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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    I went to Maryland from South Florida in March, my van turned 6000 miles while on the trip. At 70-75 MPH, I got 23 and 24 miles per gallon. It has been reported that driving at 70 eats up 20 % more gas, so at the old 55 MPH US standards, I would probably do a lot better. Driving in traffic here in South Florida and not feather throttling, I get 16-17 MPH. My gas mileage definately got better as I got to 5-6000 miles on the van. I get no shimmy or feeling of a light steering wheel at 70 MPH, take it back in for a good wheel alignment.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Hi dhoff- Thanks for the links. I've book marked them.

    Hi kjrolak- I get similar mpg also.

    As for mileage getting better with time..., I've noticed gradual improvements up to 11k miles. My first couple of tanks were not very good: 14.5 city and 20.5 highway.

    Now at 12.5k miles, my Quest consistently gets above 16 mpg for city. Sometimes even 18 or 19 city. And 24-26 highway. Of course if I'm going between 85-95 mph, it drops back to 20 or so.

    Talk to everyone later. ;-)

    community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and Sportscars Conference
  • mdengmdeng Posts: 28
    To All Nissan Quest 2000 Owner:

    I want to share with you my frustration with the new NISSAN QUEST GXE (2000) Van.

    My complaint concerns that the Mid-Row (BENCH) of the passenger seat vibrates abnormally that it can not be used. The Mid-Row Bench vibrates by itself at a much higher frequency than the vehicle. If you sit in front or the last row seat, you feel the van responds to the road (which is normal), but not the vibration from the seat.

    Nissan’s engineers were aware of the problem, but said it is not comfortable, but it is within the SEPC.

    On Consumer Report, April 2000 issue, the comment to Quest 2000 was: “It rides comfortably and quietly with a normal load, but a full load makes it dip and bob like a sail boat in a storm."

    My Van with normal load, feels like a “No Switch Massage Chair”.

    Please check the Quest 2000 you or your friends have. Test/sit on the second row yourself, do not ask your kids, cause they might not be able to describe their feeling precisely. If you experience the same problem, please send you information to:

    Please provide the following information:

    Your Name, Address, Phone or email, VIN#, Date of Purchase.

    After collected enough complains, we can file an ABITRATION against Nissan, and force Nissan to REFUND or RECALL QUEST 2000.

    Please check the following web site and get familiar with the NEW CAR LEMON LAW.

    If We Do Not Speak For Ourselves, Who Will !!

    Mark Deng

    Author’s Background

    B.S. and M.S. degree in Automotive Engineering Department, in Tsinghua University, China, in 1987, and 1989.

    Have been involved in lots of vehicle tests (both objective and subjective tests.). Although the industry standard may be different between US and China. China followed the same set of tests that performed in US.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Thanks for posting your problem. You are the first to post this kind of problem. However, if this is a widespread problem, other Quest owners will be glad to see your post.

    I have a 99 SE quest with the captain chairs with no vibration problem. Even when I put the 3rd row bench into the second row position, there is no vibration.

    So I'm curious specifically which "Nissan Engineer" you are referring to in your post: local, regional, or USA or Japanese?

    Have you personally taken your problem beyond your local dealer service, or are you quoting what your dealer service is telling you? Have you tried taking your Quest to a different dealer service.
    Also have you filed a formal complaint with the 800 Nissan customer service? In the event that the problem can be fixed, this would certainly be faster than waiting for the NHTSA to take action. Good luck.

    community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and Sportscars Conference
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    Sure, NOW you want that middle seat back...

    Some time back we took a long trip in our Quest and I personally spent time (hours) in each seat position, and noticed no vibration problems (this is with 2nd row captains chairs).

    Is it possible that one or more tires is out of balance? This is the first thing I would check. Either that or a bent wheel? I think if it were a design flaw we would have heard of it before.


    PS Steve-

    Lase week I saw that someone was selling the middle seats from a 97 or 98 Quest on Ebay. You may be able to find one yet.
  • edwardh1edwardh1 Posts: 88
    After test driving two Quest vans in Feb 99 at different dealers, , I posted also that the seats shook a lot (2nd seats only, bench seats), our community forum moderator said it was due to the hinge design on that seat. I still think its a structural problem and is abnormal. One Dealer said "maybe tires are out of balance". I think the van is structurally weak - maybe that accounts for the poor crash rating (lowest of 4 categories) bu IIHS.
  • edwardh1edwardh1 Posts: 88
    see posts 12 and 13, of this topic on the second row seats.
    However no one else has mentioned it.
  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    I have a 99 Quest GLE and there is no vibrartion in any seat. maybe Quest got screwed up and put those Junkyard Jitney Honda Oddyssey seats in some of the you think? --)
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Good point Edward. The "hard knock" has been discussed in the Nissan Quest forum as well as some of the other threads here. Btw, this is the reason Consumer Reports advises consumers to avoid the 96 quest/villager and pathfinder.

    People should be aware that Nissan dealt with the 96 quest engine defect by issuing a Silent Recall which extends the warranty of the engine to 84m/100k.

    From what I know Mercury did not deal with this problem the same way that Nissan did. So I would be a little more cautious when buying a 95/96 Villager, as opposed to a Quest.

    If one is in the market for a used 96 Quest, they can check with the Nissan Corp or Mercury Corp to see if the engine was replaced under warranty.

    Personally, if I knew the engine had been replaced, I would feel comfortable enough to proceed with the purchase of a used 96 Villager/Quest. Knowledge is power. My opinion. ;-)

    Community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and Sportscars Conference
  • craig40craig40 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the information concerning the Silent Recall.I have a 1995 Quest and it's VIN# falls within the listed range given.In trying to learn more about the "secret warranty watch" under lemonadecars web link I was unable to bring up this site.Have they changed the web address?.I would appreciate any additonal information that you could forward to me regarding this issue.

  • craig40craig40 Posts: 8
    Pocahontas please disregard my last message.I was mispelling the web address to lemonaidcars,but please keep us posted on any further information concerning this nissan issue.Thanks Again
  • jillisajillisa Posts: 3
    I just bought my Quest last week and I love it. I have the second row captains chairs and the kids
    love that feature. I got a great deal and the salesman was actually a laid back nice guy. I know 2 people with 1999 GXEs and their second row bench seats do not shake at all, I asked them about it after reading about it here. So, so far so good, I'll keep you updated about how it lasts. :)
  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    My seats don't shake and neither does the neighbors. Maybe he is driving vertically down from Pikes Peak? :-)
  • mdengmdeng Posts: 28
    I tied some extra weight to the mid-row bench of my Quest GXE based on the hint from a Nissan Engineer, it did improved the shake dramaticlly. It feel quiet normal with the extra weight on the bench back.

    The weight I tied to the bench back was a bag of 50 pound rice. I also tried another hint from the engineer, removing the mid-row bench, push the third row to the middle. It did not shake at all.

    These test led me to believe my original thought that the abnormal seat vibration was because of the RESONATE.

    Tied extra weight, change the resonate frequency of the mid-row bench, the third-row seat has it own resonate frequency, these frequency are much off the excitaion fregnency, so the shake was gone.

    I really hate Nissan for knowing the problem, but do not face it !!!

    I need all your helps to bring them down.
  • tiger12345tiger12345 Posts: 2
    If tie down a bag of rice changes resonate frequency, then wouldn't someone sitting on it with seat belt fastened also change the resonate frequency? I noticed the shaking of the mid-row bench seat too, while it was empty. Perhaps not as bad as you described but pretty obvious. Haven't checked when someone was sitting on it. Perhaps what Pocahontas said about extra give on the hinge is the real cause of the shaking. Tie extra weight might make it harder to move on the extra give. Anyway can stick something there to seal the extra give if the seat is not going to be adjusted often? Mine is fixed at an angle because a child seat is always on there.
  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    I think your shaking 1999 GXE has a wheel imbalance problem. Replace the wheel that is out of round and your problem will go away. If you bent the rim to cause the imbalance, then the problem is yours, not Nissan. My local Nissan dealer has NEVER heard of a shaking middle seat problem. Are you sure that your vehicle was not in an accident? Buyers remorse can get to any of us if we overspend or we see something we want more, like a Nissan Quest GXE 2000. As far as your 50 lb sack of rice goes, it sounds like you are taunting the japanese????:-)
  • mdengmdeng Posts: 28
    This is a brand new car right out of the dealer's lot. The Nissan dealer checked latch first, and then did a four wheel balance to the Van. But mid-seat shaking did not change a bit. They called in the Nissan engineer, who test my Van and all other Vans in the dealer's lot. The Nissan engineer conclude that this is the "Nature of the Beast" and it is normal.

    I met this engineer at the dealer later and test my Van again, during the test, he told me Nissan engineer aware of the issue, but it was not on thier must-do-list. And then, he suggest that put extra weight on the bench will improve it, and move the third row to front will be OK also.

    tiger12345 was right about empty seat shaking and sit on it does change the frequency. My second dirver seat in the same Van shakes visiblly while it was empty, but did not shake at all when people sit on it.

    The mid-row bench somehow shakes no matter what.

    Dealer and lawer are paid to lie, don't expect them to tell the truth.

    thanks, guys!
  • edwardh1edwardh1 Posts: 88
    I had the same experience with 2 new 99 quest vans at one dealer, and 1 at another: 2 nd seat shook when empty at around 50-60. This was one reason we did not buy one.
    I agree- my guess its a resonance problem and the factory has chosen not to fix. It could be a simple cure. I had an 84 Olds Cierra 4 cyl that shook at about 45, there was a factory TSB fix- a heavy mushroom looking thing about 5 inches high that u bolted onto the frame. Olds gave them out free.
    Lo tech but it worked.
    Cause could also be that the frame has inadequate strength - this may also account for the poor accident ratings.
    Its not tires out of balance.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    more carefully before we jump to conclusions.

    As Mdeng said: "I also tried another hint from the engineer, removing the mid-row bench, push the
    third row to the middle. It did not shake at all."

    This leads me to believe that my original statement, as explained by my Nissan service manager, is correct: the second row seat shake is due to the give in the seat hinge design.

    I think adding weight (as mdeng did) to the seat would help solve the problem. But also keep in mind that if Nissan made the second row seat heavier, it would also be more difficult to move out.

    Anyway, let's use a little logic: if the shaking was because of the frame strength, then wouldn't the third row bench also shake when moved to the second row position? And as mdeng stated, the third row bench did "not shake at all." Most likely because there is no give in the third row bench hinge.

    My opinion: sure it would be nice if Nissan can eventually fix this minor flaw. But honestly if this is the biggest complaint gxe owners have, then I think Nissan is not doing too bad compared to many of the other makes that have been plagued with numerous more serious problems with their first/second year models.

    Hi edward1- For someone that is not interested in buying a Quest, you sure put a lot of energy into the Quest forums. Perhaps you're having second thoughts...? A lot of happy owners here. ;-)

    Good luck with your final decision.

    Community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and Sports Cars Conference
  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    Amen. I am a bit astonished that the reliability and quality of my Quest is so good. I do have a complaint though. If I push up on the glasses case too hard, the case sticks--until I whack it a bit with my hand. I think I should get a free glass case replacement on a recall notice or at least a buyback....chuckle! The audio system is awesome and I enjoy making my van throb and rumble at a stoplight next to some lowered, blacked out minicar that is shakin' from its Radio. Sure surprises the local punks...:-) It is really nice to be able to park in a normal parking spot without having to jockey the van back and forth--I had a longer Windstar before. I bought the 99 because of its ride, acceleration (which is enough for me)...I do not intend to drive 110 miles per hour as some fools drive a van. And price. which was great. I got the Sunset Red ( a backward leap to my childhood little red wagon) which is really a nice metallic color. It is the first car/van/suv that I can drive for more than two hours without major old joint lockup.
  • m6chem6che Posts: 18
    I have no rattle at all on the leather seats on our 99 GLE. In fact, moving the seat backs is really stiff due to little clearance between the leather (at the space between seat and the seat back). If there is a rattle on the bench seat due to thinner material at that spot, stuffing a rolled towel into the space below the seat back should make it go away.

    Again, not the best solution, but this avoids having to carry any extra weight around.
  • akrasnovakrasnov Posts: 10
    And now this clown directly emails all the people in this topic about his "problem"! Did we signed up here to be spammed?
  • mdengmdeng Posts: 28
    akrasnov, I have send you an email about my apology, I want to say sorry to everyone who felt intruded here also.

    I did not create my "problem", Nissan did. I would rather watching TV, than spend my time and energy chase after them...

    People do not feel the pain on themselvies, when see other ones bleeding.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    I'm sorry that your GXE Quest is causing you such grief. I have seen one or two previous reports of the second row seat shaking, but not to the extent that you have described.

    I think the people that have experienced this have been able to ignore it, because it has not impeded from normal functions of the seat, as well as the overall comfort....

    Otherwise, I'm sure we'd be seeing a lot more complaints from gxe owners online. If your van is as bad as you describe, then you have a strong case..., and I hope your situation is resolved.

    But if the nature of your seat does not intrude with the normal functions/comfort of the seat, and is not a safety hazard, then it most likely will be an uphill battle.

    Unfortunately, the fact that something is not "perfect" is not enough reason for a recall or a law suit... Otherwise the only vehicle allowed on the road would be a Lexus.

    In any case, I'd like to suggest one other thing: take your van to a different Nissan Dealer service for a second opinion. Nissan dealer services vary quite a bit in quality of service. My experience.

    You should also call before hand and speak directly with the service manager about your problem and frustration. Another dealer service may have a solution. Good luck. ;-)

    Community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and Sportscars Conference
  • mdengmdeng Posts: 28
    I wish you were my service manager.
  • jkrolakjkrolak Posts: 38
    A Recall by Nissan on the "seat" problem will not happen. Safety items are normally the only reason for a recall. I do not appreciate being spamed by the complaintant. Normally the BBB will not conduct hearings--at least for uch a frivolous complaint. This hearing may be wishful thinking on the complaintants part. (bag of rice solves shaking problem...I wasn't born yesterday.
    If you have a complaint, use Nissans problem reporting procedure or your state's lemon law--if you are a van owner, you will see the process in your warranty manual.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    After all, Mdeng did apologize for his email. But now I'm wondering why I didn't get an email from him. Hey, am I not worthy? ;-)

    Mdeng- Here's another thought. Have you tried tilting the seatback (upper portion) of the seat back a little to see if that helps...? If the upper portion of the seat is at a straight (upright) angle it may have more of a tendency to shake. Perhaps tilting it back a bit would create enough weight with the angle to help.... Simple physics. Anyway, just a thought.

    Keep us posted. Talk to you later. ;-)

    Community Leader/Coupes, Convertibles, and Sportscars Conference
  • mdengmdeng Posts: 28
    pocahontas, thank you again for your care.

    For those who think that I am over doing it, here is a little background of myself and four stories for you to have fun.

    I had a BS and a MS in Automotive Engineering, and had a MS in Mechanical Engineer also.

    I was a licensed Mechanical Engineer, and also licensed Fire Protection Engineer in California. And now, I am a senior software engineer in a silicon valley startup. With two sons, one is five and another is three, I don't consider myself was born yesterday.

    Now, here are the stories. (the first two are my own experience.)

    1) While I was working for ICF Kaiser Engineers Inc. My office chair always squeaks while I sit on it and rock back and forth. It did not bothers me at all. It did not bother other people around me either. But we all noticed that only my chair making that noise. I worked there for four years, the very last day before I leave, I was fliped over and fail to ground, and the chair was broken into two pieces. I was so stuned to see such a heavy duty office chair broken at the support rod (a two inch dia. metal rod). I checked at the broken place, it was started with a tiny crack, and propagate through four year of its life. We call this a "fatigue of the material". It usually start from the place where stress is concerntrated. In this case, that tiny defect: the crack. If this happened to a critical part on a moving car, I can not imgine the concequence.

    2) Five years ago, my wife and I went to Las Vegas the frist time. We rented a compact car, and drove from Vegas to Grand Canyon. The car vibrated slightly on the highway, and works perfectly fine on local. I check the tires, and they looks perfect. The car have only 500 miles on it, very thing looks OK.

    We decide to keep going. It was a good three hours dirve to Grand Canyon, most of the time, it was just desert. The shake get worse and worse, and finally, the front tire explod on a local highway while we were driving 50 mi/hr. I managed control the car not runing into the coming vehicles on the otherside. It was so close.

    What excatly the cause of this was unkown. I think the shake originated from the exploded tire. It might be a balance issue, defected tire, or the previous accident. Any way, when you don't know the exact cause, don't assume it is normal.

    3) In China, there was two Temples was about half mile from eath other. Every day whenever one of the Temple sound its huge bell, a hugh bell in the other Temple will sound automatically. The monks of two temples do not know why. They called in the man who made the Bell. This guy actully made the two bell out of the same design. He came to one of the bell, pull out his knife and cut a niche on it. The bells never sound together anymore.

    I did not cut my seat, because I want Nissan repurchase it. So, I tied a big of rice to it.

    Hi, jkrolak, if you will visit China in the future, I will tell you where to find the bells.

    4) Everyone knows about RESONANCE heard the story that in accent ROMAN, a league of ROMAN solider marching over a bridge, and the birdge shaked to collapse. Ever since then, it became a rule that league of soliders should march at ease on bridges.

    Hope I did not bored your guys.

    Baseline is, I was not convinced the shaking of the Quest mid-seat is a trial uncomfortable issue only. I won't take "Nature of the Beast" as a settled answere.
  • akrasnovakrasnov Posts: 10
    You heard it?
    He wants Nissan to REPURCHASE his van because of the shaking seat? Hello?
    The rule is simple: don't like it, don't buy it... Any breakdowns will be covered under warranty, safety defects are covered by the lemon law.
    I already see Nissan having expenses for making him shut up. Where do you think these expenses come from? From the pockets of considerate Nissan buyers.
    And don't put all your chaotic memories in one pot. Your imagination gets sick because of that.
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