Ford Focus Hatchback - ZX3 - Part V



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    tickbitty and hugoz: yes, there are hatchlings in the Richmond area, mine being one of them! It's RF Green; beautiful! I've seen only a couple other zx3's, one of which almost ran me down. The sedans are a lot more prevalent here. One of the girls I work with just bought a silver sedan. I must say, I do like the color. As far as the zx3's go, I've seen silver, green, and what really looked like a gold one, although I don't know if they offer the hatch in gold. Anyway, not too many of us in "River City." If you see a Rainforest Green hatchling with "COMPLY" on the license plate -- wave and smile, because that's me!
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    Thanks kdominczak for the chip info. I was thinking of the recent poster who took a certain amount of glee in threatening that the focus will be "a dime a dozen". We all know this doesn't apply to the hatchbk, but more cars on the road will equal more after-market support, something that will be an advantage for both versions of this car. Look how many Civics are out there, and Iam still not (too) sick of that one.
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    Sounds like some hip folks must live your way; I'm in the DC metro area myself. Have yet to see any other hatchlings, only 1 sedan.

    I'll be on the lookout, nevertheless, for your rainforest green ZX3 (COMPLY?)....
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    My license plate is a reference to the Borg, from the new Star Trek. They are very direct and to the point (and evil!). The Focus (and that huge watch we all got) reminds me of Borg technology. I love it all!

    5000-mile oil change coming up... and still trouble-free (don't know how I got so lucky?) Drebe, any word on your poor baby?
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    Hugoz, tickbitty and skater4,

    You're not the only ones in VA. I live in Newport News. I've seen a sangria red, red, black and rainforest green ZX-3's on the roads in my area. There were about 7 ZX-3's on my dealers lot when I went to order my car. Now when I drive by I only see 2, one being in the showroom. Soon I will be joining you all with a CD Silver ZX-3. I called my dealer and he said it is scheduled for delivery on May 1st!

    Though I'm from Newport News, my brother lives in Alexandria so I see him frequently. As soon as I get my car I'm taking a trip up north to visit him and show it off.

    I've heard so much good about the car and I can't wait to get mine, but reading these post keeps me informed about the car. Good luck to all and see ya on the road.

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    would like to know if anyone can get outside air into ar without turning a/c on
    i seem just to get stale air in car if ac not on
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    Lookout Sk8inut, another ZX3 is headed to Virginia, Norfolk to be exact! Black, with Charcoal (I ordered Medium Graphic, they screwed up), 5 spd, Con Grp, Tilt wheel. Getting a moonroof installed first week it's here, should be here around April 18, so they tell me, yea right. Cannot wait! See you on I64, license plate ZN (Virginia)! Is there a Hampton Roads Hatchling Club yet?
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    Everyone should be grateful to Razor5. My very long post was bumped off when Razor5 posted before me. Anyway, the deal was....NorwayDoug, PA lemon law will not cover accidents. It only applies to lengthy repairs on normal wear and tear. Here in Kentucky, I'm having trouble even getting the BMW exhaust tip (that does not, by the way, negate the warranty). I, too, bought the ESP without knowing it was negotiable. Next time. My recall notice finally came in the mail. Need to get that taken care of before the weather gets totally gorgeous and I need full access to my hatchling to drive around with the roof open and the stereo on! I believe I saw the only other ZX3 in Kentucky the other day -- damn, we look great on the road! I'm kind of glad that we're few and far between. I do think we need a regional hatchling club, though. Happy, safe weekend, everyone!
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    YES!!!! Definitely buy a ZX3. The troubles you hear about on this town hall only have been major ones for drebe and NorwayDoug, who had accidents. Their issue is with their dealers and Ford Motor Co., not with the car itself. If you notice, they still love their cars. (and we still love drebe & nd -- hang in there, guys!) The recall is a minor one as recalls go, and everyone on this page spends a lot of time sharing information and bragging about the wonders of our ZX3s. We're a great group, and would love to include you when you decide to buy your ZX3 (which I'm sure you will after you drive one, if you can find one!)
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    I have heard different things about moonroofs. A lot of people are talking about getting them installed and stuff, but I have heard that moonroofs are not recommended for the ZX3 because of the irregular shape of the top of the car, and that there were problems opening and closing it. Can anyone confirm this or let me know if it is ok to have a moonroof? I would love to get one installed, but I want to make sure it would be ok. Also, who do you recommend to install it? Dealer, aftermarket dealer, who?

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    I'm trading in my 1998 Honda Prelude (great car, too much money) and just wanted to be sure that the ZX3 was the one. I feel comfortable about buying it now. I'll check back in with everyone when I get it. Later.
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    Has anybody seen the Kona Special Edition ZX3? The only info I've been able to find is at and says:

    "Includes 6-Spoke Silver Sparkle Aluminum Wheels, (4) P205/50R16 Tires, Bike Rack, High-Series Instrument Cluster, Kona Blast 2001 Mountain Bike, Seat Covers, Unique Rubber Front Floor Mats, Luggage Rack & Unique Side Moldings"

    Notice the larger 6-spoke wheels. lists the Kona ZX3 invoice price as $11255 and the Kona Mountain Bike Edition option is a separate $1331(invoice). I think their invoice prices are screwy, though, because their invoice for a regular ZX3 is also $11255(before $465 dest. fee). Everywhere else, it's only $11169. Also, says the Kona is available in Dirt Metallic, Green Metallic, and CD Silver(all with dark charcoal int. only). Over the last week I've read every message in this forum, and I think I'm ready to buy. But with this new edition, I can't decide between a regular silver ZX3 and a silver or "dirt" Kona edition. Are there any photos out there yet?
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    whats up all,
    well i dont own a focus but im thinking of getting one but not exactly sure yet maybe some one can help me out in making up my mind but anyways i was bored so i thought i would look up to see what they had for the focus and they have a bunch of cool performance parts at ((( )))
    and another cool site is and
    all these parts already out so i think this car has a good start. but i would be more intrested in the focus if they come out with the focus rally car ground effects instead of the wingswest package. well if your intrested in kicking the crap out of those hondas do it beacuse i hate them!!!!!
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    ok so I know what the sedan looks like 'cause I've seen photos of it, but the Focus has been on sale here for more than a year, and I have yet to see one on the road. When I went to check out the Focus at my local dealer, they only had the hatch on display. Things are different in this part of the world! Still waiting on my new Focus.
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    Anyone using a bike carrier with their ZX3?
    I would like to get one as my bike JUST fits into the back with the seats down. Looking for something a little more convenient.
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    I know that the Focus has a stainless steel exhaust. So I was worried that putting another metal part on the tip might drive galvanic corrosion. Folks said they had to pound it on with a mallet, so I thought it might be hard to get off. I'm leasing the ZX3, so I didn't want to get hit with some charge un-necessarily.
    I would really like to add some of the body moulding I have seen available, which relly makes the car look even more distinctive.
    Thanks for the feedback.
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    I do not think the Focus' exhaust is stainless. My rear muffler is super rusty. You tap the BMW tip on with a rubber mallet or block of wood. Do you think the dealer will care or even notice? I hated that "water pipe" looking stock tailpipe. A week after I got the car I took it to a local performance shop and had them cut the tailpipe off the muffler and add a nice stainless tip that is 3.5" The tip is flush with the bumper and has a nice inward rolled edge, it looks awesome! The service manager at my Ford dealer thought it was stock until he looked at another Focus that was also in for an oil change. They will be looking for things that will hurt the car's resale value when you turn it in, I would think they wouldn't frown on tasteful additions.

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    norwaydoug, I'll thrilled with your devotion to copyright laws. Thank you for making my job so much easier! :-)

    Friends, in earlier reviews of the ZX3 you may have seen report that power windows were not available. Ford has added a power package and power windows are now available.

    As for being able to crawl into your hatch when locked out, I'm amazed. I had no idea you could lock yourself out. Most of the new cars I see require you to lock the driver's door with the key. Is this not the case with the ZX3?

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    You do not need the key to lock the drivers door.
    The manual lock/unlock button is wedge shaped and is incorporated into the door opening handle/lever. You rock this wedge forward to lock the car. When rocked forward the, white painted, rear edge is exposed indicating your car is locked. The difference between locked and unlocked is a very small motion and it is not very positive. Not like two positions, you can have it half way. I have locked my door (exposed the white paint) to later find that I hadn't rocked it forward enough to lock it, just forward enough to expose the "locked" white paint.

    Another weird feature is when the doors are locked you do not have to unlock them to exit the car. Pulling the door release handle automatically rocks the wedge to the unlocked position. In my old truck (1991) if you have the doors locked while driving you must manually flip the lock and then pull the release handle to get out.
    I like the door handles and locks they just seem strange. I now give the handle a pull after exiting the vehicle to make sure it is locked. Passengers unfamiliar with my Focus (EVERYBODY WANTS A RIDE! :))never get the wedge rocked forward enough to lock it upon exit.

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    Very interesing. Thanks for giving us the ins and outs, Scott! ;-)

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    Ski8ingnut, Razor5: welcome to the VA/MD/DC metro contingent of the ZX3 fan club! I still have yet to see any hatchlings my way (Anne Arundel County, MD), but then people are pretty un-hip around these parts, so no surprise. I still feel bad you both have to wait for delivery; I guess I lucked out (my orange hatchling was on the dealer's lot!).

    Silverzx: thanks for explaining the door locks; didn't know you could a locked door from the inside merely by pulling the handle. I, too, am still getting used to the little "wedgie" locks; guess may the power locks with remote might have been worth it. Have you (or anybody) had a problem with your trunk not opening? Last week, I suddenly couldn't open my trunk with either the key or the dash trunk release. I figured there must be an electric switch -- the manual says that there is a sensor that prevents the dash remote release button from working once the car moves. Anyhow, I started the car and, sure enough, the remote release button worked!

    Utalumni97: you're welcome, and glad we helped convince you to join us! You won't regret it; I enjoy my ZX3 more each time I drive it.
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    Sorry -- I meant to say (to silver zx3): "I didn't know you could OPEN a locked door from the inside merely by pulling the handle."
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    I got the idea that the zx3 had a stainless exhaust (a typical feature on new cars) from the Edmunds description. Look in the standard features section.

    If you have rust, it can't be too high a grade of steel. :-((

    Good points, I know that the pipe would surely dress up the exhaust, pretty bare now, especially when you can see the weld seam. I think I'll get one. Thanks for the advice.

    My first love was the Countour SVT. How can I make the Focus sound like that car. If you ever drove one you would know what I'm talking about. It sounds, and runs, wonderful. However, my zx3 is a terrific bargin at half the price, I think i'll keep it, but I still think about the SVT. The Countour is only a 2.5L V6. Anyone have any luck pumping up performance, or engine note, in the zx3?
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    The engine configuration plays a major roll in the sound produced I think the SVT Contour has a V6 and we have an inline 4. Inline fours can sound good but it is usually at high rpms. Think of the screaming Japanese sportbikes, a large majority of these are inline 4s (most of them are between .6 and 1.3 liters and have redlines up to 15,000) I think you will be able to get a better exhaust note. just do not expect the growl of a v-6, the rumble of a v-8 or the cool drone of a boxer.

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    I just got my ZX3 after a 3 month wait. I have had it for 2 weeks now and while it's to early to say how it will perform "down the road", I am completely satisfied as of yet.

    I live in Milwaukee where we were just hit with several inches of snow last night. I thought I would be able to keep my new pride and joy out of the road salt and slush. That's obviously not the case. Anyway, to get to the point, I have never had so much confidence while driving in winter conditions. This car is "sure-footed" and very manuverable. When the roads are dry, this car is surprisingly quiet and fun. I tell my friends it's like driving a go-cart to work everyday!

    My roomate just bought a Saturn SC2 ($17,000+). The SC2 is a nice car too, but you won't find me turning green with envy or trading in my my hatchback anytime soon.

    My recommendation: Get one for yourself!
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    Is the remote entry supposed to unlock both doors?
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    Try pressing the button twice, like you do for the trunk.
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    Press once to unlock driver's twice to unlock all doors.
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    Ok gang Friday was a somewhat productive day for me at my friendly Ford dealer so this one is going to be a long post. I finally was able to get to my dealer on a week day to check on my car. I even got to speak to the body shop manager face to face. Ok as you all know my car has been in the shop for 3 months as of today (4/8/00) and it is down to waiting for 2 parts. The computer that controls the air bags and some water or coolant hose that runs along the front of the car. I did not tell the body shop that I was coming so it was a little comforting to see that the body shop manager actually had my paperwork on his desk, which backs up what he has been telling me on the phone. The main reason I stopped into the body shop was to submit my recall notice so they can take car of while they have the car. The manager put it in my file and said he'd take care of it. Ok so that's out of the way. So then I ask him if he has any idea when they are to expect the parts, he showed me the order print outs which showed that the parts are on emergency order, expected delivery date which is 4/11 for one part and 4/20 for the other. So if the parts happen to come in as expected it looks like I may have the car back by May. FINGERS CROSSED. So at least they is a flicker of light at the end of that tunnel, of course it could be a train. Anyway, another thing that the paper work showed was a reason why the parts on such a delay and it read " unexpected demand for the vehicle". Now I don't find that as a valid excuse, but I am glad that Ford is aware that they screwed up and maybe they will make more of an effort to not allow this to happen in the future. I am angry that my dealer is not allowing the body shop to take the parts I need off one of the Foci on the lot because as of yesterday my dealer has a bunch. They even had 2 or 3 ZX3's on the lot (one was a twilight blue with pinstriping , ugh pinstriping? UGLY!!!)WITH THE POWER WINDOWS. That kills me because when I said I wanted to order it with the power windows the sales people convinced me not to because it was going to take at least 3 months. So I settled for the one and only ZX3 they had on their lot back in January. Looking back , that was a stupid move on my part because I bet I would have had the car by now if I did order it.
    So after I visited the body shop and looked at my car ( dash and windshield in, woo hoo!!!!) I had a little visit with the dealers again. My sales guy saw me and asked how it was going, and I told him and asked to speak to someone above the sales guys that could compensate me for this loing wait. Since Norwaydoug's dealer upgraded his warentee for him, I am on a mission to get something for my trouble. My sales guy said he'd check, so I am standing at in the show room he finaly comes back and says "so what exactly do you want?" I didn't really want to discuss this with the sales guy but I said I know that it would be possible to extend my warrentee since norway's dealer did something for him. so he starts in with its not Al Pakers fault its Fords did I call them to see what they could do, its out of their hands blah blah blah. So I made sure to answer him loudly enough for the other people shopping for cars to hear what Ive been going through, I told him that calling ford gets me no where and that if the dealer is not responsible to please help me get to the people that can do something. I also made sure to tell him that Ford is always talking about customer satisfaction but I not satsfied and how is this experience going to make me ever want to buy another Ford again. Only wish there were more people shopping. Now gang don't get me wrong I dont have the problem with my dealer, Al Packer Ford, they have been great for the most part. I am just dissapointed that they arent try to do more to make this wait any better for me, They didnt even push Ford to give me a loaner car. I'm mad a ford for just dealing with this situation like any other instead of addressing this issue accordingly based on the unusal circumstance that it is. They are basing it on the fact that it was an accident and loaners arent covered for accidents, I see it as a manufacturer problem ( not my fault ) so I should be getting something in return for the long wait.
    Anyway, after all of that , my sales guy looks for the customer relations guy to see if he can help but hes out to lunch, so now I get his card and I'm going to call him and see what he can do for me. Well gang I guess thats all for now. If you read this far, I want to say thanks for your interest in my plight. I just want to keep everyone posted so they will be aware of what to expect if the find themselves in this same situation.
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    Ok, when I first got my ZX3 I had the keyfob that they give you (with the Door Unlock, Door Lock, Panic Alarm, and the Hatch Release buttons). But that wasn't the car I finally went with when I made the sale, I went with another ZX3 that didn't have Remote/Keyless Entry and Power Locks. I had the dealer install these for me. However, they gave me a different keyfob, it only had Door Unlock and Door Lock. No nice Hatch Release button or Panic Button. Also, I don't have the interior power locks! The doors automatically lock when I turn the car on, and automatically unlock when I turn the car off, that's what they call power locks.

    I locked myself out of my car last week when I was cleaning it out and vacuuming it. I had my stereo on and cranked up pretty loud. And of course, since the stereo was on, I had to have my key in the ignition. I went inside to get a few things and when I came back outside to clean the car, my car was locked! I had accidently shut the door on the way in and the car locked itself (the car being "turned on"), but I didn't have the car turned on, just the accessories. I was so mad that I got locked out. The other keyfob I was given wouldn't unlock the door for me. It was like it was being overriden by the one in the car. I had to call the dealership and get them to bring an extra key to unlock the car for me. They only gave me ONE key for my car, I thought they were supposed to give you two keys. Anyway, I'm not really crazy about that, but I've gotten used to it. I would rather have my Power Locks inside the car where I can control it, and not the car itself.

    Does anyone else have this in their car? Also, since I'm not happy with it, can I get the dealership to do it the way it was supposed to be, with the interior power locks buttons installed?

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    when I visited my car yesterday I used the remote to un lock it. When I locked it again and pressed the button a second time it didnt beep the horn like it used to do when I first got it. I wonder if that has to do with the whole air bag computer thing and if the horn isnt hooked up? Does everyone elses car beep when you press the lock buttton on the remote a second time? And also do your lights flash when you lock you car by remote?
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    Did you guys know? Our sound sytem will run with out the key in the ignition. But i think only for an hour. You'll see. It will show "1HR" when you turn it on. What do you guys think about this as a vanity plate. ~~~> TEAM ZX3
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    YUP..mine flashes when locking with the remote and the horn hunks when you press the lock botton when doors are already locked
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    "I was able to
    use a stick to poke the hatch release, popped the
    hatchback, and got into the car - just like the
    folks in the Focus ad. Hurrah for having a high
    mounted hatch release!!
    I tried this and could not repeat it. I had my windows down all the way and doors locked, no key in ignition and tried to unlock the hatch by pressing the button on dash, No can do.
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    Just thought I'd post the URL to the Ford site on my new Focus (the latest European model), as in the title, I apologise for the language but I don't have a link to an English language site. (By the by, you'll need to have shockwave to view it)
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    You do not need your key to play your stereo. When the car is turned off push your volume knob the radio diplay will show 1HR the radio will play for one hour and then go off. Great for your passenger when the the "be right back" turns into 20 min. My dealer only gave me one key they are special keys (about $20.00 ea.) the manual states that you get two. go back to your dealer and make him cough up the other one, mine did. Not to be a smartass but read your manual, I'm sure you know how to drive, but our cars have some
    interesting features (like the radio) the you will only get if you read the book.

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    I am on road 2-3 hrs. per day during Rush Hours in Houston Texas and have yet to see a hatchling on road. Almost all dealers here have 2-3 on lot but not equipped the way I wanted.

    Mine is to be built April 24th with all options except Auto Trans. Hope the train remembers to stop in Texas on way from Mexico.

    Auto Nation/Charlie Thomas Ford sold me the vehicle at invoice price.

    Has anyone had any experience with extended warranty program offered by Edmund's trade partner on Internet? $800.00 for 100,000 miles/5yrs/$50 deduct sounds pretty good.

    Thanks from Houston
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    Hmmm... I had this problem, too, with the hatch release and catmom pointed out that the hatch release will not work if the doors are locked. So, hugoz, unlock the doors and try your hatch release then. It should work.
  • calico1calico1 Member Posts: 52
    fgaydos asked about bike racks. I have a special question about that....I need a bike rack as well, but I have a sun/moon (whatever) roof. Does anyone know of a good bike rack that (1) won't interfere with the hatch, and, (2) still lets me use the moon/sun roof? Riding season is approaching (if I can bear not to be behind the wheel of the ZX3 long enough to ride my bike!)
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    i have been reading post and share your passion
    for the zx3-2400 complaints that havent been
    covered on previous post/recall for injector /
    rear thump from well when wet/defective hatch release / all fixed -really no big deal/after
    29 yrs. of auto ownership it is my humble opinion
    that the ford zx3 pound for pound is the the greatest value ever presented by any car
    auto history!i own a black 5spd.thanks for sharing
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  • kdominczakkdominczak Member Posts: 174
    If you want to see the biggest Focus bashing go to :
    Read :Daniel Heraud's test drive and his "Report Card" section.
    Do you agree?
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    Has anybody else noticed a rattle comming from the engine bay at idle speeds? Usually happens when the engine is at normal temp and running around 800rpm. ZX3, manual, A/C.

    Also, my passenger-side door handle seems to stick and the lock is difficult to open.

    Finally, I noticed that sometimes the hazard-lights button sticks when I try to turn it off.

    Anybody had these small problems before? I still love this car, but little things like this are annoying! BTW, I have just driven my ZX3 in a heavy snow storm that included blowing snow, rain and freezing rain. No problems and excellent handling in the weather, although the wet snow/slush made a lot of noise in those wheel wells.

    Any comments/answers/suggestions???
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    Another reviewer living in an alternate reality, apparently. He says the head room is "only average" yet I know 2 guys who are in the 6'3 range who were impressed by the headroom. Ah, well, to each his/her own. The Focus should only be compared to other cars in its size and price range, not the "average" car which in the U.S. is not a subcompact and not in the $13,000 range.
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    On my car, I press once to lock, twice to get lights to flash and three times to get the lights and horn. I think I read somewhere that this could vary depending on when it was manufactured.

    Drebe and Norwaydoug, I really feel for you. Can't imagine what you're going through. Couldn't help but get nervous when a deer narrowly missed the car in front of me on my way to work. And this was in the city! Is it my imagination, or does it seem that everything is out to get us??!!
  • jedimaster1jedimaster1 Member Posts: 32

    I agree...I am 6"3 myself and I am very impressed with the headroom, especially that the ZX3 is considered a compact car. I have had problems with headroom in my past cars and I am glad to finally have a car in which I can sit and drive in comfort.

  • drebe73drebe73 Member Posts: 243
    thanks for the support catmom and others
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    My dealer told me we would have the car in six weeks. THAT WAS SIX WEEKS AGO!!!
    I went there on friday and talked to my salesman and he gave me all types of bs, and tried to get me to go ofr more options. Does anyone think they are taking longer with mine cuz its a 5-speed w/o ac?? I ordered it and I dont think that shoudl matter. They must have like 15 autos on the lot, but no 5-speed. This is a major dissapointment. He says he wil call on mon, but i think he is gonna try to get me to buy options--NO WAY!

    Also, I asked about changing my color to Zinc Yellow since we can go and change options, and he says he hasnt seen that color available! So I can only change if I wanna spend money, what kinda bs is this?? I like RF Green but I think yellow would be so cool. Is yellow gonna be 2001 or is it avab now?
    Thanx everyone!
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    Daniel Herauld the reviewer on this carpoint is out of his head. Is he testing a Focus? "The underpinnings" of this car are not from the Escort. The rear suspension is more similar to a Civics than the Escort. Average head room? What does this guy usually test school buses? I'm not saying that the Focus is without fault, but come on Danny boy the "dashboard is an ergonomic nightmare"? I find no fault with the layout of the dash. It goes to show that with the unemployment rate this low, employers are desperate for a warm bodies. Hey Dan I think you may have a future in Washington they are always looking for a spin doctor. The entire automotive press (and public, I do not think Ford has had many cars that people line up for))is going Ga-Ga for this car and this no-name putz thinks its a little less than average.
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