Ford Focus Hatchback - ZX3 - Part V



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    I really liked Hugoz top 10, so I am going to replicate it, with my top 10 dislikes. Also, by the way, I drove from NH to suburban Philadelphia and back within the past two weeks, and my impression is that the number of ZX3's, at least in this section of the country, is really increasing quickly. Don't forget to freak out and wave every time you see another ZX3!!


    1)the fun handling and percise sterring
    2)shift knob and sterring wheel - my fingers fit exactly in the grooves
    3)the wheel arch flairs
    4)the overall exterior design
    5)THE HUGE storage area in the trunk (it has more usable space than my flareside Ranger did)
    6)the huge access area to the trunk
    7)the position of the antenna
    8)the stereo (it rocks)
    9)the attention it gets
    10)I could afford it


    1)the horror stories with customer service from this message board
    2)the plasticky feel of some of the interior parts
    3)the cheap feel of the overhead visor
    4)the engine needs more power
    5)the rear end looks a little jacked up
    6)the turning radius could be shorter
    7)four doors would be nice
    8)there are no pockets behind the front seats or in the trunk area
    9)the door handles should be color coordinated with the color of the car
    10)it takes too many cranks to unroll the window
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    I've had my black ZX3 (5-spd, ABS, remote entry) for almost two months now and still quite enamored with it. So much fun to drive (especially after driving a minivan for the last 8 years!). I live in DC/No. Va. area and still don't see many other Foci but one thing I do see - a lot of gas-guzzling, road-hogging SUVs! I'm getting about 27 mpg in a mix of city/highway miles and laughing at all those SUV owners as they take out a loan at the gas pumps.

    Just hope I never run into one of those monstrosities in my little hatchback.
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    Thanks zx3bri! I like your lists as well, and would just like to add my two cents to some of your dislikes. I couldn't agree with you more about the seat pockets or the door cranks and cheap visors; my sentiments exactly. With regard to Ford customer service, let's just hope that it's still too early to tell how all of us new hatchling owners will fare -- later down the road -- as we all return to Ford for routine or other service. As for the 4-doors, maybe I'm missing something, but it wouldn't be a hatchling with 4-doors, right? Finally, on the lack of power: I just read a review in the latest AAA magazine that similarly was critical of the Foci's pickup. I agree that the torque could be better, but I just noticed today on the freeway how powerful the Zetec engine is at high speeds, in the 60 to 80 mph range. The ZX3 kicks [non-permissible content removed] at high speed, and the handling -- such lane changing -- is quite nimble at high speed as well.

    With regard to my own previous "Top 10" posting, I would add another contender for the number one spot: the ZX3 makes driving fun again for me! I love the way my hatchling feels and looks, and I gotta admit, now when I tool down the highway, all the other cars (especially SUVs) all just seem so, well ... BORING!!! Is it just me, or can any of you other Foci owners relate?
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    My sentiments exactly!!! I, too, live in the DC metro area, and I also find myself laughing -- as I whiz by -- all those big and ugly SUV hogs out there. Weird, but I also have a minivan (Nissan Quest) which I have been driving around for the past 7 years! Good-bye hog (I'm getting rid of the minivan) and hello ZX3!
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    Saw your posting; yes, the rear seatbacks do fold down flush once you pull up the seat bottoms (from the rear). Isn't it amazing how little most car salesman know about the cars they sell? I would also note that the Focus brochure is woefully deficient -- for that matter, the owner's manual does not appear to explain the rear seatback options either.
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    Someone is auctioning a set of custom-made "acrylic wool" (?) Focus seat covers on Ebay - the seller says they are cow-spotted like Gateway Boxes, but tan and white (?!). These don't sound like they would be very comfortable in the hot humid New England summers but I thought someone here might be interested. BTW, I did bid on a "Ford Focus Parking Only" metal sign on Ebay - it was $9.88 so what the heck.
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    My hatchling has developed a squeak on the left side - I can hear it when I'm driving, and when the car is parked, if you press down on the left side of the car near the window and make the car bounce a little, it squeaks. Is this something the dealer can fix? It definitely just developed. Also, for those who didn't read my posts about my experience with my dealership and the recall: my VIN is among the recalled at the Ford Ownership site - but the my dealership says when they enter my VIN number in the OASIS system, it comes up negative. The lady at Ford Customer [NON]-Service at first said I was not recalled, but then when I gave her the recall number 00E09, she did some digging and said I was. Then she told me to wait until I got official notification because the "dealerships won't have the parts to fix the problem anyway." Well, I know I heard about this problem months ago on the internet and I don't understand why it's taking Ford so long to send out the "official" notification. Has anyone gotten "official" notification? m.p.
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    Hi, Sk8ingnut. I think I see what's going on here. Those of you in the mid-Atlantic region are apparently privy to information that has not reached the upper South/lower Midwest yet. But then again, I'm the only ZX3 I've seen on the road at all! So, what else is new? (I say this as a transplanted mid-Atlantic native). I can't quite understand why Utah seems to be getting the options and information early, though. Thanks for the info on the options packages, anyway. Too late for me, but I'm happy with what I've got -- the only sad part is that getting options individually added to the existing Focus ZX3 was a bit more ("a bit" being a major understatement!) pricey than it would have been to have the option package installed at factory.

    My BMW dealer didn't have the chrome tailpipe accessory. I'll try somewhere else. Is it true that the Ford tailpipe accessory is a royal pain to install? I'd rather avoid that, if possible. Any other ideas, friends?

    Now, about the comparison to the Protege and Echo: I briefly sold Mazdas and Porsches during my student days (way back when!), and while I was not totally unimpressed with the Protege, it never had the good, solid feel that I have in my ZX3. Safety data notwithstanding, I feel like I am in a solid, safe automobile in my Focus. This is not a feeling I have ever had in a Toyota or Mazda of any model or vintage (with the exception of the dear, departed RX7 -- another hatchback classic!) As for the Porsche....another story entirely, but I'd rather be able to buy a car AND a boat for the same money (or a house, for that matter)!

    Happy driving, comrades. See you on the road -- I'll be the one with the Malibu Blue hatchling and the excellent moonroof (and if I pass you, don't take it personally--it's just that it is once again so much fun to drive!)
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    i've tried it and never saw the "no error" part.
    instead i saw E004. the same as somebody else got.
    anybody else with this outcome?
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    I just leased a ZX3. I'm waiting for one with AC to come in. The dealer wants to convert one on the lot by dealer installing an AC. Does anyone have experience with dealer installed AC. So far I've insisted on one installed by the factory.
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    I tried the testing and it worked and I really like the digital speedometer! Also, are all the lights supposed to come on? Not all of the lights on the panel came on, there's a string of circle lights on the left and a string on the right, three of the ones on the left didn't come on. And after I decided to put it back into tripmeter mode, the numbers went crazy! I had to shut the car off and restart it.

    MP10 - LOL, you are bidding on the very same parking sign i'm bidding on! I'm jedimaster6 on Ebay. That's ok, there are several of them.

    Hugoz - thanks for explaining the rear seats!

    Anyone - I have a single CD in my ZX3, but I want to get a CD changer. What kind do you recommend and where should I put it, in the dash or in the trunk? I also work for Panasonic, I might try to see if I can get one from them at a discount (I get 10% below dealer cost)

    And my top likes and dislikes:

    Likes: I love the gas mileage! I get anywhere from 28 to 35 mpg.
    Very smooth handling and a nice ride, very fun to drive.
    A lot of room for me in the hatchling! (I'm 6"2).
    Very affordable cost!

    Dislikes: Lower torque and horsepower than I would have liked (although it does soar at the high speeds, I outran a Mustang GT the other day!)
    The window crankshaft! I'm definitely getting power windows when they become available.
    Terrible Ford representatives who know nothing about the car or anything I ask them!

    I really really want that Ford watch, I wonder if I have to do anything...I have already registered at Will I get mine in a month or so?

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    espowari - you can contact Circle BMW online at for your tip. However, if I were you, why not just call/visit your local BMW dealer, if you live close to one. They may have it in stock, or can order it, and it'll arrive in a few days.
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    I know....I know....who cares? Just wanted to report that I received my yellow box from Ford yesterday. Purchased my Sangria Red ZX-3 December 15 and received my grey and transparent G-Shock in Mid March. I like it and I am wearing it. Very cool. I like the chunky-bulky-borg style. Resistence is futile.

    I am still waiting for parts for my Focus,,,,the dealership is waiting on rear bearing assemblies for the right rear wheel (result of an accident). Parts and the resulting repair delay time are definitely the BIGGEST issue for this car. Maybe that is why we get a G-Shock watches ... so we can accurately measure our waiting time for repair of our beloved Foci.

    We can phone 'customer service' (I use that term loosely) and say I have waited 40 days, 6 hours, 32 minutes, and 11.11 seconds for the repair of my Focus. What the heck is Ford going to do about it? The predicted 'customer service' response....I am sorry....we cannot help you! (at least they say sorry...but I just want MY car fixed!!)

    So when you need a new part for your Focus...just start the timer on your G-shock. You will be shocked how long you'll have to wait.

    Sorry....but I am very critical of FORD! All is great about the car, but there is a 'shocking' flaw.

    Ladies and Gentlemen...start your G-Shocks!!!!

    Slightly damaged Sangria Red ZX-3
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    Hey man your right on with that post. It will be 3 months on april 8th since my accident. Yet no Focus. I've made 2 payments to Ford Credit, for what? A nice set of car keys. There are five, I think, Foci at the body shop at my dealership waiting repair. A silver sedan waiting on a part for the drivers door that has been there since mine was there. A red ZX3 with deployed airbags and busted windshield.

    I'm glad I finally got my watch though. Bought the car Jan 7th , got the yellow box March 16th. It's a little too big for comfort so I'm just going to keep it in the car. The frame is crap, they could have at least made it plastic. I had been bugging my dealer about the watch and they had no idea about it even after they said they called around. So when I did get mine, I went in and showed it off to my dealer. They were surprised. Which goes to show the lack of communication within the Ford Corporation.

    Anyway, I have to go, have to catch my bus.
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    My dash lights lit up the same as yours... There were a couple that didn't light on the left.

    I wonder what some of that other stuff in that gauge is? (seems to be about 25-30 different things) I did see one that displays the current battery voltage though.

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    I ordered my car in mid-December and finally got my car last week. The factory threw in car mats by mistake (it didn't show up in the option package).

    You are forgetting Newtons laws about power. The more power you get, the worse your gas mileage. I can go up long steep grades without a problem and I don't need to hit my brakes going down them either. If you want real power in a Ford, get a Mustang Cobra or a F-150 Lightning. I'd rather take the gas mileage.

    Ford Parts is getting bad. A host of parts are on backorder. This includes older vehicles too. Sheet metal is really bad. Ford has switched prediction systems (they order the parts a few times a year rather than on the fly) and are working out the bugs.

    One of the reasons why our dealership (I work at one)is lacking in certain knowledge is that our Focuses are on deep backorder (as in wait four months). The dealership has maybe seen 4 ZX3s since they came out and maybe 20 sedans (the lower models mostly) and 5 wagons.
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    Hope this wagon owner is welcome on the hatchback board. I took an "inventory" of the digital display settings for my Focus and came up with the following:

    Hold tripmeter reset button while starting car and release it when the word "TEST" appears.

    1. TEST GAGE - Tests the analog gauges.
    2. 888.8 - Unknown function.
    3. bULb - Tests the indicator lamps.
    4. r 20 - Unknown function.
    5. E005 - Unknown function.
    6. d?c NONE - Unknown function. (? = incomplete "E" w/o top horizontal bar.)
    7. 000.0 - Digital speedometer (MPH).
    8. 000.0 - Digital tachometer (RPM).
    9. F163 - Unknown function.
    10. 073C - Unknown function.
    11. 6182 - Unknown function. (Measurement)
    12. Ab-L - Unknown function.
    13. Eb-L - Unknown function.
    14. 1L-L - Unknown function.
    15. Cr-H - Unknown function.
    16. A-6C - Unknown function. (Measurement)
    17. b-08 - Unknown function.
    18. C-C1 - Unknown function.
    19. d-3F - Unknown function.
    20. 0182 - Unknown function. (Measurement)
    21. 1255 - Unknown function.
    22. 2016 - Unknown function. (Measurement)
    23. 3255 - Unknown function.
    24. 4164 - Unknown function. (Measurement)
    25. 5000 - Unknown function.
    26. 6000 - Unknown function.
    27. 7000 - Unknown function.
    28. P117 - Unknown function.
    29. P200 - Unknown function.
    30. P300 - Unknown function.
    31. P400 - Unknown function.

    "Measurement" indicates that the number in the display varies (like it is measuring something). Can anyone help me interpret all of the "unknown functions"? I would also be interested in seeing what values others may see, if different from these.

    MP10: I called the toll-free Owner Connection number about the recall and they referred me to a dealer who didn't know anything about it. I too have not received anything in the mail from Ford.

    JEDIMASTER1: I purchased a modular interface from Soundgate which connects my CD changer (mounted under the passenger seat) to the CD changer jack on the back of the factory stereo. It was a very easy installation and it works and sounds great. The only special tool you will need is a radio removal tool which I purchased from Crutchfield for about $3.
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    To everybody with ZX3 in repair shop:

    I wonder, just wonder, if the magic word could be "Attorney General - Consumer Affairs Division"? Could that get some of these dealers off their posteriors? Especially if some of you guys could get together. There is power in numbers.

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    Don't bid more than $9.88 for it, he just makes new ones and new auctions - or email him directly and buy one that way. I've seen some for $12.99 but the $9.88 is always on Ebay, so don't pay more than that. My hatchling inexplicably came with a cassette player not a CD, got another $100 off the price of the car for that, and then had an Alpine 6-CD changer put in (under the front passenger seat). It's never skipped once and I still have the cassette player in place. m.p.
  • mp10mp10 Member Posts: 103
    I assure you, the Ford dealerships don't want anybody's broken hatchling sitting around their lot for months for want of parts - they have no control over the situation. Now when you call Ford Corporate Customer (non)-Service, they also claim to have no control over the situation and don't know who does. That's what kills me. When my power steering pump went, my dealership gave me a rental for 2 weeks until they ripped a pump out of a brand new Focus - that certainly ate up what profit they made on the sale of the hatchling to me. Obviously, if your car is laid up because of an accident rather than part failure, they don't have the same responsibility. That should be Ford Corporate's concern - and they don't seemed too concerned about customers getting their cars fixed once the sale is made. Is this any way to run a business?? I still have to give a cheer to my dealership for having the intestinal fortitude to start cannibalizing brand new cars for parts. m.p.
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    Hi! You leased a ZX3? Can you tell us what sort of deal you got? I'm definitely thinking about a lease. Thanks for any info!
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Member Posts: 516
    Your right when I stop and think about it. Maybe that's why the dealers are not pushing the Focus like we all think they ought to be. They already know the problem and are in a self-imposed holding pattern, rather than getting a lot of vehicles out there and not being able to service them. Would be good for their customer relations. The dealers apparently know more about this problem than we give them credit for.

  • espowariespowari Member Posts: 36
    I just went to the soundgate website. Once you have your changer installed, how does the in dash CD know to use the external changer, and not the original player...?

    Also, how much did this device run you, and were you able to pick out any changer you wanted...?
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    I think you folks are correct about Ford holding off on promoting the Focus more until the parts situation eases. I drove by one of the largest dealerships here in Houston this morning and saw a total of 4 ZX3s -- all with automatics. Makes me feel good about buying my silver 5-speed from a smaller "country" dealer when I did. I'm starting to see sedans on the road, but I still haven't seen another ZX3 outside of a dealer's lot. BTW - the dome lamp swap is a piece of cake, and the map lights work great! My dealer got it in less than a week after I ordered one, and it was well worth the $23.12 it cost.
  • kdominczakkdominczak Member Posts: 174
    It is a personal call. For some hard to understand
    reason some of us do like to live in a faithful
    paranoia with some car manufacturers(say only ford
    ,or only dodge,or only vw).
    What for? Car manufacturers are not so faithful
    with us and we all now it.
    If you'll decide to buy cars from one manufacturer
    only ,you should be rewarded for your loyalty with
    discount,every next car you'll buy should be 10%
    off from it's market price.
    1-st car =regular market price
    2-nd car =10% off reg. market price
    3-rd car =20% off reg. market price
    4-th car =25% off reg. market price
    5 and every next car =30% off reg. market price.
    That would be a pay-off for loyalty!!!
    Mean time you can say ,only ford or only vw and
    you can buy 5 cars in-a-row from them,and they will
    treat you like... anyone else.
    Just a thought.
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    We settled the price at invoice.

    I leased for three years, not knowing what state the Focus will be in by that time. If things are going good, i might buy another, if not going good, I can get out with minimal loss.

    Sure hope all goes better soon.
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    I noticed my VIN # came up as recall on "owners connection", but I purchased my car in Feb. 2000, and the recall notices started going out in DEC 1999. Did Ford sell me a car with a recall problem? hmmmm You would think ford would fix before selling me the car. Anyone else purchase the Ford Focus 2000 and have recall problem????
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    I just bought a ZX3 two weeks ago. I consider it such a good deal that it was not bad to pay about sticker, even if I am in the business.

    My only slight dissapointments are sure to be solved soon by after market companies. One is the power situation. The car could really use about 20 more horsepower to impress me. That would match the Dodge Neon ACR (now discontinued) and the Saab 900s.

    A turbo Focus pushing 180 horsepower, with rear disk brakes and leather seats would be hot hot hot. (any body at Ford listening?). Perhaps it is my experience with Saab, but I know that turbo hatchbacks can be good cars. A Turbo Focus could easily be done under $18,000 and blow the doors off a lot of BMWs and VW Golf GTi's.

    If anybody here can point me in the direction of custom performance parts for the Focus, post it here.

    My biggest disappointment is in the gas mileage. I have yet to get my 30 MPG with mostly highway driving. Maybe I should attribute this to the break-in period, but I was spoiled by my Dodge Colt getting 35Mpg.

    Something I learned recently at the Ford dealership is that Ford is actually raising the prices on the sedans in a sneaky sort of way. What they are doing is loading them up with options and shipping them to the dealerships with price tags reaching $17,000+. The big pull is the Sony Edition that has a pumped up sound system and a few other things that comprise a $1500 option package. The end result is that the Focus line is going to be a more costly line than the Escort was.

    It also looks like they are dropping the coupe (2 door non hatchback model). That's the $11,200 car you see around once in a while. Toyota is getting killed on the Echo 2 door and Ford is going to bail out of the idea early.
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    Saabguy, where have you seen a Focus 2-door without a hatchback? I don't think such an animal exists. I've seen only ZX3s, sedans and wagons.

    On the 00E09 recall, my car was built in December '99 (look on your window sticker or VIN sticker) & sold to me on Feb. 3. It was part of the recall. I found out about the recall on the Ford website, and had it done at the dealer about a week ago. Never have received a mailing telling me about it...
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    took my zx3 in for the recall 00E09 thingamajig. they did it in a snap. but i noticed yesterday now my inside hatch release button doesn't work. coincidence? or did they maybe knock a wire loose? oh well no big deal except i hate going to the service dept. anyone else had the problem with the hatch release button not working? love the zx3 though!
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    I think saabguy is talking about the zx2.. The
    Escort ZX2 and the Focus ZX3 are completely different cars. They do share the same engine.

    I just washed the car by hand yesterday.. found it is hard to get the dirt out of the grooves around the wheels and the hood. Also found chipped paint at the leading edge of the hood :(

    My mileage has now improved to almost 30mpg, mostly highway.. I used to get 26-27 earlier fr the same kind of driving. I now have 8900 miles on the car.

    So far no problems. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, after hearing drebe, projectzx3 and norway doug's horror stories.

    I also drove a ZTS last week - it rode smoother and was steadier than our zx3's.
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    Ordered bright red ZX3 a week ago. Dealers in Houston only have automatics with minimal options or just a few manuals pretty stripped. Ordered manual with all options except auto and smokers package. Based on previous posts, I may be waiting a long time since I ordered cruise control and electric windows. Will update info on order as I get them. Dealer was not aware of cruise control till I found it for him in his order option book under "Speed Control".

    Dealers did not understand why I wanted a manual trans on a "sporty" car. Could it be because i'm 51 and don't fit Ford's profile?

    My son and I sat in most standard small cars in Houston auto show and Focus is only one he would not feel like a sardine in the back seat. Liked the VW Jetta and Golf but 1.8T engine equiped would be 4 to 5 grand more than ZX3 and not look nearly as good.

    For you "older" guys, sell your wife on the features and don't show her Ford's literature which only show 18 year olds. (Nothing against younger people but some of us older types like good looking economical cars also.)
  • emkayusaemkayusa Member Posts: 7
    As an Engine breaks in, you will notice better gas mileage, and slightly better performance.

    As far as the ZX3 goes, what a great little car. I have always been a fan of small zippy hatchbacks. The first one I liked was the 88-91 Civic Si. It's about time an American car manufacturer got serious about building a decent small car. The Cavalier is a joke, so is the Neon.

    I'm not ready to trade in my Galant, but I'll drive the ZX3 anyway just to see if there is merit to all the raves.
  • espowariespowari Member Posts: 36
    I got mine from the local BMW dealship for $8.90!

    Pretty cheap for a nice looking chrome addition to my soon to be ZX3!
  • briand789briand789 Member Posts: 49
    A few posts back, I mentioned wanting four doors. Immediately after signing off, it occurred to me the horror of my error, and I knew I would be crucified on this board. I FORGOT a door. I meant I would have liked five doors, NOT the sedan. Sorry for the confusion.
  • wmichgradwmichgrad Member Posts: 28
    I have a pic of a "real" Focus coupe. It is a prototype that appeared at a European auto show.
  • wmichgradwmichgrad Member Posts: 28
    If you haven't already done so, check out the largest Focus Club on Yahoo! 209 members and growing daily. This is the third largest Ford related club on Yahoo!
  • moses5moses5 Member Posts: 61
    Where in the owners connection can I check for recall information on my car?
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Member Posts: 1,339
    Moses5, go to and navigate your way into the Owner's Connection system. You'll have to provide info about yourself and your car (have your VIN handy) when you register. Once you're in, you can click a button to check for any open recalls affecting your car.
  • espowariespowari Member Posts: 36
    My dealer just called and told me the price of the armrest : 84.07 + 65.00 install!

    Is this unreasonable?
  • jedimaster1jedimaster1 Member Posts: 32
    About the cruise control, it shouldn't take long for the dealer to get the parts if they order it, it only took about a week and half for me. However, they will have to order a whole new steering wheel to put the cruise control on, and they have to do all the wiring. I think I was overcharged for this, so be careful when you negotiate cruise control. This is what it cost me:

    Cruise control option - 700
    -steering wheel - 900
    -labor - 200

    Total: $1800

    I wish now I had negotiated that a little better, at least to get the invoice price for the option and the wheel. I am glad that I got it, though, no question about that.
  • dch22dch22 Member Posts: 8
    I can only answer you last questions as my factory unit is the AM/FM stereo cassette (without the single CD player). The Soundgate interfaces work with the following changers:

    Sony Interface
    SFBD2V3 - 10-disc Uni-Link (606 or 727)

    Alpine Interface
    ALFD1V3 - 6-disc M-Bus (CHM-S620 or 611)

    Kenwood Interface
    KNFD1V3 - 6 or 10-disc

    I paid about $125 for the interface which works well with the Sony CDX-727 changer. You may want to e-mail them for an answer to your first question. Good luck!
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    Well here's an update on our ZX3 project.
    1. The Razzi groung effects kit has been installed for some time now. Automotive Accents of Linthicum, MD. did the work. Great bunch over there. I highly recommend them if you live in the MD.,D.C. or Virginia area.
    2. We have ordered the Borla Exhaust cat back system from Ford Performance Specialists... based in Atlanta. Best price going and a great reputation. Borla referred me to them specifically. Due date 1st or 2nd week of April.
    3. We ordered TSW SGV'S 17X7 from Focus Sport. They are an outstanding firm dedicated to we Foci enthusiasts! Call them if you need anything. We're also getting the spark plug wires and a FocusSport license plate frame... they're cool!
    4. 215/45/17 Pirelli P7000 Super Sports getting ordered tomorrow!
    5. Out of cash!!! For now!!!
    6. Will be getting graphics done by Automotive Accents.
    Note: everything should be on by the end of April. By then we plan to get a cheap scanner so we can send pics to those of you that want to see our project.
  • calico1calico1 Member Posts: 52
    Report from the hinterlands:
    It's good to know that I did not get a bad deal on my cruise control. My dealer only charged me for the $900 steering wheel and $300 labor for a total of $1200 -- a big difference from the $1800 jedimaster paid!

    I still can't find any dealer with the chrome exhaust tip, so I think I will order it from BMW as well.

    I, too, bought my hatchling post-recall (but, remember, my dealer knows nothing of the recall), and my VIN number does appear on the recall on Ford Connection. Yes, you would think they would have fixed it before delivering the car, but NO! I'm going to have Ford Motor Company call the dealership and inform them of the recall directly. Thanks for the information.
  • rvtex1rvtex1 Member Posts: 23
    I don't feel so bad now about custom ordering my ZX3 the way I want it instead of the way the dealers have them equipped on their lots. My cruise control was a $356.00 option, considerably less than jedimaster1's $1800 or calico1's $1200 installation by their dealer. Of course, they are driving theirs while I wait and wait and wait....
  • espowariespowari Member Posts: 36
    Both Ford and my dealer are on the same page as to when delivery should occur. I've been going over the numbers again (invoice vs msrp). I've already got a quote (in writing) and made a downpayment. Now if they'll give me a good price on my 85 Volvo I'll be in good shape! I just don't want to get messed up with extras like advertising etc.
  • espowariespowari Member Posts: 36
    I've read this before, and just read it again. If you're getting ready to buy a car - read this:
  • tickbittytickbitty Member Posts: 250
    I was planning on having my dad put in aftermarket cruise. I thought it could be done on pretty much any car - he put the same unit in his miata and my crappy isuzu truck. Is it really true that you need a new steering wheel?? THat sounds kind of odd to me. BTW, the aftermarket units only cost like 125$ if you put it in yourself.
  • drebe73drebe73 Member Posts: 243
    It's kills me to read these post of people hooking up their focus while mine is still sitting at the body shop after almost 3 months. I am also baffeled why any of you would dare ask Ford to order any special parts for your focus, when they can't even get my seatbelt retainer clips, water hose, and airbag sensor unit. All thats holding up my car. Wish I never bought a FORD!!!!!!
  • cefurodcefurod Member Posts: 72
    A question for everybody. Edmunds and even our manual states that our gas tank has a 13.2 gallon capacity. But when my low fuel light comes on and I fill up the tank, i get about 9 gallons. There's no way we could have a 4 gallon reserved tank. The needle is right by the "E" also. I average about 28mpg and fill up almost every 280 mls. When i bought the car, i was under the impression i could go about 350-400 mls before fillup. Anybody noticed this discrepency?

    Drebe73, all I (we) can say is sorry and we feel for you. Ok, no stop your b****hing and whining. hehe..j/k.
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