Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    Asking Nissan to give customer a responsible answere to thier products is buyer's right.

    To REPURCHASE a defect lemon vehicle is manufacture's obiligation, as well as recall for even serious problems.

    I have bought two brand new Nissan car at the same dealer, at same day.

    A Nissan Pathfinder 2000, and a Quest GXE 2000.
    This knid of trust and faith I never gave to any dealer and manufacture. Now, they ruined it all.

    Have you ever heard me complaining anything about the Pathfinder? Its engine make noise when accerating, it rattling in the cargo cabine also. Well, I have not mention a sigle word in here before. Because I know why, and can live with it.

    You want me shut up? OK with me, tell your manager to solve the issue and be nice to customer.

    I am more than happy to keep the VAN if Nissan can solve the problem.

    By the way, if you have not experience this problem, or have not heard of it, that does not mean you have the right to accuse me of talking about it.
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    I wish I would be paid by Nissan... Guess what, I am just a happy Nissan Quest owner being spammed by you. And I already see my next Quest being more expensive because of you trying to make Nissan pay for your pointless claims.
    By the way, this is a good lesson for all us that we should not buy TWO vehicles in one day. Probably if you'd looked at just ONE van that day, you would not buy the van you changed your mind about so quickly.

    We didn't hear "a single word" about Pathfinder because we are actually in the "Vans" conference (and hope we wouldn't hear it).
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    Your complaint about the Quest does NOT qualify under the lemon law -- if you really do own a Quest. If you are that dissatisfied with a vehicle that only has 70 miles on it, then you probably just have buyers remorse and that is very hard to satisfy. Perhaps you should have bought the current van lemon--the Honda Oddysey. those poor people that bought them are being sold vans with defective transmissions and mucho, shaking, wandering, etc. So, even your Pathfinder is not working...methinks you are a Honda owner trying t stir up a problem on the van that has the fewest complaints in the Edmunds vans conference. If you have a date with the BBB or your states Attorney general, then I suggest you keep the date and THEN inform us of what they decided. Squabbling on this board only makes you look bad.
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    Relax, guys, you're scaring the tourists. And this is a Nissan Quest discussion, other makes and models are irrelevant to the topic.

    Pocahontas had the best response in #333.

    mdeng: Have you checked the NHTSA site for technical service bulletins? If you feel this is a safety issue, there is a form on that site to complain.

    Vans host
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    thanks, Karen. I did checked it up.

    Hi, jkrolak, I am sure you know this, in lemon law hearing, those abitrators are paid hourly by manufactures. I am not saying that they are all as bias as you, but I know pretty much what the result will be.

    Ralph Long had the same hearing on his Quest GXE 99, and failed, because no one cares.

    I come to this disscussion group to find support and help, not to fight with you and others.

    If you don't like my posting, don't read them. And I have said sorry to all of you already for the direct email. I can not figure out a reason why you pick on me.
  • akrasnovakrasnov Member Posts: 10
    I hope that I would not need another Quest until 2005. If your's will have still 70 miles by then, we can talk about it.
    After being accused of being paid by Nissan I have not less basis to assume that mdeng is paid by DaimlerChrysler.
    And I sure hope that he is not reading that...
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    Did you try the towel in the seat back trick?

    I think one of the problems with your posts is the fact that your description of the rattle complaint doesn't appear to match the seriousness and the lengths to which you've gone (such as trying to invoke the Lemon Law).

    To wit...
    Is that center seat rattle causing steering problems?

    Are you noticing brake fade when the seat back rattles?

    Have you noticed smoke or a burning smell when the seat rattles really loudly?

    I'm only half-joking here. Your problem doesn't seem to be hard to isolate, but your posts seem to indicate it's caused some major problem with your Quest.

    Address this question, please.
    Have you taken the center seat out of the vehicle? If so, does the Quest rattle, shimmy, not drive in a straight line, etc.? If it does not, you've isolated the problem to a seat problem. The center seats do not rattle in my Quest. A replacement seat might be quieter, it might not. From prior posts, too much clearance at the hinge may be causing the rattle. I suggested a towel to PLUG the gap.

    If you have NOT taken out the center seat to demonstrate how your Quest is defective otherwise, you should rightfully be turned away at the door if you ask Nissan to "buy back" your van.

    Let us know what the van does when the center seat is removed.

    BTW- I also drive a 1989 Mitsubishi Montero. If you want to learn about rattles, I'll let you drive it sometime.
  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    I did fill the gap, not with pager, but a piece of metal sheet. the gap was about the a thickness of a Quarter coin. I have to knock the latch in after I fill it. The seat shakes the same way.

    It is not seat rattling and noise that I am complaining, it is the abnormaly vibration of seat.

    I have offered $2000 write up on me, to have dealer take the Van back. Those chicken did not dare to do it. And they could not solve the problem either. They are on the same boat as I am. Because they bought the Van from Nissan already, if Nissan would not do anything, they have to sell Van to get thier cash flow.

    Take off the seat, the Van runs perfect.
    Add extra weight to it, the vibration is gone. Replace the mid-row bench with third-row bench no vibration at all.

    It is not a direct safty issue in short term. It is useability issue.

    It could be a safty issue after years, like my office chair. It migth be rare though.

    I am only seeking for solution for it. And I am get mad at the way Nissan deal with thier customer.
  • jkrolakjkrolak Member Posts: 38
    Why you are getting grief is that most of 1999 Quest owners have no shaking -- Mine is as solid as a rock, so is my friends. We have tried to simulate what you are going through on a variety of roads -- no soap! I still bet that one of your tires or rims on the BACK are your culprit. Nissan usually does a good job on their customer relations -- unless you get beligerant with them. I had an 82 Cadillac that vibrated in the second seat, but that was because of lousy shocks.
  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    They haven't check the shock, I have not asked them either, because if a shock is bad, the vibration come from the chasis, and you feel it no matter where you sit in the car.

    You 82 Cadillac shaked on second row, but I guess you could tell that something was wrong even you were driving in the driver seat. I had the same experience on my 96 Corisca.

    Just out of curiosity, I checked up the Odyssey group. I had to agree on your opinion about Odyssey. I did a search on "vibration", it bring back something interesting.

    One guy have bad vibration on his new Odyssey, did four wheel balance twice by the dealer, did not sovle the problem.

    After change the tires, the vibration as gone.

    I think I will give one more shot, change a service shop, and check up these things also.

    Again, I do not count on it.
  • dariocdarioc Member Posts: 3
    Wow, I'm hesitant to even post this but my Quest also suffers from the 2nd row Captain's seats vibrating. Ours are the leather option and the worst of the two is behind the driver.
    I haven't spent much time in this site since we decided to buy our '99 Quest SE in November. Within the 1st month we took the 2nd row seats out for winter and just last month I reinstalled. My 12 year old son complained almost immediately. I shrugged it off first and then after he continued to complain tried to reinstall. I have since paid more attention to it and also sat back there.
    The vibration is real and exagerated over poor road conditions. But even on smooth roads any imperfection works it way up the seat like a resonance that lasts much longer than it should.

    I recently had my 6 month servicing ( nearest dealer is 150 km away )and the service manager agrees that the seat vibration is unacceptable.
    The service manager said that he will inquire from his side and that I should send in a product complaint to Nissan which I will do this week. I also had a bad rear hatch strut which the dealer replaced and a CD placed in the 6th spot of the CD stacker rubs and will not play a CD. Aside from these minor problems and a little too much windnoise at highway speed we've been otherwise very happy with our purchase.

    I'm embarrassed to the point that I explain the vibration whenever we're transporting other adults. I would love to figure out a fix that will illiminate this annoying problem. d
  • tiger12345tiger12345 Member Posts: 2
    jkrolak, the shaking is real, and very visible when seat is empty (about an inch) at 60mph. It does not seem to bother people though when they sit on it and the vibration seems to be much less when someone sits. I guess it might be a minor defective seat design. It might appear more troublesome to some people than others. Just like you scratch a glass surface. It makes some people go crazy while others go completely unnoticed.
  • garyo1garyo1 Member Posts: 1
    Have a 94 Quest with 100K miles, overall has done quite well. Since about 80K have intermittent stalling problems. Once every couple of weeks in the morning doesn't matter what the weather, will stall 5 to 10 times when deaccelerating over a stretch of a few miles then be fine the rest of the day. Check engine comes on sporadicly, every time take it to mechanic of course can't duplicate it.
  • dhoffdhoff Member Posts: 282
    I'm not sure I understand something in your post. Did your dealer exchange the entire van for you, or just the seat?

  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    The dealer exchanged entire van for me.

    I have fight with the dealer and manufacture for a
    month and half. They refuse to take the Van back,
    (I even offered them $2000 write off on me.)

    I told them I am going to persue other revenues.
    At this point, Dealer aggreed to exchange another
    Van, if I leave them off the picture.

    I know with my original Van, I have a much better
    chance to win the fight, because the first Van shakes like a message chair.

    I choose to accept dealer's offer, because in case
    I loose, I still can somehow manage to use the

    I am still trying to reach out more owners, and
    will keep doing it utill Nissan give me a responsible answere, and a solution.
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    Hello, I am seriously considering a Quest in the Summer when the rebates are offered. However I am being scared off with all this stuff about the vibrating rear seat,which would be unacceptable.
    Can anybody tell me if this is common problem or just common on this forum? If it is a problem on most Quest's I will have to look at something else. Any info would be appriciated..thanks, Tom
  • pocahontaspocahontas Member Posts: 802
    I just answered your same question in the Nissan Quest forum. I'll copy/paste it here:

    My 2nd row captain seats do not vibrate.

    My advise is to test drive the van prior to your
    purchase; thoroughly check it out and make sure you are competely satisfied with all the features of the van.

    Community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and
    Sportscars Conference
  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    Quest is a bargin if there is no shaking.

    You need bring your family with you and test on different road conditions.

    Consumer report said Quest 2000 "pop and dive like a sailboat in the storm, when you have a full load."

    I have never got a chance put 7 adults in my Van.

    Anyway, I paid for my lesson, hope others watch out.
  • akrasnovakrasnov Member Posts: 10
    '99 Quest SE, no shaking whatsoever.
    Consumer Reports is a B.S. it says that Quest door handles are positioned "unnaturaly for the hand" which brings up a question: what is the natural position for the hand? Let me ask you: how do you shake the hand of another person: side-to-side or upside-down? What C.R. are smoking?
  • dhoffdhoff Member Posts: 282
    I have to agree with you on the door handles of the Quest. They are the easiest to operate of any minivan out there. I was reminded of this last week when I opened the door of a relative's Voyager. Most other vans require an unnatural "pull out and then back", which I find hard on my wrists (which are somewhat plagued by carpal tunnel from racing mountain bikes back when I was younger).

    Regarding the seat vibration - as much as I hate to get involved in this one... I have captain's chairs. I did notice that the passenger side seat back did vibrate when the van was new. It was not constant, just over some bumps. Sometime after that, we must have changed the back angle, because I stopped noticing it. Now that we have child seats in both captain's chairs, it's not an issue anymore.

    Overall I think the Quest is a good value, if you don't need the size of a long wheelbase van. It's good-looking, drives and handles great, has good power and very comfortable seats. The only thing I really don't like about mine is the engine, which I find noisy. If you are interested in one, you really have to try it out for yourself.

  • jkrolakjkrolak Member Posts: 38
    WHHAAATTTT! Nissan gave you a new van and you STILL want to "gettum"---sounds like this is a total fish story to me. You got a new van or an offer for one, its hard to read your English, and you still want Nissan to buy it back from you. baloney, this is just a case of buyers remorse to me. Buy a Honda Oddyssey and then you will be in fine company with a goofy van and owners the same.
  • m6chem6che Member Posts: 18
    Just cleared 21K in our 99 GLE. No vibration on our leather 2nd row Captain's seats. My wife, 2 kids and I are very happy with our Quest.

    t332 -
    Don't let the comments in any of these Edmunds forums put you off! If you put too much stock in any of the forums, you wouldn't buy a Quest, or an Odyssey, or an MPV, or a Sienna... You'd end up having to buy a block of wood...

    Speaking of that..
    The only perfect car I know of was a concept car carved out of wood and clay I saw at an Auto Show not too long ago. Excellent gas mileage. And very quiet. No engine, so no engine problems, zero defects, no recalls, infinite safety (except for splinters), no folding seat problems, no sliding doors to crush small children, no problem carrying plywood (you could use the car itself), and the ABSOLUTE WINNER in the "My block of wood is better than your block of wood, idiot" arguments.
  • VshunVshun Member Posts: 21

    reading the discussion on second seat vibration (we have captain leather seats and thus do not experience such) I am hesitant to post my problems on this forum anymore, expecting flames from Quest defenders.
    Anyway, I am totally frustrated with Nissan for handling my driving belts problem.
    My wife Quest 99 van sounds like a 30 year old car - engine whistles , rattles, etc.
    Dealer tried to fix the driving belts last fall but the noisy sound returned the next day.
    Then dealer said our driving belts need replacement and ordered them. So I've been waiting for 6 (!) months since then. Any call to the dealer indicates part is still on order.
    The written complaint to Nissan Central complaint office in CA caused some lady from Nissan call us, ask what is the problem and ascertain "Dealer is right, this part is on "Nissan national order"".
    I do not see in this chat many people complaining about driving belts, so I do not understand why Nissan cannot produce this spare part. To wait for 6 months for such a basic part is completely ridiculous.
    Should I try the court or is it pretty useless? Escalate the complaint to Nissan Call Center Manager? Any advice?
  • akrasnovakrasnov Member Posts: 10
    This is ridiculous indeed. You can try a Ford dealership for a Villager part. Of course the better solution is if your service manager will try it.
  • dhoffdhoff Member Posts: 282
    I have to say, your situation is ridiculous. Nissan makes more of these vans every day, and they are made here in the US. If they really want to satisfy you, they could get the belts for you, even if it meant Fed Ex-ing them from the factory. They do have overnight delivery.

    Why don't you try presenting this option to your dealer and to Nissan via their customer relations phone number? I really don't see why they wouldn't do this.

  • jkrolakjkrolak Member Posts: 38
    My local dealer says that there is no shortage of belts -- from the parts manager. I was at the dealer today looking at the new Sentra when I thought it might be worth the walk back to the parts department -- it was. Get with a dealer other than the one you are currently talking to. Evidently, they do not want to replace the belts under warranty. If they are not worn, then they just need to be tightened. You may have another problem relating to the squeal.
  • VshunVshun Member Posts: 21
    Thanks folks,

    I will try these suggestions.
    The problem is other dealers are pretty far away (1 hour each way). Once I tried another dealer , I had the noise all the way to the dealer that morning as well, but once I left the van with that dealer the noise disappeared.
    It usually shows up when there is some moisture in the air, like during or after rain or in the morning hours. The second dealer was more experienced, he guessed this and emulated the conditions and got the noise. They tightened the belts and it did not help and now they say I need to wait for the part. We call every 2 months and they say the part is still on order (same story as Nissan 800- number rep ). They also say you can drive till the part comes in with no problem, it is just noise but nothing else (I am not so positive in it, noise is because of some friction anyway).
    I think I shall call 800- number again.
  • pat84pat84 Member Posts: 817
    I have owned 4 Nissans: a '72 510 station wagon(Really a Datsun), a '77 B210, an '83 200SX, and a '65 240 SX. I have never had a complaint about any of them. I sold the 510 after 4 years because I needed more space. It had 66K miles on it and I sold it for $200 less than I paid for it new. I have bought 2 Hondas: an 87 Accord, and I now own an Odyssey.
    If I'm goofy, it is twice as likely it's from Nissans, since I've owned twice as many of them.
    I hope all of you enjoy your Quests, as much as I enjoy my Odyssey.
  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    It always make me laugh when see you posting against me.

    I have collected a long list of Nissan Quest 99 & 2000 that have the mid-seat shaking problem.

    To make it clear to you:

    Dealer exchanged a new Quest for me, NOT Nissan.

    I am now dealing with NISSAN.
  • jkrolakjkrolak Member Posts: 38
    Since you have been given a NEW van from the dealer and you are still dissatisfied, I suggest you trade the Nissan van in on another "something" that you can be dissatisfied with. As far as your shaking seat, it seems you will never be satisfied by any solution. Wait until you get the Nissan lawyer bill when you lose the case -- yes, there are very high penalties for lodging frivolous lawsuits. If you win, and I do not understand what you are going to win, then you will have a Nissan buyback..MINUS loss of value since you bought the van, MINUS any mileage. The buyback for a 99 GXE will be approximately $16,000 MINUS the above items as the van is now fast approaching two years old. There is only one year left on the basic warranty and three years on the engine and drivetrain.
  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    You have only got part of the discusion right.

    I bought the New Quest on Feb. this year. Faught with Dealer and Nissan for a month and half. At mid-March, Dealer gave me another SHAKY van and got out of the fight, leave Nissan and me in the ring.

    I have my way make Dealer give in, I have my way to make Nissan give in also. It just take longer.

    As for the shaking seat, I have not been given any solution to make it not shaking so far.

    Thanks, for your information about lawsuit. I made it sure ahead of time already, it won't cost me a cent no matter I lose or win.
  • dariocdarioc Member Posts: 3
    geeezzz - let it go jkrolak. Maybe you'd feel a little different if your second row seats shook like a message chair. My service rep hasn't been able to get me an answer on why it's happening. Maybe it takes a guy like Mdeng to follow through.

    For some reason it's not showing up on every unit but it is enough of a problem (especially if it is structural) that Nissan should have a solution.
  • jkrolakjkrolak Member Posts: 38
    Sounds like this is a phony issue, if Nissan/Dealer gave you a new van, then you do NOT have anything else due you. If you lose the lawsuit, Nissan will sue you in civil court to recover their expenses.
  • VshunVshun Member Posts: 21
    I think a successful lawsuit may raise a quality bar for Nissan (aka Ford?).
    They will have to pay more attention at their production quality and issue voluntary recalls instead of us struggling with the dealer and central office each time something breaks.
    If this raises the price a little I would be the one ready to pay for quality. It would not be more than the cost of my time spent travelling and waiting at Nissan dealership.
    I had Nissan Sedan (manufactured in 1992) made in Japan and it was a flawless vehicle (except for radio/tape that went dead immediately after warranty). When I sold the car the buyer could not believe the engine was working since it was so quiet (I had to open the hood to show him the engine is really working, this was impressive). My experience with Quest was different, maybe because North American manufacturing standards are different from Japanese.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Member Posts: 802
    Honestly, I think if ENOUGH people complain about something, Nissan will address the issue accordingly... without a law suit.

    Keep in mind, Nissan has issued a number of recalls (phantom wiper switch, seat rails, tail light), as well as numerous tbs's on smaller issues that have been very minor compared to what mdeng has described in his situation.

    I have to say, I did see a number of complaints about the phantom wiper prior to Nissan's voluntary recall. But only recently have I seen this issue addressed here (by one person) to such a degree.

    It's the nature of Americans consumers to complain about even the most minor things..., so I am a little curious why we haven't seen more posts on this issue. The only logical conclusion I can draw is that is has not effected that many people to the degree that it has effected mdeng.

    And in the mdeng's case, Nissan has been willing to trade the vehicle for another one. To me, that's a pretty good sign that they are more likely to address the issue rather than be taken to court.

    Btw, not because Nissan is so wonderful..., but because that's the smart thing for any major manufacture to do. My 2 cents.

    Community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and Sportscars Conference
  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    I think it is clear that this is a issue that do exist in some of the Quest Vans of 99 and 2000 models.

    So far, Nissan did admit it exist. But saying IT IS WITHIN THE SPEC. In another word, they choose not to do anything.

    I will keep your guys posted about my fight with Nissan, loss or win.

    For those who felt intruded by my posting here, sorry to all of you. I did not mean to be personal.
  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    Nissan Manufacture and Dealers are most of time two different entities.

    In my case, Dealer did something for me in thier merit. It has nothing to do with Nissan Manufacture.

    In fact, Nissan Manufacture clearly know the issue, and know the solution. But, their Reps told me on the phone that they can not release the info to me.

    The guy told me that since I am an engineer, I should be able to figure out how to fix the vibration by myself.

    You have a hard time to believe what I said here, arn't you? I was the same when I heard this over the phone too.

    I realy hope that Nissan's service was as good as you guys described. Unfortunly, it is not the case.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Member Posts: 802
    Perhaps you misunderstood my previous post. My point was that unless more Quest owners speak up and complain about a particular problem, it's unlikely that Nissan Corp will create a national campaign on the issue.

    With only a one or two complaints, they will assume it is just a few isolated cases that can be resolved through the individual dealership franchises.

    Why should they do more, when their dealers can handle the problem one by one as they come along....? After all, that's the dealer's job. As the expression goes: one does not need a sledge hammer to open a walnut.

    From what my friend (Nissan sales rep) tells me: Dealers are given specific rules and direction on how to run their business... especially with customer service issues.

    Problems like your's are not just handled by the dealer alone: the dealer usually gets some kind of special rebate from the manufacture on a buy back situation like yours.

    Now I do agree there are situations where the manufacturer and the dealer are two separate entities, but where we choose to separate the two can only be speculated. There are many discussions that go on between the manufacturer and the dealer that we are not aware of.

    And for the most part, I strongly believe that how a dealer handles a vehicle problem reflects the attitude of the manufacturer at large.

    Now I'm assuming that the reason you choose to only give credit to your dealer, and not to Nissan Corp, for your vehicle trade is because Nissan Corp. has not contacted you directly to the extent that you would like.

    From what I've been told: a manufacturer usually does not deal directly with the customer, unless the dealer does not have the means to resolve the issue.

    And in your case, it seems like your dealer was able to resolve your problem... with two buy backs! So why continue with your voice of discontent? Are you politically motivated? ;-)

    Please don't take offense by that question. I'm not saying that you do not have a valid case, or that you're opinions do not account for something.

    But I think, for some of us here, your cause would be more convincing if more solid concrete evidence was provided; not just "hear say" ... via phone conversations and etc.

    In any case, I hope you can eventually resolve this issue for yourself. Good luck. ;-)

    Edmund's Community Leader
  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    I have been respected your posting until now.
    It seems to me that you have some bias too.

    1) Dealer buy back one, and wanted to charge me $2000, for this brand new Van with 50 mile on it. After faught with them, they charged me $1. In return, I promised not to complain about them.

    2) If you need more complains from other owners, I will post them here from time to time.

    3) Phone coversations with Nissan Reps were tapped.

    4) As for politically motivated, I am so sad that I am on my own. Otherwise, I will take other actions rather than spend my time in this conference.
  • m6chem6che Member Posts: 18
    mdeng - You sound as if you're not sure whether it's useful to post to this forum any longer. Well, to tell you the truth, I'm NOT sure you really have any reason to post anything either.

    If you follow the postings in these forums (not just the Quest forums), people will report problems, ask for feedback, and then say "thanks for the info." You've gotten feedback that the seat shaking problem doesn't seem to be widespread. You disagree. But rather than saying "Everyone please contact me to share info if you have this problem...", your posts and email sound like you assume EVERY Quest owner has this problem. This isn't true. You may not have intended this to be true, but your posts sound like you're convinced every Quest has this problem and that we should all be upset about it.

    I can't speak for anyone else who reads this forum, but I'm perfectly happy with our 99 Quest. If Nissan needs customers to speak up for them, I'm sure I can come up with many more customers who don't have a seat problem.

    I'm all for you doing whatever you feel is necessary to work through your seat problem (and let us know how it turns out). But if you're just going to continue to tell us how you've suffered and how terrible Nissan is, then you need to go over to the Sienna and Odyssey forums and bash the Quest over there. I think you'll get more support... (Oh great, now you made me insult Sienna and Odyssey owners.)

  • mdengmdeng Member Posts: 28
    The only reason that I still posting here is that Dealers and Nissan Reps also visit this forum.

    I do appericate all the suggestion came from your guys that try to help me out with the issue.

    Unfortunatly, all that Nissan and my Dealer can only tell me is "It Is the Nature of the Beast" and "It is uncomfortable, but it is within SPEC."

    Can you take this as a solution?
  • md_techmd_tech Member Posts: 84
    The Nissan Quest is a smooth driving vehicle. But what they don't inform consumers of is that the Quest is a joint venture of Ford Motor Company. The Engine and Transmission are Nissan but if you want to lay blame on interior problems that would be Ford's problem. Go check out the Ford Windstar and see if they have the same problem in there vans...

    Just A helpful Hint,
    Kristina(touring host)
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    Hi all. Looks like I missed some hot topics here while I have been busy driving around town with the kiddies. I have had my quest for 2 1/2 months now. I purchased it used with 22,000 miles on it. I have no rattling in the rear seat. I do have a problem with a vapor valve setting off my engine light constantly. I am waiting for the part. I am also getting my horn replaced because it keeps blowing a fuse. I replaced the fuses myself and told them so. No problem ordering new horn. I did have th dead battery situation this morning at 4:30 coming home from work. This is a first for me. Luckily a jump helped and so far today everythings been fine. I will ask next time I am in for the other parts what the deal is. I will ask about a possible dead cell. Thanks for your feedback. I immediately remembered reading about it in previous writings.
    All in all I still love my van. I felt the honda was too big and I did not like the way the trans shifted. I have had bad luck with trannys. My 95 mazda blew one at 30,000, my corolla at 45,000 and my ooooollllld ford fairmont at 60,000. Remember those? Anyways I love the trans on the quest. I have no other complaints and would recommend everyone to take a look and all the options you get with this van. My local dodge dealer has nothing but caravans sitting in his lot for service. Its nice to be able to go to nissan and get in and out in less than 1 hour. My son especially likes the fact they have the disney channel for him. Hope this helps all you in your quest for the (perfect) minivan:) Just remember nothing is ever perfect.
  • jkrolakjkrolak Member Posts: 38
    Nissan DID replace your van, the dealer did not do it alone. You were lucky to get a direct replacement for $1. Nissan has gone an extra mile for you -- if what you say is true. Go over to the Oddyssey forum to see how bad a van, warranty and company and dealer can be. Taping conversations is a standard way for many companies to understand if their employees are doing their job correctly -- and they always notify the caller when they do. They sometimes tape when the caller gets abusive and crosses over the line by cursing, threatening, etc. -- items that may possibly lead to police investigation of the caller. You want attention -- be careful what you wish for, threatening a dealer or company is a felony.
  • questdriverquestdriver Member Posts: 8
    Anybody having this problem? My Quest 1999 makes a squeaking sound only when I go over a bump at a very slow speed. Took it to the local dealer, and they wanted to change some front-end parts. Waiting for the dealer to confirm the parts from the Nissan parts warehouse. Hopefully the squeaking will be gone. Just came from a trip to Vegas. Roundtrip about 3k, Quest drove nicely without any problem. I enjoyed the drive very much, and got 23-24 MPG on Hwy.
  • sylviaww1sylviaww1 Member Posts: 1
    I'm thinking about buying a 1994 Quest XE from a friend's friend. The car has 63K miles, power windows and locks, dual air, and driver's side air bag.
    I'd like to hear from anyone who's had experience with this model. I'm looking for a quiet car, with good body integrity, reliable, and no constant annoying electrical problems (as in my old Mits Montero). Decent acceleration is a plus.
    Thank you!
  • pocahontaspocahontas Member Posts: 802
    The older a vehicle gets, the more likely it is to have electrical problems. Friends of mine, with a 94 GXE, had to replace a power window motor (at 50k) and the a/c directional control motor (at 75k).

    They actually considered these minor problems. Of course, it also helped that they were covered on their extended service warranty. I believe these prob's combined would have cost them several hundred dollars.

    With as many electrical components that this van has, it may not be a bad idea to purchase an extended warranty. My 2 cents. Good luck. ;-)

    Edmund's Community Leader
  • azceltazcelt Member Posts: 1
    Hello, we are shopping for Quests 94-97
    Where can I go online with the VIN # to find if any warranty work has been done on a specific vehicle?
  • pocahontaspocahontas Member Posts: 802
    I'm not sure where you can get warranty work information online.

    But I do know that you can get that kind of information directly through Nissan Corporation Customer service. 1-800-nissan1

    Just let them know you're shopping for a used vehicle, and you'd like to get as much information as you can about it.... They've been pretty cooperative/helpful with me in the past. They can also verify what factory options are on the vehicle.

    Good luck. ;-)

    Community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and Sportscars Conference
  • bkerberbkerber Member Posts: 1
    You can go to Carfax (there is a link on edmunds) I looked up our old van and found 2 items listed. We had had 2 transmissions installed under warranty. You do have to pay to find out exactly what the work was.
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