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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • Crazy, 2010 Chevy equinox does the same thing only I have about 20k miles. It idles real rough and shakes at times when stopped at lights and stop signs. A majority of the time once it starts shaking, it will stall, with no warning light or engine light. We might be on to something here….
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 100
    Suggest you do a search of the "2010 Equinox Problems" threads for the word "ECO". You will find that some owners seem to have avoided the engine hesitation by not using the "ECO" setting which is designed to lower engine RPM for better fuel economy.

    The "Eco" setting may be ok if you use it as an "overdrive" setting for highway cruising.

    Worth a try anyway.
  • We also have a 2010 and it does the same darn thing..we thought it was because we shipped it to Germany and it sat on the boat..well I think that Chevy needs to fix this annoys me. My check engine light comes on for like a day or two then turns of for like a week..its so strange..I really like my car but its brand new..has anyone taken it to a dealer to see why it does that. Also today my Stailitrak light came on..we were just driving normal on the road..I am thinking the 2010 are screwed up.
  • I have the 4 cyl basemodel 2010 Enox, that I bought new in July 2010. It has 13, 000 miles on it, and I do get 24 around town, but only get 25MPG on the highway. Did your 24-26 MPG include highway miles as well? By the way I love my car, and am hoping after 15 months, it is still in the breaking-in stage, and the better MPG's will kick in soon!
  • I get an estimated 22-24 around town depending on my driving habits; agressive driving in city / stop and go traffic 22 MPG or lower; this is to be expected. Interstate Road trips driving at 70 MH I average about 27-29, depends on road conditions, weather and running A/C will all affect MPG on all vehicals. Overall I average 24 MPG with this 2010 4cyl. Nox and currently have 35000 miles on drive line. I let dealer change oil ever 3000, keep tires inflated at 40 PSI and only had a few warrantee items takes care of since purchasing NOX in October 2009. So far no real issues; its been a good vehical.

    Being said; I have not seen 32 MPG or greater that is advertised; however I expect to pick up another 1 to 2 mpg this winter when not running the A/C 7 days a week in the extreem Florida heat. Overall not a bad value, concidering cost and size of vehical.
  • Thank you so much for your input. I usually go 70MPH on the highway with the eco on and the cruise control. I have never done better than 25 MPG on the highway. I do consistantly get 24 around town. I really love this car, however I had an HHR that always got 25 around town and 28-29 on the highway. I traded up to the Nox thinking I would have the same mileage in a bigger vehicle! Most of my driving is local anyway, so I am happy. I have not had any issues with my Nox at all, and for that I am thankful. I keep my tires at 35PSI, so maybe I should fill them at 40 like you do and see what happens.
  • You will get a little better wear / mileage running higher tire PSI if you don't mind a firmer ride. My vehicals always seemed to handle a little better with higher PSI also. In addition; I'm a firm believer for adding fuel conditioner every 3000 miles To ASSURE I Do Not have any fuel related issues. I have used LUCAS Fuel Conditioner for years and have used it in this suv since new.
  • Like you, I have the 2010 base LS. I received it on Sept 4th of 09, and to date it has just under 21000 miles logged. I'm consistently getting 22-24 MPG in local travel in upstate NY. But, once it hits the highways, it performs as advertised and gives me 32-33 MPG. The only recommendations I can give you is let the car take control; give it up to the cruise control and have fun with the thumb wheel! BUT...keep your top speed below 71...or the MPG drops quickly. Watch the tach & you;ll get the hang of it.
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    I agree; over 70 MPG there is a significant difference in MPG; I'm sure you do not run your A/C like I do in Florida; I noticed a 2 MPG increase when not running A/C last winter in Florida; which was about 5 months of cooler spring type weather last winter, comparable to your summers in New York. I bet this SUV will handle well in the snow and ice for you; from my expreince in windy rain storms in florida.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I too here in Michigan notice a 2 mpg difference between air and no air conditioning.
  • Wow. I have had my 2010 Equinox for 1.5 years, a little over 25,000 miles. Yesterday was the first time that it started to buck at a light and almost stalled out. Of course I was on a road where there were a number of lights and it did it repeatedly. I pulled into a parking lot, shut the car off, shut the eco off, and it seemed to be OK the rest of the day. It was very unsettling to say the least--and made me feel unsafe. I travel in way too much traffic that is stop and go to tolerate this kind of problem. The car was an expensive investment for me. It has been to the dealer because I felt there was something wrong with the transmission, and it makes an odd chirp very often when it is turned on--of course it did not perform at the service appointment--but readily did when I started it to go home. I love the comfort of the car otherwise. I have a service appointment on Tuesday--but after reading this discussion--I have to be prepared that everything will check out just fine. . .
  • I am impressed that you guys are getting 22-24 local mpg & 25-26 long distance. I've had my 2010 eqinox since feb 2010, must have around 27,000 miles. consistanly get 21 mpg local and maybe 22-23 long distance. I will have to try driving under 71. I do hover around that or 65 on some part of US 86. OTher than the MPG I love the comfort ,size of the car handles great in the snow.
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    I would suggest adding fuel conditioner "LUCAS"and turning the ECO OFF while in Stop & Go traffic. I only use the ECO on a road trip, this 4cyl needs the extra fuel / power for stop and go or I find it stuggles and I'm not satisfied with the performance.
  • I have had pretty good luck with the vehicle since the timing chain was replaced and just went through my second oil change. As I left the dealer it ran very rough and stalled but ran properly after re-starting. I would be interested in hearing how yours is performing as I am reaching 40K miles
  • I have a 2010 Equinox with only 13,500 mi. and I just had the timing chains replaced. They had the car for a week. Apparently the service manual says to replace the old oil pan gasket, but it began to leak, so they ordered a new one. It wasnt why I brought it in though. The first time it in was for engine knocking during acceleration, but service told me it was the fuel pump making the noise (NOT) but now its all the time. It resembles the old pre-ignition problems/sounds from long ago. Now Im supposed to take the Service Manager for a ride on monday to prove my point. Ive tried different gas, higher grade gas, but nothing changes the problem. I also read about an ECM software upgrade for the problem, but they tell me I have the most current. Im also in contact with GM. Its not only an embarrassing sound but it has to be doing damage to the engine.
  • Well, I took the car back forth 4th time. This time I took the mechanic for a ride. He wanted to drive, but I knew he drove it last time and found nothing. This time he got to hear the engine knocking & pinging for 10 or 15 min. We drove through a residential area 30-45 mph on a winding upgrade. They told me the last time the car was in, the software was up to date. Weather or not they actually hooked it up to the laptop I have no idea. He said he would reconnect the laptop to see if in fact the car would accept any updates. There was an update. After the install, this apparently fixed the problem. Since last night, I have not heard any engine rattling/knocking or pinging. I hope this addresses the problem.
  • mrnibmrnib Posts: 1
    Hi guys.
    Well I am another well satisfied 2010 Equinox owner with only that computer problem a year ago. I got mine in aug 2009, and Love it, but I'm sorry to say but happy about my problem is I have gotten as much as 33.9 mpg on a trip to Georgia from Indiana and all my trips still get 31-32 mpg. Around city and short hwy combo's 24-25. No fast starts and I do the speed limits. Mountain driving was better than expected for the 4 cylinder. No big decrease in speed. I'm like the positive group, very happy.
    Thanks Rick
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    Hey Rick...I'm glad to hear some positive feedback; I also purchased my 2010 in October 2009 and have not had any real issues to speak of. However, last week I had my 36000 mile check up, oil change, ail cleaner changed and transaxle fluid flushed and changed. The service department also up-dated several codes related to fuel / engine. Being said, my fuel mileage INCREASED BY about 2.5 MPG and the engine never ran so smooth; a very impressive service improvment to the vehical. I'm getting 24 MPG around town; have not been on any trips in a while to check hwy MPG however before the up-grades I was getteing 28 MPG driving at 70 mph +...Not bad for a mid size SUV!
  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    edited October 2011
    I basically had the same service on my vehicle a few weeks ago. They did and oil change, replaced a few filters, did a throttle body clean, and updated the computer. Ever since then my nox (built july 2009 - bought july 2009), has felt like a totally different car. It shifts a lot smoother, and the car does not shudder and shake any more. Not sure if the computer upgrade had anythig to do with it, but it's amuch better vehicle now.
  • roykulproykulp Posts: 52
    DITO..I was really suprised how smooth the drive line performed after that service; the shudder was common when sitting in traffic; its GONE and shifts great since the service and up-grade! Cant' wait for my next road trip to crunch the average MPG I will be getting.
  • Interesting. I just had an oil change 3 weeks ago. No one mentioned upgrading the computer system. Worth looing into. THanks
  • I to have a 2010 Equinox but with 26k miles with simular shifting problems and some shudder. Also the down shifting seems to too late to maintain speed up hills. Can you tell me what computer update code was installed on your vehicle. I need to have my oil changed in a couple of weeks and plan to have my dealer address these issues along with a "ticking" noise at idle.

  • ronwelronwel Posts: 57
    My W/O says:

    Cause; Document ID 2551605 Update PCM 1164E
  • I also have a problem with my 2010 Equinox, that the dealership has repaired or replaced 7 parts in the engine. I as well am frustrated and just want out of the car. Are you still driving your equinox or were you able to get out of it? I have been "working" with the dealership and Chevy customer support trying to get this car replaced. I told them I'd be willing to take a 2011 or 2012 equinox as long as I don't have to drive this piece of junk. I can't get any answers yet, only that it will cost me to have my vehicle replaced even though it is completely their fault it has these problems. Please let me know if you were able to get anything done with your equinox.
  • Mine has that ticking noise too, it doesn't seem to do it all the time though! I hesitate to bring it up because the standard response seems to be "if you cant replicate it we cant fix it". I'm interested to hear what they tell you about it.
  • sfgb93sfgb93 Posts: 1
    My car did that same thing last night, driving, and all of sudden just slows down, no RPMs, looked to see if it shift to neutral, gave it gas, nothing. After it stop placed on park turned off and then restarted, good to go. What the Hell was that all about? It only has 8500miles, year 2010!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Sorry to hear about your Equinox concern. If Customer Assistance can help you work with your dealer towards resolving this, please email Christina with your name, contact information, VIN, and dealer name.

    GM Customer Service
  • As a consumer that works extremely hard for her $$$ I’d like to for warn you about what your future could hold if you purchase a brand new vehicle with GM Canada.

    I bought the GM 2010 Equinox – base modal, no extras, brand new. I really love(d) this car, beyond happy with the look, drive everything until 20,000km hit and my car began to sound like it had a diesel engine.

    I worked very closely with my dealership for the next several months to try and determine the cause, they did change belts and do other small repairs however the engine continued to always go back to this noise?

    One day I was driving the vehicle and it began to shake vigorously at a stoplight – so I went straight to the dealership, and told me my car had no oil in it? Weird, the oil light never came on nor did the engine light yet the car was on the verge of the engine seizing – scary, so those censers – don’t depend on them! Glad I was city driving, and not on the highway that day.

    When I returned 2 days later for an oil change – I was told the car had a major oil leak. I live in a new home, new driveway – no oil? Where is all this oil going? So I went on an oil consumption report to help GM understand the issue. So for 10,000km I had to visit the dealership every 1000km so that they could monitor the issue. This is my oil history;

    June 30th – 2 ½ liters added
    July 2nd – Engine required shampooing due to excessive oil leak, dye ball placed in oil tank to determine were the oil came from.
    July 12th – Drop off car for overnight service to determine were the oil was leaking from
    July 13th – Told a part has been ordered, gasket cover broke and needed to be replaced, once done I’ll go back on the oil consumption report. Still very concerned that I’m being told I had a massive leak yet no trace of oil on my driveway?
    July 26th – add 500ml of oil
    Aug – 1.5 liters added, GM recommends decarbonizing before taking engine apart
    Aug 22nd – drop off car for the decarbonizing, pick up then come back in 1000km
    Sept 8th – 350ml added, told I may need to have the engine pulled apart
    Sept 20th – Was told the car was fine, no oil burned
    Oct 7th – 1.5L added, told to call my service advisor on Monday to schedule the drop off and get me in a rental so they can take a part the engine.

    Now, I truly believe that because this issue clearly began back at 20,000km I felt and voiced that I did not want them to rebuild however replace the engine. Every service suggested I did from purchase, I’ve put so much $$ into maintaining the car that I felt it was only fair – but GM said their policy is to take apart the engine to find the problem. I voiced my concern that the oil & engine light did not come on, they’ll look into it. I also would like them to tell me if the line my vehicle came off of, has anyone else experienced this issue? Cause I’ve read other people’s blog’s saying they had the same problem I’m having and I’m wondering, did their car come from the same line as mine?

    I told them the reason I wanted and felt I deserved a new engine was because of the maintenance I’ve put in to trying to prolong the life of the car by doing all recommended service, the fact that the issue began at 20,000km and I’m now at 65,000km and its still occurring, and the fact that they have no idea why it’s burning oil how can they be sure it hasn’t caused any other damage to my engine – I’m not a service technician so how do I know that this oil issue isn’t contributing or causing other strains that may not be visible now however could develop down the line from this unknown reoccurring problem.

    If I didn’t do all the recommended service I’d be ok, well not ok but understand the rebuild but why did I pay for all that extra service, to me this appears to be a manufacturer’s defect (Unknown burning oil/censers don’t respond) and not regular wear and tear. I mean, hey, if the oil in your vehicle wasn’t an important factor, why do we all do oil changes? Aren’t we all told that by not doing oil changes along with other maintenance were decreasing the life of a vehicle? Yet I was told by GM Customer Care – “Ma’am, the issue will be noted on file for future reference” – that’s reassuring, right?

    So, now, after I’ve been able to share my story I hope this helps you in your decision in purchasing a new GM, or any new car for that matter. I always tell myself to learn from my misfortunes and today I’ve learned that when I’m thinking about buying another vehicle I will buy used, for sure. If I knew that buying new would provide me with this kind of service and reliability I would have definitely explored more options. I made the mistake of thinking that by buying a new vehicle I would have assurance that I would have a reliable vehicle, and that with maintenance I could hopefully get a good life out of the car, for my family. I was mistaken. ☹

    P.S. If I’m wrong PLEASE educate me cause I have no idea how cars work, I’m basing my feeling purely on business, product and ethics, so I’d love some feedback – bad or good please.
  • Oh, even better GM called to tell me that the reason the oil light never came on is because I had to pay extra for that censers? I was assured that the engine light is standard however the oil light function is now an added feature - keep that in mind people!! Does that make sense?
  • You have got to be kidding How stupid do you think GM thinks their customers are? Very disturbing!
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