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  • jcu1886jcu1886 Member Posts: 39
    I ordered the chrome exhaust tip from Circle BMW, $6.68 + shipping. Much easier than going down to the local dealer here in Cleveland.
  • eydseyds Member Posts: 4
    You have to try this! While you start your Focus press and hold the trip reset button. This first tests your gages, then press the trip once more and it will test you dash lights ( door ajar, oil, and other lights) press again and it will test some other things ( not sure what it is testing). Press it again until it says no errors, press it one more time and our trip turns into a digital speedometer. The cool thing is that it displays the real speed which is 2mph slower that our normal speedometer.

  • alf3alf3 Member Posts: 83
    Norway Doug - the Euro Focus also offers a 1.8 litre turbo direct injection diesel, with lots of torque. Personally, I wish a base model Focus hatch would be offered in NA with this engine. I love the performance of my ZX3, but would prefer the 55mpg offered by the TDdi on my daily 170 mile commute!
  • dragwaydragway Member Posts: 34
    I ordered my ZX3 back in Feb. The expected delivery time was early May. The dealer says that he doesn't have a V.I.N yet. How long does it normally take for a dealer to get a vin.

  • cahollancahollan Member Posts: 32
    I tried the trip reset thing, and it didn't say no errors, rather I got a "E004" code.

    Anyone know what this means?
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    from the things I've read, they don't give a VIN till the car is built, which should be just a few weeks before it is delivered. So if your ETA is early May, possibly you'd expect to get your VIN around the middle of APril? Just a guess.
  • jedimaster1jedimaster1 Member Posts: 32
    Still waiting to get the options installed in my ZX3. I bought the car (started negotiating, actually) on March 5th...couldn't make the deal I wanted on that car (a white ZX3, auto, no cd, no cruise), so I made a deal on another car (red ZX3, auto, CD and cruise). Parts finally arrived for the cruise control this week (custom steering wheel) and I was supposed to pick it up today. But the service manager said it would be another day. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow.

    Got a question for the experts or anyone who knows about the recall # 00E09 (suspension springs out of alignment?)
    - I looked up the VIN of my car on the Ford Owner's Connection site (thanks to whoever it was who pointed out the website) and, indeed, my car was affected by the recall. However, when I talked to my dealer, he said that since my car didn't have cruise control on it yet, it wasn't affected by the recall. Does this make sense, or do you think they are trying to get out of fixing my car? I don't see what cruise control has to do with the suspension being misaligned...
  • mich9139mich9139 Member Posts: 24
    does or does not the focus zts have fog lights? i've seen pics both ways. also, the focus zts on
    edmunds has a silver strip highlighting the front that looks awesome. these two features really improve the look of the zts, making it look like a more expensive car. these didn't make it to production, did it? check it out:
    see what i mean? it looks great, doesn't it? does the zts have these?
  • dgosnelldgosnell Member Posts: 2
    Terms are probably used interchangeably today, but Originally a sunroof was metal and opaque, and a moonroof was tinted see-through glass/plastic with an interior sliding opaque cover. By the way, I had red pinstriping put on my silver zx3 (one week old today, 5-sp., ac, abs, remote) and it really looks sharp. May take it a little further with red license plate frames. Even my AAA sticker plays nicely to this theme being red on silver.

    -- deegee
  • p345spdp345spd Member Posts: 24
    mich9139 - I ordered a loaded SE due to fact ZTS has no fogs but has plastic wood on dash/doors.
    You forego the ZTS seats w/pockets and lumbar support. I was not that crazy about the spoiler but, I figure I can trade this one in on an '01.
  • p345spdp345spd Member Posts: 24
    A few posts ago someone noted this was a pre-production shot. But I thought it might be the Sony Ed. ?????
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Member Posts: 1,339
    This recall pertains to the fuel injection rail pressure sensor replacement, not a suspension related recall. I heard there was another earlier recall affecting cars with cruise control, but I haven't heard of a recall affecting the suspension -- anyone?
  • moses5moses5 Member Posts: 61
    Jedimaster1, I had my springs realigned about three weeks ago at the dealership. I noticed that the driver side rear leaned more in turns and felt lopsided. However whatever the dearlership changed did last for long. It started riding in the same uneven manner. So today I called Ford Customer Service and they passed it on to there reasearch team who are suppose to give me a call in about three days are so.
  • moses5moses5 Member Posts: 61
    Where can I find the Ford owner's connection site. I want to check my car's VIN.
  • silverzesilverze Member Posts: 5
    After looking at the photo I'm inclined to believe what was said about it being a pre-production hybrid version ZTS. I think you can see a rear headrest in the photo which would be a give away for it being a Euro model(unfortunately left off the NA version). At first I thought the shine on the front was just reflected light but after looking closer I do think it's chrome. I saw a black Sony Spcl Edition SE at the dealer and I don't remember any chrome on the front.

    Also, for any recent college grads interested in buying a Focus be sure to get the $400 rebate from Ford. They don't seem to advertise it much but if you've finished school since Oct 97 or are currently a grad student you qualify. Just another reason to get a Focus.

    Last thing. Has anyone actually seen a ZX3 with power windows? I know some have said there has been a delay on this option. I was wondering if it would slow my order so I called my dealer. They've always been very straight forward and they told me there was a delay but that Ford is currently cranking powered hatchlings out of the plant. Any proof out there?
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    Information about lights is included in the Standard Equipment listing in all reviews. In this case, our review of the ZTS Sedan says under Standard Equipment: "additional exterior lights include front fog/driving lights."

    You can also check under Optional Equipment to see if lighting upgrades are available.

  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Member Posts: 1,339
    I know everyone is tired of hearing about the watch, but I got my yellow box today (7 weeks after purchase date). I received a large G-Shock watch the same color as my car - silver and gray! Spooky... a coincidence? Can't imagine wearing such a gadget, but it is cool to play with! I think Ford deserves credit for an interesting promotion -- although I would have forgone the watch for an extra option or two :-)
  • jedimaster1jedimaster1 Member Posts: 32
    Silver Bullet-

    Can you explain what the fuel injection rail pressure sensor replacement is, and why there is a recall? I just know that the 00E09 recall, whatever it is, affects my car. And the dealer told me that when my cruise control is installed, they (service?) would update something and the problem would be taken care of. I think they were trying to give me the runaround or something.
  • fgaydosfgaydos Member Posts: 319
    Do I really have to call you that?:>)
    The fuel pressure recall is a sensor that can get water in it and if it freezes it will break. They will change it when you do the cruise control it sounds like. I had an appointment for two weeks to take mine in next Saturday. Should take an hour or less.
    Skywalker man.:>)
  • focusfanaticfocusfanatic Member Posts: 42
    no im not talkin about the hitchcock classic- im referring to the small rear windows on the zx3- has anybody had any problems with this? blindspots, etc.?
  • jedimaster1jedimaster1 Member Posts: 32
    Thanks fgaydos...I will check with my dealer tomorrow when I pick my car up to make sure that they have corrected this.
    A lot of people talk about seeing other ZX3s on the road, I haven't seen a single ZX3 in Atlanta, except for the ones sitting in carlots!!!
    But it is nice though, my car is drawing lots of stares and "wow"s. I guess we ZX3 owners are an elite few...
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    Hey, I read the post about the $400 dollar rebate for recent college grads and I was wondering if their is 'official' literature on this. I negotiated my deal last week and the salesman didn't mention anything about this and I don't think my argument of 'I read it on an edmunds post' would justify this rebate. If anyone knows anything further on this please let me/us know. By the way, I'm still waiting on my twilight blue 5 speed zx3. I got that BMW exhaust tip a couple of days ago. Too bad I have nothing to put it on yet...
  • silyboysilyboy Member Posts: 90
    Yow can go to the ford credit site and it should have more info about the rebate there... if not there whould be an 800 # for it. I got the rebate when i bought my car in feb, and i was a dec graduate. They will need a copy of the diploma or the transcripts to prove u did grad.....
    I also received my box in the mail today with my G-Shock watch. I took delivery on my car on Feb. 15 and got the watch only 5.5 weeks later i am impressed!! mine is grey and this funky neon yellow/green color. Car is atlantic blue.....
  • focusfanaticfocusfanatic Member Posts: 42
  • anonymousanonymous Member Posts: 314
    does anyone have the new borbet's from the tire rack or another place? anyone know their weight in 17'' form? I emailed tire rack but no reply yet- I'll post when i get one.
  • silyboysilyboy Member Posts: 90
    question on the cool magic feature u found.... can u get it to go back to the trip?? does it sill count the trip miles while it is in speedo mode?? let me know!!
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Member Posts: 516
    Jedimaster1 and others interested:

    If the recall has the letter "E" in it it refers to a recall involving Emissions. If it has the letter "S" it refers to a recall concerning Safety. The service manager at the dealership told me about this. They can be very helpful if you approach them the right way. There are probably more letters that I don't know about.

    Maybe one of the dealership people (I'm sure there are a couple who read these post.) or someone from Edmunds can enlighten us more on this subject.

    Oh, but the way, the technical name is "fuel injector rail pressure sensor". It's a sensor which measures rail pressure. Don't know what Ford calls it, but that the right name when you are talking fuel injection. And the recall doesn't matter if it has cruise or not. Your service manager probably figures it's easier to do the job when they do the cruise control. I would tend to think the same way he does.

    I think this was a voluntary recall which Ford did on there on, though I did see some a complaint on the Nation Highway Safety site on something similiar with the Focus. You can access this thru Edmunds Town Hall.
  • projectzx3projectzx3 Member Posts: 256
    drebe and his situation? it really makes me angry that his dealership and ford is treating him in such a manner. seems like they forgot him after the sale. they did it to me too. but his situation has surpassed mine in so far as poor service. i hope he gets his car soon... very soon! i mean he's taking the damn bus through no fault of his own and making multiple car payments! and they won't give him a loaner? the jackass HIT HIM remember. sorry i don't mean to flame a difficult situation. all i can say is if we can help in any way we should. hopefully i missed a post (there's been so many) and hes got his car back. drebe i am sorry... i'll keep my mouth shut from here on in.
  • jedimaster1jedimaster1 Member Posts: 32
    Thanks for the additional info, glad to know more about it. I guess I'll try to find out more tomorrow when I go get my car. But I may have to wait until Monday because I don't think service departments are open on weekends.

    I, too, am sorry to hear about drebe's situation, and I hope you get your car soon. It's been almost a month of hassles for me. I just hope that it is all worth it.
  • calico1calico1 Member Posts: 52
    Finally got her back today after her "surgery". What I have is a MOONroof. The distinction is apparently a functional one, if my dealer is to be believed. The sunroof pops up and doesn't open all the way, while the moonroof slides back into the roof of the car. That said, I'm very pleased with the look and functioning of my power moonroof after spending the past 3 hours with it. Of course, the sky took this opportunity to drop a few drizzles on my newly cleaned up ZX3 and my exposed head, but such is life.

    About options, I saw at the dealership today a new brochure listing Focus options. Included was "power windows", but still my dealer is being told no. I'm perfectly content with my manual windows at this point, but like I said before, it seems like different parts of the country are receiving different messages from Ford about available options.

    I am still confused about the recall. Moreso since the Cruise Control was installed. Now that I have cruise, should I not be concerned about the recall? Was it fixed automatically when they installed cruise? We still have no info. on the recall here in the hinterlands! I'll check my VIN on the site.

    This weekend, I hope to get the chrome tailpipe option from the BMW dealer. I'll try, anyway.

    Have a great weekend, everyone -- drive fun but safe! (drebe, we're all thinking about you!)
  • sk8ingnutsk8ingnut Member Posts: 7
    Power options are available for the ZX3. They were late availability in Feb. 2000. I ordered mine with all the options except for side airbags and the automatic. The codes are as follows.
    50C= Convenience group
    This includes Tilt/telecoping steering wheel
    and a map light
    Retail $195 Dlr Inv $174
    60A= Power Group
    Includes Power Windows and Dual Power Mirrors
    Retail $345 Dlr Inv $307
    525= Speed Control
    Retail $215 Dlr Inv $191

    As for your moonroof, I'm glad your enjoying it. I may plan to get one installed in my ZX3 as well. It probably won't be right away but I've always wanted a car with a sunroof/moonroof. :)
    Thanks and good luck!

  • marker606marker606 Member Posts: 7
    Hi everyone. I am expecting to make the purchase of a Focus ZX3 sometime after may of this year. I have read EVERY article on the Focus (being as I don't own one, that's what I have to do for enjoyment) and along the way I have picked up a lot of things people have been asking. Being form England, I have seen and ridden in a 4-door Focus. just to clarify something for everyone, there is a chrome piece just below the grille/headlamps in euro-spec models, but only the uplevel ones.
    -and- they offer a "GHIA" trim level in the 4-door hatch that has leather, (extremely) fake wood, and a moonroof. That is all you see on the roads now over there. They also have a lot of other engine choices, but I'm sad to say that they are all the same if not smaller when it comes to displacement; being as most European people prefer a stick shifting car. I have also seen one or two foci that have been turned into commercial vehicles (however they only kept it from just behind the front doors and forward.)
    Here where I live in Texas they are offering (at some dealerships) a $1200 package that has only a pop-up sunroof and some cheesey graphics. Isn't that crazy? Well, if you have any questions you think I might be able to answer, please do.
  • supagoatsupagoat Member Posts: 3
    Hi there, everyone. I'll be getting a new card in May, and I'm shopping around. My family used to have a civic hatchback, but that died in an accident a couple years ago... I was too young to drive it, unfortunately. :-(

    So, basically here's my situation: I need to find a standard car that, with AC, is under $13000. I dismissed the Saturn SC1 because of its noisy and weak engine, the Mitsubishi Mirage isn't supposed to be much good... So I guess I'm looking at the Focus ZX3, Civic hatchback, Mazda Protoge, and I suppose, the Toyota Echo.

    My preference is for the ZX3 because it seems to have more features than any of the others... Obviously, I'm in ZX3 country on this board, so I know you all love it...

    I'm interested in hearing why you love it, but I'm equally interested in what you DON'T like about it... There must be something! Have you had any problems with them? How have they held up in the short time they've been out?

    Unfortunately, I picked up a Consumer Reports, and it had next to nothing to say about it... No crash test info (thanks to the highway commission not having it yet) and they didn't really review the ZX3 in any way...

    So, how IS safety in the ZX3?

  • hugozhugoz Member Posts: 82
    I've driven my new Autumn Orange ZX3 for all of one week; here are some further observations and a "top ten" list of what I like so far.


    10. The design/styling is so radical ...
    9. Love those tail lights!
    8. That solid "clunk" sound when you shut the doors.
    7. The spacious interior, especially the ample headroom.
    6. Nice wheels!
    5. The hinged rear seat bottoms that you can pull forward from the back of the cushion, so the seat backs can lie down flush (did y'all notice that?).
    4. Great stereo!
    3. Engine immobilizer security system (don't lose your keys!).
    2. Nice handling - the steering, particularly, has just the right "feel" to me.

    And my number one: the price was right! The ZX3 is an economy car that is anything BUT an "econobox".

    Yes, I'm pretty darn happy with my ZX3, and I'm grateful to the postings of all you "cult" foci owners who preceded me -- your comments convinced me to buy the car; now I hope my own comments may similarly assist others.

    Now, I do have some minor dislikes, but I'll save that for another post....
  • gabegarwickgabegarwick Member Posts: 127
    I tried this today...

    Have to press and hold the reset button while starting the car, continue to hold until it says "test". Press it again it will say "gage" (gauges will then max out), press it 2 more times it will say "bulb" (all of the startup lights will be lit up). Have to press it about 5 more times until it gets to "000.0" (this is the digital speedometer with tenths listed). It's kinda cool. It defaults to the regular trip odometer the next time you start the car. And yes, it still tracks trip mileage while in this other mode.
    Note: Putting it into this mode cleared the previous trip mileage I had in there.

    I also disabled the 'belt minder' feature today. Page 87 (I think) of the manual.

    Got my Weather Tech Wind/Rain deflectors today and put them on. They have a light tint to them and look sharp. Install took less than 5 minutes.

  • jedimaster1jedimaster1 Member Posts: 32
    Hugoz...about number 5, what do you mean? Is there a way you can actually make the rear seats fold all the way down and flat? The salesperson who showed me the car showed me how to fold down the rear seats, but didn't say a single thing about making them go all the way down.
  • emiller4emiller4 Member Posts: 1
    Hiyaz everyone.

    Just got my Brand new Ford Focus ZX3 CD Silver a week or so ago. Quite happy with it so far. But I have ONE Question:

    Has anyone noticed that on Automatic equipped ZX3's that if you are stopped that you can slide the gear down into Neutral WITHOUT pressing the button to engage (the clutch I guess?) Try it with the brake pedal engaged also. Haven't tried it without the brake being depressed. I noticed this at 5 O'Clock rush hour on the way home today.
  • lefeuetglacelefeuetglace Member Posts: 6
    that happens on my 94
    escort....... it easly
    slides from N to D but not
    from N to R
  • lefeuetglacelefeuetglace Member Posts: 6
    that happens on my 94
    escort....... it easly
    slides from N to D but not
    from N to R
  • norwaydougnorwaydoug Member Posts: 249
    I believe that is quite normal. During some driving conditions (snow and ice) .. it may be useful to shift to neutral to regain control of the car. Ask your friends if they can do it in their cars. I have a 5spd.

    I think you can't go wrong with a zx-3. I think you could easily get a 5spd, air conditioned base zx-3 with taxes for under 13,000. Remember the 400 dollar rebate if u r a college graduate.

    I have had my zx-3 for 3 months (6 weeks in the shop thought...due to an accident, but I just love the car. It is my 4th car and by far it is my favorite. Very handy. I like the steering and clutch take up most of all. The brakes, the 5 spd shifter and the controls (blinker, switches and climate controls) have qualities beyond the cost of the car! I think the zx-3 gives you more than you pay for and that is why I like it so much. Build quality of the zx-3 is very good!

    The engine is good too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

    Try the other cars too. I think there are a lot of cars worthy to buy for your price range. The Protege is very nice too. I like the hatchback style and the 2doors of the zx-3. Still the Protege is a very good car. The ECHO is kinda cool and would be very reliable. I have never driven one, but apparently it is not a super great handling car. THe Protege and ZX-3 are good handling cars.

    Take your time and have fun choosing your car.

  • espowariespowari Member Posts: 36
    Dealer called and said that my ZX3 would be here next week. I've already told them to put in the arm rest on my 'straight drive'.

    Where is the technical data on the digital speedometer trick? I'm pretty sure this is not in the manual.

    Also, what is the 'belt minder' ?

  • zx3cdnzx3cdn Member Posts: 27
    This is a normal function of most trannys. A good safety feature too if your throttle sticks wide open you can put your car in neutral quickly, you don't have to shut the car off to stop which would kill your pwr steering and brakes.
  • fgaydosfgaydos Member Posts: 319
    It is most likely used by the dealers when you take it to be worked on. We are most likely not supposed to know about it.
  • hondattitudehondattitude Member Posts: 17
    That neutral to drive thing comes in handy when you want to peel out with an automatic car...
  • espowariespowari Member Posts: 36
    They were unable to give me a translation for the delivery code ettx700207. Anyone have a link where I can tell what this means?


  • eydseyds Member Posts: 4
    I got my yellow box today, the watch is lime green and gray and huge. I bought my Feb. 8

  • focuszx3rfocuszx3r Member Posts: 92
    I cant wait to get my Rainforest Green ZX3!! Anyway, do they automatically send it to everyone who buys the car???? Is there something I have to send in?? I live in NY and I really want that watch.
    Does anybody know if the shift knob on the 5-speed is easy to take off because its the first thing I want to change. I am probably the only person who orederd the car bare-bones (ie no a/c, pw locks). I wanted a simple, cheap car to commute to school and this one didnt charge extra for a cd player. I think this is a much better value than a Civic CX. That car is sooo cheap looking.
    Anybody who wants to talk about the car on AOL or instant messenger Im me at Focus ZX3 R.
  • ivan2ivan2 Member Posts: 2
    i took my delivery in dec 99, and i have not receive my yellow box. can anyone tell me where can i call to lodge my complaint?
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Member Posts: 516

    It seems to be a hit and miss thing, no set pattern. I think it has something to do with when you sale is registered with Ford Corp. i.e.: I registered mine right away thru "" and I got my watch in a little over a month. The salesman told me to register it but said nothing about a watch. He said that they would also register the vehicle with Ford but it would take longer. I knew nothing about the watch and found out about it here. If you take time to go all the way back thru all the "Ford Focus Hatchback-ZX3-Parts I thru V", you will find you are not alone concerning "when am I getting the watch?" and "who can I complain to?" Don't thing you will find a answer, but you will find a awful lot of good information and answers to any of the other questions you may have. Kind of like going back to school - You just have to seek out the answer, as its probably back there somewhere.

  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Member Posts: 516
    I got the address wrong. It is "". That is where you register with Ford.
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