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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    It is ironic that they will tell some people they want to move the 09's to make room for the 2010's and then tell people when they get there that they have so few that they don't need to discount them. Right now the lots are bare in a lot of dealerships because production has been cut. The truth though is that production is cut because cars are not selling. It's a catch 22 but it should be working in favor of the consumer rather than the dealer.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    The sales manager just called me to go over the spec for my preference. He said he had to get it ready tonight as it has to be turned in by tomorrow AM!

    I joked with him and asked him what ship is coming in. I had told him about the link I found on PriusChat showing the GPS locations of the ships. He said, I may be able to find out if indeed he gets an allocation. :)

    It's a smaller dealership and while they wouldn't get a large allocation if any at all, I know that when they got my 07 TCH in, it came in the first shipment in West Virginia and I had a VIN ending with 0579. I'm hopeful he will be as lucky this time. However if he can't get what I want or fairly close I will wait since I plan to own this a while and want it pretty much like I've spec'ed.

    2010 Prius V
    Blizzard White
    Beige / sand leather
    Navigation System
    All Weather Floor and cargo mats

    Heading to Ocean City next week. Maybe I can keep my mind off of it. I want it to come in, but not while I'm gone :(
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    hi Archer: did you buy the 2009 or 2010? how was the drive, was it powerful enough or was it too weak? was it rough? I have never driven a hybid. is it similiar to a civic or corolla ? I really like the MPG on this car and the price seems reasonable; i am just concerned about the power and rough drive. also what is the warranty on the hybrid parts such as battery? I heard replacing battery on hybrid are very expensive and wonder what the warranty is on battery? thanks
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    A hybrid like the Prius is smoother and larger than a Corolla or Civic. The Corolla and Civic are 'torquier' if you step on it but the Prius seems more powerful ( 115,000 mi and counting ).

    The ride is more basic than most midsized sedans but somewhat better than the compact cars.

    There is no need EVER to replace the hybrid battery....EVER! In both the Toyotas and the Fords these batteries are running upwards of 250,000 to 350,000 miles without replacement. In fact no one has been able to determine when and if they ever wear out. 500,000 mi? 700,000 mi No one has reached those levels yet.

    The warranty depends in which state you buy the vehicle and where you live.
  • rbk3rbk3 Posts: 34
    Hi Civic,

    Your timing couldn't be any better. I looked at numerous dealer sites in the Seattle area and all seem to have a good inventory on hand. I've also been looking in NorCal for the same.

    I saw a Belleview Area dealer with 45 - 50 on hand. NorCal is loaded with excess 09's.

    Try sending an email to all the dealers within 75 miles and tell them exactly how much you will pay for an 09 Prius.

    I've been hitting dealer lots (twice weekly) in the NorCal area for a month. I have never seen more then 3 car buyers at any time during this period. Additonally, I hit Honda, VW and Accura as well since they are all together. The same Prius cars are still unsold with the exception of 1. Cars are sitting, really!

    There are far more Prius' sitting on lots, back lot's and on boats in the Long Beach harbor then most people realize.

    If I were ready to buy an 09, I'd be offering 21,000 (max) for the package 2. Once the 2010's come out, it will be less. IMO!

    If this doesn't work you can alway's go up on your offer. The car will still be there.

    Toyota was late in cutting back production on the 09 when (shtf) they profited during the gas hike. They were building and selling during that time.

    This is a great (maybe greatest) time to by a Prius!
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    that might be the case in North Cal. however, the inventory in the south cal is smaller. I just came back from a Toyota in Garden Grove and they have none of the Prius, and 2010 models are not here yet. she said when the 2010 come, they expect to tell then over the MSRP, or at least non-negotiatble off the MSRP. I wonder if they production will be higher at the end of the year. ?? If they are willing to negotiate off the MSRP, then I will consider but if they are not, I will consider going to another Make. I am thinking about a non-hybrid, Lexus RX 350. It is a very nice case, just the price is apprx 10k higher, but if Prius sells over the MSRP, then they are going to loose my sell.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    We are the largest Prius retailer in our region by a 4:1 ratio and we're down to our last five 09 units. The problem here will be lack of inventory.

    When the '10s arrive here they are either preordered or will snapped up quickly. The lots here will be devoid of Prius' until Toyota can fill the pipeline with the '10s.

    BTW...the first one(s) in NA was delivered to buyers yesterday in the Portland OR area.
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    can you or anyone tell me if 2010 prius comes in with the Technology package + solar sunroff + navigation package begether ??? I looked on line and it does not seem it comes in that combination. also, i am in southern CA. what is the manufacture warranty on hybrid battery and components?? is it 8yrs/ 100k or 10yrs / 150k ?? some said 100k others said 150k in california. also does anyone know if 2010 comes with wood grain option?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The Prius V can be ordered ...
    with no options
    with the Navi alone
    with the Adv Tech + Navi package

    Toyota decided for fuel economy reasons not to offer the Sunroof in the Prius V.

    If you are in So Cal then your warranty on the hybrid system is 10 years or 150,000 miles. The 16 other states that follow the CARB rules also have this same warranty. The other states that follow the EPA regs only require 8 yr or 100,000 mile warranties on the hybrid system.

    There will be no wood grain option from the factory.
  • pragmatist1pragmatist1 Posts: 25
    Planning on getting a 2010 Prius II in CT area. Anyone with any info on prices? I'm reading on Prius Chat about people paying list, plus bogus "dealer prep" fees, even mandatory, expensive service contracts.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    A dealer can always require you to pay over MSRP if they want; you have the right to walk away. But I've never seen a mandatory service contract mentioned by anyone.

    If they pressure you to buy a Toyota service or warranty contract they can be cancelled.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    You're obviously not ready to buy. The only differences in the level are options so no one else can really tell you what you want. The level V adds 17" wheels, fog lights and LED headlights to the level IV package. The level IV package is where you take the biggest leap up from the base units and it adds leather.

    If the $30K you mention on the V is MSRP then it probably has the navigation system. If it's MSRP that's as good as it gets right now.

    There are excellent buys on the Gen2 Prius currently as most consider the Gen3 a significant step up. If however you simply want cheap reliable transportation then the last model will be a bargan.

    Check out for the build options in your area as different regions in the US only get cars packaged with specific option combinations.
  • stefhstefh Posts: 1
    I can't wait to see it. I drive the 2007 Prius and love it. But just seen pictures and can't wait touch it and check it. :)
  • Bought a 2010 Prius, taxes, title, and registration, total: $24,250.

    The insurance agent called and our premium goes up $9/year. We sold a 2001 Echo and paid off the 2003 Prius to cancel the collision and added this 2010 Prius.

    Bob Wilson
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Are there any tax credits on the 2010 Prius? I was told that only the Ford Fusion and VW Jetta TDI still get tax credits.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    No credits left for Toyota. Ford's is now half of the full amount and will go down again next quarter. I don't follow the jetta.
  • I don't like to call myself cheap, so I like to say that I'm a value maximizer. I enjoy getting a great deal, especially when I've analyzed extensively before a purchase - because I love relishing in being justified. =) I'm a bargain hunter, tough negotiator, and logic-minded.

    My heart is set on buying a Prius. It's not a matter of what make/model or even color, I'm just caught in a dilemma between buying an '09 or '10. I live in Nor Cal, so the inventory of '09s is not an issue. Now what has got me confused is that some claim that this is the ideal time to buy an '09, especially since the '10s are hitting the lots. HOWEVER, if the '10s are coming out at MSRP (~$22K), how is this such a great deal over the '09s ($21K for a Package 2)? I mean, if you drive the '09 off the lot, you've already incurred a year's depreciation over buying an '10 model, right?

    Now, I don't care about styling, engine horsepower, features, and will ultimately want the bare bones package for the Prius. Am I missing something big about why some believe the '09s are such a great deal? For those '09 proponents, what do you think is Toyota's bottom-of-the-barrel price? If you were a value maximizer, which one would you choose? (I admit, it's always nice to have the newer model, but I might be able to live with something older for the right price. I'm just not convinced that the '09 Prius prices are there.)

  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    The 09's have 0% financing or rebates attached to them and most dealers will sell at invoice. I'm not sure the base version is that great of a deal but when the loaded ones start with large discounts or 0% then comparing the deals to the past they are bargans. Personally though I'm waiting on my 2010.

    see the post here:
  • msmortonmsmorton Posts: 4
    Just test drove 2010, the car felt less muted then 09. The car had a little more power when applied and better steering feel. I noticed car inventory in N. california is increasing on 2010. I would buy the 2010, Im waiting for the interest rates to go down on these cars and to see what happens with the clunker law. I have a 96 gmc subruban I want to turn in.
  • gakubagakuba Posts: 1
    Hi Bob,

    How did you manage to pay $24,250? The dealer is asking me to pay $26,227(tax, registration included). The options I included are these:

    Package II, Blizzard Pearl color($220), floor mats, tinting( I am in Arizona).

    Do you think I should cancel the deal???
  • Purchased 2010 Prius Level II for $750.00 off MSRP with no other fees. Color is Blizzard White. Car will be on dealers lot next monday.

    Also purchased 2010 Camry XLE loaded for about $300.00 under invoice with 3.9 financing. Had a trade for which they gave me clean book according to Edmunds and KBB. Trade needs tires.

    Went in to buy Camry but wife fell in love with Prius after driving it. We live in Kansas City area and more than one dealer matched the Prius price.
  • cheezhedcheezhed Posts: 44
    "Purchased 2010 Prius Level II for $750.00 off MSRP with no other fees. Color is Blizzard White. Car will be on dealers lot next monday.............................................
    We live in Kansas City area and more than one dealer matched the Prius price."

    What dealer in K.C.? Do you think your discount was because you also purchased the Camry?
  • In my opinion there are two dealers that will really deal in Kansas City area. I have purchased from both Olathe Toyota and Molle Toyota. Both dealers gave me similar prices. The only difference was the Adm fees. I refuse to pay a dime in any fees so they discount the vehicle by that amount or they can keep it.

    Adams Toyota offered to discount the Prius by $ 761.00 but they couldn't match the Camry price. They wanted to do the Prius deal only. Adm fee $299.00

    I purchased from Molle Toyota because they gave me the best price before finding out we were purchasing 2 vehicles. I had no problems in the finance office last year when we purchases our Sienna. Hope for the same this time. They also matched my best internet price on extended warranty last year.
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    All you 2010 owners.

    How does the calculated (miles driven/gallons) compare to the dash mpg display?
  • greenliongreenlion Posts: 3
    I live in Los Angeles, where the Prius is in high demand.
    I didn't go to a dealership, but my accountant hooked me up with a company that finds the best lease possible on the car you want.
    So this is the lease deal I was offered, seems high to me compared to some of the other deals people on this forum are getting, but maybe that's because of my location.
    2010 Prius package 2 (no add ons, totally base model)
    $1,375 due at signing. Includes first payment, tax and license fees.
    $398 a month, (includes tax, 9.25% here)
    36 months
    12k a year.

    Does anyone have advice regarding this?
    Thank you!!
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I know some people have the ability to write a lease off, but if this is about $22K, I can own that car in 5 years for about $20 more a month and not worry if I exceed the 12k miles per year.
  • Hi,

    I've only had one fill-up and the calculated mileage based upon trip meter distance and fuel fill-up was 52.3 MPG. But that was the 'dealer' tank and I've always found them to be suspect. This next tank will be trustable because I filled the tank. I've got the A tripmeter set to record this tank. I normally use the B tripmeter for specific tests:

    So which do you think is most accurate, fuel receipt and tripmeter miles or the indicated MPG? ">Why?

    Bob Wilson
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    Hi, thanks for the response.

    I suspect more time will be required for you to determine the accuracy of the indicated "mpg. "I have a Dodge truck, and the indicated efficiency is about 4 mpg optomistic. I was wondering how accurate the Prius indicated mpg is?

    After a few more fill-ups, please come back and let us know how it is going. 52.3 is certainly wonderful , and few would complain over that.
  • Hi,

    It might be faster if you scan some of the Prius forums like I've seen periodic threads about multifunction display (MFD) versus calculated tank-odometer accuracy. I've never joined them because:

    1) I record mileage using pump quantity and trip meter distance.
    2) I use MFD for short distance, performance tests and usually an A-B-A series

    My impression from these discussions is the the relative differences have been in the 1-2% range so it never really interested me. I'm still on the second tank in the ZVW30 and this is my wife's car. My commuting car is a 2003 Prius, NHW11. I only get to borrow my wife's car when running weekend errands or bringing it in for show at work.

    The reason this makes sense is the NHW11 has 120,000 miles and counting. The ZVW30 has about 900 miles. A year from now, the NHW11 will have 140,000 miles ... and then more. I'm getting 52.1 MPG (a little more now that summer has arrived) so there is no real savings using my wife's car. And when the 'wheels fall off' of the NHW11, who cares?

    Bob Wilson
  • Hi,

    I've been trying to figure out why you are curious about the relative accuracy of tanks/distance versus the MFD mileage display when it hit me. We hadn't discussed the effect of the fuel bladder in the 2001-2009 Prius that is no longer in the 2010 Prius. These earlier Prius have a flexible bladder in the tank that often does not expand to the full tank size when filling up. This can lead to as much as 1-2 gallons of unusable capacity. Yet the driver can do a short hop, say 5 miles and add this extra gas. Most don't but it leads to inaccurate "per tank" calculations:
    You can see my full record at myhybridcar.

    Now these individual tank variations disappear as the number of tanks increase:
    The larger, cumulative quantity of fuel burned means a 1-2 gallon error becomes insignificant.

    Now you might notice that my per fill-up variation evened out about two years after I got my NHW11. That year I started testing different brands of gasoline to determine which gave better mileage performance. Part of the protocol was to run the tank dry, which I did about three dozen times. This had a side effect of recalibrating the fuel gauge and apparently reseating the bladder. Since then, the per fill-up variation and accuracy of my fuel gauge appears to be better (or less bad.)

    So when I report 52.1 MPG for my 2003 Prius, it is based upon fuel receipts divided by mileage from the trip meter. I do calibrate the tires and adjust for true distance since tire wear does change the accuracy. How about you? Do you also calibrate your tires and tripmeter?

    Using GPS, I know my 2010 indicates 1 mph higher than true speed at 50+ mph. However, the trip meter average speed is dead on accurate.">link title

    Bob Wilson
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