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    At the earliest you should change it at 3000 miles but the Focus manual clearly states to wait till 5000 miles. Your dealer may just want to charge you for an unnecessary oil change.
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    Has anyone noticed, with a manual trans, that your rpms don't drop down to 1000x like most manual transmissions should when you shift.

    I have noticed that when I engage the clutch, the tachometer does not move. It's as if the clutch is not engaged.

    Any answers from anyone. Is is suppose to do this?
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    to Fgaydos,Alf3,brians789,hatchqueen and anybody I missed, I think it is especially cool when you can talk about the cars you love and not trash what each is driving. To all of you who own a Focus, and that is pretty much everyone considering the forum, I wish you guys the best of luck, I'll hope my Golf keeps me as enthusiastic as all of you. By the way, I don't believe the Golf ever won an official award other then it has been the best selling car in Europe for over 13yrs!!You all are right about the aspire, that was a low blow, I can't even begin to understand the motivation behind Kia!! One more thing, to find a Golf, with a 5sp and little equipment is very difficult. They don't import as many since they are now built in Germany not Mexico where the Beetle and Jetta are built. If I could afford a new Jetta I would have bought one, and when it comes right down to it the price of the Focus is excellent when considering the features you get for your money. Hope all your problems get solved, sincerely skip.
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    Forgot to mention, this is definetly one of the most active forums in the conference and that says alot!Peace
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    The Lemon Law only comes into effect with parts failure, not repairs needed after an accident. Mine was a part failure (power steering pump) and my dealership gave me a rental and eventually had to pull a pump out of a brand new Focus - they had at least 3 new cars they were using for parts. No dealership would do that except out of total desperation - meaning they can't get the parts and Ford Corporate seems unconcerned.
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    I'm pleased to see a lot of posts that have expressed my same thoughts about the recent Edmund's review. I'd also underscore, however, the nice things the reviewer said, such as "Focus is likely the best low-priced car you can buy today." To Orlock (post #202): I'm glad you shared how you were stumped at first about shifting into reverse -- the same thing happened to me! My wife and I alos sat in the car for about 5 minutes quite clueless; I'm used to pushing down on the stick to go into reverse. Had to pull out the owner's manual, which does explain the "O-Ring" thing. Although I appreciate the safety aspect of it, I'm still not used to pulling up on the ring to reverse. On the seatbelts, I also feel that you have to reach too far back to grab it, but at the same time, I like the way the belt is anchored to a horizontal rod, allowing me to push the belt out of the way so my kids don't trip on it as they enter or exit the rear seats. As for the engine noise: it doesn't bother me either. I agree with the Edmund's reviewer that the Zetec engine is no Honda V-Tec engine (which IS real quiet; I have a 1998 Accord), but I say if that's actually a concern to any prospective buyers, then they should go ahead and spend $18000 or more and get the Accord.

    And to mp10: you folks are too cool! Are both of your Foci the same color (you mentioned only the Sangria)?
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    Hey mp10-you sure are lucky!! I'd feel like I was in heaven to look out and see 2 cute Ford Foci in my driveway!! You guys are waycool!! ENJOY! aj
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    I pick up my ZX3 today. April fool's day though. I hope there is no joke at the dealer later. I ordered the BMW tip (same part # in Canada as the U.S) for 19.99. It will be here Monday. I don't know what it looks like but I trust it is ok. It does fit right guys. Congrats to the 2 ZX3 family. Isn't Sangria a cool colour? :)
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    I've found in driving my ZX3 5000 miles some interesting things about gas mileage.

    1) Don't expect to get great gas mileage until after about 2000 miles. I barely got 30 on the highway and about 20 in the city during that period.

    2) Expect great gas mileage afterwards. Here are some observations:

    At a steady 55 on the Natchez Trace, I averaged 41 mpg.

    At a steady 65 on rural highways, I averaged 38 mpg.

    At a steady 70 on the interstate, I averaged 37 mpg.

    At a steady 80 on the interstate, I averaged 34 mpg.

    Depending on the city variables, I have gotten anywhere from 29-33 mpg. I still managed to get 33 driving in downtown Nashville last night, with an average speed of about 10 mph.

    My favorite place to drive is at 3000 rpms, or at 120 kph. At 3000 rpms, the car is right below it's torque peak, and right above it's maximum economy peak. The engine is barely noticable here.
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    I'm wondering what kind of mileage other folks are getting in the city with auto transmission. I was averaging around 25 to 26 mpg, but after the recall was fixed it dropped to 23 mpg (which is the opposite of what others have experienced).
    I've got 1500 miles on her. Sangria Red. Pretty color.

    My only complaints about the car are the window crank handles being too low for me and I can't get into a comfortable driving position. If I sit back far enough for my leg to be comfortable, I can't reach the steering wheel. Wish they had the options available when I got the car. I asked the dealer if the car could be retrofitted with the telescoping wheel. Off the top of his head he said it would probably cost $3,000!! I would like to have electric windows, but guess the aftermarket price would be too steep.
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    Friends, it is a violation of copyright laws to reprint an article from another source here at Links are great, even quoting a line or two is fine; reprinting verbatim is not acceptable.

    For that reason, I've hidden norwaydoug's post above. Norwaydoug, can you repost with a link to
    the article in The Star? If you aren't able to do so, I'll need to scribble the post in a few days. I appreciate the extra effort that will take. Thanks!

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    BTW, "anonymous" postings are a feature....

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    Just returned from the dealer and the recall repair of the fuel pressure sensor. Took less than an hour and I noticed a big improvement right away. Prior to the repair the auto trans would 'run' shifting into second. Now it is a nice clean shift with no delay.
    Took my watch to the dealers to show them the watch. They knew nothing about it.
    Continue to receive compliments with folks seeing it for the first time saying,"Wow!" :>)
    They must be wondering what a 53 year old is doing with a car like this. Hey! I'm a baby boomer, what can I tell you.
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    Yep, the Sangria Red and CD Silver are now parked side by side in the garage - they look great together. I asked my husband if we should leave them out on the driveway together today so the neighbors and drivers-by could ogle, but I guess that would be a little *too* obvious...
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    The window sticker from my car said the base price of the hatchling was $11,865 (MSRP) - today my husband's says $11,960, an increase of $90 - does anyone know why? That's a *bad* trend! As I stated before, the destination charge has gone up from $415 to $440. All the other options (automatic, remote entry, floor mats, a/c and smoker's package remained the same). Also the window sticker is now touting the "North American Car of the Year" insignia on it - mine just had "Ford - Built to Last." All the salesmen today were spouting that to whoever would listen - the seemed quite proud to be associated with the Car of the Year, however unlikely that it's the Focus.
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    i drove our zx3 to virginia today... about a 160 mile commute. anyway, the darned 'smell'( reminds me of the smell you get when you spill some oil on the manifold or exhaust system and it burns off when you drive) came back again. i pulled the car up on the ramps and visually inspected everything i could. oil filter area, manifold, exhaust, filler area. i didnt see one drop of anything much less oil. am i over-reacting to a normal break-in period odor? i really don't think so but i'd appreciate some feedback. i do know a couple of things. 1) the car didn't have this smell before my Ford dealer changed the oil, 2)the car didn't have the smell prior to the 00E09 recall repair 3) you can't smell it when your moving, 4) it is noticeable only after you have come to a stop after driving for a while. 5) i did have the defroster on, could it be related??
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    Well, at a certain point it should all disappear if it is oil. Won't it all be dried out if it was just a spill? But, if you are activly leaking then the smell will return. Keep checking the oil level to see if you are losing any.
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    I kinda asked this question before but received no answer.
    I never had experience with a moon type roof. I'm wondering if they are noisy when open , can you hear a conversation / radio or is it like when you drive with a window wide open. Do they leak rain? Are they a potential security problem? Do they mess your hair when driving?
    I noticed that the Focus is slow to cool using just the fresh air vent and don't really like driving with the window down because of the whoosh noise. Does the sun beat down on you heating the inside of the car and your head? Thinking of adding a hole in the roof. Any feedback folks?
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    In the Road Test of the ZX3, the author says the size of tires are P175/70R15's. In the information about the car the tires for the ZX3 are stated as P195/60R15. My question is which is the correct tire size? As a side note, the tires in a review of the ZTS by Car and Driver are also said to be P195/60R15. Thanks, I'll appreciate any info on the subject.
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    Power windows were not available when I bought my ZX3, but I have heard that some dealerships now have them. They have to be ordered (of course, like every other option) and a guy at the dealership said it would be about 400 bucks for the power windows. Does that sound about right? Do any of you have them already, and is the switch conveniently located on the door and within easy reach? I am really considering about getting it because I really don't like the low manual crank.

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    projectzx3-- do you have your car equipped with ABS? Just a suggestion,(i'm no mechanic) but have you thought about the brakes? Sometimes they make funny gas fume-like smells. AND that would explain why you smelled it when you *stopped*. As I said, just a suggestion.
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    sorry couldn't resist. Thanks marker, yes my zx3 is equipped with ABS. I have other cars that have ABS as well. Never heard of that. Never had any odors with those? But i will definately check that out. Anyone else heard of that?
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    Got my VIN# last Thursday on my ZX3 order. E-mail came back from Owner Connection thanking me for inquiry. They stated it would take about 5 days to respond to an E-mail inquiry. Let's see, 3 days to tell me they got my e-mail, 5 days to respond to it, gee, my hatchling ought to be built by Christmas or about the same time ya'll get your parts.
    Does anyone know of a quicker way to follow progress of an order?
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    I sent Owner Connection an email after my bad service experience, and they responded about 24 hours later.
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    Lately, about 95 percent of the time i hear that ear irritating squeak. I hate it..i feel like it's sending bad message to the admirers. They stare while i pass them, but when it's time to hit that brake i hear that squeaking and im sure they hear it more. It's very annoying and embarasing. Does anybody have this experience? Plan to take it to dealer but afraid that if they don't find any problem they'll charge me for the diagnostic test.
    Here in cost about $120.00
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    no way. thats a warranty issue. have them check it out. first try going to a self wash that has high pressure hand washers... hose off the wheels real good....make sure its not road dust etc. but be a little careful afterwards the brakes will be wet for a short time. good luck:)
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    just so folks don't get the wrong ideas about the Focus. WHEN PEOPLE ARE IN LOVE WITH THEIR NEW CARS LIKE WE FOCI OWNERS ARE we tend to notice every little perk or minor problem! Like a jealous boyfriend, husband etc etc, we notice every little thing... everything. IT IS A SICKNESS BROUGHT ON BECAUSE THE CAR IS THAT WONDERFUL! So to those that are considering buying one.... BUY ONE! It is easily the best automobile in its class! And the price...well you just can't beat it! Just remember I warned you. You will become very passionate towards your Focus! I AM SICK!!!! haha! And i love it:)
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    I posted this earlier, but Carlady suggested that I post the address for its review. ( I broke international copyright laws...I am in trouble now!) The reviewer is critical, but fair. Note his comment regarding the steering.

    Address is:

    (My ZX-3 is in the shop for the past 6 days waiting on ABS parts....previously in the shop for 6 weeks waiting on parts due to an accident)

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    15x6 with 195/60R/15 tires
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    first i must feel compelled to explain the difference, in my opinion, between sunroof and moonroof. "sunroof" generally refers to when the panel above your head is glass and you have the ability to look out of it at all times. "moonrof" refers to when the panel is metal just like the sheetmetal on the car. you can not see through it at all. you only see the outdoors when it is open. these are not as common in vehicles anymore.

    i have a sunroof in my focus. it is a power sliding sunroof made by hollandia, one of the top sunroof manufacturers. here are my opinions on your ??s--

    >noisy when open?? it is like having a window open pretty much. the amount of noise also varies on how far it is open. it is a little harder to hear radio/conversation but the fresh air is worth it.

    >Do they leak rain? no. if they are installed properly they will not leak rain or in the car wash. most installers will have a lifetime guarantee on the install so if it would leak by chance it is their job to fix it.

    >Are they a potential security problem? not any more of a security problem as the other 6-8 windows already on the vehicle. if they want to get in they will. mine has an ignition autoclose feature which when the key is removed from the ignition will automatically close it unless i override it

    >Do they mess your hair when driving? i can not tell u exactly since i have short hair, but it would be compare able i htink to having the window open. if not mess it up less since direction of wind is different. again it depends on how far it is open.

    >Does the sun beat down on you heating the
    inside of the car and your head? when open all of the sun comes through to shine on you, when closed the class is tinted so it cuts down the amount of light available. also on some models (like mine) you have a sliding sunshade which will completly block all the light and it looks like the headline of the car.

    hope this helps!! i think it is a worthwile investment if you love to have the sun and wind in the car....
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    looking at Kelly's Blue Book at new car prices on a ZX3 and I noticed a few things of interest-- they have the Kona Mountain Bike Package listed but no price yet. Details though are there on package contents. Also scrolling down page to list of colors. There is a new one at the bottom of the list Zinc Yellow!! it is color code B7. So for all u Focus fans who want yellow now is your chance it looks like!!
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    Thanks Silyboy for taking the time to answer my questions. It is helpful. If I decide not to travel to Europe this summer i'll do a sunroof.
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    In response to what fgaydos said a whikle back, you should conider changing your oil at 1000 and then 3000 and every 3000 beyond that. The reason is not because they want to charge you more money ( I will do it myself for $8.00), it is because they all gets filled with metal particles because of break in and you want to get rid of them. Even though the manual says every 5,000 miles you should really change at 3,000 because after that the oil gets dirty and it will pro long the life of your engine if you change it at 3,000 mile intervals.
    Has anybody else noticed that Ford's color chips look nothing like the actaul color? I bought an RF green Focus and I dont think it looks anything like the chip, it looks better. I know that the orange doesnt look like it either, and as for Malibu Blue, I think that color looks really bas as soon as it gets a tiny bit dirty, It just doesnt look right. I have been waiting for mine 5 weeks now and I wish the damn thing would come in. I have no options, I didnt want a/c or any of that power junk, mine is a 5-speed so I think I should get it soon
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    Aaach! NO airconditioning? Even here in New England with hot humid but short summers, I wouldn't buy a car w/o air...but to each his own. My husband let me drive the Sangria to the store today and I have to say it got a LOT more attention than my CD Silver does...from guys. Guys were walking by with their heads doing the Linda Blair Exorcist thing...hmmmmmm. But it drove just like my Silver so I'm not too jealous. And I agree, if you love your Hatchling, every little flaw, real or imagined, pains the heart. m.p.
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    What's wrong with the brakes now????? m.p.
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    I just had to laugh about what you wrote about the picture of my car on the yahoo focus club page. Guess what, I am originally from Long Island. Freaky? BTW did you check out the other pictures? I posted 10 of them in the photo section. Saturday 4/8 will officially be 3 months since the accident and ...(ok, all together now)..."Still No Car". Yes, I'm still B*%&@ing about it. Wouldn't you?
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    The "Owners Connection" web site has been telling me for weeks that this recall applies to my ZX3, but gives no other information other than to say that it's a "safety recall". I've received no notification through the mail, either USPS or email. What gives with the recall, and what does it specifically relate to on the car itself? Thanks in advance.
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    thanks for the advice...i will try to do that
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    I live in NY and I dodnt get a/c because #1- I dotn care for it, that why god invented crank windows #2 My dad didnt wanna spen the 800$$ #3 In my opinion, it is a waste of gas and HP, and its expensive to fix when it breaks and it will.

    What good is having it if it is broken anyway?

    As for re-sale values--I plan to keep this car till death, so unless the scrap yard cares, I dont!
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    Thank you, norwaydoug. You are no longer in trouble. ;-)

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    Drebe, if it makes any difference that a stranger feels your pain, then I do. I was in total despair after just 14 days - I can't even imagine 3 months, but I can empathize. Keep on hangin' on... m.p.
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    My VIN is identified at the Owner Connection site as well, and Ford Corporate agreed when I called but the dealership no way, when they put my VIN into their OASYS database (for recalls), there are none for me. Ford Corporate said to wait, and the notices would go out soon. The defect has to do with the Fuel Injection Sensor thingie. m.p. (how's that for getting technical)
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    We've heard about the probable cause of the parts problem and now here's my 2 cents worth. It's not just Ford or VW. It's all the auto manufactures, GM, Chrysler, Saab, Volvo and so on. The cause in my opinion is "ISO900whatever". Don't know who created it, but it is going to be our downfall. All manufacturers are being told they have to become ISO certified if they are to get any contracts. Doesn't matter what their track record is. Somebody really sold them a bill of goods and its hurting the consumer.

    Drebe73, 3 months, man I don't know how you have kept the calm, but hang in there.

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    Dear MP,

    When the technicians at the ford dealership reassembled the bearing in the rear wheel they found that the abs light remained on. I believe it a 'ABS sensor thingie' issue.

    They replaced the bearing as a result of the fender bender in the parking lot. It is not a manufacturing flaw.

    I actually called Ford Customer Service Friday nite and explained my further woes regarding my car. They faxed a letter to my ford dealership. I feel that I have been inconvienced enough and that the ford dealership should go to extraordinary measures to repair my car immediately.

    I am going to call the ford dealership tomorrow to get an update. IMHO, I should be a top priority to them to get me back on the road. 1 week in a bald-tired, abused, stinky (+ I am talking really stinky) escort really motivates me to be a 'Tough Talker' to the dealer.

    Thanks MP for your inquiry. CD Silver was actually my top choice, but had to settle for sangria red. I have grown to like it a lot.

    I will update the group with my story of woe tomorrow.

    Good Evening!!

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    Oh no!! There are nine other pictures?!?!?!?! I can't look!!! I drove the car this weekend with four of my buddies. The car still powers and corners like a champ. I love my car.
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    What's with anonymous? Never any message. I've heard of special features before, but it doesn't make any sense.

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    Okay. Thanks, catmom, for your input on the hatch release. I obviously had a real "duh" moment there. But, for those of you who have the remote lock (like I do), you do NOT need to have the door open to open the hatch from the inside--you only need to have the doors UNLOCKED to use the inside hatch release (like catmom so kindly informed us). I tried it, and it does work now. If you physically need to have the driver's door OPEN (even with the remote lock feature), there is something wrong.

    So, if it won't take 3 months (sorry for the very pathetic joke at your expenses, NorwayDoug and Drebe -- I really am on your side always!), get it fixed.

    Oh, and silyboy, why is your sunroof as noisy as having the window open? It shouldn't be. That's part of the beauty of the sunroof. You can have open air and not have to turn the stereo up to 10 to hear it! And, as someone with hair that is about 24" long, I can say quite honestly that it doesn't mess with the hair unless you have the windows open as well.

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