60 months from there.
  • fursatfursat Posts: 6
    I called my dealer and canceled the Warranty and Maintenance contracts. I found 6yr/75K Platinum $0 deductible warranty for $665 (my dealer charged me $1555) and Maintenance for $1075 (my dealer charged me $1595). So I called the dealer and canceled both these terms. I just will sign new paperwork when I pick up my car.
  • Hi, Fursat,

    Where did you find that $1075 maintenance package?

    And you mentioned TFS earlier, what's the full name of this institute (just in case Penfed does not offer service in MA.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,409

    Toyota Financial Services

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I do not think credit score has anything to do with the rate. My score is 616 and I got approved for 4.95% from TFS.

    Thank you.
  • fursatfursat Posts: 6
    I got my warranty and service maintenance package quotes from Troy Dietrich at (413) 772-0231. I found him on the internet and called him and got the quotes.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    I would be careful about signing up for warranty and service packages from anyone and from any source. Why?

    First what do you know about this guy's business? is he going to be there next year, or even tomorrow? Is he a mini-Bernie Madoff? If he is you'll be paying for service and warranty you never receive?

    Second even if this guy or Toyota are legit., you may have to fight to get a repair reimbursed.

    Third, even if it is legit, the people offering these plans would not be offering them if they did not on-average charge more than they pay out! They are not going to be in business if on-average they collect $1,500 from you, pay out $2,000 and have administrative costs of $250 (reading your claims, sending out checks, postage), and earning a living.

    So typically and on-average you will not get as much value as you put in. You might as well go to Vegas and play roulette where there are 38 numbers and you'll get paid 35:1 when your number hits. At least you'll get to socialize and get some free drinks.
  • fursatfursat Posts: 6
    Good Point. Troy is from Toyota at Greenfield, MA. So it is a legit toyota dealership. Anyways, do your homework before buying warranty and maintenance from anyone.
  • memikememike Posts: 3
    I just picked up a Blizzard Pearl Prius III in Concord NH for 24,170, minus the $4,000 trade value of my 2003 Subaru Forester with 219,000 miles. The dealer's web site had a Black Book valuation page which stated that my Forester had a value of between $3,600 and $5,300. Once in the dealership, they trashed the Black Book web site and offered $2,000 for my car. I left, emailed them a copy of the BB valuation and suggested that, if they didn't consider the BB value, why offer it on their web site? They came back with the $4,000 offer. Bottom line, Prius II for 20,170.
  • sas9sas9 Posts: 28
    Hi carnaught - What's the car buying service you used? I'm not familiar with E$&y but am interested in knowing more. I want to lease a Prius and am looking for some help with what I should pay for a model IV. I don't need Nav but do want the roof. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 3,001
    Go to Eb*y motors and enter your Prius information and it'll come up.
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