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GMC Acadia Water Leaks

I don't know of any advice you guys can give me, I really just need to vent a little this morning.
My 08 Acadia started leaking 3 months after I bought it and was back at the dealership 24 days in the first year with 16 days being just for water leaks. They sealed windows and doors, unclogged drain tubes,performed the drain hose recall etc and the car has continued to leak.Even in a mild rain I can look up and watch water come through the sides of the sunroof. After a heavy rain the drivers seatbelt is wet when I pull it out and the carpet next to the seatbelt housing is damp. Yesterday after a heavy rain I got in the car and when I took off I heard a noise and looked in the rearview mirror to see water POURING out of the rear dome lights and back up sensor. The rear seats and carpet were soaked as well as the DVD remote and headphones that were back there. This makes 16 months my Acadia has leaked and there is no doubt that the car is full of mold. I tried dealing with GM customer service getting an offer of free oil changes for my trouble. I hired a lawyer who says I am well within the lemon guidelines and has filed a lawsuit against GM for a refund. GM has been dragging this out since Oct 08 hoping I will give up. Their latest offer is $4500 cash,I keep the Acadia,and I pay the $4000 in attorney fees. The dealership I bought the Acadia from showed no mercy on me which suprised me since they had been in business for over 40 years. They had my car at the end of Dec to take care of 9 problems. After 7 days they returned my car with most of the repairs not even attempted. They said they would pick up my car the following Monday to finish but never did. They kept putting me off over the phone then I read in the paper that they had sold out to the local Chevy dealer. The Chevy dealer says he only bought the assetts of the GMC dealership not their liabilities. No repairs have been done to my car since Dec 08 meaning I have lost 7 months of valuable warranty. This $44,000 Acadia looks great sitting in my driveway which is where it stays most because I am barely getting 10 mpg. After a year and a half of ownership I only have 10,400 miles because we can't take it anywhere.
If anyone from GM reads this post,you have made it clear that you don't care if I ever buy GM again. I don't know if you realize that my co workers,my friends and family and all my facebook connections hear about this on a regular basis. Good luck convincing them that "the new GM is different".


  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    sounds like the rear sunroof drain tubes. if they followed the recall instructions properly the rear tubes would have had extensions installed at the back of the drain tray, front of the tube section . than they would have to be sure that the tubes are not angled up anywhere ( otherwise the water draining out of the sunroof has nowhere to go but in). other issues include stationary roof glass mounting flange with extra holes.
    both of these require them to lower the headliner. also there are issues with the front drain tubes having restrictors in them allowing for easy debris build up and blockage of tube, this has been an ongoing problem for a long time, and if your dealer doesn't recognize text book symptoms of these issues i would contact the district rep. and go to another gmc dealer. the latest is that the dealers can only work on their product line for warrenty repairs, it is a
    3 hour repair

    good luck
  • I am reading these posts - I have the same horrible leak issues WHAT HAPPENED - did you get repaired? sue? get a new car? a buy out? please let me know!
  • I filed a lemon lawsuit in Feb. of this year and to date I have spent $5k in attorney fees and I am still waiting on a court date. GM is dragging this out to see if I will give in. The lemon guidelines for my state are very clear and my car does fall into the lemon category so I'm not giving up. GM customer service is a complete joke so don't even waste your time with them. If I had to do it over again I would have first contacted my states Attorney Generals office and the Better Business Bureau involving both the dealership and GM. I have read that people have luck this way because there is a stricter deadline to get things settled rather than wait on the court system. Good luck!
  • Now 21months of water leaks and counting. A couple of months ago the leaks got so bad that water was coming out of the overhead DVD player. I found another dealership to look at it, but because of the ongoing lawsuit with GM they wouldn't even touch it untill I signed a document saying I would not hold them responsible. They replaced the rear sunroof and as of yet I haven't seen any water coming in the rear. The front sunroof is leaking worse that it ever has but we have not had enough heavy rain for the drain trays to overflow.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    the front sunroof drain restrictors require about a half hour per side to repair, than the front leaks go away
  • 2007 GMC Acadia with 35,000+ miles. In rain storms for 2 days. Parked in home garage and after 3 days would not start. Towed to dealership and after 3 weeks of haggling with GM and insurance company still no resolution. Six module frozen and need replacing at an estimate of $1892. GM says says lightening must have hit vehicle and insurance says no evidence of entry or exit of lightening. The drain was fixed on a company recall. Have not noticed water leaking inside.
  • Hi all,

    First, I was really wrong with my miles on an earlier post, I'm at 46,500 miles (my hubby's truck is at 60,000).

    Anyhow, since last Friday, I've been driving around in a beautiful red Dodge Charger that doesn't leak in water!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only I can take all the bells & whistles out of my Acadia and put them into the Charger, I'd be in heaven once again!

    Last Tuesday, I took my 2007 Acadia into be serviced. Well, earlier I posted a water leak coming from the front passenger had only just begun. I had water streaming out the door, the interior lights (all 3), and the 3rd row seat, driver's side, seatbelt assembly! Go figure!!!! I took the car in and the service rep told me they would essentially put it under a shower to see where all the leaks are. Heck, they could've just left it sitting outside since Northern Calif is having massive rain day after day. Oh, they found the LEAKS alright.

    So, this is the 2nd go around with the sunroof & moonroof leaking as well as the interior lights (3rd row only) and the front passenger door; however, GMC says, "PAY UP!!!!!" The GMC local rep, advises that they will not cover the bad seal around the moon & sun roofs. I've been told that I have to pay a $200 deductible to have these issues fixed!!!!

    Due to the water pouring in like a river, the interior carpet is TRASHED! We were quoted roughly $13,000 - 18,000 to rip out the interior carpeting and replace it with new. Thank God for car & homeowners insurance. We called our insurance company & they sent an adjuster out to look at the car. They will pick up the tab and deemed it undriveable for now. We have to pay our $300 deductible with them as well. So now, I'm forking out $500 of my money when GMC needs to pull their heads out of their as-es & place a recall on ALL models & years on the Acadia!!!!!

    I am spending the day calling any & all numbers I can find for the head offices of GMC!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated mad. :mad: :cry:
  • duijiduiji Posts: 17
    I too had mine leak in the rear sun roof. I did not realize it until I found mold in the trunk compartment. It was one month after I bought, which I bought used with approx. 18,000 miles on it. They had it for three weeks to fix the problem. The dealer told me that when GM pressed the steel for the roof there were four holes created where the sunroof is installed that were never plugged. After numerous other problems I contacted the previous owner to find out she had it for just less than a year because she had too many problems. The final one being the leak, when the dealer told her it would be two or three weeks to repair it she had them get her out of the vehicle. They sold it to me that same day. Now I am not happy; with the dealer or GM. This has been a problem vehicle since day one and I am the one paying for it. I tried to trade out with an even trade only to have the dealer give me the run around. I have contacted an attourney and I have a definite case against them. I feel sorry for the large number of Acadia owners that are experiencing such difficulty. Mine is the best looking piece of junk I have ever owned.
  • cn315cn315 Posts: 1
    So I wish I found these threads before I purchased this vehicle. I recently bought a used 2007 GMC Acadia SLT2. It is a used car so there were a few things we expected like a button missing and minimal wear and tear (it was a lease). But we recently found that the passenger electric does not work all the time. My boyfriend opened the electric panel on the door and took out the plug. Sure enough as he let the plug hang water came pouring out. Once we empty the water out after it rains the electric starts working again but this is making me worry. I took it to carmax (where we bought it from) and they said they cant find anything wrong with it. If we take it back to carmax, and hope they actually try and find out what the problem is, it will be free. But is it better taking it to a dealer since others have reported this problem?? Im getting nervous this small leaking issue is going to turn into something worse like everyone else is talking about :-(. Any feedback would be great! :(
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I am from GM Customer Service. I apologize that you are having concerns with your vehicle. Can you please email me so I can look at your situation further? Click on my name and you will see my email address. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Thanks for the input on contact the BBB and atty general. I too have an Acadia it leaks and has never been fixed right and now have electrical issues. Terrible. They too offered mr free oil. How sweet! We need to all get together and slap a class action on the lazy butts!! I can't afford a trade in loss so I am going to let mine be voluntary repossed. Very sad. Will ruin my credit.
  • Have u had any luck?? I also own a pos Acadia.
  • Really?? Gmc customer service??? What is that??? I have contacted u guys and y'all don't do crap!! 2 1/2 years this has been going on and ALL you guys offered was freekin free oil change for a year!! My car leak has electrical problems and I don't want it any more!! If I wanted to get wet while driving I would have bought a BOAT!! I have dealt with specialst after specialist. There is a thing called good will. All of these people on here are not making this crap up! GM needs to buy back my car for what is owed. I have had NOTHING but headache out of this car. I don't even know if the airbags will work after water leaking out of them. In the hot Texas summer my car smells like a wet sock and your "specialist" seriously said well that car isn't designed to park on an incline!! Wow!! My car has been taken apart scratched up put back and rattles. Now I hear there is yet another recall on my heated wipers again because u didn't fix it the first time!! Well shut my mouth GM didn't fix it the first time shocker!! Do everyone a favor and burn this design and start over!! Although it won't be me purchasing gm y'all don't stand behind your mistakes!
  • I finally got out of my 08 acadia, gm settle with me after a long and tired some year and a half. I lost 7,000 on the car plus lawyer fee. But will never buy gm again. If they would of done the right thing in the first placed and had not forced me to hirer a lawyer. I probable would of bought another arcadia. Because even though they have not recalled them, which they should. I garrrantee the new model will not have the same problem with a leaky sun roof... So now I am a proud owner of a Sequioa Toyota. Wish me luck.. :)
  • I too am having numerous problems with my 2007 Acadia. It has always been serviced at GMC dealerships and my latest problem is a deal-breaker: this fishhook problem with the transmission. After $3,000 and two dealerships (tearing apart and rebuilding the transmission and installing software updates) nothing can be found wrong with the transmission other than it loses power at 30 and 50mph. Is GMC going to help its loyal customers by fixing what is clearly some sort of design fault?
  • I own a 2008 GMC Acadia and I have to admit I love this car. It has almost everything I could have asked for in a car. However, It has many things that are what I feel are production flaws. I am the second owner and If i could find the original owner I promise he would say he traded it because he couldn't find all the leaks. I have had it at the dealer every month since I purchased it in August 2010. Every time it rains we find a leak. Because the head liner in the car is fiberglass on the top it has made it very hard to find all the leaks. All of the water will run to the lowest spot on the car. I have had water running out below the dash, windows, sunroof and most recently now the seatbelt. I have been told and had fixed the luggage rack leak, the sunroof drains repaired, the sunroof seals replaced even told the windshield was leaking. Every time I take it in the dealer has to drop the head liner to find the leak. After 6 times things are not going back together right. I dont want to get rid of the car! I just want it fixed...for good! So let this be a little idea of what you are getting into if you decide to purchase one of these beautiful cars. Oh, and the gas mileage is not what the dealer said either I do good to get 14mpg and that is even on the hwy. I thought buying a cross over would be better that a SUV but I was wrong again.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Water anywhere in the interior of a vehicle is not good moreso behind the dash where there are a lot of electrical connections. That being the case along with the development of mold would have me dumping the vehicle as soon as possible.

    While it's not the same as owning a flood vehicle it runs a close second.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Can you please email me with your contact information including mailing address and a good number to reach you, VIN, current mileage, involved dealer, and Edmunds user name? I would like to look into this for you. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • mp34mp34 Posts: 1
    Wow. I see that i'm not the only Acadia owner with the water leak issue. I have a red 2008 Acadia SLT2 and it is leaking water on the passenger side. My carpet is soaked. I can hear the rain water moving around the inside of my roof and water leaks through the door side airbag outlets. Does any know where the problem might be? Im also worried that it may affect my electrical systems.
  • Are the water leaks still present on some of the newer models (2010, 2011)? My 2011 SLT1 is at the dealer for a water leak problem, maybe around the sunroof. I was aware of the issue in older models (2007,08) when I bought it, but thought the issue had been addressed. I have had the vehicle only 1 month. Wife loves it for the kid and dogs, and it rides great. Mileage is terrible, however. Appreciate comments from folks who have 2010 or 2011. Thanks.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Has your issue been resolved? Please keep me updated to your progress with this issue. The best fuel economy possible is the direct result of proper maintenance and good driving habits. Listed below are GM's recommendations to achieve the best mileage possible. The first group are things to consider for your vehicle, while the second are tips relating to your driving habits.

    One of the major contributors to poor fuel economy are under inflated tires. Tires low with pressure create drag that the vehicle’s powertrain must overcome, wasting dollars in fuel. Always keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure as shown on the vehicle placard. This not only serves to increase gas mileage but cuts down on tire wear, further decreasing your costs per mile.

    A vehicle that has a dirty air filter can’t efficiently draw air into the engine. This restriction forces the engine to expend energy to "breathe" wasting fuel in the process. Change recommendations are found in your vehicle Owner’s Manual.

    Always use the proper viscosity oil in your engine. Oil that has a higher than required viscosity will create more drag on the internal components of the engine causing more work for it, especially when cold. Each Owner’s Manual contains information on the proper type of oil for your vehicle. Look for the "starburst" symbol on the front of the bottle, and the SM rating on the API circle on the back label. If you are in doubt, stop by your dealer for an oil change, and any other services required. Most current GM vehicles are equipped with oil life monitors to further assist on the "when" to change your oil. (Aveo/Wave/Optra/Epica currently do not have oil life monitors).

    Note: GM Vehicles DO NOT require additional engine oil additives. Some additives may cause harmful effects to the internal seals and additionally void the terms of your vehicles New Car Warranty.
    Purchasing higher than required octane fuel is a waste of money. Using higher octane fuels in a vehicle that only required regular unleaded fuel will neither increase performance nor improve gas mileage. In all cases refer to your owner’s manual and ONLY use the octane rated fuel recommended for your vehicle.

    Even though current GM vehicles have 100,000 mi (160,000 km) service intervals for spark plugs if your vehicle is at that point in its life, have the spark plugs changed to assure proper running and continued efficient, trouble free operation.

    Avoid quick/full throttle acceleration from a standstill in town and high cruising speeds on the interstates. While the optimum MPG for highway cruising speed varies from vehicle to vehicle, faster is almost always worse. If your vehicle is equipped with a Driver Information Center that displays Instant Fuel Economy, select that readout and vary your cruising speed while on the highway. The display will change continuously with uphill and downhill sections but you should quickly be able to identify on level ground the speed range that your vehicle does the best in. Avoid leaving unnecessary items in your trunk. It takes power to move increased weight and that means more gasoline consumption and reduced performance. While the change may be slight, multiplied by thousands of miles, it all adds up. Your vehicle uses much more fuel when the engine is cold. This is especially true in the winter months when the engine will take the longest to warm up. Combine errands or trips so that the vehicle only needs to warm up once to encompass many different stops.

    I hope this information helps. If you need anything please feel free to email me directly.
    GM Customer Assistance
  • woody123woody123 Posts: 1
    Like many others in this forum I am having a problem with a leak in my Acadia. It began as a minor problem, but has progressed to flooding the passenger foot well with every rain. The driver side now is also leaking. I'm not sure of the source, but I believe it's only a matter of time before it results in an electronic mishap. I will be contacting my dealer for help, but the car has nearly 41000 miles on it and does not appear to be within the recall limits. Does anyone know if GM will honor this repair as a recall or warranty problem?
  • js4u2nvjs4u2nv Posts: 1
    we purchased a 2008 acadia SLT with dual roofs a month ago from a GM dealership out of town. 2 weeks after purchase AS-IS, the water leaks started. brought it to our local GM dealership to hopefully cover under warranty since the dealership we purchased from won't do anything, but when they pulled it all apart, they said it wasn't the moonroofs, it was all 4 body seams seperating on the vehicle allowing water in the headliiner. HOW DOES ALL 4 BODY SEAMS SEPERATE WITHOUT EVER BEING IN AN ACCIDENT!!!? GM couldn't answer that question... of course. I called GM corporate to ask for reimbursement since we bought from a GM dealership and only had the car 2 weeks. They said nope, sorry for ya, it's not under the bumper-to-bumper warranty any longer (due to mileage) and it'd be an expense we have to pay for. $570.00 later!!!! got it home after it was "fixed" til the next week, another rain storm, and more leaks.... we just got it back a couple days ago and it's supposedly "fixed" for good now... i guess the next rain storm will determine that. needless to say we are TICKED and I told GM that we'd be steering clear from purchasing from them in the future. this is absolutely rediculous that a big expensive newer model vehicle has had this many problems and GM seems to be ignoring it.... UNBELIEVABLE! and they want us to buy american cars.... YIKES! If you are contemplating buying an acadia, although they look GORGEOUS, i'd think twice about it now... too bad i didn't do my homework before purchasing....
  • I bought my 2007Acadia brand new,waited 7 weeks to get it. I just noticed the leak problem. My car is always kept in our garage. One day it down poured rain while I was out all day, It was raining ithe car as well. Rain was coming in everywhere!! I brought it to the dealer Maarch 10th, 2011 and paid $400.00 to have it fixed! Soon after everything went down hill! My radio started going in & out, my car died twice and had to be jumped, there is no sound when i turn on my turn signal. We thought it was the battery. Not so, put in a new battery and my car has no sound. No radio, no turn signal, no seatbelt bing sound nothing!!! Now it's back at the dealer. I wonder how much this is goung to cost?
  • Dealer just called another $550.00 going into the Acaida. Water shorted out the radio. Really??? I hate this Acaida!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I’m sorry to hear about the concerns you’re having with your Acadia. I see you’re planning on taking your vehicle to the dealer so if you continue to have concerns after, please let me know. Also, if you don’t mind keeping us updated on the situation, I’d appreciate it.

    GM Customer Service
  • racerx21racerx21 Posts: 1
    Well, add me to the list.
    I just returned from a quick trip to the store in the rain. You guessed it. Water in the passenger foot well. It appeared as though the water was coming in near the top of the windshield/sun roof.
    I bought this car a year ago with about 25,000 miles on it. I even checked on line to see if there were any issues. The sunroof seemed to be a concern. I had the dealer verify that it had been fixed under some type of recall. Here we go, spend time and money to fix something that supposedly was fixed. As another stated, the vehicle is very attractive and gets reasonable mileage, compared to my previous Jeep Grand Cherokee V8.
    I will post any progress.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    Please keep us posted on any information after you take the vehicle to your dealership.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • ispellaispella Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    I decided to clean the garage and have been parking the car outside. It has been raining several weeks now, noticed a leak coming from the lights inside above the rear seats (not the buckets seats). Call GMC directly and they called to set me up an appointment since I am still under warranty with 5000K miles. Took it to get fixed, they explained the weather proof strip was missing an inch and that the holes that are punched were also miss aligned around back moonroof causing the leak. So they fix it even let me use a car for 3 days. 1 1/2 weeks later just noticed the leak again. I am so dissapointed that we spent 44K on this car. The good thing is we got plenty of warranty left and I am glad I discovered the problem early. But wondering after reading all this comments if it will get resolved or we will end up with mold and electrical problems. GMC have been aware of this problem but yet they are not fixing it for newer models. I ask the mechanic if workers on the line or doing this part of the cars and he said this parts are installed with machines. I wonder if GMC thinks it is cheaper to let this problem continue and fix the cars under warranty then spend the money to fix their machines. I do not recommend this vechicle on anyone for 44K something leaking is RIDICULOUS!! Should of stuck to a mini-van. I feel bad for those like me, who were not aware of this problem before buying this car. I did not research enough. The car will be back in the shop in a few days, after that I am running a hose everywhere. Summer is coming up maybe my kids can enjoy a waterpark in our vechicle!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for your frustrations. Please keep me updated on your situation. I would also recommend reporting this to Customer Assistance.
    GM Customer Service
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