Ford Focus Hatchback - ZX3 - Part V



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    Interesting article on the PT Cruiser in the newest AutoWeek. Although it isn't the car for me, I bet Chrysler is hoping for a repeat home run hit with this car - another big winner like the original Caravan was. The PT Cruiser is essentially a "cool" minivan, and may win over large numbers of people who need that sort of utility, but can't stomach the image that goes with driving a minivan ("soccer mom!"). I owned a '99 Civic hatch for several months before selling it due to a move and job change. A competent, but VERY dull car. I would have turned up the radio on the highway, but for the same money I paid for my ZX3, that Civic had a plastic panel instead of a radio! The interior of that car was a very depressing place to spend time. BTW - my fiancee is selling her new Passat, and wants to replace it with a ZX3! Sometimes "solid" and "substantial" just equals "dull".
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    How can we 'convince' you that the Focus will still be strong at 50,000 miles when we, on average only have 1500 miles under our belts!?
    I can only offer that it is the car of the year in Europe last year and I have not heard any complaints from Europe where I'm sure it has been around for 50,000 miles. My friends in Europe are very impressed with it. At 50,000 miles I think it's time to trade it and move on anyway, get ready for the 2004 Focus for me.:>)
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    I've put on 10,500 of the most reliable and fun miles on this car.. plan to go in for my 2nd oil change today. so far the car has been great, not a single squeak/rattle from it. looking at how this car has been put together I'd say it will definitely take you to 150K without problems if you get a manual. I'm always leery about automatics after 100k miles.

    It continues to win awards all around the world. it a terrific value for its price. what more can I say..
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    Yeh...guess it's difficult to convince someone about reliability of a new model. But I was hoping for some realible European data. Several friends I met in Europe advised me to be a little careful about getting car reliability info from Europeans as they generally expect a bit more crap in their lives as far as cars go. Many don't mind spending time to tinker with their toys..or so they told me. Seems it takes many more problems before they complain as compared to most Americans. But that's expected there where Japanese cars are scarce and Renaults, Peugots etc.. are in abundance.
    so I guess if a person likes a new car every 3 years, this may be the car for them. As for me, I drive 'em into the ground. I guess it would be OK with a nice highly-extended warranty. does anyone know what extended warranty offers are currently available?
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    To continue our conversation on the ZX3, and my 4th -- yes, it's true :-) -- description of a potential ZX3 club, please follow me here.

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