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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    Wow! I am impressed with your analysis. My question was much simpler .... As I mentioned, my truck indicated mpg is very optimistic .... giving a much rosier, but false, picture of consumption. I was just wondering how the indicated mpg compares to the actual. I can see that a bladder that was used in older cars would be difficult to calculate.

    You mentioned running the tank dry to re-calibrate the electronics. On my truck there is a reset button. How does the 2010 reset?

    Thanks for the info. I have a 2010 on "order." I am afraid , however, it may be quite a ways off before I take delivery. Small dealer and (I suspect) a low allocation.
  • The 2010 is still too new to know how the various "reset" functions work. But I wanted to get the "fear of running out of gas" over as well as purge the dealer fuel.

    I haven't done and don't plan on doing a hard study of the gallons/mile versus the indicated MPG. The reason is it takes too long! It is my wife's car and until we go on a trip, we won't be burning enough fuel to do an accurate study.

    I'm confident the indicated MPG is fairly accurate in my 2003 Prius, NHW11. I've used it to plot mph vs MPG and get reproducible results in past, cross country travels. The bladder has been a 'pain in the [non-permissible content removed]' unless you know how to ignore the worst aspects. The one caution is when the fuel indicator begins to flash in my 03, I always assume there is only 25 miles remaining although I've usually gone 65-75 miles.

    As for the 2010, one Japanese driver reported 1.8 gallons remaining but I found 2.1 in my first test. But I understand we also have different size tanks (theirs is reported to be larger.)

    Bob Wilson
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    For some reason your posting is not showing up on my computer in its entirety. I am curious though, One sentence appears to ask if the poster adjusts for tire wear? (the sentence was cut off)

    If that is correct, (you adjust your calculations for tire wear) I'll assume you've thought this out well so it makes me think harder. My initial thought was that depending upon the air pressure and the tire flexing that the true radius or diameter of a tire under load on a car is different than the specs listed in the tire literature, or even what you would measure and that you would have an error.

    However for the purposes of measuring the true travel distance, the circumference is what's important regardless of how low the tire pressure is. Thanks for making me think a little harder.

    So do you actually measure the tire wear? Do you simply do a GPS recalbration on a regular schedule?

    Just curious since you seem to take this a step or two beyond anything I've ever attempted.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    one Japanese driver reported 1.8 gallons remaining but I found 2.1 in my first test

    That seems to be the Toyota standard as my TCH and HH have about the same "reserve".
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 122,517
    Let's stick to pricing in this discussion.. A lot of other Prius discussions to talk about fuel mileage...

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    I am trying to purchase the 2010 prius with package IV with Navigation and Satellite Radio. The price seems to be somewhere around 28,350. I am looking for 36 month lease with 15,000 miles and 2000/down.

    Has anyone leased a 2010 with these specs? If so what is your monthly? I have been told by North Hollywood Toyota that they are selling their Prius' for 7,500 over invoice? Does anyone have any numbers they can share?
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I have been told by North Hollywood Toyota that they are selling their Prius' for 7,500 over invoice?

    They may be asking that, but I can't imagine them selling them for that. On PriusChat, in CA and all across the country, there are several people getting their Prius at MSRP.

    I don't know what kind of lease deal you will get but if you shop around the cars are finally hitting the dealers and they are available, with some short term shortages in high demand areas.
  • This morning, E-Bay listed 11, 2010 Prius at prices from $24,000-$30,000. I haven't checked Craigslist. Better still, identify a Toyota dealer at the port of entry for the various regions and give them a call.

    Buying from a Toyota dealer co-located with the region point of entry gives the option of negotiating for car with exactly what you want and minimizing shipping costs from the port of entry. Be sure to insist on "no port or dealer options without prior approval." They may ask for a deposit so send a check with a letter contract that specifies exactly what you want ... register the letter.

    The time for letting local dealers dictate a one-sided contract has to end and the way to do it is buy from a dealer who will sell what you want. As for price negotiation, well some people like it ... I hate it.

    Bob Wilson
  • bchan10bchan10 Posts: 1
    Jim Coleman Toyota is sticking to MSRP for the 2010 Prius. Even after I meniton invoice, they act like "invoice" isn't in their vocabulary. MSRP is their mantra.
  • zencarzencar Posts: 4

    I live in LA as well and I've been doing weeks of research on this subject. I've decided it's far less expensive to buy the car in the long run because TFS charges such a high MF and I drive about 5k miles a year so my resale value will hold. Also you can get a loan from for 3.99%.

    Your lease does seem a little high for the Pkg 2 and should be more $352 incl. tax with $580 for cap reduction, which adds up to your quoted $1375. That's assuming a Gross Cap of $23,600 ($22750 msrp, $650 fee, $200 mats).

    You should download the Excel lease form from

    Hope that helps.
  • fantesia28fantesia28 Posts: 15

    I just thought I would share my buying experience as well. I just purchased a 2010 Prius in the mid-west and because I was upside down on my current loan paid sticker price. However, I think they would have negotiated a bit more had I not needed to get more for my trade in. And... for the record I LOVE my new car so far! It's averaging 54 mpg on highway/city mileage which is awesome! My Camry barely got 27 mpg and that was on a good day!
  • For anyone who's recently bought a '10 Prius, what interest rate did you pay? Was it a Toyota-financed loan, or your bank / credit union?

    Trying to figure out what's a reasonable rate...
  • bakkerjbakkerj Posts: 9
    I got a Prius V with Nav on 6/29 from City Toyota in the Bay Area for $28,888. MSRP was $30,020.
  • fantesia28fantesia28 Posts: 15

    I financed through Toyota financing and they matched my credit union rate of 5%. I live in Missouri. Hope that helps!
  • zencarzencar Posts: 4
    Way to go! That's by far the best deal I've seen here or on All I got was $200 off and they acted like I was given the holy grail.
  • zencarzencar Posts: 4 is still offering 3.99% Can't beat that and the process was extremely simple; $5 deposit to open account, check fedex'd the next day ($15 deposit for that).
  • fantesia28fantesia28 Posts: 15
    Isn't only for people that are in the military??
  • zencarzencar Posts: 4
    If you apply online, you can check the Red Cross Volunteer category. They never asked me anything about it and if you've ever given blood or donated, then you're guilt free. Trust me, they're happy to make interest money these days.
  • donnicdonnic Posts: 1
    I sent emails to Arkansas and Memphis dealers looking for a Prius III with no add-ons for under MSRP. Trotter Toyota in Pine Bluff was the only one that responded under MSRP at 23,252. The vehiicle they found in Louisiana had about $675 of add-ons, but they did not charge me for those, nor did they charge any extra delivery fees. I got the car last night for around $1200 under MSRP. I got the loan from US Bank at 4.5% for 48 months.
  • dncbdncb Posts: 70
    I could not find a dealer in AZ, NM, Vegas or southern CA who would sell under MSRP. I called and emailed about 20. One dealer even said they "weren't allowed to sell under MSRP." So following advice in this forum I emailed Molle Toyota in Kansas city and got the car with absolutely no hassle or even much discussion for $22,389 out the door - a full $840 under the best AZ deal. I will, of course have to pay for tags and sales tax in my home state of AZ. Including a $120 plane ticket, one $65 motel and gas (22.159gal to Phoenix! Wow!) I saved $590 and had a nice break from my normal schedule driving a day and a half back. Scott, the internet sales mgr could not have made the experience easier, quicker or more pleasant - even picking me up at the airport. I was out the door less than an hour after arriving at the dealer. The indicated mileage and actual differed by less than one mpg on 1168 miles - 52.71. Since being home indicated mpg around town is 53.6. Some might say I saved less since I had to drive 1168 miles. But the diversion was worth it, especially since I can now tell the local sales mgr. what I bought it for and hopefully break the dealer collusion for the benefit of other buyers. If you don't mind the drive it would be hard to find a better dealer experience than Molle
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    since the 2010 are too new, I am not surprise they are selling for MSRP; however, do you think the price will drop by the end of the year ? I ;like to buy one this year but wonder if prices will drop? before the 2010 models came out, do you guys know what the average paying prices for 2009 models?
    I really like the MPG on the prius, but going from the Lexus ES to a Prius is a big change for me so I am having a hard time making up my mind.
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    I have a delima if anyone can help me.
    Everyone knows that ES 350 and Prius are like apple and orange. however, their prices are very similiar (I am comparing a package V with Navi and fully loaded).
    I have an ES 330 and I also test drove a Prius, and the handling & comfort are day and night. MPG on the Prius is a super plus, but are there other reasons to pick a Pruis instead of the Lexus because most people agree with me that Lexus is much better vehicle in every way except for MPG.
    Please help. :confuse:
  • atlantabennyatlantabenny Posts: 735
    I'm thinking we may be in a similar situation. I have a 2007 Infiniti M35 whose fuel economy is a combined city/hwy 19 mpg; I use regular unleaded. My annual mileage is 15k.

    If I buy the Prius at this time, I'll probably lose $4,000 on the M35 to Prius exchange (based on private sale of my M35 with 49k miles).

    Assuming $3.00/gal as the future average price of regular unleaded for the next 5 years, it will be on year 3 that I can recover the $4,000 loss on the M35 to Prius swap.

    Because the M35, or your ES for that matter, has superior comfort and amenities vs the Prius, it makes sense to keep our current cars for 3 more years. In my case, that's the remaining ownership period I expect on the M35 anyway.

    However, at $4.00/gal, the "payback" is shorter, at 2 years. This means that if I keep my current car beyond 2 years, my opportunity loss is about $2,000/year.

    The question then becomes, at $4.00/gal, is the comfort and convenience of our current cars worth $2,000/year ?

    A conservative guess is that we'll be at somewhere between $3.00 to $3.50. Under that assumption, I'll probably wait another 1.5 to 2 years, when Prius prices would have stabilized and resale value of the current car would still be favorable.

    Maybe within that period, we'll also have more hybrid options.
  • Glad I was able to help you find Molle Toyota in K.C. MO

    I have nothing but praise for the way they do business. My 2010 Prius is the 3rd purchase from them.

    Good luck with yours.

  • I can see how the Lexus would be attractive. I too am trying to decide if I should pay the premium for a Hybrid. In 3 years, you will probably make up the difference. If you are planning to keep the car for 3+ it makes sense. I am betting I could also sell it after 3 years and maintain some value because they retain value well (the Hybrid).

    I think I am going to go ahead with the Prius because I live in LA, drive a lot and the cost of gas is high.

    But, you want to be comfortable too............I am wondering how comfortable the Prius is.
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    Hi Atlantabenny:
    I am so glad that I am not the only one out there with this question. One more reason for you to consider and that is: I heard if you are buying new car this year, your sales tax on your new car is tax deductible.

    I spoke with this lady today and she bought a new 2010 RX for little below the Edmunds invoice price. she bought her FWD with Nav and Wood trim and 19" wheel for 38700. with that said, i think we can expect more price movement for the RX than the Prius.

    My case is a little different than yours is that I need to buy an additional car for my wife (i am not selling my ES). my question is if I should choose a comfort (and get the Lexus RX) or safe money (and get the Prius)?? the difference in price is apprx 10k plus apprx 1k difference in gas per year.

    I wish I have a crystal ball!
    thanks :P
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    Hi lovthesunica:
    I test drove the Prius (the old and new models) , if you get the fully loaded Prius, it has a lot nice features (self park, pre collision control, park assist...) however, the comfort is DAY AND NIGHT compared to the Lexus (as expected) and the material inside the Prius looks cheap. that is why I said in the last note, it is like apple and orange.. the question is do you want confort or saving. the price is apprx 10k difference (fully loaded Prius & partially loaded RX) and the gas saving is apprx 1k per year, assuming 15k per year and gas is apprx $3.50/gallon.
    Pls let me know what you decided :-)
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I'm thinking those of you that are not sure about giving up your luxury brand for a Prius may not be ready. In 2007 I traded my Infinity FX45 for a Camry Hybrid. It was a tough decision. However my motivation was to save gasoline. It was not a "green" issue for me, it simply had to do with me personally not using any more foreign oil than I need to. I needed to walk my talk. This country needs to change and it really has to do it one person at a time. Will I make a dent? Probably not, but I may convince a few others, who will in turn convince a few others, who .....

    I've loved cars as long as I can remember and the Camry was a far cry from what I was used to driving. Once I made the decision though I have not looked back. I've traded the Camry for a Highlander Hybrid (needed more space for the Grandkids and have a Prius V ordered (should get this week) for daily driving. I did find in the Camry with the Energy Screens on the NAV that each drive was a challenge in driving for maximum FE. I actually enjoyed playing with that as much as I liked rolling down the windows and listening to the FX wind out.

    Your friends will think you've totally lost it. You have to know its the right thing to do or you may never be satisfied. Even then you will question yourself from time to time. The comfort and sportiness will not be there. I'm going to the Prius V in order to capture what sportiness there can be in driving a Prius. It will satisfy me, I am sure.

    You may falter. As I decided on getting the Prius, I was tempted by the great deals on the CTS. Fortunately I could not work well with the local dealer so I went back to the Prius. It's was the right thing to do (for me).
  • dncbdncb Posts: 70
    I thought this was a forum dedicated to prices paid and buying experience. Why are there discussions about comparing Lexus to Prius, amenities in cars etc? Shouldn't they be elsewhere instead of forcing readers to sift through off topic posts to find out where to buy or not buy a Prius?
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    I have "ordered" a white, Prius IV w/ navagation. I have been lead to believe a IV matching that description is on my dealers allocation list. Today I checked the official site, and it appears that navagation is now linked with the solar roof a big increase in price. Is that a change in policy, or just the way my computer is displaying the web site?
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