Ford Focus Hatchback - ZX3 - Part V



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    Your situation is a stinker, and would appear to be the worst of all possible worlds. Have you tried putting some pressure on your insurance company? I don't know what your state consumer protection laws are like, but I would be on the 'phone to that agency to see if you can't get them to plead your case for 1) a long-term loaner, 2) a suspension of loan payments while the car is laid up, or 3) a replacement vehicle or refund.
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    I just talked with Ford customer service about my noisy springs and ride quality on my Focus. They told me since the dealer did not find anything that they could not do anything. I told them that whether the dealer found a problem does not have anything to do with an actual problem. The realigned my springs once but that lasted as long as the first bump and right corner.

    This is my first American car and I am starting to regret it. I don't know who to contact at this point. I might just replace the all the springs and shocks. And I thought this was going to be a good experience! :(
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    one of the clever and cost-cutting new features attributed to the focus was this new suspension system; supposedly it is stamped out of sheet metal or something, rather than separately forged parts. This was supposed to work really well, save lots of space ( for the trunk carss) and also save money. Wonder if it is not holding up in the long run, hence your problems?
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    Moses5 - At this point you have several choices call customer service and demand that the car be examined/driven by the area rep - go to another dealer and ask them to have a mechanic take a test ride. Your best bet is the area rep wherever you live. It sounds like your dealer doesn't want to deal with you.

    Lastly, got a good mechanic? Have him drive it/examine it. Sometimes you'll have an obvious problem or defect that the dealer doesn't want to be bothered with.

    I test drove several Foci and one didn't handle well at all esp cornering, this was a ZX3 it felt like the back end wanted to hop instead of slide.

    By the way, is this is a front end problem (Realigned the springs(noisy springs)? Do you mean struts?) or do you mean the back.

    If this is a front end problem suspect camber adjustment or damaged strut. These are supposedly a new type of strut (low friction)that may be causing problems.
    If this is a back end problem suspect rear bushings esp. if this occurs in hard turns (new type of bushing, too!)

    P.S. You mentioned problems (posts) early on. Did you have this problem when you took delivery? Did you drive it before you bought it?

    Hope you get the problem resolved.
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    tickbitty: The engineering feature is a solid body not a suspension. The focus has a very stiff frame hence the body has lest tendency to bend or twist. This does affect the ride and handling and could put different types of stress on the suspension, which is what I think you mean.
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    Andre and Jer:
    Maybe I'm wrong but, I really think you guys are barking up the wrong tree when you deal with customer service. In a large corp like Ford I think their are just a buffer. Think you both have to get with Ford District Rep. Especially if your having problem with dealer. Your dealer should put you in touch with him or her. Then if that doesn't work to your satisfaction go the other routes, like your state consumer protection people.

    Personally I think a personal letter to the CEO stating, nicely, your problems, and asking him to look into the matter would do wonders. Pressure from the top is like magic. Another avenue is to find out the name of a major stockholder and send him/her a similar letter. You can find out their names if you do a bit of research and these people carry a lot of influence.

    Drebe, can't imagine what your going thru, but remember that somebody with similar problems with a new VW or Audi are probably going thru the same thing. Really, I think you have a lousy dealer doesn't appear to have done a thing to find your parts, or his employees are not telling him what's going on. I feel, but all I can do is offer advise and hope it helps. Only wish I had power to help. You guys gotta do the foot work!

    Moses5, Have you reported the spring thing to the National Highway Safety People. This seems to be a reoccurring problem other people are having. This is where a lot of recalls start. There is a link here on Edmunds for doing this. Everybody with the Spring alignment problem should report this. You could save someones life if this is a major safety problem with the Foci.

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    Thanks you all for your support. I feel better already. When I bought the car it handled fine. Then one day I noticed on a road trip that it seemed as if the rear(drivers side rear is where I'm having problems) end on my side seemed lopsided or uneven. I also noticed that it leaned more on right corners. As well at higher speeds the ride does not have that soild damped feel which enticed us all concerning the handling.

    My only concern is that this problem is not noticable as much driving on a flat surface. I told the dealer you have to get on the highway and make a few turns...I doubt that happened. They orginally realigned the springs so there must be something to my claim.

    My suggestion is to drive a new ZX3 and then drive my car. I know they will notice the difference.
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    Oh, drebe, say it ain't so! Don't be sorry you bought a Ford! Remember, the reason you are going through all this is that you LOVE your ZX3 --otherwise you would have given up long ago!

    In keeping with Pat's good idea, I am wondering if it would help if we all signed on to a letter to the CEO in support of drebe's cause. We all have the potential to run into this problem if (God forbid!) something should happen to any of our hatchlings.

    No, we didn't buy the most expensive Ford product available, but we as a group of ZX3 fanatics can be the most loyal and high profile group since the Mustangers if we play this right. Remember, the Mustang was designed by Iacocca to be the "affordable" Ford, too! Many ZX3 owners are young, and will be in the market for many, many more cars in the future. Others of us are older professionals with a nice amount of disposable income who still enjoy driving a good looking, fine handling automobile. There is money in this for Ford if they want it.

    So, gang, what do you think? Pat? You always seem to have a good head on your shoulders...what do you think? We need to help drebe any way we can.

    p.s. about the cruise control and the new steering wheel. No, you don't need a new wheel if you get the cruise that is on a turn-signal lever, but they often look and feel "cheap" and not very substantial. If you have a choice, go with the steering wheel unit.
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    I hate to say this but, my husband is in the market for a new car and he really likes the styling of the Focus hatchback but - I'm trying to steer him towards a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla. It was bad enough my 19 days old hatchling was laid up for 14 days because of a broken power steering pump...but if one of us gets into an accident and a car (Focus) is out of commission for months like drebe73 and others...that would be a major disaster. Even having transportation replacement on your insurance policy wouldn't cover 3 months of a rental. I maybe wished I had waited until all the kinks were out before I bought an early specimen from a new model line. I'm hearing a squeak too and all this talk about various problems is starting to make me a little queasy. m.p.
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    when i come to this page (i have it bookmarked if that makes a difference) it says "Your post is not complete. The comment box is required." Even though I have not attempt a post in the prior session. It will only allow me to view the last post unless i post another. (thats why I'm posting- so i can see the others) anybody else have this prob?
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    I had that problem too, after bookmarking right after I had posted. Try clearing the bookmark, return to the page and bookmark it again. Should clear it up.
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    It hurts... I mean really hurts to see you all suffer like I did. But I am telling you this straight... the ZX3 IS WORTH suffering for! Its just a damn shame Ford isn't on the ball as far as taking care of those of us who have had problems that need fixing. I am honestly baffled as to where the blame should be placed. If I can help anyone with a letter or something please let me know. A previous post said it best... 'strength in numbers'. Our project is rolling along. It is costing quite a few bucks though. More than i had originally wanted to spend. BUT it is worth it. I take our ZX3 in to have the inside hatch release button fixed. It worked prior to me taking the car in to have the 00E09 recall fixed. At that time we had them do the first oil/filter change as well. We have noted the smell of oil burning off the exhaust manifold or somewhere... faint smell but i bet ya the jackasses spilled oil. hopefully that's all it is. my Ford dealers service dept. really seems inept sometimes. it is almost unbelievable. i am going to start going to another ford dealer for service after this round. i have an appt. for Friday to fix the hatch release button and at that point i'll tell them about the burning oil smell. BUT tomorrow morning i am sure to be under the car making sure the oil filter is secure, the oil pan drain is secure and that the car has the proper amount of oil in it. Ya know a person really shouldn't have to do that kind of stuff after spending hard earned cash! Anyway, sorry for the long post. LOVE THE ZX3 ... DESPISE MY FORD DEALER'S SERVICE & BODY SHOP DEPTS! HANG IN THERE ZX3 LOVERS!
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    That is the crux of a nice card I received from Ford Motor today. I complained about my saleslady raking me over the coals trying to get every last penny out of me. But, in retrospect that is her job. I told Ford if Saturn had a decent hatchback I would have gone there instead of the torture of 'dealing'. This was in the feedback letter we send to Ford after the purchase.
    The front of the card says" Even the greatest journey can have a rough road now and then". Do you agree Project??:>)
    Anyway, they sent a flyer to inquire for their insurance company. Has anyone joined Ford Insurance? How are the rates?
    Also, they sent a sweepstakes entry form. I guess all will receive it in your bills this month. You have to answer 5 questions first.....
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    I'm new to this group and after reading all of the posts on the new Focus Hatchback(excuse me if I don't call it a hatchling?), I'm happily content to wait until this car has a proven track record in the states. When I drove one I really liked the car despite the cheap plastic inside. While I was driving it I just had a gut feeling that this new car you all are crazy about is not all it is suppose to be, the sedan by the way, drives and handles much better. To end on a positive note, I'm happy I purchased a new Golf and I paid a little more but it feels soooooo much more solid!!Good luck to all of you and your relationship with Ford, they ditched the Aspire,Capri,Festiva, and the Merkur, hope the Focus has a longer life span.
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    How is everyone?
    I am still waiting for my ZX3 to come in. it has been 4 weeks now and I cant wait. That yahoo! focus club is cool, here is another website to check out: .
    This is my website. It is dedicated to Ford Focus and Subaru Impreza world rally teams. I have alot of cool pictures and I am constantly updating. Go check it out and sign the guestbook!
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    It made it. My Sangria red ZX3 came in on Sunday. 8 weeks after ordering. It showed up with the tape deck instead of the cd player. They are putting the cd player in Thursday and I am picking it up this Sat. I took it for a drive on Monday, it's great. Hard to keep the revs below 3000 though. I'm wondering about how many miles should be on a car that came straight from the factory. Mine has ten miles on it. I hope the dealer doesn't let anyone take it for a joy ride. They are keeping it inside until I pick it up. I love the seats in it. Much better than the sedan. I wonder how rskipk1 figures the sedan handles better since they are virtually the same car ( hatch & Sedan ).
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    Is there a way of tracking production progress and delivery date on internet with Ford's V.I.N number?
    How credible are the delivery dates promised by dealers? Did anyone tried to track in that way?
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    Cefurod: If I remember correctly it says in the manual that there is a 2 gallon reserve not indicated by the fuel level meter.
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    I drive a Ford Taurus and i have a similar problem. Its not really a problem though. I think ford just wants to make sure you don't run out of gas. I have a 16 gal tank and my gas light comes on when i have 4 gals left. So I wouldn't worry about the fuel tank problem.

    What is a fair price to pay for a zx3 with a/c and side airbags?
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    Good luck with your Golf. I understand they are having problems also.
    Don't forget, you will mostly hear negative comments on this BB. It seems like a lot of complaints but it is the same unlucky folks over and over. It's a part supply problem, not the car itself. In reality, most folks just love the ZX3. It was awarded car of the year for a reason. What was the name of the award the Golf won???? Hello???
    Early adoptees always take a chance, but, the car won so many awards for a reason, it is a great car!
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    I believe that your comments comparing Ford's dumping of the Aspire/Festiva/Capri and Merkur to the likelihood of Ford jettisoning the Focus in the future are ill-conceived, at best. The Aspire and Festiva, both built by Kia in Korea if I recall correctly, were bare-bones entry-level cars . The Capri, built off of Mazda 323 mechanicals in Australia, fought a losing battle with its prime competition, the Miata. The Miata's style, handling, and sales brought an end to the Capri. The Merkur XR4Ti and Scorpio was a great experiment in importing a German Ford product, but was a marketing failure towards the end of its short life in the US.

    The Focus, on the other hand, is a complete range of cars, built in North America, where it can better withstand the economic pressures on the US dollar. Unlike the cars you mentioned, the Focus is Ford's new bread and butter car, replacing the Escort. It has won accolades from Europe's COTY in 1999 to NA COTY in 2000. From the posts I've read, the Focus has sold in numbers far greater than any of the Ford products previously imported and subsequently dropped. The next Focus is already on the drawing boards, scheduled for a 2004 intro, if I remember correctly. The Focus is our new Escort, which lasted from what - 1980 through 2000? I think we'll have the Focus around for awhile.

    Congratulations on your Golf. It too is a very nice automobile. I suppose it should feel a bit more solid, as it weighs approx 300+ pounds more than a Focus ZX3. And, the rear suspension isn't as sophisticated as a Focus - according to Autoweek. I don't believe the mileage is as good either - 28mpg on the highway from the VW 115hp engine. I'm getting 34-35mpg consistently on my highway commute with my twin-cam 135hp Zetec engine. (I will admit that I would love to see Ford offer its TDdi diesel engine here in the States!)

    Enjoy your car!
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    about the VIN tracking, I was NOT able to find a website or anything where you can do that. I did call Ford Cusotmer Service and after a lot of holding, they said that it was "at the ramp" but they could not say what that meant. Tried again a week later and they were not even able to say that much. Oh well.

    About the suspension, P345spd, you are correct about the stiffer body, but I am also correct about the special new suspension being "stamped out of continuous thickness sheet metal" to save costs. I read this in Automobile Mag when the focus won car of the year. They also said the springs are under the car, to "save cabin space." they rave about the luxurious results of the suspension, but I just wondered if it might have unexpected results at times, like Moses is having? Perhaps not.

    So sorry Drebe and all, I think it's tough waiting for my new car, I can only imagine how tough it is on you guys. I'd be happy to sign or contribute to something to help you all out. Let me know.

    To our friend with the GOlF, I like your car too, but for me it would have been more like 4,000 more, no small change for this poor soul!
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    tickbitty: Can you provide a link to that article on auto mag about the stamped steel. Could they be talking about the link arms? Hmmm.

    Also for those of us waiting for delivery. What about a letter voicing our concern about the suspension problem and what Ford plans to do about it. I, for one, would become apoplectic if I had a problem such as moses5 and my dealer said there wasn't a problem.

    Moses5: you need to talk with the ford rep in person, he literally is your best hope. Tell him how much you love the car, and let him take for a ride comparison.

    Also I am still not clear on the spring adjustment. Is this an adjustment on the rear coils? Also to reiterate, the Focs use a special rear bushing, which I believe is similar to the mazda RX rear, which changes the rear camber in turns. This could also be a problem.
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    except the mag link is
    They do not seem to post their articles. I think you have to suscribe. I believe you are right, that it was the link arms that were stamped. I recall they said something about the knuckle? Maybe somebody on one of these boards subscribes and can post a transcription of the article?
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    got under the car this morning. well as best as i could. with the ground effects its damn near impossible. i couldn't see anything much less whether any oil was on the exhaust etc. the oil level was fine and clean. i am going to buy a set of ramps tonight. they are made by Rhino and are designed for cars with low clearances...i.e ground effects. list for 30.00 @ walmart.
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    I appreciate the support. Im at a total loss as what to do. If I had time off and a way to get to ford maybe I could do something. I even wrote to my local news station to make a complaint. Im desperate, but I guess I just have to wait it out. Think I'll write another e-mail at for customer connection. Later gang.
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    To trublu01-what is the e-mail address for the person with the Lexus gold hardware? Thanks!
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    People who are reporting problems are not being negative and it's not the same people over and over - it's MORE and MORE people. I called up my dealership's Body Shop Manager and asked him frankly if he'd be able to fix a Ford Focus that was in an accident. He said sure, no problem, they had one in and it was fixed in 2 days. I said, you didn't have any problems getting parts, what about things like airbags and dashboards and seatbelt clips???" "Oh...well, the little trinkets are ALWAYS a problem, but doing a side panel or whatever wouldn't be - that's just sheet metal..." I told him about the stories on the internet and he said, "Actually, it's harder to get parts for a Ford Explorer, but if I were you and I had as many doubts about it, I wouldn't buy the product [a Ford Focus]." So read between the lines, I guess. The car is wonderful - until you break it.
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    We once looked at a car that the dealer said had 15 miles on it. We put a deposit on it. When we got it, it had 150 miles on it but the dealer refused to refund our money. We contacted our states attorneys office, after a few letters we got our deposit back! Maybe yours can help you.

    Good Luck,
    Hang in there, will be worth it.
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    It pains me to see my beloved ZX3 compared with the Kia Aspire and Festive. On another note - if anyone from VW is listening, if you offered a $12,000 stripped-down Golf, I would have bought it. There are no entry-level VW's on the market, so I barely consider them in the same league as the ZX3. Someone has to tell these people that not everyone wants power windows, power locks, etc. weighing down their car and putting the price out of reach.
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    I agree with Briand. The Golf GL comes standard with 2 doors, air, abs, side airbags, door locks. You cannot get anything else on it (except automatic) and it is the closest GOlf to compare to with a zx-3.

    During my car purchasing explorations, the only Golfs I could see were automatics, 4 door, sunroof, power everything, luxury package which could be had for the paltry sum of 18,000 dollars. I drove a strip version a Jetta and it was nice, but it was pretty pricey too.

    I like the Golf GL, but try finding one is another issue. Dealers hate them because they like the loaded ones where they make all the money.

    The Focus is an outstanding value. I bought mine for 12,500 and I think it is a well conceived, decently engineered car. The cost cutting to the interior is understandable since the price is low (by modern friends and colleagues have cars that are 2x to 2.5 times more expensive).

    Still,,,,I have been burned by the lack of parts issue. I have had a real hard time and it is very frustrating. Still,,,I would highly recommend the car. I think it is the top cars in it s class---if not the best. Civics, corollas and Proteges are great cars and all are a great value. For me the interior space of the Focus was just so much nicer for me. I am 6'3" and the Focus is so pleasant for me to sit in. For me the civic and the corolla are out of reach basically because the interior room is unacceptable.

    I have great sympathy for drebe73. I think he should go see the manager of the dealership and get in contact with the district manager. E-mailing customer service is not pro-active enough!! It is so unbelievable that Drebe is being treated so badly by Ford. It is time to be firm and tough Drebe!!! I think calling the district attourney and Better Business Bureau are good ideas. How about your Government Representative? Could he/she call his Senator and describe is problems he/she is having with Ford?

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    I have to admit that the Aspire does look a little like a zx-3! It is a bit of a stretch. You could say that about any hatchback. No one has insulted me with that particular jab, just try not to take that to heart. Is it my understanding, MP10, that you may be a 2 Foci family. Another zx-3? I think that is too kewl.

    I think the Aspire (Aspires to be a car---just kidding) is either a Mazda 323 knock-off or an Opel Kadette knock-off. The Festiva was a Mazda 121 knock-off. I hear they run forever, but not very comfortably or stylishly.

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    I had the exact same experience looking for a Golf GL with a 5-speed. None to be had anywhere, and no dealer very interested in finding or ordering one for me. Plus, I didn't want the doodads that come standard on the GL and tax the already marginal engine -- and it still would have cost me $4K more than my ZX3. Whatever happened to simple, lightweight, well-designed, stylish, fun to drive and AFFORDABLE cars? Mine is spelled F-O-C-U-S.
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    alf3 writes:
    > I will admit that I would love to see
    > Ford offer its TDdi diesel engine here
    > in the States!

    From what I've read, Ford is using VW's TDI engine in Europe. They're also using the VW Sharan as their Galaxy mini-van.

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    Hey folks. I am going to take my car to a different dealership and see what can be done. I still think this is a great car.

    Also, someone had a comment about camber change. I have noticed after 5800 miles on my car that the rear drivers side wheel toes inward at the top--more so than on the passenger rear.

    I am grateful that suspension does not feel as off as it did before they realigned the springs the first time. But they do make more noise now than before.

    I think most of the problem, if there is one, lies in the quality of the parts used, not so much the design. Ford needs to do a review of there suppliers to make sure they are up to par. I wonder if they use the same supplier in Germany?

    My entire suspension has sofened up alot since I bought the car. Big dips and bumps makes for a lot of body motion. I will keep everyone posted and give you all the information I get. Maybe this will help someone with similar problems.
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    I haven't noticed any mention of Sport Compact Car's annual list of eight great rides. Yes, the zx3 (NOT the four door) was listed proudly as one of them. Hmmm, come to think of it, the Golf wasn't listed...
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    Aspire in spanish means "to suck". Ford needs some better names! Same goes for Isuu. Can you picture a hispanic man saying that he bought an amigo (male friend)? Wild animal names are always good- mustang, cougar. Ford Panther anyone?
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    On the news group ( a person has posted the part number for the ZTS armrest that fits in the ZX3. Anyone have photos of what this looks like installed. I want to do this 'project' myself, but am worried about the complexity.

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    The quote, from the 2/2000 issue:
    "The control links and the knuckle are stamped out of constant-thickness sheetmetal, making a sophisticated system "Ford cheap"-that is, inexpensive enough to be used in this class of car, even though the results are closer to luxury-level engineering. Putting the springs under the floor liberated a lot of room in the cabin and also allowed the same rear suspension to be used in all models..."
    Let me know if you need any more.
    a sedan se owner (hey, sometimes you gotta haul people, too! :-)
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    and it's anybody's guess how many more to go. I've been reading through all your postings since March 9th, and STILL I ordered my Focus on March 22nd. Just had to have one. So add my 5 spd manual, pitch black buggy (or the vision of one, anyway) to the mix.

    As far as I can tell, only two of you folks are from the Philadelphia area. I hope by the summer we're all out on the road...
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    It's hard to keep up each day with this group, when there are so many new cool things to talk about the Focus. Have all of you noticed, that lately the Focus ZX3 BB has been in the most posts listing? The Cougar Support Group is up to what--Part 9? Something for us to shoot for!

    Coincidentally, I own an Aspire (the Expire, "too suck" in Spanish, I've heard 'em all). All good put downs, I'm not overjoyed with my vehicle, it just runs me to work and back and has done it for almost 125,000 miles!

    I definitely want to get a Focus ZX3. All the awards it's received and all the praise by you guys/gals sure can--and HAS persuaded people. I've been to a couple local Ford dealers to check it out. The ZX3 is pretty rare here in NW WI, I've yet to see anyone driving one; just the sedans and a few wagons. I have to admit the ZX3 somewhat resembles the Aspire. They're two door hatches, excellent all-around view (minimal blind spots), cheap plastic interior :> I certainly can't believe some of the comments about the ZX3 not having enough power. Have all your previous cars been Mustangs or Z28s? I have a lowly 63hp in my car. Jumping up to 130hp in the ZX3 will make me quite happy thank you.

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    One of the big complaints about the Aspire when it came out was it was underpowdered, this by consumer reports.
    I used to own a Festiva and really liked it a lot. It was peppy and reliable and just basic transportation. But, as Click and Clack the Tappit Brothers on NPR used to say about it, " it was a coffin on wheels"!
    By comparison the ZX3 is a luxury car in comfort, speed, looks and handling.
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    I think that somebody in Ford or atleats at their website has been viewing this message board because I looked up my last 100 visits at Hitbox and I saw one ISP was at I posted my link yesterday ( ). I wonder what they have to say about these post's. Maybe your problems are getting through so i say continue to give all your thoughts on the car because somebody seems to be listening!
    I am just a new Focus ZX3 owner who has been playing around with the net--wegpages are fun
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    and I dont spell good!
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    Scott - I have to disagree with you re: your comments on the 'cheap plastic interior'. IMHO, the ZX3 interior was executed very nicely - I find the overall quality of the plastics to be excellent. Remember - we are talking about a $13k car!

    Just a footnote. I sat in a new MB 320CLK at the recent Raleigh NC autoshow. $40k plus - I expected to be impressed. Unfortunately, Daimler-Chrysler has even let a bit of cheap - and noticeably cheap - shiny plastic in the interior. I noticed it in the footwell area. Also, the new Volvo wagon - the model replacing the V70 - literally has acres of gray, bland plastic on the dashboard/fascia. Nasty stuff!! The Volvo V40/S40 also have very plasticky interiors - and they are priced in the low to high $20's.

    I think our Foci, dollar for dollar, represent an excellent buy.
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    my neighbor's daughter just bought a green focus sedan... se, 5 spd with spoiler! i had to blink when i came out my front door this morning! haha! anyway i say good for her!!! she was driving a ford probe that had 200,000+ miles on it.
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    Friends, our new Clubs conference is now open. The first group represented is the Cougar Support Group. Why not take a look at About The Clubs Conference to see if it might be of interest to the ZX3 cult. :-)

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