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Post Your Van Gas Mileage Here



  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    I haven't seen any posts regarding the Kia Sedona and the observed mileage of the Korean minivan. Any owners out there that would like to share?

    I own a 2002 Mazda MPV and average around 18-19 mpg in city driving and have been able to get just under 26 mpg on a long hwy trip. I have been pleased.
  • exvanexvan Posts: 2
    3 week trip:

    VA Beach to Roanoke, VA to Indianapolis to St.Louis to Kansas City to St. Louis to Chicago to VA Beach.....

    3656 miles
    24.7 MPG Avg.

    Started with 9700 miles on van. 90+ degrees during entire trip. The Ody handled beautifully. Was a pleasure to drive. No problems.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    On a recent 1055 mile R/T from Denver to Albuquerque, we averaged a little over 26 MPG. 95% freeway travel @ about 75-80 MPH with the AC on about 35% of the trip. We were pleased.
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    XLE avg speed 69. 25% AC. 27 mpg. very pleased.
    all highway (Oklahoma)
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    computed by the car, or by: (miles driven divided by gallons pumped)?
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    27 via gallons pumped. 91 Octane.
    Trip computer reads about 1 mpg too high for me.
    This engine is very efficient and this van has a remarkable .30 drag coefficient.
    I will use MObil or Amsoil 0w30 at 3,000 mile change.
  • greg_ygreg_y Posts: 26
    I had approximately 53% city 47% highway. The highway was a return from the lovely Kill Devil Hills, NC to Richmond, VA. The city was stoplight to stopsign stop-and-go in the Outer Banks. I consider 24.3 mpg in mixed driving very good.

    This is calculated gas mileage and not using the trip computer (which consistently reads 3 mpg high).
  • falls1falls1 Posts: 13
    70/30 city/highway. Getting 17.7 avg. I thought it would be better, but its more than half if I bought the SUV we thought about. Overall, very happy with Sienna. Lots of room and no problems.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    '02 Oddysey w/20k miles
    finally broke 24 mpg on a trip to Disneyland
    we drove 70-80 mph most of the way which means I could of done better at a lower speed.
  • vtec2vtec2 Posts: 43
    Strictly highway at 75-80 mph the best has been 24.7. All stop 'n go city driving it hovers real close to 18.
  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    25.5 mpg
    My best yet...
  • Hello all!!
       What kind of mileage have ya'll been getting with this 1997 8-seater?? Again, it's a 318 motor, and it will be 95% highway miles.......toting only light janitorial equiptment...(gutted out)
       Thanks in advance for your response!!
  • devsiennadevsienna Posts: 70
    We're averaging about 20 to 21 MPG for highway driving in CA (I5 to be specific). We're usually doing between 75 and 85 MPH with the A/C on while travelling on this road (repeated 900 mile roundtrip from the Bay Area down to San Bernardino). City driving seems to be around 17MPG. This is calculated via Miles/gallons-pumped method. The trip computer is typically optimistic by 10 to 15% (i.e will be somwhere between 22 and 24). The car has 16K miles on it at this point.

    One thing I've noticed is that the odometer on our car seems to be off by about 4.5%. This was tested using a Garmin Colormap III GPS unit. Both the car's trip odometer and the GPS' odometer were reset at the same time. At the end of 100 miles, the GPS read 104.6 miles versus the car's 100 miles. So if I take this error into account, the average highway milleage goes up about 1MPG.

    I've also noticed that the speedometer is actually reading low by about 1.25%. When I have the cruise control set to 80MPH, the GPS will read 81. Not a huge difference, but still noticable.
  • dhicks_67dhicks_67 Posts: 1
    Bought a 2003 Sedona 11/01/03. Now has 8,500 miles. 12/20mpg (City/Hwy). Not very happy about the fuel economy, since most driving is city. Great vehicle otherwise, so far. Power is more than adequate; pulled the Grapevine with 2 adults, 3 teenagers, and luggage for a ten day road trip. No Sweat!
    Would like better mileage, and 4-wheel disc; otherwise "thumbs up".
    Bought with extended warranty (10 year/100,000 mile), zero deductible, came with nearly all options standard. Chose no leather or sunroof. Best price on any comparably equipped van.
    My wife hasn't complained once about the vehicle.
  • avelectroavelectro Posts: 9
    Most recent fillup:

    271 miles / 11.9 gallons = 22.8 mpg Sams Club 87 octane fuel.

    All suburban driving, usually with both A/Cs full bore on, no cargo, two pax. Tire pressures at 40 psi, 14% over recommended (35psi). 5500 miles on odometer, this is consistent with 22 mpg 'round town average since new. On one 2000 mile vacation trip, loaded with pax & cargo, all highway saw 27 to 29 mpg without CC on.

    I am pleasantly surprised with these fuel econ numbers and I suspect a combination of driving style, hot Phoenix temps & smooth, level streets. And I'm sure the stiff tires help! :>)
  • info4uinfo4u Posts: 9
    Now have 64,000 miles on this van. Mixed driving around town is typically 19.5 mpg. Highway driving at 65-70 mph averages anywhere from 24.5 to 27 mpg. This is all interstate and highway mileage It amazes me since Camry and Accord sedans don't do any better and they have much reduced wind resistance.
    Long distance driving takes me through many states and I have become convinced that the state mandated formulae definitely effect mileage. The best was a month ago when I filled up in Winslow, AZ and got 29 mpg. However I would never get that when filling up in Phoenix area. Always get better than average when I fill up in New Mexico.
    Must add that I am not a jack rabbit starter, don't feel its necessary to drag race at every light and I ease on the brakes when stopping rather than slamming them at the last minute. I believe smooth transitions are what make for great mileage.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    That mileage is quite good for that vehicle, but at those speeds Camry and Accord Sedans with 4 cylinder engines get in the high 30's and the V-6's in the low 30's. Who is only getting 27 in highway driving with one?
  • chazzcage2chazzcage2 Posts: 11
    I have a '99 EX and an '04 EX-Navi. Mileage is very different.

    '99 EX - about 19-21 city and 24-28 highway.
    '04 EX-Navi - sucks in city at about 15-17 but stil lgets tween 25-28 highway.

    I think it is due to the larger engine with more horsepower. One thing I find stupid on the '04 is that that low on fuel light comes on with 5....yess I said 5 gallons of gas in the take. Now accoridng to Honda an deveryone else it still has a 20 gallon gas tank so that means it comes on with a 1/4 tank of gas and another 75 miles AT LEAST in the worst case scenario. I'm starting to tink Honda did tis because they know with the bigger engine it sucks the gas in the city.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    Short wheelbase Sport model,3.3L, 4 spd auto, 21,000 miles, calculated at pump when filling up.

    Mixed city/highway 17-20,

    When towing 2000 lb boat average 20-22 mostly highway.

    Best extended highway ave 65mph AC 50% 5 people & lots of luggage = 28.6 mpg (very intentional driving).

    I have not had the opportunity to do extended trip with 1-2 people, but believe I could crack 30 mpg with very careful driving & favorable weather & road conditions.
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    Took the family to visit my brother in Fort Wayn, IN. (We live in Chicago, IL). It was me, my wife and our four kids. I was able to get 24 mpg with about 90% highway cruising at 70 mph most of the time.
  • ralphj2ralphj2 Posts: 3
    Went on a 450 mile weekend trip. 95% freeway at 65-70 mph. Two way calculated average was 27 mpg.
  • sfuadsfuad Posts: 15
    Gives consistently between 26.5 to 27.5. Highway mileage about 95%. I use 93 octane fuel only (Mostly from Costco). Recent trip from Memphis to Charleston, SC, with six people and fully loaded with luggage gave about 27.2 at 75-80 mph and with AC working all the time.

    I am really happy with the mileage
  • ronoboy2ronoboy2 Posts: 6
    Highway mileage is pretty good, a trip from Illinois to Baltimore and back led to 26-27 MPG in all highway driving. However city mileage has never been great, averages 15-16 MPG in small city driving, and the van is now at about 9,000 miles overall.
  • tccarttccart Posts: 5
    Van has about 10,000 miles.

    We just returned from our holiday trip of 2,250 miles - mostly highway at 60-75 mph. Included crossing Rocky Mountains, with A/C on 50% of the time. Calculated 25.6 MPG. The trip computer said 29.7 MPG.

    We are happy with the mileage, power, and comfort of our Sienna.
  • rcwiiircwiii Posts: 7
    Well I feel like I rolled the dice in vegas and bought a brand new decked out Kia Sedona EX... Just bought the first tank of gas for it and calculated 16 MPG ALL city. Not to bad for the first tank if it will improve a bit as it "breaks in"...... and just for the record no problems so far. *knock on wood*
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    I too just bought an '04 EX with every option except the DVD player.

    We traded an '02 EX on the '04. We bought the '02 used 6 months ago as a test to see if we'd like the Kia Sedona and after 5000 miles and a couple of family vacations it passed the test. The dealer gave us nearly what we paid for it on the trade in addition to a great deal on the new one.

    I noticed the window sticker on the '04 is rated 22 highway were as my '02 was rated 20 so I assume Kia change the engine management software or something. Seems my '04 doesnt have the oomph the '02 had but then again it could be a break-in thing.

  • koller1koller1 Posts: 7
    Bought a new '04 Odyssey on 3-12-04 for $25,000. Mileage in town has been on average 17-18 MPG (lowest was 12.6 MPG!). On the highway it is averaging 24-25 MPG (best was 26.8). I have 7,211 miles on it so far. One thing I do know which helps on the MPG's is tire inflation. Check your's every two weeks or so. The manual says to inflate to 36 psi but I put in 37 psi and I seem to get an extra 1-2 MPG better. Also, slower accelerations. So far, so good with my Oddy.
  • I love my 04 Ody so much I haven't bothered to check gas mileage since the beginning. We are taking the van to Ohio this weekend so I am going to average our fuel economy on the trip.
  • koller1koller1 Posts: 7
    03/16/04 279.00 13.00 21.46
    03/19/04 82.20 4.70 17.49
    03/19/04 232.90 8.80 26.47 Best
    03/19/04 208.50 8.70 23.97
    03/26/04 215.40 8.67 24.83
    03/26/04 229.30 11.33 20.24
    04/02/04 250.20 12.66 19.76
    04/11/04 253.90 13.50 18.81
    04/18/04 191.70 13.07 14.67 Worst
    04/28/04 186.40 9.10 20.48
    04/30/04 218.40 11.18 19.53
    05/05/04 218.00 11.20 19.46
    05/14/04 233.00 13.00 17.92
    05/15/04 216.80 8.60 25.21
    05/16/04 240.00 11.00 21.82
    05/26/04 200.00 10.00 20.00
    05/29/04 291.40 13.75 21.19
    05/29/04 233.60 10.00 23.36
    05/31/04 306.00 14.60 20.96
    06/06/04 256.90 10.62 24.19
    07/03/04 212.60 11.30 18.81
    07/05/04 220.60 8.50 25.95
    07/21/04 307.50 19.20 16.02
    07/30/04 257.60 14.30 18.01
    08/05/04 116.90 7.00 16.70
    08/10/04 272.10 12.40 21.94
    Averages ----> 228.11 11.16 20.74
  • gtahobegtahobe Posts: 42
    Dude, you don't have to fill up when the gas gauge shows 3/4 full:)

    I'm guessing you don't like to see the tank ever less than 1/2 full? I'm quite the opposite, I like to see how many mile I can go between fill-ups. I like to see my DTE in the single digits.
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