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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • It could be your throttle plate is all gummed up with deposits.... Has the vehicle set any codes in the computer. I have changed quite a few mass-air-flow sensors because of hesitation.. Although, they usually set a code,just because it sets a code dosen't mean the check engine light will come on.. Have you told your dealer of this problem????

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  • I'm looking for a driver side mirror for the '99 Nissan Quest. The mirror was stolen, but the rest of the assembly is all fine. I checked with my Nissan dealer, and they say they only have the whole assembly (costs about $150), and it comes unpainted, so I have to have it painted at a body shop (another $80-100). Would very much appreciate it if anyone knows a place/store that I can order one? Thanks. JW
  • Have you tried calling any Auto Parts Stores???? I hate it when you have to buy the whole assembly for just one piece...

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  • Yes. I have a GXE '95 Quest, bought it new. Here are the wrong things about it: Rear A/C died, transmission linkage broke, back w/wiper no longer works, antenna motor out and no longer retracts, uneven tire wear and tear (we do very regular dealer maintence), all rear brake lights went out (bulbs), front brakes 2x, wiper fluid no longer comes out, silent engine recall on '95 Quest and Villagers, cassette eats tapes, battery died at 25k miles, and expensive regular maintence services. All this before 52,000 miles and we don't drive it hard at all.
  • Did you buy a extended warranty on the vehicle???? It seems like your 95 Quest is draining your pockets.... Have you had all of these repairs done already???? I'm surprised the studs haven't broken on your exhast manifold yet, this is another common problem with this model year...

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  • Oh great, now I have the exhaust manifold to look forward to? To answer your question: I never bought an extended waranty due to a pretty good Consumer Report at the time. Then I read a tiny (and I mean tiny) newspaper article talking about the 95 Quest/Villager engine defect in thousands of these vans with certain serial numbers. I am certain Nissan would not have notified each Quest owner unless you called them on it. Only then they said they would extend waranty on the engine block only.
    Hi md tech,
    The kicker is that Consumer Reports probably never heard of the defect and still gave that 1995 engine pretty good marks. But then again, I think Consumer Reports only surveys their own subcribers (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Nevertheless, it is the little things that you can live without and never really need them fixed. It is a shame.
  • My first car was a used 87 Dodge Daytona... I think everything need to be replaced on that vehicle.... An I forgot the high pressure power steering hose tend to leak on these vehicles... Just an FYI...

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  • How do you check for an engine code on a 95 quest

    Also is the throttle body something you can clean out yourself or is this a dealer item? Anyone know a site that would give the procedure?
  • The check engine light, can be diagnosed using a Nissan Consult computer that hooks up to the connector in your fuse panel. I'm not sure if aftermarket scanners can retrieve your code...
    *Usually on the Quest, the hose on the bottom of the EGR Vave deteriorates it's called the Back Pressure Valve (BVT)

    You can clean your own throttle body

    1. Locate the throttle assembly
    2. Loosen the 10mm bolt from the clamp around the hose connecting to the throttle body
    3. Pull back the throttle body lever use throttle cleaner from local parts store
    4. I like to use a Reach toothbrush to clean the carbon of the throttle plate and housing
    5. Be careful not to spay chemicals on other hoses because it may cause deterioration...
    6. Replace the hose and tighten the 10mm bolt
    7. Start the Van don't worry about a little hesitation it will clear itself up..
    Anymore Questions visit Women Automtive Conference

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  • Hi! I'm new to this site. I have been reading and have found a lot of problems that have been posted are among those wrong with my lovely 1 month old van. We have returned it to the dealer the list included: A/C shuts off while driving only re starts when van re stars, Stains around window seal, mirror shaking, seat shaking and tires or in-linement not rite , making noise when turning corner and now when started (LOUD). From all those complaints I gave up my car for three days to be returned with no gas and no explanations. They basically said I was nuts. To top it all off no gas left when it was returned to me. With this information I have received reading the posts on this board I will be calling dealer again tomorrow. Wondering if there is a time frame the lemon law is good to or a milliage limit?
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    Thanks for the tip on using a toothbrush to help clean out the throttle body. I've had to clean mine (on a 99 Quest) three times now in 36,000 miles.

    Next time I'll get out an old toothbrush and give it a shot. Hopefully I will be able to go longer between cleanings using with your method.

    BTW, do you have any clue as to why I have had to clean it so much? Could it be I am keeping the oil level too high? I have been using a bit less than the manual recommends when I change it, but it still reads just a bit high on the dipstick.

  • (BPT) Back Pressure Transducer
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  • That's a lot of cleaning... Well you have to take
    in account what the car breathes in....Have you
    changed your air filter recently. Are you cleaning it because the accelerator pedal is sticking????? What kind of solvent are you using to clean the throttle plates???

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  • I assume you are in one of the states that is using junk fuel to combat air pollution. In addition, every time there is a gas "shortage" our gasiline goes to heck. either they are not refining it correctly or they are scrounging the bottom of all the huge gasoline storage tanks, where all the crud and 50 cent 3year old gas resides. I would definately change my gas station, immediately, before the lousy gas causes more trouble down the road.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    I have been cleaning it because the gas pedal sticks at idle. It's very annoying in traffic, to say the least. I have been using Gumout Air Intake & Throttle Body Cleaner, in a a spray can. It seems to do a good job cleaning. Is there a better product out there?

    I did change my air cleaner at 30,000 miles. It was very dirty and seemed to have a lot of oily gunk on it. I just checked it last week (at about 36,000 miles now) and it has a small (about 1 1/2" diameter) oily spot in the middle, but is otherwise clean enough.

    Jkrolak, I have been thinking of changing brands too. The problem is there is a local chain that has two stations within 2 miles of our house, and there are no other stations conveniently located. It might be worth the effort to change.

  • I'm considering a 2000 Quest and trying to decide between GLE and SE. I know the differences, but am concerned about vibration problems many have discussed here. Is this problem more pronounced with SE, perhaps due to stiffer suspension and lower profile tires? I have driven both, and with those two samples, the SE seemed to have a little more vibration, shaking mirrors, etc. GLE was not perfectly smooth, however. These two vehicles have been sitting on a dealer's lot and may not be representative of vehicle with some break-in miles. I questioned a service tech at the dealer - he agreed that vibration is a problem they often see on these vans - he said to pay careful attention to wheel balance and tire pressures. Any comments from owners? Thanks!
  • I drive a 99 Se. My suggestion would be to test drive another SE. I don't think the difference between the Se and and gle are that significant. Also, the SE tires are very good quality (eagle ls). Good luck with your decision. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
  • We use BG Throttle Body Cleaner at the dealer I'm not sure if they sell this stuff on the regular market.. It seems to do a pretty good job of loosening up the built up carbon deposits.... Do you adjust the throttle body when you do your service to make sure there isen't excessive slack in the cables????(something to keep in mind while your cleaning)....

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  • I have a 2000 quest se. The sunroof stopped working. I dropped it off at the dealer this morning. I was told that the motor had to be replaced. Do you all think this is a bit soon. I brought the van in Oct. '99. Althought I did use the sunroof a lot, I don't see how this justify the motor blowing out so soon.
  • The motor could have had a defect in it off the production line.. I would't worry. Now if it happens another three times within a couple of months then be concerned!!!

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  • In response to Posting #463 and #465:
    I was experiencing this same problem with my 2000 Quest. The doors would automatically lock. I got locked out twice, once with an infant locked inside! I brought the van to Nissan. They had a service bulletin on a cycling locks problem. They replaced some switches and the problem has not reoccured in the past 6 months.
  • They had a recall on certain models.. They probably replaced your door actuators and Driver's side master switch... This is one of the reasons for the recall doors locking automatically.

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  • srg3srg3 Posts: 2
    I'm copying my note from the Quest V site below concerning my 94 quest and its intermittent low speed stall. I've taken some corrective action, but if anyone has additional suggestions or a similar problem, I'd appreciate knowing.

    Original Note:
    ...Greetings. Over the last two years My 94 quest
    gxe developed an intermittent stall during first
    drive of the day when coming to a stop (or when
    engine at idle, such as coasting through an
    intersection with foot on brake) The engine fights
    to stay at idle, but drops erratically and dies.
    It will start right up but may repeat for several
    stops after that. Once driven for 5-10 minutes, no problem. Originally, months passed between events, but now down to weeks, sometimes days. Visits to dealer yields the "can't duplicate". Several attempts at fixes: fuel pump replaced, knock sensor (a stored code on that one) fuel vapor return line replaced (no more gas smell and puddling under van!). My extended warranty runs out soon!!! This loss of power is distressing. Ive seen several posts on this problem on other sites and a friend just gave up and traded his in. Any thoughts (last one from dealer was maybe the idle air control
    vac, at $470)

    ...Thanks for all the suggestions!!! I did clean the Throttle body today and in the process, found a disconnected (as well as deteriorated) vacuum hose that connects to the air intake and the EGR Control Solenoid (EGRC), located below the throttle body.
    I'm not sure if thats the same vacuum line others
    have mentioned failing, since several hoses connect to the EGRC but it certainly isn't one that is readily noticable. I replaced it with a new line and will let you all know if the low speed stall occurs over the next week or two.
    (Just some background on what repairs done
    attempting to resolve this problem as well as
    several repairs: Did have coolant sensor replaced
    previously, Dealer supposedly checked daily for the stall condition over a 13 day period while van in for other repairs. During that time repaired passive belts system, both sides, replaced driver door lock switch and actuator (cured the notorious lock by themselves syndrome)replaced the A/C control head assy, replaced two motor mounts. I had the van towed twice from the road when it died for the dealer to check, but no diagnosis. The intermittent nature is the devil in this. I've had some other work done, but most all covered by an extended warranty...) I still enjoy the van's ride and have even looked at the 2000s. Just not sure if we're ready for another car payment yet. Thanks again for your insights!! (I will also post as suggested on the Quest problem forum)

    thanks for hanging in for the long read.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    We have had trouble with the A/C on our 99 Quest ever since the summer of 99. The A/C (usually) wouldn't work with the air selector set to the dash vent position. If we switched it to the "foot & dash" position, the compressor would kick in and it would work fine. Only problem was, my feet would get really cold, especially in sandals.

    Took it in to our original dealer, and they "could not duplicate" the problem. They told me to bring it back in when it was acting up. Since we were only 10,000 miles into the 36,000 mile warranty, I figured no problem, I'll be able to get it in.

    Then the dealer loses it's Nissan franchise, and now I have to all the way to the opposite side of town for warranty service. Now it's summer no. 2 (this summer) and I'm getting sick of this problem, and the warranty is nearly gone, so i take it in. This time I write out a detailed description of the problem with instructions on how to duplicate it with the service writer.

    And guess what? The tech "could not duplicate" the problem, and since it was a unseasonably cold day, I couldn't get it to happen either!

    So I finally managed to make another appointment and arrange for someone to pick me up on the other side of town. Luckily it's a hot day, and the problem is happening. I drove the van into the service bay and left it running to make sure it was still happening. I had the service writer call the tech out so I could show him what was happening. I showed him that the A/C switch was on, and with the selector set to the dash position it blew warm air.

    So at least this time they didn't think I was crazy. As soon as he touched the selector switch, the compressor kicked in. Turns out the switch itself was bad. They had to order a new "control panel" and it was installed today. Now it works fine.

    Problem #2- Just after the warranty expired (of course) we somehow managed to leave a door ajar on the van in the garage for a couple of days. Even with the battery saver, something happened to the battery because it would no longer hold a charge. I checked it with a voltmeter and it only put out about 10.5 volts, and it went down to 8 when cranking.It would barely turn over, but since it is still almost brand new it would start.

    Just got a new Die Hard Gold from Sears last night, and now it works fine.

  • bisesbises Posts: 1
    Hi, I've been reading this site., and decided to join today to ask: I am about to buy a 2000 GLE Quest, and saw a post sept 14 that made me really nervous! Are there alot of lemons out there? Would an SE with upgrades be smarter than GLE (less to go wrong electrically?) Any advice would be great!!! Thanks.
  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    The post you name (Sept 14) is not normal at all. In fact, I would not take what they say at all. Just look at the English usage, if you get my drift. Sounds like buyer remorse, if there was indead a buyer. I have a 99 GLE with no problems in 19,000 miles. The Quest/Villager twins have less problems than any other van, probably due to the fact that they have a lot of years of experience. If you want to see problem vans check out the Hoda forums.
  • I have the other twin ( 99 Villager) with 21000 mi. and trouble free . Great Mini-Van. Handles great ,Too. we enjoy it to the max. Don't think you will go wrong on this one. Just put Fog lights and a power Antenna on ours.
  • waynerpwaynerp Posts: 35
    I'm considering adding foglights to my 2000 Quest SE. Can you describe your experience installing foglights on your Villager? Did you do this yourself? Thanks for any advice -
  • I had it done at the local stero shop. He also installed my power antenna. But the wiring harness and switch ,everything needed come with the set.
  • geha1geha1 Posts: 1
    What's your experience with power antennae on 2000 Quests? I'm looking to have one installed (Hirschmann AUTA-2040S maybe [$40]) In my 1997 model, the factory antenna retraced when I played a tape and extended when Radio was selected. Does the high-end radio in the GLE provide connection for that functionality?

    What's reasonable charge for antenna? installation?

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