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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • fursatfursat Posts: 6
    I called my dealer and canceled the Warranty and Maintenance contracts. I found 6yr/75K Platinum $0 deductible warranty for $665 (my dealer charged me $1555) and Maintenance for $1075 (my dealer charged me $1595). So I called the dealer and canceled both these terms. I just will sign new paperwork when I pick up my car.
  • Hi, Fursat,

    Where did you find that $1075 maintenance package?

    And you mentioned TFS earlier, what's the full name of this institute (just in case Penfed does not offer service in MA.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,263

    Toyota Financial Services


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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  • I do not think credit score has anything to do with the rate. My score is 616 and I got approved for 4.95% from TFS.

    Thank you.
  • fursatfursat Posts: 6
    I got my warranty and service maintenance package quotes from Troy Dietrich at (413) 772-0231. I found him on the internet and called him and got the quotes.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    I would be careful about signing up for warranty and service packages from anyone and from any source. Why?

    First what do you know about this guy's business? is he going to be there next year, or even tomorrow? Is he a mini-Bernie Madoff? If he is you'll be paying for service and warranty you never receive?

    Second even if this guy or Toyota are legit., you may have to fight to get a repair reimbursed.

    Third, even if it is legit, the people offering these plans would not be offering them if they did not on-average charge more than they pay out! They are not going to be in business if on-average they collect $1,500 from you, pay out $2,000 and have administrative costs of $250 (reading your claims, sending out checks, postage), and earning a living.

    So typically and on-average you will not get as much value as you put in. You might as well go to Vegas and play roulette where there are 38 numbers and you'll get paid 35:1 when your number hits. At least you'll get to socialize and get some free drinks.
  • fursatfursat Posts: 6
    Good Point. Troy is from Toyota at Greenfield, MA. So it is a legit toyota dealership. Anyways, do your homework before buying warranty and maintenance from anyone.
  • memikememike Posts: 3
    I just picked up a Blizzard Pearl Prius III in Concord NH for 24,170, minus the $4,000 trade value of my 2003 Subaru Forester with 219,000 miles. The dealer's web site had a Black Book valuation page which stated that my Forester had a value of between $3,600 and $5,300. Once in the dealership, they trashed the Black Book web site and offered $2,000 for my car. I left, emailed them a copy of the BB valuation and suggested that, if they didn't consider the BB value, why offer it on their web site? They came back with the $4,000 offer. Bottom line, Prius II for 20,170.
  • sas9sas9 Posts: 28
    Hi carnaught - What's the car buying service you used? I'm not familiar with E$&y but am interested in knowing more. I want to lease a Prius and am looking for some help with what I should pay for a model IV. I don't need Nav but do want the roof. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,328
    Go to Eb*y motors and enter your Prius information and it'll come up.
  • I am considering ordering a Pkg III with sunroof/navi package in the color I prefer. One dealer estimates 6 weeks from order date. If anyone has recently ordered a 2010 Prius, how long for delivery? Also, what discount did you negotiate for the ordered car? The car will not be on dealer's lot or inventory for more than 1-2 days.
    Thank you in advance.
  • techfutechfu Posts: 6
    What do you guys think? :confuse:

    I just got back from Toyota dealership where they were offering me Prius 2010 III with dealer installed heated leather seats (front driver & passenger).

    Im very tempted, but held myself to see what you guys think? Is it a good deal?

    here is what the breakdown came down to
    $22,400 - '10 Prius III (invoice + destination per the dealer)
    $1100 - for dealer installed heated leather seats

    Is it worth the money to have dealer installed heater leather seats?

    thank you for your suggestions/comments in advance,
  • I think it's a great price. I just got my 2010 type III for $22,792, plus $200 for the floor mat so total became $22,992.

    According to, for '10 type III ($750 destination charge included):

    - Dealer true cost: $22,032
    - Dealer invoice: $22,492

    so you are below their invoice
  • bot Prius V at invoice yesterday in Chicago west suburb. The dealer had 4 prius V in stock and only 1 prius II, they wouldn't discount anything on the II but offer to sell the V with navigation at invoice. Here is what's included:

    Prius V in silver metallic with gray interior
    Navigation Package
    1 yr XM Sat subscription with traffic info
    1 yr SaftyConnect
    Floor Mats
    Wheel Locks
    offered 7yr/100k ext warranty for $1400 but declined.

    reasonable price?
  • Prius II or III your message had both. Prius III in Concord NH for 24,170, then Bottom line, Prius II for 20,170
  • I'm wondering if anybody has purchased a 2010 Prius in the Central Florida area in the last month or so, and what kind of pricing they got. Some websites are showing them as selling above MSRP while others show them as selling at or slightly below MSRP. So I'd love to hear some real-time experiences before I head to my dealer.

  • I actually had this car shipped from a Boston dealer down to Florida because I could not get the Florida dealer to come close to the price up North. I realized this was in part because the fee SouthEastern Toyo dealers have to pay plus the increased shipping cost down here and the higher dealer fees and port installed options.

    The sticker on the car in Boston was 26k for a Prius 3 with Nav, mats, and net- I paid 24k plus the 300 doc fee and the 659 shipping.

    In Florida, I could not get a dealer under 27 so this was a significant savings for me move than 2k even after I paid shipping.

    Expressway Toyota, Dorchester Mass
  • do you think one even needs the warranty pkg. I was almost ready to buy a Prius and then they sprung the Platinum total care pkg and I did not buy. What do others think of the need for this?
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    In order for companies to be in business offering extended warranties, they must do what on average? Make money, right? How do they do that - they take in more than they pay out. So on average, do you think paying for an extra warranty whether for a vehicle or TV is worth it? No!
  • 2010 3rd Generation Prius Sale!

    You are invited to a silent sale on the 2010 Prius at Earl Stewart Toyota. For the remainder of November 2009, all of our new, in-stock 2010 Prius will be sold at dealer invoice. And, as always at Earl Stewart Toyota, no Dealer Fees. Please note that dealer invoice is not our dead cost. We're still making a profit. Please see below for more details.

    This is a legitimate sale. A legitimate sale must have a legitimate reason. We are looking to close our year strong by clearing out our new Prius inventory. This will help us earn more Prius. The number of cars of each model that Toyota allocates to a dealer is based on how fast they sell their inventory. By having this sale, we will earn more Prius going in to the New Year. We will benefit by having a larger inventory of cars that are normally sold at MSRP. This is the strategy that has made us the largest seller of Prius in the Southeast United States.

    Here is a current list of our new Prius inventory with MSRP and sale price listed. Again, these prices are plus tax and tag only - no dealer fees or phony markups. These cars are physically here. We have more Prius in our incoming inventory that will also qualify for the sale. We do not expect this inventory to last long.




    Sale Price
    2010 Prius II Blizzard Pearl $24393 $23204

    2010 Prius II
    Sandy Beach $24719 $23717
    2010 Prius III w/leather Blizzard Pearl $26941 $25292
    2010 Prius III Blizzard Pearl $24794 $23544
    2010 Prius III w/leather & NAV Silver $28072 $26316
    2010 Prius III Black $24874 $23844
    2010 Prius III w/NAV Black $26604 $25311
    2010 Prius III w/NAV Black $27303 $25799
    2010 Prius III Black $23874 $23025
    2010 Prius IV Blizzard Pearl $27494 $26325
    2010 Prius IV Barcelona Red $26575 $25654
    2010 Prius IV Sandy Beach $27374 $26275
    2010 Prius IV w/NAV Blizzard Pearl $29675 $28339
    2010 Prius V Silver $28744 $27560
    2010 Prius V w/NAV Barcelona Red $31224 $29677
    2010 Prius V Winter Gray $29542 $28178

    There is still profit behind “dealer invoice.” We’re still making about $500 when selling a Prius at invoice as opposed to an average of approximately $1700 at MSRP. For an even further explanation about dealer invoice vs true dealer cost. Please click on Earl's Blog and read the item entitled, "Holdback or Holdup?"


    Earl Stewart Toyota

    Your privacy is important to us. If you no longer want to receive these emails, click Here
    Alternatively you may send a written request to the address above.
  • MSRP was $23950 (only extra was $200 floor mats) and I paid $22150. Got a 3.74% rate through the dealer and was very happy with the whole experience (unlike another dopey Toyota dealer I dealt with before). If you are flexible with what they have in stock, now until the end of the year is the best time to buy. Good luck!

    Herb Chambers, Boston
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Hey Host...are we going to start having advertisers post their "deals" here?

    BTW..the Invoice price for a Prius II is $21,056 and for Prius III is $21,784, so the numbers posted aren't anything special and are not invoice prices. I've seen Prius II's adverstised around here for $22,500 including delivery charge.
  • If you are interested in buying a Prius soon and live around the Bay Area, Let me know... We can go together and see if we can get a group discount or try to get the best prices.

    let me know.

  • inky3inky3 Posts: 2

    I was actually going to go to that Herb Chambers! Can I ask which person you worked with?

  • Will Ralph- he's a great guy.
  • inky3inky3 Posts: 2
    Thanks! I'll look for him.
  • Bought a Prius II on blizzard pearl with dark gray interior on Black Fridat night in So Cal. Email to many dealers and most are selling either MSRP or just $500-$600 off. Got a call back from Toyota of El Cajon and the manager told me he has a Prius II with MSRP $23786 and he can do $20995, that's $2800 off MSRP!! Sounds too good to be true. It's two hours drive from LA to San Diego and it's already 5pm. Well, I've decided to give it a shot, worst case just waste 4 hours of my time! On my way to the dealership, I still think that there must be some catch in this deal. Turns out I was wrong, deal went very smoothly. He showed me the printout, exactly $20995, plus title, tax, and $55 doc fees. He said he lost $1500 on this car but it's for thanksgiving and grand opening of the dealership. Couldn't be happier!
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,328
    Great deal; you'll love the car.
  • Dang spammers....
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