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Ford Focus Hatchback - ZX3 - Part V



  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Member Posts: 516
    I get it. The old "I want what I want and I want it right now!" syndrome. That's what society has become today. I can't believe some of the stories I've heard concerning car buying. And I think it even applies to used car buying. People don't know how or what to check out. Don't even know enough to take it to a mechanic to have them check one out. Some of the competition I would not even consider due their past history.

    But you "ain't" seen nothing yet! Just wait til the "PT Crusier" starts hitting the highway. All kinds of guys just waiting to get their hands on one of those. Will be watching that forum to see the same problems as the Focus is going through. Guess we should call it 1st year growing pains.

  • anonymousanonymous Member Posts: 314
  • mp10mp10 Member Posts: 103
    Someone mentioned so I looked and they had a photo of a silver hatchling with a racing checker pattern painted over the rear wheels - whoa! When I saw that, I knew I had to have that done! I showed the picture to people at work and some thought it was great and others were totally scandalized, I'm serious. Someone asked me if I was having a mid-life crisis! I think NOT. Anyway, here's a URL for it - does anyone know how much it would cost to have something like this done? Thanks in advance.
  • mp10mp10 Member Posts: 103
    Sorry, here's the correct URL - I HATE when that happens!
  • torinopaddytorinopaddy Member Posts: 55
    I never considered doing that (never bought a car new before), but thinking about you are right. Before I take my new focus I'll be sure to put it through its paces (including trying the cigarette lighter!!!).
    As for the S3 (Clint), it isn't a Euro designation (or at least none I've heard of). Maybe it is a custom job done for your local dealer? In Italy tinted windows are illegal (well a tinted front windscreen is illegal, so it doesn't make much sense tinting the rest, Maffia and all that)so there won't be any S3's on the road here.
    As for the complaints about the bumps, I am really hoping that my car doesn't have the same problems. Could it be that on the softer American suspension (the car was designed for Euro settings and mine is going to be even stiffer as it's got the 'sports' suspension setup) that the car is just coming up against the bumpstops with the suspension fully loaded?
    Anyone who thinks that cars are made soft for the US market because of the state of the roads should come for a drive around Turin. Some of the older roads in the centre date back 400 years and more, well before tarmac was invented. I reckon it's just customer preferences again. Our journeys are shorter, and cornering is an important issue on our largely twisty roads. Stiff suspension is indispensable but it does compromise comfort. Fortunately manufacturers over here are getting ever better at the compromise. The best (over here at least) has to be Peugeot. I was considering getting a 2.0L 306 Gti (a hatch about the same size as the Focus) with 167bhp and a 6 speed box, but it is due to be replaced soon and I couldn't afford to wait to see what they replace it with. My old wreck is literally falling apart. Not only, it was broken into on Saturday night (they bent the driver's door open) and my radio stolen, so now it feels like I'm driving with the door open (I kind of bent it back into shape but there is still a gap at about shoulder level). I would have loved to have waited for the 170bhp Focus which should be out in a few months, but there is no way my car is going to survive that long!
    Whatever from all I've read the Focus should be great fun, and I can't wait to get my hands on it! (having checked thoroughly before the keys get handed over).
  • focuszx3rfocuszx3r Member Posts: 92
    i ordered a RF Green 5-speed hatch w/ no options 6 weeks ago under the impression I would have it by NOW!!! I go to my deakr because I got no info on progress, he says he was calliing them and would get back to me monday (this was fri). Monday rolls around, no call (big surprise). I go there today. he tells me he will know on fri what it is, but most likeley ANOTHER 6 WEEKS!!! He was fully aware it woul take this long I know and I am very mad he lied. He gave me some bs like he thinks its gonna be on the next production run and then it would be like 6 weeks. SURE! I bet he sold mine cuz we got him lo on the price!! I am sooo mad that Ford is resistant to making 5-speeds, they should make the cars to fill the orders, and not just to sent to dealers.
    He told me he could get me a blue 5-speed but it would have to be driven 140 miles most likely at 70 mph totally screwing up the car.
    I would like this one, and does anybody think they would truck it?? Also I have to say that Drebe73 has it much worse then me, but atleast he has seen and driven his!!
  • hugozhugoz Member Posts: 82
    I've noticed the posts on the little, miscellaneous pet peeves, like the backward cranking windows, gas cap on the right side, and those counter-intuitive door locks (argh!). I have to admit being just a tad annoyed by the door locks, but frankly, I never noticed (or cared) about the window cranks. On the gas cap being on the right, I prefer it that way: in my experience at gas stations, most people seem to have theirs on the left, meaning more open spaces on the right side of the gas pumps! (Has anyone else noticed this?)

    Anyhow, I agree with Silverbullet: you get used to these little differences. I believe that we should keep things in perspective: since the ZX3's "new edge" design is kind of radical, why should we expect the door locks or window cranks to be like most other cars anyway? And besides, things that really count are fabulous -- e.g., that solid "feel" of the road from the four wheel independent suspension; the taut, precise steering; the interior space and design; Zetec power; the great colors (love my Orange!); I could go on ....
  • hugozhugoz Member Posts: 82
    Sorry to hear about your situation. Tell us where you live and maybe someone will be able to suggest another dealer ... just a thought.
  • calico1calico1 Member Posts: 52
    First, again best wishes to drebe and norwaydoug. I admire your patience (even though it isn't patience by choice, your restraint in keeping from a full blown outburst of temper is awe inspiring).

    I have no problem with a rocketing lighter -- in fact, I have no lighter at all. I did not want the smokers' package, but the "already-in-existence by the time I placed my order" malibu blue hatchling already had a smokers' package. I guess because I didn't want the package, my lighter was removed and the ugly hole where it once was is exposed. I trust you guys more than any dealer, so tell there a cover I can get to cover the hole when I don't have a phone plugged in to it? What do they do on ZX3s that don't have the smokers' package?

    Also, still waiting to hear any advice on a bike rack that I can use with my moonroof. If there isn't a good one, I guess I can just transport the bike (also a classic -- a 25 year old Fuji ten-speed the same color as my ZX3 "calicomobile")in the hatch with the seat down. Isn't it great to have such an adaptable vehicle?

    Oh, and this....a guy in a jetta asked me about my ZX3 the other day in a parking lot. I raved about my little darling and told him to check out this site so he could see what we all had to say about our great cars (and not always so great service, to be fair). He's one of many who have asked me about my hatchling just based on how positively cool she looks -- to say nothing of her handling! We've got ourselves a real winner, everyone.
  • hugozhugoz Member Posts: 82
    Correction: I meant the LEFT side of the gas pumps, or opposite the rest of the herd, at any rate.
  • deanb34deanb34 Member Posts: 7
    Does anyone know the top speed on the ZX3?
  • mac54mac54 Member Posts: 22
    Finally got around to reading this thoroughly enlightening article (see post 494). I especially appreciated the information comparing the 1997 and 1998 US sales of this model! I hope they don't actually pay this guy for writing that bilge!!
    Gas cap strikes me as being a bit flimsy. At least the little arrow by the gas gauge reminds me what side the cap is on.
    Spent last week on the road in Western Wisconsin bluff area. Held 60 mph in cruise up steep hills and got @32 mpg with strong headwinds.
    1400 miles in 3 weeks and still love it! Now if I can just find a replacement horn. :)
  • mac54mac54 Member Posts: 22
    I don't have the smoker's package. I got a little rubber/plastic cap with "power outlet" or something painted on it. It goes over the opening kind of like a cap on a bottle. When you're using the power outlet you've got to put it someplace where it doesn't get lost. It's probably cheaper to buy a lighter at Walmart and stick it in there - at least it has a use and would be harder to lose!
  • hugozhugoz Member Posts: 82
    On the bike rack: have you checked with any bike shops about a rear-mounted rack? I'd like to know myself.

    As for the reactions you get from people -- where do you live? I'm envious.
  • zx3cdnzx3cdn Member Posts: 27
    try some bike rack manufacturer's sites. I know they are out there for the focus thule has one I think. Not cheap though.

    If you run out of gas on the highway you will appreciate having the gas filler on the passenger side away from traffic.

    Can someone please post how to get the trip odometer into other modes.
  • hugozhugoz Member Posts: 82
    I just went to the site and noticed that all three of their reviewers now each have a review of the Focus. Check out Dan Jedlicka's and Ann Job's reviews; they're better than Heraud's. Between the other two, however, Ann Job's is the fairest, and she rates the Focus highest (8 out of 10) of the three. (Figures the woman is the smartest, eh?) Anyhow, here's a quote from Jedlicka's review that I thought you fellow hatchling owners would get a kick out of: "The Focus makes the most sense in sedan and wagon form." I think he needs to come to this message board and read the writing on the wall...

    In contrast, Ann Job is right on the money. She says: "I find the hatchback looks progressive, modern and snazzy."

    So there you have it. isn't so bad after all.
  • ragtop99ragtop99 Member Posts: 33
    The May 2000 issue has a half page write-up on the Focus. They are test driving a sedan and are very impressed by it. The only negative comment is that there is a little too much road noise.

    Torinopaddy - I'm really jealous. You've got so many really cool cars to choose from in Europe. I'd have to work 3 jobs to afford my car habit.
    Here in the U.S. our choices are limited, unless you want an oversized, wasteful, ugly, useless SUV. We've got plenty of those to choose from.
  • orlockorlock Member Posts: 25
    Honda is having a 350,000 car recall for electrical problems.

    VW is always having their share of recalls.

    Many of the cars are made in third world countries, without the proper training or the equipment (includeing gloves, goggles and other safty equipment). In the U.S., there is no stopping the line, unless something big happened (like the frame fell off) and if the guy is in a hurry or a new worker then mistakes creep in the vehicles. Mine has a paint job with five visable errors that each were over 2 sq inches (going to get parts repainted and in a couple of places taken off like the mirror and the black part on the rear bumper), but my car also came with a third key and free floor mats too.
  • jamers85jamers85 Member Posts: 100
    when i first ordered my car my dealer told me 4 to 6 weeks waiting. When the end of sixth week came i had to make the first move and called the dealer.
    They said they will check and find out. Nothing good came out of it. To make the story short, i got my car after 3 months. Long wait and very frustrating but it's all worth it.
  • silverzx3silverzx3 Member Posts: 40
    The ZX3 will go up to 109 mph, @ 110 you get cut off and drop back to 105 mph and you stay there until you restart the car. So you can drive all day @ 109 just do not pass it. The Euro models are rumored to top out at about 123 mph. Personal experience, the car is very composed and stable at 100 mph. Because of aerodynamic drag the car is very slow at gaining speed above 100 mph even through you are in the most powerful part of engines RPM range
  • jamers85jamers85 Member Posts: 100
    I meant you're not the only 1
  • skater4skater4 Member Posts: 35
    Almost time for the first oil change... you know, I'm kind of glad I don't know that much about cars, because all the little thunks, thuds, etc. don't bother me. I just chalk it up to being the "normal" noises a car makes, kinda like a house has its particular noises. I mean, obviously I would be worried if I heard a tremendous cacophony of noise, but otherwise I just sail right along. My friend always told me if you can still hear the noise, you don't have the radio turned up loud enough!

    I pulled up to my voice teacher's house the other day (first lesson) and she made a big fuss over my Focus. She thought it was the neatest little car she'd ever seen. I have to say, I totally agree!

    Tickbitty, sorry I missed you in Richmond! If you really do ever see me, I will wave and honk, and just generally make a big fool of myself. We Foci people have to stick together!
  • cefurodcefurod Member Posts: 72
    Ok, for all you spoiled brats, get used to the differences , that's the way of life. They are such small things that you could easily adjust to. Sometimes, some of you here remind me of my ex, always b***hing and complaining. Y waste your breath on something you cannot change? But for the person with that shooting cigarette lighter, that's pretty funny..and dangerous. Shouldn't be smoking anyways! And for the other person who wants a cover in place of the cigarette lighter, just go to your nearest Ford dealer and rip it off a showroom model.
    All critics are the same. Can't really blame someone if they don't like a car, since it's based on his/her opinions. Movie critics are the same. If you have someone who doesn't like sci-fi movie, he/she's not gonna give it a good review. Look at the review Star Wars (The Phantom..)got, but sooo many people seemed to like it. Would you not watch a movie you want to see just cuz one of those idiots gave it a bad review?
  • zx3cdnzx3cdn Member Posts: 27
    Please post how to do the tricks with the trip odometer.
  • tickbittytickbitty Member Posts: 250
    I can only speak for myself, but when I post my little observations it is really just in my enthusiasm for the car. My only nitpicky complaint has been the plastic gas door, but I guess I didn't realize other cars have this too these days - as a friend of mine said, "once it was OK to make plastic bumpers, I figure anything goes!" Anyway, I adore the car, of course everyone probably has their "wish list" that it was a little more this or that but that's just the search for perfection! I also think it is funny how people, (including professional critics) will actually be so concerned about the size of cupholders, etc. when we are talking about a piece of mechanical equipment, after all!

    Just wanted to let you know that not all the "observations" are complaints!
  • cefurodcefurod Member Posts: 72
    I hear ya. Maybe i'm just pmsing...and i'm a guy. =)
  • tickbittytickbitty Member Posts: 250
    Hey again, found this link, it has pics if you are interested - link is a little long...
  • drebe73drebe73 Member Posts: 243
    when you sink major money into an investment like a car, of course you are going to be nitpickey about the car. there are a bunch of times where I would say "what were the designers thinking when the made this" not specificaly the car, but alot of things. In regards to the cup holders whats the good of cup holders if they can't accomidate all kinds of cups. Don't you think the designers should take things like this in to account? Another thing I never understood why, when you have a coupe, would a designer put the control for the passenger mirror on the passenger side? I dont often have passengers so its a pain when I do have to adjust the mirror. my buddy's cavalier coupe has manual mirrors but can control the passenger mirror from the drivers side.
    I just feel that these designers need to really think about the needs of the driver first than go from there. I hope you understand what I mean, I seem to be having a hard time, right now, portraying the point I want to make.
  • kdominczakkdominczak Member Posts: 174
    Focus is designed in Europe, and over there they do not drink from half-gallon Mc Donalds soda cups. Also no one is drinking 1 liter of coffee!
    Do you people really drink that much?
    If you do, I've seen somewhere one of those wide plastic hot/cold cups with small bottom diameter,
    just look around there is a lot to choose from and please don't say that cup holders in Focus are too small.
    You just drink too much.
    Happy drinking.
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Member Posts: 516
    But what ever we do, don't invite that Haroud fellow here. He'll just read the bad "little" things we've found and report on them. I don't think he likes anything but a 300M.

    TICKBITTY: Did your dad take you for a ride in it yet? Great auto, well ahead of its time!

    DREBE73 and NORWAYDOUG: Are you guys back on the road yet. Hope things are okay.

  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Member Posts: 516
    Car lady will probably be shutting us down pretty quick to start up Part VI.

    Anybody considering the Edmunds "Focus Car Club" offer.

  • anonymousanonymous Member Posts: 314
  • zx3beastzx3beast Member Posts: 661
    consider the positives of passenger-side filler
    door-allows one an opportunity to visually check
    all tires.plastic good-no rust worries.having
    owned cars from 1968-present the zx3 has very few
    noises to be concerned those critics who say the interior suffers from cheap-looking trim
    obviously you havent driven vehicles mid 70s-80s
    on the contrary the plastic in the zx3 is a high-quality functional material fitted quite nicely.
    this car is a steal. if you dont get it -you dont
    understand elegance in simplicity
  • hugozhugoz Member Posts: 82
    Pcleveland2: What's the "Focus Car Club" offer?

    Speaking of Edmunds: has anyone noticed that on the Focus ZX3 page, they list the Chevy Cavalier, Mirage and Civic as being the "competitor" models to the ZX3? What a joke...the Cavalier is easily one of the crappiest cars ever made (I drove a rental once -- never again!), while Mitsubishi doesn't even make a hatchback Mirage anymore!

    Zx3beast: I think the interior plastic is OK, too.
    As for the Civic: has anyone driven a 2000 hatchback? Just curious -- I've owned a total of three new Hondas in my life (only one Civic)-- on paper, the specs (per Edmunds) for the DX Hatchback aren't impressive, the style is blase, and it only has a 1.6L, 106 hp SOHC engine. How is that competition to the ZX3?
  • torinopaddytorinopaddy Member Posts: 55
    ragtop99, I understand where you're coming from, but at the same time, the Euro manufacturers (aside from BMW, Mercedes, VW, Ferrari, etc. who are doing very well thank you very much) would die for a slice of the American market. We may make some of the best small cars in the world (if you think the Focus is small, you should see the size of an average car in Italy!) but they do not sell in the States. The car companies here have tried many times to sell their products over in your neck of the woods but with disastrous results. So you have noone to blame but yourselves.
    This is a real shame, as if you think the Focus is fun to drive (and I am really hoping it is!!!) then you would love some of the machines that we churn out over here. The market for small powerful hatches exploded with the Mark I Golf Gti (Rabbit to you). Several generations on the Golf has lost the plot. Amazing build quality, but not that much fun to drive anymore. Apparently the Focus is a lot better to drive, taking the lead on chassis dynamics in its class. Ford copied Peugeot's front suspension set-up and successfully (seemingly) created a multi-link on-the-cheap independent rear suspension. (Focus-sized Peugeots use trailing arms).
    I say seemingly as I got word today (I work in the car industry) that Ford is redesigning the suspension on the Focus over worries about roadholding. I don't know if this is true or not and I don't really care (my old car had severe roadholding problems - sudden shift to oversteer on a trailing throttle, but that didn't make it any less fun to drive - I just had to learn the limits). That and the one I chose has all sorts of electronic gizmos to keep you out of trouble!

    Apart from the rumors, Ford (Europe) claim a top speed of 201 km/hr for the 2.0L Focus which is just over 125 mph. The only English language European Ford site that I know of is though, what with RHD, they are always a good bit behind us on the continent. By the way, did anyone check out the model I ordered on ?
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Member Posts: 1,339
    Elegance in simplicity is not a concept familiar to the majority of American motorists, unfortunately - Lincoln Navigator, anyone? I think a ZX3 equipped with just the basics is a tremendously well balanced package, and an unbeatable buy. Pat - let's do the club!
  • razor5razor5 Member Posts: 27
    Hugo, in response to your ? re the Civic Hatchback, I decided to drive it to make sure I'd have no regrets while I await the arrival of my ZX3. No comparison. The Civic was so noisy on the interstate, I had to turn the radio way up to hear it over engine/road noise. The car has little design interest inside and the seats were no comparison to the ZX3. It was somewhat like driving a riding lawnmower.
  • mr_gimblemr_gimble Member Posts: 2
    Having it on the passenger side also prevents you from smucking your door on the pump island concrete or pump if you park too close.
  • orlockorlock Member Posts: 25
    I think the reason for the passenger side refueling are:

    1. safety. If you ran out of gas, you would be on the non-traffic side of the car. During a head on, slight sideways (the most common accident besides rear end collisions, which would explain why the opening is off to the side and not often in the rear anymore) the cars would hit on the non fill side, which would mean less chance of gas spill.

    2. practical. Some gas stations are nothing more than pumps on the side of the road. You just pull off to the curb and fill it up.
  • cahollancahollan Member Posts: 32
    First off, I want to say that normally I am a quick, but safe driver. But I am not afraid to embarass a car full of teenagers when challenged.

    And so it was tonight. A Mustang V/6 with a couple of high school guys pulled up beside me and challenged me tonight. I had the lead by at least 2 car lengths in my ZX3 when the next light turned red.

    They couldn't take defeat and wanted to race again. Blew 'em away again...they backed off at about 45 when I was about 2 carlengths ahead again.

    I figure had the kids had more experience driving, they would realize their car--driven the right way--should equal or beat my ZX3 in performance.

    Their problem--high school kids equate big rubber peelouts with speed. Not so. By the time their car begins to really move forward, I am reaching for 2nd gear.

    I also drove a Civic, a Cavalier, and a Neon before I bought my ZX3.

    The Civic was the most "refined" but also the dullest to drive. I was impressed with it's exterior build quality (but not with it's styling) but not with the interior. Interior was dull and drab with lots more plastic pieces.

    The Cavalier was the most "unrefined" and took its personality from its unrefinement. Build quality sucked inside and out and the car wasn't roomy at all.

    The Neon was the middle player...I thought the ride was a bit stiff. It was roomy and responsive, thought, but equipped similarly to the ZX3 it (and especially the Civic) was more expensive.

    I found the ZX3 to be the best compromise with the least sacrifice (and the lowest price).
  • hugozhugoz Member Posts: 82
    Hey razor5 -- thanks for the feedback on the Civic ... I had a feeling their new hatchbacks weren't as good as our ZX3s (nor as cool for that matter). I think we all should give ourselves credit for thinking outside the box, the box being the belief that "Honda is better." Having owned 3 new Hondas over the years, I used to be in that box. Honda makes a good car, but they're just not exciting, at least not any more.

    BTW, saw this in another Town Hall message board: "SUV" stands for "Silly Ungainly Vehicle."
  • hugozhugoz Member Posts: 82
    Hey cahollan -- that's a good story. I must admit to getting a vicarious rise out of your "drag race" incident. Guess our little hatchlings can hold their own!

    Yeah, I knew I wasn't alone on the Cavalier; if Edmund's considers Cavaliers to be a "competitor" model to the ZX3, then I guess the ZX3 is in a class by itself.
  • audiolizardaudiolizard Member Posts: 35
    'Anybody considering the Edmunds "Focus Car Club" offer.'

    What exactly is this offer? Where did you see it?
  • mp10mp10 Member Posts: 103
    My coworker who bought a Focus about 3 weeks ago already got her watch in the mail. Amazing. Another Focus sedan showed up in the parking lot at work today - making a total of 2 green sedans, 1 silver sedan, 1 sangria red sedan and my silver hatchling. BTW, the sangria red lady said she got an email (?) telling her about sedan recalls for transmission and brake problems (???). m.p.
  • calico1calico1 Member Posts: 52
    Hugoz -- I live in Kentucky. So much for you being envious. (okay, to be fair, it's a nice place to visit, but you know how the rest of that line goes). But yes, the attention-getting factor with my ZX3 (my "calicomobile") is great.

    I will check out the bike shops this weekend and let everyone know what I find about bike racks for our hatchlings. I will also let my dealer know that I would like a cap for my lighter, and maybe one can be ordered (or stolen?) before I go in for the recall in a couple of weeks.

    And, Pat -- WHAT club? If it sounds good, count me in.
  • jcu1886jcu1886 Member Posts: 39
    After over three months of ZX3 ownership, I finally saw two others in the parking lot where I work (Cleveland area), one sangría red, the other twilight blue. So the Focus fraternity continues to add members. This is perhaps the only way that Ford will finally take the parts shortage problem seriously: Numbers talk.
  • zx3beastzx3beast Member Posts: 661
    cahollan:i echo your comments on the 3 comparisons
    cavalier-what rotten road-feel.who designed that
    goofy steering linkage.ugh!civic-again your right on the money-overpriced dullness performance/price
    ratio does not equal zx3.neon-asyou said a middle- hits on some innovative design
    but never seems to execute reliabiliy-shake rattle
    + orlock-great safety points on filler door! idrove a pt cruiser last week-no thank-you
    zx3 has it all over cruiser and ill say it again +
    again - no better value in a vehicle anyhere.also
    to mr gimble - another good filler door point /to-
    siver bullet-agreedto razor5-a riding mower is more comfortable
  • zx3beastzx3beast Member Posts: 661
    to all zx3 owners- we who have purchased one are no doubt fanatical about the car.even though reviewers
    are entitled to their opinions i believe their sorely missing the mark of what this special car is
    all i am writing this the dude w/coffees in focus commercial is on-that one makes me lol!
    theres a lot of truth in that commercial-hows that for a change?back to my point- ford just plain upped everyone.caught everyone at the design wheel,
    sleeping.reviewers are nit-picking non-sense.we didnt buy this car for the cupholders!is this car radical? sure,in a common sense way- first class
    steering-dead-on center steering -superb road -handling -and superior braking capabilities. am i an expert? no.-but ive owned + driven quite a few cars to make a valued comparison.these guys are ford bashers.they can have their hondas toyotas
    etc. ive never mentioned the sound system- i have never heard a more well-balanced hi-fidelity stock
    system. i wouldnt change it for anything-it sounds quite natural.standard features - 15 in. alloy wheels, rear defroster+wiper, leather- wrapped steering wheel,fog lights,adjustablefront seat crank and what comfortable seats they are.all the little touches are top-notch-the dash layout-switches + knobs feel just right. i can go on+on
    to those reviewers who got it right-thank you!
  • rcman1rcman1 Member Posts: 5
    All of the reports from ZX3 owners sound great. and the car really seems like a winner as far as performance/ergonomics go. And as I am currently in the market for a new sporty, decently fuel efficient hatch, I would jump out and buy one today...but am too concerned about the big "R", reliability! I checked out the residuals for a ZX3 lease and was very disappointed. Low residuals corresponds to low re-sale which sometimes (not always) relates to poor reliability. So I wonder, if the car is supposed to be so wonderful and in such high demand, why are the residuals so low?
    I really love the way the car drives/looks and would just love to own one...but am afraid that it will only be fun for the first 50k miles or so, when major problems start creeping up. At that point, the initial $$ saved over other hatches may be lost and then some. But maybe this really is a new leaf for ford and it will holdup better. Please convince me I'm wrong 'cause I would love to see a new Sangria Red one in my driveway.
  • hugozhugoz Member Posts: 82
    Whoa... Great thoughts; thanks for expressing a lot of what I and others, I'm sure, have wanted to say about why we like our hatchlings over the "competition." I agree that some of the reviewers are probably Ford bashers. (That's what I called not being able to think outside the box.) Anyhow, because of ZX3 owners like yourself, I think we're getting the message across to prospective ZX3 buyers that Ford has made a great car.

    As for the PT Cruiser ... that's cool you got to drive one. Thanks again for sharing your experience with us. While the Cruiser looks radical, I suspected it was another big, SUV-like thing. I'd rather have the ZX3 as well.
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