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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • I have a 97 Villager with a similar problem. About 2 months ago (of course just after my warranty expired) I started finding the car locked in the garage when I know we left it unlocked. Then it would sometimes lock whenever a door was slammed. It's gotten progressively worse - now it locks by itself all the time and when you unlock it with the remote it will instantly relock 2 or 3 times until it stays unlocked. It always randomly locks though - never unlocks. I thought it might be due to the remote battery dying or sending out a random signal but I eliminated that source. I took it to my Mercury dealer who couldn't find an obvious source (they suspect a ground obviously). They have an active service bulletin for Villagers randomly locking and unlocking while driving. Mine never does it while driving but we think the bulletin applies anyway. However the fix is basically a wholesale replacement of a bunch of places where a short could be. The bulltin lists a whole slew of places where water could have gotten in and caused a short to ground. My service advisor said they'll just replace switches and relays until they find one that makes it stop. He ordered parts for me which I'm waiting on. It could get pretty expensive out of warranty but he said Ford/Mercury would pick up part of the tab out of goodwill. He said I'd proably have to shell out about $100 as my share. We'll see.....
  • llisallisa Posts: 3
    Fiday last week we decided to get our 95 Quest engine replaced due to a broken crankshaft. We hammered out a deal with the service manager at Neil Huffman Nissan (Louisville KY) and my husband signed some order, they said the engine couldn't be ordered at 4 on a Friday, but they'd order it Mon. and we would get out car back the following mon. (long enough, hey). Here's what happened:
    Mon. husband gets a call at work to call them back. They don't call me at home (first number on their order). He calls back, lame service guy has lleft for the day and no one else can tell my husband why he was contacted.

    Tues. my husband calls, they say he needs to sign something, so they fax him the same document he signed already. He signs it and his secratary faxes it back.

    Fri. I get a call at home from service guy saying they havent ordered the engine because they need a signature. I call my husband's secretary and she refaxes the tired old document. I call the service manager and complain. He says he thought we werent' sure what we were going to do on the previous Friday, (but remembers my husband giving him a 10% coupon for oders placed!)and that they hadnt's done anything wrong. So I did the 1800Nissan1 thing and asked where my complaint would go. She said the manager of Neil Huffman. Well, I called him and he acted like, gee, your husband realy screwed up, didn't he? I'm going to pay these guys $3500 after they most likely messed up my belt replacements and this is their attitude? Then he told me maybe I shouldn't replace the engine after all, and I could come in to test drive another fine Neil Huffman product. As if!

    Nissan, pease change your service dept name to something more accurate, like "Nissan Screwyou Dept"
  • rickrozrickroz Posts: 26
    I have a 99 SE with 23,000 miles, its been great so far except at higway speeds (65mph + ) the driver side mirror starts to shake and vibrate making every thing blurry. The dealer replaced the mirror assembly once, but this didn't fix the problem. Has anyone experienced this problem??
    My overall gas mileage has been so-so, a pretty steady 18 to 18.5 mpg since the day I bought it.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Those of us with Nissan Pathfinders are having a similar problem with the driver side mirror. Several of the posters have had the mirror replaced without any improvement. I just stuck with the original equipment. I hope some corrosion will develop eventually to tighten it up.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    I have a 99 Quest and they do it too. I had the service department look at them, and they pronounced them "normal". They had 3 new Quests on the lot, and those were all loose too.

    I think these mirrors are out of the Ford parts bin, or made by a Ford supplier. I took a trip with a friend this summer in his Expedition and his mirrors vibrated on the highway just like mine.

    This is not an earth shattering problem, but is annoying. I'd be even more annoyed if I had the problem on a $40,000 SUV though.

  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    My 99 Quest GLE has absolutely no vibration in any mirror. Mirror vibration normally comes from out-of-round tires, worn tires, unbalanced tires or anything in the undercarriage that is not absorbing enough of road vibrations. If you WELDED the mirrors to the body, they would shake all the time. I've had Cadillacs that had badly shaking mirrors...some cars do and some cars don't. The worst car I had for shaking mirrors was a 78 Volvo.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I have a 99 Quest SE that the driver's side mirror shakes also. It drives me nuts, but I had it at the dealership yesterday for some warranty stuff and a couple recalls. The tech told me that he didn't notice any excessive shaking and that they all shake a little. I guess I'll have to learn to ignore it, its still better than the mirrors on my hubby's diesel truck, those things are enough to make you sick. I also had a problem with the sunroof rattling when it was tilted, Chuck (the tech) called Nissan tech line and they told him that all Quest sunroofs rattle, its normal. They didn't have the parts in for the 2 recalls, so I have to take it back at some point, no biggie. But Chuck is pretty sure he figured out why the van was locking me out, he said there was a break in the harness, so he replaced that section and said it shouldn't do it again. I used to work at this Nissan dealer, so I know everybody, kind of helps sometimes. I have known Chuck for 3 years and he is one of the best Nissan techs I have ever seen. Its nice that he is the only one who ever touches my Quest. I am glad that this Nissan service department is excellent, since the only other Nissan dealership in the state is 300 miles from my house.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 24,936
    I have an SE. No rattles, no shakes in or out

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    I haven't noticed anything unusual with my mirrors; I'll pay more attention. Talk to you later. ;-)

    Town Hall Roving Host
  • my 2000 quest is making an unusual humming noise that can be heard (and felt) inside the cabin when the a/c is running, especially around 1400 rpm's as the engine is dropping back down toward idle..the dealership said that this is normal and that they checked a demo van and heard the same noise at a little higher rpm -- and that replacing the compressor wouldn't help since all quests seem to make this noise..the noise is most evident when the car is first cranked and seems to lessen or spread out over the rpm range after the a/c runs for a couple of minutes. if you check for this on your van, make sure that the doors are closed and the fan is on the lowest setting -- the sound should seem to resonate from the drivers side behind the dash. i suspect this is a bad or binding compressor causing alot of resistance, especially since the van seems extremely sluggish when the compressor is running.
    i'm hoing that a few other owners could check for this noise so i'll know whether to have it checked out again.
  • VshunVshun Posts: 21
    We used to have left driver-side vibrating mirror shaking on high speeds (lets say above 60mph) or uneven roads, which made it under the circumstances unusable.
    Right mirror was OK.
    While my dealer refused to fix a couple of other things I perceived as potentially problematic and he considered normal, they agreed that vibrating mirror was a problem on my van and changed it. It seem to be OK now as far as I can see, however I cannot be 100% positive - did not have long highway trips to check it.
    So my advice if your dealer refuses to admit the problem - print my message from this board and take it to the dealer, if they still refuse to fix it - go to another dealer. This is definitely annoyance as well as safety hazard.
  • VshunVshun Posts: 21
    I believe my van has the same type of noise you describe. I believe I had it before on some of my other cars, so it is probably normal.
  • bma51bma51 Posts: 1
    After viewing the many, many questions and concerns, good and bad, about the 2000 Quest, I am really torn. We have always owned Nissan vehicles. I am really surprised about the relationship with Ford. Someone give a few good reasons to go ahead with my plans to buy this van.

    Also, what is a reasonable price and how do you feel about financing thru the dealership.

    Well, I guess you can all tell, it has been a long time since I purchased a new car but the Edmunds site is wonderful. Thanks.
  • ross17ross17 Posts: 3
    new quest SE owner . . .also have a 94 villager which is why i bought a new one 100 miles on the villager with no big problems. like to hear about the "hard ride" (or is it only me) . . .but see nothing but stuff about vibrating mirrors (small potatoes). think maybe i should have got a dodge. does anybody have any real problems?
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Have you checked the air pressure in your tires? When I first bought my SE, I had to let 7 lbs of air out of each tire, because the dealer service had put in to much air in them. The ride softened a little after I did this.

    People should be aware that the psi written on the sidewall of tires is often different than the manufacturer recommended maximum psi. The manufacturer takes into account the weight of the vehicle and etc..

    Anyway, if you don't tell the techs specifically how much air pressure to put in (quest is maximum 35psi), when you get your tires rotated and checked..., they might put too much air.

    Too much pressure can cause a hard ride, not to mention it will cause premature wear. I always double check the air pressure with my own digital gage after I've had anything done with my tires.
    Hope this is helpful. ;-)

    Town Hall Roving Host.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    Well, you certainly have seemed to list all of the problems with the Quest. At least there aren't problems with the power sliding doors. :-)

    I did check out my cabin air filter a week ago or so, when I had to re-treat our a/c system for a moldy smell. The filter didn't look like I expected. I thought it would be a white paper filter medium, like an engine air filter. It's actually made of some kind of cloth (or maybe synthetic) fiber that's a dark grey color. Makes it hard to tell if it's really dirty or not.

    I examined mine pretty closely. Aside from a few bugs and pine needles, it seemed to be relatively clean. (this is after 33,000 miles). I vacuumed it out and put it back in.

    I did notice it was stamped with a Ford logo. I bet if you took it in to a Ford dealer you could get a replacement there. Because of the odd shape, it looks to me like it was designed for some other vehicle and adapted to fit in the Quest.

  • ross17ross17 Posts: 3
    Thanks SR for the "soon to be your problem list" . . .ready to take the "rolling nightmare" back to the dealer. How come I had so few problems with my '94 villager?? I'll try letting a little air out of the tires. I thought that the se suspension would be a good thing but the back end literly leaps when it hits a bump much worse than the "regular" suspension on my old villager. Waassssuppp! with that?? Maybe it is the curse of the solid axel. Gotta say I love the titanium gauges . . .No kidding.
  • ross17ross17 Posts: 3
    i was so bummed out by all the stone chips i picked up over the years on my '94 village/quest that in an obvious moment of insanity i purchased a bra for my b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l new quest $$. does anyone (male or female) have any experience with bras and do i really have to take it off and dry it and the car to prevent the paint from "clouding" every time it rains.
  • I read in the local newspaper (Cleveland -- near where the Quest/Villager is made) a few weeks back that Nissan/Ford will no longer make the quest. Any other info on this out there? I have a '93 and am looking to replace it. It is a pretty nice car, but I hate buying something that may not be supported into the future. Any thoughts or real-world experiences out there?

    Thanks in advance
  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    Ford has opted out of their 2002 commitment to produce the Nissan Quest and Mercury Villager. Since Nissan has been bought out by Renault of France, I am sure that the Quest will not die but be resurrected in another form...
  • I bought a '94 Quest new in Nov. '93, and now have 110K on in. I can give some insight into how these vans do over the long haul. It has been very reliable, with one major exception -- the transmission blew at 50K! Luckily, it was still under the 60K-mile power train warranty; otherwise, i'd have been out $2,000. Except for a broken strut when it was delivered, all the other work has been pure maintenance.. brakes, exhaust, battery..
    It is extremely versatile. We routinely haul up to 7 people in it, sometimes with a retriever in the back. The seat pops out easily for cargo duty. Cargo space is somewhat small, but it's easily configured.
    As far as performance goes, it's slightly underpowered most of the time and seriously underpowered with the air on and a full load. On a recent trip to the midwest from the east, i really had to step on it to go 55 mph up those hills on the Pa Turnpike. Also, it doesn't have a very grippy feel on the road, which is kind of scary on those mountain curves.
    The upshot is that i think it still has alot of life left in it, but when i do sell it, i will seriously consider another one. There are so many rebates on nissans, and i hear the dealers will give a big discount on this van because it never really caught on big and Nissan intends to phase it out anyway.
  • sam121sam121 Posts: 10
    Does anyone know if the Quest engine is ford or Nissan?
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    The Quest engine is Nissans. The powertrain is made in Japan, and the parts are assembled at the Ford plant.

    Btw, It's the same engine used in the 99 Pathfinder and Infinity Qx4. Hope this answers your question.

    Town Hall Roving Host
  • I had the exhaust stud problem (covered by emission warranty). Just recently my speedo is intermittently not working. No effect in the tranny or engine. Finally replaced the brakes and rotors and I do city driving! Never had exhaust work done. The stainless steel exhaust is just starting to look brown on the inside of tailpipe... Unlike a Chrysler which looks rusty and carboned in the 1st year.
    Runs smoother, quieter & outhandles the 2000 Windstar & Honda Odyssey I test drove. I didn't expect the same power.
    Would I buy another? For sure. The only complaints are some of the little electrical problems (corrected). Go figure, they were Ford parts.
    These cars never rust !!!
  • imasimas Posts: 1
    I am or should say was the owner of a 1995 Nissan Quest. I recently took it into the dealership because I was having a problem with my transmission, conclusion at a mere 60,000 miles the car needs a new trani. I contacted Nissan and after jerking me around for over a week, while I was paying for a rental car, they offered me 10% off approximately what I had already spent paying for my rental car. The total repair bill including the fuel pump that had also gone bad was over $2,600 Dls. In essence Nissan does not stand behind its product, nor are they willing to go the extra mile when a repeat customer, this being my third Nissan, has a major problem like this with their vehicle. So be warned current and future owners of Nissan vehicles, make sure you buy the extended warranty because if you think your car would at least last up to 60,000 miles without a major repair job like I did you will be sorry. Then of course there is another option, which is the one I have opted to take, and this is never again buying any product from Nissan. So thanks for nothing Nissan!
  • I was just told by the dealer that my rear A/C blower problem on my 95 Quest will require replacing the switch panel on the dash. Total cost = $470.00, $360 for parts, $110 for labor. Does anyone share this experience or know of way to repair the switch?
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 24,936
    check the posts in the various topics. there have been a number about a rear AC problem requiring a wire on the panel to be resoldered. I would research before spending the monwy on a new part, since dealers often would rather replace than fix.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • I have a 95 quest GXE and bought it at 45,000. Have had no problems in past 1-1/2 yrs except that a notice a hesitation when I first step on the gas. I have to keep pressing down to get smooth acceleration. I changed the gas filter,plugs, cap, and rotor when I first got the car and had the injectors cleaned a few months later. It seemed to help a bit but is seems that it is slowly getting worse( at 59,000 miles now).

    Could it be the timing, or wires? Anyone else have a hesitation problem?

    Any advise would be helpful
  • I have a 94 Quest. This is same motor etc. The manual says you should be running 91 octane. With the price of gas this may seem unreasonable.
    I put an injector cleaner in a full tank about once a month. (about every 4 fillups). I also use Ethanol fuel (manufacture approved). If you can get it in your area, its rated at 89.5% octane and cost the same as regular gas. If you can't get Ethanol, I would put a higher octane in every other fill-up. Especially if you drive under a load or at higher RPM's.
  • Has the throttle body been cleaned? Deposits can end up there that will cause an engine to run rough and/or hesitate.
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