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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • Thank you for this post, kynox! It's great to hear from happy drivers, and I'm so glad to know that you're well taken care of at your dealership!

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah from GM, I have indeed contacted GM but my issues are far from resolved. So far the fuel pump has been replaced and the ECM was updated, if anything the vehicle is running worse then ever. Yesterday stopped at a red light my vehicle was louder by far than the giant diesel truck next to me. I'm embarassed to drive it. Tomorrow it goes back to the dealer for the 7th time, this time for the engine knocking and now an old breaking grind that started up again that was fixed a week ago. Worst vehicle experience I have ever had by far.
  • Youg need to get this taken care of right away. We have a 2010 Equinox and have taken it to Dealer A for this exact same problem and we were assured by the service manager the sound was normal. It's been one oil chnage and yesterday we took it to Dealer B who siad the engine is ruined due to no oil getting to the lifteres. They went on to say the enigine had only one quart of oil in it.

    When we told then the low oil pres light had new come on they said GM didn't put low pres oil lights/indicators in the Equinox. (I find this hard to beleive.)

    I've been doing BING searches and there are a lot of people reporting low/no oil in Equinoxes. In all of the posts I have seen no one has reported a oil leak so the the thought is the engine must be buring the oil. (And at a very fast rate, 1-2,00 miles per quart.

    The dealer is telling us we are faced with replacing the engine.

    Anyone else finding their Eqinox is running load (like no oil) or finding the enigine has very little oil?
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    I would never wait for a low oil light to come on before checking oil level, on any vehicle. By the time the light comes on you may already be damaging the engine.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 569
    The oil light in most cars is a light to warn of low oil pressure, not necesarily low oil volume. Oil level should be checked manually via the engine dipstick. Check the level at least once a month and add oil if necessary. Do not overfill.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    A good routine is to check your oil every time you fill up, or every other time if you fill up often.

    Rarely see anyone doing that though. :sick:
  • In addition; drive should be aware of potential leaks on driveway and garage floor where a vehical is parked, oil burning smell, Oil leaking from exhaust tail pipe Etc. These are all potentail issue warning signs that should get attention ASAP.
  • rski43rski43 Posts: 13
    .....down 2 qts. I ck'd a month ago & it was only down a strong 1/2 qt. I measured it from what came out of the drain pan (I still do my own at age 61). We def won't be keeping this past 5 or so years.
  • rski43rski43 Posts: 13
    I really don't think you'll find oil leaking from a tail pipe. Temps are too hot & will vaporize it. You may see a blue "twinge" but I've never seen dripping oil. I would expect Oxygen sensors & cat converters to "hic-cup" before you'd see oil "dripping" from a tail pipe.
  • I agree; however you will find evidence of oil residue around tail pipe if the engine is passing through and burning a significant amount of oil. I have let the dealer change my oil from the get go; to help assure "GM" is liable if I have engine issus during the 100K warranty period; my nox has about 40,000 miles on it.
  • I have 57000 miles on my 4 cylinder equinox. I use castrol syntex 5-20 I go 10000 miles betwened oil changes I change the filter at 5000 I have never had to add oil. I have only had one small air leak in some canstier that was covered by Chevy. My equinox has been great I comute 150 miles a day and get 26 mpg by speedomter .I am sure not everyone does not have all the prolbems I read about.
  • I never felt good about the dealer taking apart the 2010 Equinox engine at 15,000 miles. It has never been the same. I knew GM or the dealer wouldnt do anything to help me, so I opted to move to the 2012 LT w/2LT and take an unwanted financial bath. We shall see where this effort takes me.
  • First off, let me start by saying I think this is a great looking vehicle inside and outside, I just wish they would have spent that much time with the parts on this thing. My MAIN problem is that ever since I bought this 2010 4cyl almost 2 years ago I have the same problem of engine noise with no fixes to date and I have had it at Chevy a bunch of times. They call it a detonation ping, I have been told to try different gas and no change whatsoever. Months ago there was supposed to be a computer update to fix it and no change. This noise is so aggravating, the noise is only present when you accelerate on gas, if your not pushing the gas pedal you don't hear it. Not to mention in the first few months after having it they replaced the whole engine cause it was burning oil. Another thing is inside the car different things squeak and rattle like stuff is not tightened down, sounds like the car is older then 2 years. I use to have a Chevy S10 in 1999 and not one problem, this is the first Chevy I have had since then and not sure I will ever buy one again after this. Any help would be great.

  • I would have exercised my 3 year 36000 mile un-conditional warranty for all the issues that you claim to be having; way before the 2 year time frame. My 4 cyl 2010 nox engine is so called raspy also when accelerating; has never used any oil and I check oil in between all oil changes. I have oil changed at dealer around 3500 miles and logged about 40k to date with no engine or drive line issues to date. In addition; the cabin of my 2010 nox is tight and have never had any issues of cabin noise Etc. Maybe the Edmonds hosts / engineers can help you resolve your disturbing nox issues.
  • I also had the same issue and there is a service bulletin out for this pinging noise and I had them take care of it. The only thing they did warn me that my gas mileage would decrease, which it did by about 2-3 miles a gallon. This is the service bulletin: #PI0325: Detonation, Spark Knock and/or a Rattle Noise on Light Acceleration 1500 to 1900 RPM - (Dec 9, 2010). I bought the car mainly for the good gas mileage but couldn't stand the noise so I opted to give up the good gas mileage. Good luck
  • So, sorry I've being trying to forget about the stupid problems my car has but wanted to keep you all in the loop to my story.

    1.) The "GM Rep's" on this site - do nothing, sent them my info, I've heard nothing so - again, thanks for the consistently poor service, at least that is something you clearly do well everywhere within north America.

    2.) Got my car back from the rebuild only to drop it off 2 days later - smelled fuel within the car. Kept it over night and gave it back saying they tighten everything and they did not believe it was fuel but think I was smell the lube from the freshly rebuilt engine.

    3.) So it's now clearly winter in Canada, still no snow but I have noticed more and more that when the heat is now turned on you can smell some kind of fumes from the engine or something because the more the heat works, the stronger the smell. I'm trying to find time in this busy holiday season to yet again drop off my car - FML!

    Now, tis "Smell" is making me sick, like it gives you a headache and can almost make you vomit... what am I smelling? I was going to go to the hardware store to see if I can buy a test to see if I can determine what it is that my family is breathing, I'm getting concerned for our health but I want to know what the smell is 100% vs GM telling me what they want me to think it is.

    Anybody know what could be feeding through my vents when the heat goes on, I really don't think it could be fumes from the emissions but could that be? I don't know how cars work, how lines run but the smell wasn't there when I got the car back, a fuel smell was but this is something new and only appears to come into the car with the heating system.

    Oh, and the kicker people - when I got the car back from the rebuild the engine now makes a clicking sound that was never their but guess what I was told - Ma'am, I've seen this a lot, you see you've been in a rental car for 2 weeks so you got used to that and forgot how your car drove - tat's a normal sound, it's the fan when your defrost comes on, I said but nothings on... um it's normal.

    I've actually taken the time to write out my story, post it on the side windows of my Equinox to advertise my story, and the service the dealership provided(which I fell they actually respect me, listen to me) as well as the "Help" GM has provide to my family(which has basically been repeating everything the dealership has told me but differing in telling me they feel this is a normal problem and the dealership tells me that they've never had a problem like this?) - oh, and to let people know to "Ask" for that oil light feature that GM Customer Care so happily pointed out that, that was the reason my light failed because I never had one you know because the dealership told me I had no oil in the car - GM's answer to me was that the oil light was not in my car, so when the engine was shaking cause it had no oil that light or the engine light never came on but "NO ONE AT GM HAS ACKNOWLEDGE THIS" so again I will just tell my story, still waiting for someone at GM to actually care, not just get the Coles note version of my problem but actually listen to my problems that I've been dealing with for months(well over a year) instead of just brushing me off like my problem was with the dealership - no that's not my problem, my issue is with the fact that I've given you months to fix the issue and it still continues and GM feels that it's my burden as everything has been on my time.

    Another kicker I addressed with GM that I think is a joke - I had to add rental coverage onto my insurance when I told GM I thought that was a joke and they should pay for the rental insurance they told me their not in the insurance business. So it's my fault that when I got coverage on my brand new vehicle I didn't think to add on insurance to cover a rental car, my insurance covers a rental car for an accident however not for warranty repairs - but the rep kept repeating to me over and over - it's not GM fault you don't have rental cars for warranty work - what a joke right.

    Ya, that's another key note I have on my car - If you buy a GM be sure your insurance covers rentals for warranty work because it's going to be your responsibility. Oh, but to make me feel better they gave me $150 gift card to use towards services?

    I'll let you know what I'm breathing asap - Hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday Season and hopefully Santa doesn't bring you a GM!! :lemon:

    Any advice for determining what I'm breathing would be loved so I can be 100% sure my health is not being harmed.

  • jonoxjonox Posts: 100
    Suggest you run a search for heater smells on the Equinox site - you'll find plenty of concerns. Sounds as though you may have a leaky heater core.

    Good luck.
  • Just googled 2010 equinox problems. Got this site. From some of the posts I have read so far, everything sounds familiar - shaking and stalling while stopped; no oil; no warning that there is no oil; no signs of leaking oil; happening more than once. Until coming across this site, thought my issues were only happening to my vehicle. Now hoping that when I do get my vehicle back (it has been at dealer's since Dec. 14th) I don't continue to have issues. I really like the vehicle and have not had any other problems except this. Bought it brand new in September 2009 and have put 105000 km on it. When it was at 86,000 km, I took it to dealer to have oil change and complained about a loud noise (sounded like a diesel engine). I was told the oil level was down 3 litres (dealer blamed the garage where I had the oil changed previously and said it looks like they didn't put enough oil) and they could not find anything causing any noise. Next oil change, took back to dealer with same noise but I didn't mention it because apparently it didn't exist before. This time they found something wrong with engine and did some repairs. This latest problem came about when I started from a green light and the vehicle shook violently and check engine light came on. It was around 6pm and next morning checked oil level and there wasn't any. I hadn't even driven 9000km since last oil change. Hoping that I won't have to keep oil on hand just to keep driving a 2 year old vehicle
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 100
    Suggest you check the 2011 thread where it was recently suggested that GM have admitted the 4 cylinder Equinox engine has a design flaw and replacement is the remedy.
    Is the dealer replacing your motor?
  • For the 2nd time in 6 months I am getting a new engine in my 2010 Equinox LS. I first had the engine replaced in July at 30K miles. Now with 42K miles, they are replacing my engine again. I haven't heard exactly why. I brought the car in for routine oil change. The engine was also idling rough and stalled on several occasions so I wanted them to check that as well. The dealer rep did give me the riot act on the phone, however. The last time I had the oil changed was back in July. He said I should be replacing it every 4-5K miles. I told him I was always relying on the oil change indicator. He told me not to and I should follow his recommendation. I asked him why GM would provide the indicator then and he had no answer. I think he said there were only 1-1/2 quarts in the engine when drained. I told the dealer I wouldn't wish this car on anyone. I need a reliable vehicle and this surely isn't it.

    Also, does anyone know if this vehicle has a cabin air filter? The air seems dusty when turning the car on in the morning. TIA
  • Yes, the dealer said they had ordered a new motor. I will check out the 2011 thread. Thanks.
  • I have had my 2010 Equinox LT AWD for less than 2 years (2 year in March 2012). I have 47000 miles on it. Though it has been a good vehicle, I noticed at about 20000 miles that it started making a subtle "rattling" noise when accelerating. I mentioned this to the service person at the dealer where I get my oil change, but they said they checked and couldn't find anything. At about 35000, an acquaintance of mine mentioned to me he thought my engine was making noise - there was a soft "knocking", but thought it was just because it was a 4 cyl engine. Over the last 10 days, this noise has gotten louder - it sounds like a diesel engine, so help me, and when I accelerate, the noise disappears, there is a rattling sound for about 4 or 5 seconds when the vehicle changes gear. I hear no noise at speed, gas mileage appears to be OK. But once I decelerate and stop at a stop light, the noise is back with a vengeance. It is not only annoying, it is worrisome to me. After reading all of these posts - as well as posts on other sites - I am taking my vehicle to the dealer first thing tomorrow. I have seen posts elsewhere about complete engine failure and replacements.

    This brings back memories because the last time I heard noise like this (without a check engine light coming on) was 25 years ago with a 1983 Honda Accord - and that ended up in complete engine failure. I got a complete run around from Honda then, and it took me literally 20 years before I took a chance and bought another one. This Chevy is my first GM vehicle in 20 years also - hopefully, I won't have to take the same measures.

    Oh, and if I am told that this is "normal", I will point to my wife's 2010 Equinox, which is a mere month older, and has 17500 miles on it - it definitely does NOT sound like mine (and if I hear ANY similar noise coming from it, it too will be brought back to the dealer).
  • My wife's equinox has had some issues lately. This summer it was about 95 degrees out, headed down the highway, no wind, not going uphill and it downsifted into 4th gear and ran about 4,000 rpm and would not shift back up into 5th or 6th gear. It only happened once and she mentioned it the dealer at the next oil change and they couldn't find anything wrong. It has also seemed low on power, even lower than normal lately. This weekend the check engine light came on for a few days and then went off. Then Monday morning when I went to start it, it would start and run for about 1/2 a second then shut off. I did this about 4 times, went in and told her, came out and it started right up. It has the 2.4 liter. Has anyone ran into problems like this.

    It is a good looking car and drives nice other than being the most gutless vehicle I have ever driven. I'm a chevy person and have an 07 duramax, but this car is really starting to sour me on GM. Might have to go back to Fords, or got forbid get rid of the equinox and get her another Subaru.
  • I have a 2010 Equinox which currently has 13,211 miles on it. Obviously I don't drive it much. Last December 22, 2010 the check engine light came on and the car stalled at every traffic light. I took it to the dealer, they said they fixed it and the problem was my oil was very dirty. Did't make sense to me, but I'm not the mechanic, the oil only had maybe 2,000 miles on it. Yesterday same problem. Engine shut down at every light. Check engine light is on. Took it in today and the tech according to the service manager thinks he found the problem, but couldn't tell me if it would be done tomorrow. If it isn't am I not entitled to a loaner under the warranty. And if this happens again would this not be covered under the lemon law. Thanks for any help.
  • My dealer called me and gave me a vague story that there was something wrong with the timing chain and the belt tensioner. No explanation as to why there was low oil in the pan, except that the engine must have been burning it (there were no leaks). As to why it was burning it, no explanation. I'm anxious to see how long the repair will last. I've loved this vehicle and want to keep it, but reliability is key for me.
  • Bought my 2010 Equinox new. It went through the center console recall when I first got it, no problem. I kid you not, on the two-year anniversary of my purchase, the problems started. It wasn't running quite right. A few weeks ago, it started running really poorly, like it was going to stall when idling. The check engine light came on. In it went to the dealer...they updated two fuel software updates. Still not running quite right, threatening to stall while idling. Today, waiting at a stop light, the stabilitrak light came on. Now I have to schedule another visit to the dealership.

    My grandfather retired from GM. This is the second brand new GM product I've purchased, and I had two used GMs before that (although this is the only I miss my beloved Pontiacs!). I'm concerned that this is just the start of the problems. I'd be furious if it wasn't still under warranty...even so, it's time off work and time without a car to deal with this.
  • I have the same exact issue..perfect to what you are saying, they went through the center console, and when it was just at 2 years old it started to act like just as you explain..I live in Germany and we thought it was due to shipping..its not..after I see all these other people have the same issues. I took mine to an authorized dealer here in Germany and they say its my O2 censor. I am not sure about that..but we are waiting on the part to come in to have it fixed. Mine is running rough, engine light is on, my even stays started for a few seconds after I take the key out. (due to the ECU unit sending too much gas into the engine), stabilitrak comes on when I am stopped..sounds like our cars are just the same. I really wish GM would do something about this..I think it needs to have a recall as soon as they figure it out..seems that they all do not know what is wrong with our Equinoxs..:( Let me know what they say about what is wrong with yours..then maybe I can explain it to my dealer here..:) Hope its fixed soon!
  • bd2010bd2010 Posts: 3
    edited December 2011
    I picked up my 2010 Equinox from dealer yesterday. The invoice states the engine assembly, camshaft and actuator were replaced. All under warranty. But they charged me for an oil change. I told the cashier I did not come in for oil change, did not request oil change - there was no oil left to change. She said the service person I was dealing with was away this week and I should talk to him next week. When I got in the vehicle, I checked the oil life message. It was still at 50% as when I brought in the vehicle. I went back in the dealership and a service person came out and reset it. Because of the issues with oil/no oil, I will be checking the oil every week.

    On December 14th, when I brought my Equinox in for repair, the dealer did arrange a free rental for me. During the 1st 100 km I drove it, a 2012 Impala, the "change engine oil" message came on. Made me laugh (what else to do). At least the Impala lets you know you are due for an oil change.

    I note that this is an American website and I wanted to find a Canadian site to see if there was any recourse for us in Canada. If you are Canadian and having these problems, I recommend that you go to and send an e-mail message under Ownership/Customer Relations. I sent a brief message about problems I was having with my vehicle the night before I found out my vehicle was ready for pick up. Last night a customer service rep called me and asked me some questions and seemed to be genuinely interested in my concerns. She asked what dealer I was dealing with and said she would be contacting them to discuss my vehicle. I mentioned the oil change issue and she said GM would be sending me a "free oil change coupon".

    There seems to be at least one or two new postings a week on this site regarding the 2010 and 2011 Equinoxes. It is unfortunate that no one at GM has acknowledged to me there is a problem. I hope they fix what's wrong because I really like my Equinox and it is good to have it back.
  • Can someone tell me where to find the service bulletin for 2010 Equinox?
  • juve3juve3 Posts: 15
    Wow 2nd engine replacement, i'm still on my first =)... I had a major issue with oil comsumption and they replaced my engine, put a 2011 enging in my 2010 Equinox. This was a few months ago, so far no issues and no longer have a ticking noise.

    Now for the cabin air filter, it should. It's behind the glove box, changed mine in September.

    Going to the dealer soon to have them check the transmission, mine seems to be acting up. I really liked the Equinox when if first came out, but I can honestly say I regret it now.
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