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GMC Acadia Water Leaks



  • Awatters,

    I'm sorry to hear about the leaking concern you're encountering with your Acadia, and I see that you're already working with Customer Assistance. How is that progressing?

    GM Customer Service
  • awatters, we too are having the same problem. We actually had water literally POUR down on the steering wheel and down the inside side of our windshield. We were in complete SHOCK! We are completely beside ourselves. To be completely honest I have read leak after leak problems for these GMC Acadias (ours is a 2008 that we just purchased the end of June) that I believe it is time to go public! Something has to be done! This is not right that so many buyers have purchased these EXPENSIVE vehicles to have them be a lemon! Can you click on my user name and see if you can access my email to private email me?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please email me directly with your VIN, current mileage, involved dealer, and complete contact information? Have you spoke with GM Customer Assistance? I look forward to hearing from you.
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi Christina,

    I called yesterday and I'm working with Norma. The left side above the driver door is completely soaked today! I have taken pics the 1st is the driver side and the 2nd is the passenger side. I will be filming the leaks out the air bags and the 1/2 a cup or so that pours straight down on the dash & inside of the windshield.
    The dealership can't get my car in until Monday. I took it by there today to show them these leaks. The service receptionist was SHOCKED and the service guy was as well. We will speak with Norma on Monday, but this is not something that we believe we should have to pay out of our pockets. If it does come down to that we will get an attorney involved. We are beyond frustrated Christina. This MADDENING! This is just down right WRONG! My husband has a manufacturing business and if his products are not right, he has to man up and fix the mistake out of his business pockets or issue a refund. We hope to have this problem fixed asap.
    Thank you. Photobucket
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  • Now I have more issues...and of course, should've just returned the car but dealership owners are so good at promising stuff to get you back in a car that they should be running our country - oh wait, politicians and car salesmen are the same breed - so they basically are!

    GMC - I've never been so disappointed with something in my life! I absolutely love my 08 acadia, bought it on 12.31.07 and actually took it from the dealership's owner (his stuff was all in the car) and probably referred at least 30 people to them to purchase a new Acadia because I loved it so much! In just 3 short months my family got into my car, and drove out our driveway - my two boys in the back screamed they were just soaked! This is the start of a horrible nightmare that is still going on right now. Fast forward a few years, and over 6 times of being in the Service department, running the shower on it 5 times to locate the leak, and now other issues.....water runs out of the airbag location over my steering wheel, seat belt assemblies throughout the car, dash, carpets soaked, interior fuse box, and yes, my car looks like its been taken apart numerous times with all the scratches, seat lumbar knob missing, terrible spacing/stretching in the headliner, dash was removed and not set back properly- I am so devastated! Very regretful that I didn't just give it back to them after the first so-called repair didn't work - 6 months after purchasing! GMC did pay for one month of my payments because it was in the shop 3.5 weeks of an entire month.... WOW such a big help!

    Now, I have ignition problem that they say I have to pay $1400 to repair, and its not because of the water leak - its a fuse block short! Well, wouldn't I have experienced something other than my car still running after the key has been removed from the ignition???? REALLY! Oh, and not to mention that during one of the attempts to repair my water leak, someone must have screwed up my evaporator coil under my dash because I've had to place $100 worth of Freon into my AC system 4 times this summer and 6 times total last year. Its another $1500 to fix that error that shouldn't be there!

    Lemon law in GA is very strict, and was recently changed...I truly just want GMC to buy my car back or fix it! I do love this car, unfortunately I strongly dislike the service dept and dealership that sold it to me! I certainly hate to be such a dissatisfied LOYAL GMC/Chevroley customer but somebody needs to step up with all this and make it right!!!! GMC - do we really have to go PUBLIC with this water leak - like you need any more bad publicity when you're trying to make your come-back or REBOUND???? :lemon:
  • I feel your pain. I had my car in the shop 10 times in the month of Oct. We did get our situation remedied and got a new car out of it. Ask your dealer to contact the rep that works with their store. Once the rep got involved, the problem was handled the way GM would have want it to be.
  • Bevdarien,
    After reading your post, I completely understand why you are frustrated. Have you already been working with Customer Assistance through these repairs?
    GM Customer Service
  • I SO feel your frustration, anger, dismay, etc. I can't get my car in until Monday, but I'm DONE! I'm seriously ready to drive this LEMON off a cliff! We got in our car today to have the complete headliner soaked! I picked my son up from school and when I turned of the car & took the key out it kept running...did this 3x in a row. My husband had replaced the battery on Monday from the car doing the same thing last week. I aboslutely LOVED this car when we purchased it in June...I ABSOLUTELY HATE it now!!! I'm purposely telling anyone who will listen (grocery clerks, friends, Facebook, relatives, parents from our children's school, etc.) When I picked up my son today from school. I just had to laugh when I backed out and water poured down on him from the visor. My left foot got soaked as well. My son said "why are you laughing?" I said, I didn't laugh I would scream.
    I'm looking into a class action lawsuit. Would you be interested in coming along the side of us? I'm sorry, but this truly is NOT RIGHT!! Something HAS to be done and we are willing to be the forerunners to begin something!
  • Is there away that we can exchange contact information? We would like to know how you received your new car out of it? Thanks for any help!

    From a very frustrated Acadia owner.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    If you mark your email "public" in your Profile, other members can click your member name and get your contact info.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Please keep me posted on your progress. Please feel free to email me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.
    GM Customer Service
  • I made my email public. Feel free to contact me. At that point I can give you phone #.
  • Yes, GM is well aware of the problem. Save your time and energy on the leagl suits... many have tried. You don't think its a coincidence the roof rack system looks different on the 2009s and newer. They just don't want to do a full recall and probably don't have the answer for a poor design. Quick review... I bought a 2008 acadia used... didn't realize the water problem (after doing what I thought was a ton of research on the model - had foreign, but with three kids needed something bigger - so bought first american ever). It leaked after having a month and half... dealer was a good group... They said give them a chance to fix it. I said after the first rain if it comes back I want you to take it back - well it rained again and soak on two of my kids... I raised hell and had them break the sale - which I truly believe they never do since it was a couple of hours back and forth with the dealer and GM... dealership was awesome... bought a new one 2011 at a mild discount. yes... I was out more money, but didn't want the headache especially since I know other mechanical stuff is coming at some point - its american for crying out loud - no issues with water at all on new one... I tell you though... after every rain I run my hand along the headliner, just to check... I have to let it go at some point)...

    Ok... Here is the deal... The dealer WILL NEVER be able to fix it. No matter how good their intentions are... poor design and your headliner will be ripped to pieces. Awhile back I found a post somehwere (i probably read hundreds of posts on this - yes hundreds) he is the deal... i guess GM had cut a few holes (two?) for some additional rack of functionality on the stationary moon roof. They decided to not go with the design for some reason and plugged the holes with that foam which leaks through... the pillar tubes have been an issue, but I think most of the water comes from the moon roof... and here is the clincher... you can't see the holes from the bottom, .i.e not by removing the headliner... ok the post said that they took it to a glass guy - the type that replace windshields... who removed the stationary moon roof from the top... once you do that you can see the holes pretty clearly then plug them with sealer, supposed no more problem. GM will not do this for you -- they can't... If you want to avoid the headaches: legal, GM customer service with no answers, but polite replies, service at the deallership with no real power... try this route...

    Good luck!
  • I've been reading a LOT of posts from people having the same problems that I'm having. I've had my 2011 GMC Acadia Denali for about 6 months now. It's garage kept at home and at my wife's job. However, it was recently left outside for several hours during a steady rain and when I got in, I noticed that it was leaking pretty bad around the front dome lights and the rear ceiling lights as well. So much so, that it was literally dripping onto the front console and the 3rd row seats. In fact, the rear ceiling lights were partially filled with standing water. (that can't be good for the electrical system)
    I will be contacting the dealer first thing Monday morning to get it in for repairs. My major concerns are mold and electrical problems. Has anybody else had issues with either?
  • We would like to get a Customer Assistance case set up with you, if you would like. Please email us your name/user name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and the name of your involved dealership.

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • I tried finding your email and it says private. What state do you live in? Are you fb? My car is has been at the dealers since Wednesday. I couldn't take it anymore! My husband called the dealership and that they need to do something. The dealership so far has been wonderful. The owner is suppose to be getting back to to us tomorrow to see what they can do for us. We told them we do NOT want that car back! Maybe we can connect through fb? I will let you know how tomorrow goes.
  • Hi Christina,

    Norma is the one that is handling this case. The dealership as our car and we don't want it back! The dealership we have been working with is amazing and I hope to be able to continue to say that after this nightmare is over. We will find out more tomorrow on what is going to happen next.

    Thank you
  • Ours is a 2008 and we have been having many different electrical problems. You will find from googling that others too have had many issues. Our car stinks so bad it is HORRIBLE! It is sad to hear that even the 2011 are having the same issues as the 07-08. Get a case # with GM and then I hope the dealer helps you. Our car has been in since Wednesday and we don't want it back! It is a total LEMON! I don't know about you or other owners on here, but we are going legal if GM doesn't handle our case. Our local news station has a section if we have a story that we want them to investigate that my mother-in-law was on a year ago for an RV dealership. I have contact information of whom she dealt with at the news station and I will send in our story. We are going to give GM & the dealership a chance 1st to handle this though, so we will see how tomorrow goes. Good luck to you.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    You can mark your email "public" in your Profile and other members will be able to reach you that way.
  • Sparky, good afternoon
    I just bought a 2011 Acadia SLT2 with all the options. namely the skylights/moomlight. As I have been reading throught the posts, I was hoping the leaking issue had been resolved. My vehicle has not been left outside in the rain yet. Winter is approaching and I expect to see lots of ice/snow and rain being built up on skylights. please, I would like to know the out come of your dealer visit. I have been chasing the poor gas milage issues with my Acadia. Seems to be getting around 12 MPG. I have opened a case with GM service rep. How is the gas milage on your Acadia?
  • lilyylilyy Posts: 1
    We got our car in 2009 and it was my gift from my husband for having a baby boy,I really wanted that car but, just a week after we got it we had a few rainy days and the problems started. For the first year we had it we felt it was more at the dealer place that us driving it. I tried to contact customer service and I didn't get any where with that. Finally they figured it out. The problems and the roof was fixed but now we are dealing with the electrical problems (all the beeping noise that the car does, like not putting you seat belt on or when you turn your left or right signal, was going through the stereo and it was so loud that you could not listen without closing your ears), our stereo is disconnected and it has to be replaced. When we took the stereo out of the car the panel that holds the stereo is rusted and I am sure it's not all of the problem.I am really disappointed and I hope I can get an answer from someone on this situation.
  • rj…I just got the Acadia back from the dealer. Took 4 days to repair. They claim they fixed it (only time will tell). They said it was just what they thought it was because this wasn't the first one they've had to repair. I guess it had something to do with not enough sealant around the rear skylight. Should anything happen again in terms of interior leaks, I'll be sure to post it here again.
    As for gas mileage, that seems to be the worst part of the Acadia. We're getting about 15 mpg. 12 seems very low.
  • Help! I am having the same water leak problems. Bought mine used about 6 months ago or so and about a month after I got it it started leaking above the driver side door soaking the headliner. Last week I took it to a dealer and they said the drain tubes had come off on the front sunroof but that they fixed it. Well while at Church today it started raining so the first thing I did when I got out to the car was look to see if it was leaking. Well everything was dry and I was so happy, but that didn't last long. By the time I got back to the house it was leaking in the same sopt, but actually worse that it was orginally. To top it off, I looked in the rear view mirrror and there was water dripping out of the back up sensor light and the interior dome light above the third row which it has never leaked here before so apparaently all the dealship did was make things worse. I am so mad! Spent alot of money on this vehicle and it leaks like crazy. I guess I am taking it back to the dealership tomorrow because its leaking so much that I am afraid to drive it. In this forum, these GM Customer Service reps are asking folks to send them there info. Why have they not told us what the actual problem is? I mean come on, I have read thousands of complaints with the same exact issue. What needs to happen to get this fixed???? Hey GM Customer Service Rep, what do I need to do? I am taking mine back to the dealership tomorrow. Can you get a Customer Assistance case going for me?
  • Lillyy,

    Did you ever open any Service Requests with Customer Service? Please email those to us, and we'll look into this further to see if there's anything we can assist with.

    GM Customer Service
  • Cbrown2008,

    We are more than willing to get a Customer Assistance case set up for you. Please email us some more details, including your name and username, the last 8 digits of your VIN, current mileage on your vehicle, the name of your involved dealership, and the details of the visit(s) you have made to address this concern.

    Thank you for your patience and willingness to work with us,
    GM Customer Service
  • Looking forward to hearing how the repair holds up.

    GM Customer Service
  • Guy,good morning
    I noticed your duty station is Rhode Island. I assume your here at Newport with me. If so. Look me up in global E-mail. So we can discuss the Acadia issues. I just purchased in November a 2011 SLT2. Richard.j.Glenn
  • My 2011 just returned from the dealer, who found nothing wrong with the vehicle. I was told by the service department that I will have to accept the poor gas mileage of 12 mpg and that the black exhaust is normal.
    As I have mention in a previous post on Edmunds. The dealer can't fix something that has an inherent design flaw. This is demonstrated by the fact that no error codes show up when the service technician does a scan. As far as the technician is concerned, everything is operating satisfactorily. Until GM recognizes and task there engineering group to research the issue nothing will be done. Accept customer service collecting data and archiving said data. This is truly a sad issue, when a customer is paying upwards of $50,000 dollars for a vehicle that does not performed per the advertize specification (gas mileage). This is truly fraudulent and deceitful advertizing to the consumer. I expect GM to be very slow if ever to acknowledge and rectify the issue. It will cost too much money. Apparently GM would rather gamble that this issue will not affect future sales of Acadia's. Had I read this Edmunds blog, I would have never purchase the vehicle. This issue is, you can probably guess is for poor gas milage. have been able to get the news media attention on the multiple Acadia issues?
  • Guy, good morning and to all who are having water leaks. During the repair process for the leaking moonroofs is the headliner being replaced? if the headliner is not replaced, expect serious mold and mildew issues shortly. This will have a great effect on people with any type of respiratory and or allergy issues.
  • dg79dg79 Posts: 5
    I am on active duty in the US Army. While attending my officer advance course at Ft Lee Virginia, I purchased a new 2007 GMC Acadia VIN# 1GKER33737J151915 from a GMC dealership nearby. After the course, I served a year at Ft Bragg, NC. While at Ft Bragg, my vehicle was serviced by a GMC service center in Fayetteville twice for recalls, one recall was to fix a defect in the sun roof that was causing water leaks. I had the vehicle serviced in 09 while the vehicle was still under warranty just before shipping this vehicle to South Korea for a two year military assignment. During the last service, I identified some electrical issues. Soon after my arrival in Korea, more electrical issues developed along with mystery water leaks that were saturating the carpet and causing mold to grow inside the vehicle. Turns out there is no certified GM service center in all of South Korea so I had to live with the leaks and electrical problems. Finally after about a year, I had a minor accident where my tire hit a guard rail at a low rate of speed. All the air bags deployed but there was no other damage to the vehicle. At this point I quit using the vehicle for the second year because it had no air bags, the seat belts didn’t work, the AC and heater didn’t work, the left blinker didn’t work, the engine would not shut off with the key, the battery box behind the passenger seat kept flooding with water and I had to disconnect a battery cable every time I parked the car to keep the battery from dying. I ended up buying a old clunker to get around my final year. I am now stationed at Ft Carson, Colorado and have shipped the vehicle back to the USA. I am now trying to resolve all these issues with a local GM service center in Colorado Springs and am being told that the vehicle is basically totaled but since it is now out of warranty, I am stuck. I now owe $12,000 on a really good looking vehicle that I cannot use. I am now in contact with GM customer service, we will see if they are willing to do the right thing.
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