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Chevy Tahoe Stabilitrak Problems



  • rhagen1rhagen1 Posts: 7
    I have a 2007 Suburban. I embarked on a 3,000 mile family vacation to Montana. After 1,300 miles of problem free driving, the stabilitrak, traction control and engine lights came on indicating "Stabilitrak off" and "traction control off". It was saying service needed.

    At the very same time, the engine started to have hesitation upon acceleration. This was all happening in the middle of Montana yesterday. I am now in Montana with my family worried about driving the vehicle for fear that it will cease to operate and leave us stranded. I have only 60,000 miles on this car and am very upset about what's happening, in particular, because we are thousands of miles from home.

    I do not like what I'm reading about the steering locking up or the brakes having an issue. I have my three young children in the car.

    I will be taking my car in to a dealer in upstate Montana tomorrow. I would really like to hear from customer service as to possible solutions to this problem so I can assist the dealer in diagnosing and fixing the problem.

    Thank you.
  • rhagen1rhagen1 Posts: 7
    Sounds like we have the same problem. Have you been able to solve your issue?

    If so, I would really appreciate anything you can tell me. I'm traveling on a long road trip, thousands of miles from home and worried that my very expensive suburban won't get me home.

    Thank you.
  • I will back peddle on my last post re raping by dealership ( GM canada still charges double what GM US does for parts , since they are the same company..RAPE does still apply however)

    In this case I took the truck to Budds in Oakville ( former Kerr and now only dealer in town ) they ran the engine codes and came up with clean throttle body and injectors. This cost me around 300 and the truck is a fine. The whole stabiltrak/traction/ hard shift problem went away

    Oil level fixed under warranty ( which the previous dealer claimed wasnt a warranty item ,( Nothing was a warranty item at oakville chev)

    Electrical problem with door RE: FIRE required BCM reprogram ($100)

    Throw in an oil change and the day was 600 which I am very happy with as I was expecting over 600 in parts for the BCM alone

    Very happy with the dealer and the cost was fair . Provided the fix holds..Happy GM customer again
  • rhagen1rhagen1 Posts: 7
    Thank you for the information. I called my chevy serviceman this morning before receiving your message and he came up with the same solution - throttle body sensor. I'm comforted that your solution is the same that he suggested. The Montana chevy dealer, hopefully, will come up with the same solution.

    Thanks again.
  • benjo777benjo777 Posts: 6
    My 2007 Tahoe has been in the dealership for over a week now. This is the 4th time in looking for a solution. Currently the are replacing parts trying to find the solution, which was my initial worry. They replaced an O2 sensor then did something to the intake valve. They are still receiving a check engine light and are currently stumped on a solution. So currently around $700 deep it sounds like I don't have a solution. I'll keep posting on here if they do find a solution. If not, pursuing a Lemon Law suit might be at stake.

    jackson, wy
  • acroweacrowe Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 LTZ that has has many of the same issues. We had the engine replaced at 41k...STILL burning oil like crazy. The drivers seat works half the time...usually have to put in gear, drive 2 blocks, park and it will adjust. The left passenger window will go down, but won't go up from the passengers controls. The brake light doesn't work (have tried 3 separate light bulbs) The traction control/stabiltrack light is on. We had the parking assist sensors replaced last year ($$$ and lying dealership)...the ENTIRE front dash went out. The tailgate sometimes will not work. This vehicle looks great, drives great, but is POORLY manufactured. Oops...this weekend I was filling it with gas and went to open the door broke off. What did the dealer say? "SORRY...this is going to cost a LOT to fix"...SERIOUSLY...when the entire electrical system seems shorted, why can't this company stand by their products? I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for a vechicle. Hard to imagine we saved this company that produces such crap.
  • acroweacrowe Posts: 4
    to add..the parking assist is broken AGAIN...unreal. We also had to change the battery...seems Ford purred along for years. Lots of excuses at the dealership..."never heard of ANY of these problems sir..."

    I guess they dont read the internet or any of the dealer recommended solutions that GM sends out.
  • tylernkytylernky Posts: 8
    it has only happened one more time in three weeks, i have been waiting for a solution to the problem, the brakes have not reacted again, but the steering wheel did lock up when pulled over and tried to put in park. Turned truck off and lights went off and steering unlocked.

    BUT, not everytime since the first episode, the truck has a hard start, turn key once and it tries to start for 15 seconds or more, turn key off and immediately try again and it finally starts, but extremely ruff idle and then smooths out, but, constantly notice chugging power up hills and spit and sputter when leaving a full stop. then fine agai. but, now, EVERY single start I have to keep trying until it does.

    Any solutions? Is this Throttle Body sensor really the issue? Anyone sell this part to install myself?

    Thanks all
  • acroweacrowe Posts: 4
    new one today! Dropped friends off at the airport...left truck idling, got out and removed luggage from back..closed tailgate...went to get back in...DOORS were all locked!

    Thank god the back window opened...had to crawl through to doors!

    why is it that with all these issues that GM has not issued multiple recalls instead of asking me to shell out more and more dollars when I already spent 50k+ on this thing?
  • rhagen1rhagen1 Posts: 7
    The service shop put it on the computer and the codes led the shop to believe that it was a problem with the intake. They think that's what is causing the vehicle to use an inordinate amount of oil between oil changes.

    Having said that, it was supposed to be done today, but the shop hasn't called yet so I'm thinking that they fixed the intake issue (possibly gasket) but that didn't fix the issue.

    Another service shop I spoke with mentioned that if you're having a lot of electrical issues, the body control module is probably the issue. I'm not having a lot of electrical issues like you are. I would look into replacing the BCM.

    Somewhere in this blog, I read that one person had an intake gasket issue. I'm hoping that's my problem.

    After reading all the blog replies, I believe there are a number of different issues with our model of car.

    Although I'm beyond my warranty period (by one week), GM has agreed to give me a "good will" warranty and fix my car without cost. I think GM may realize that there are some significant problems that need to be addressed with the $60K car we all purchased.
  • Another service shop I spoke with mentioned that if you're having a lot of electrical issues, the body control module is probably the issue. I'm not having a lot of electrical issues like you are. I would look into replacing the BCM.

    It doesnt necessarily need to be replaced, the BCM can also be reprogramed at any dealership.
  • acroweacrowe Posts: 4
    update: when dealer replaced engine they installed it incorrectly and tires have rubbed off all the casing on the wiring harness..NICE! Let's hope they fix it now as I had to take it to a different dealer to diagnose the issue. Funny thing is that even though this has been ongoing and progressive, it wasn't noticed when brakes or new tires were done st the original dealer, yet new dealer saw it when a mechanic was going out for a smoke prior to lifting it...

    I am guessing I am in for a battle with the original dealer...
  • mmindietammindieta Posts: 1
    I too am having issues with my 07 Tahoe. We are on a trip in south texas and had to replace our tires. We are on our way home and the stabilitrack/ tractcion control keeps flashing. Now the check engine light is on. We stopped the Tahoe to check it but that was the wrong thing to do. It wouldn't restart. We had to wait about 15 minutes and try. Luckily it started and we are back on the road. The stabilitrack/ traction light and engine light is still on. We have 300 more miles to go, hope we make it.
  • rhagen1rhagen1 Posts: 7
    Some of the messages I've read indicated that changing tires (other than the size originally put on the vehicle) could cause the computer to think that the wheels are spinning at different rates or something to that effect. This will cause the stabilitrak and traction control lights to go off.
  • rhagen1rhagen1 Posts: 7
    My car seems to be fixed. The Chevy dealer said that there were three technical service bulletins that related to my problem.

    Here were my symptoms: my car threw the stabilitrak and traction control warning lights and the engine light came on. The car would then run sluggishly with hesitation and poor acceleration. At idle speed the car wanted to die or stall. Here is another symptom that I thought was unrelated, but apparently was an overall symptom. My car would eat oil quickly. I had to add a quart about every 1,000 miles. The dealership where I bought the car said it was normal. The dealership that just fixed my car said it was not normal.

    Here's what the recent service station found. This is there write up. . . "Found oil in the PVC system. Referenced document 2680306 (I think this is the technical service bulletin number), which stated to install updated valve cover if excessive oil was found in intake, and follow latest version of 10-06-01-008. That document (2596962) states to install the AFM deflector in the oil pan and perform the combustion chamber cleaning procedure."

    They found all my plugs were fouled and one was damaged. This was probably causing a misfire which, in turn, caused my stabilitrak and traction control lights to come on as well as my engine light.

    I hope this post is helpful to those of you who may have this problem. Please note that my research on this issue has led me to believe that when your stabilitrak and traction control lights come on the following could be the culprit:

    1. body control module (BCM) is going bad. This is typically accompanied by electrical issues such as door locks having a problem, antitheft control being triggered (wheel locks up and brakes lock up), you name it.

    2. new tires that aren't the same size.

    3. dirt or debris on the front or rear wheel sensors thus causing the computer to think there is something wrong and throwing the traction control "off" to come on.

    4. oil found in the intake (my problem) - misfiring

    5. bad spark plug causing a misfire

    Good luck gentlemen. If I discover any new information, I will try to post it. We appear to be fixed and will be driving back home from Montana to Illinois. Nothing worse than being broken down 2,000 miles from home.
  • jgust1224jgust1224 Posts: 4
    This just happened to me yesterday!!! 80K mies!! Wat is the cost for their problem...I had it towed to a chevy dealer in the middle of MO.... I had my 4 young children in the car and we were going 75.... Right next to a semi!!
  • jgust1224jgust1224 Posts: 4

    I was going 70 on the highway next to a semi with my family in the car yesterday. We were 1100 miles from home and the stabilitrac light came on. Then it said service. I pulled to the right because it started to to a semi... 4 young kids wife screaming... I get it to the side of the road and it dies... I goto start makes the starting noise...for like 10 seconds and nothing... After waiting 45 minutes on the shoulder in 104 degree heat with trucks whizzing by...I looked up this forum and's a common problem. I have it at a dealer in Republic MO. The forums are plentiful on this issue..has GM responded ???? What should I expect to pay for their issue??
  • rhagen1rhagen1 Posts: 7
    I'm not sure of the cost of the repairs as mine was fixed under warranty. My issue did not cause my car to die at high speeds. It just caused it to act sluggishly and it hesitated upon accelerations. My car started each time without much difficulty so it's possible we don't have the same problem.

    I've heard bad gasoline can cause the stabilitrak, traction control and engine lights to come on. The service station needs to put it on the computer and review the codes to dial into the problem since there can be many culprits that would throw those warning lights on.

    Somewhere in my reading I saw that a GM customer service rep was replying at one point to someone's issues. I'm pretty sure that GM is aware of these issues given the technical service bulletins they are releasing to service stations (trying to help the service stations figure out how to fix these problems).

    Good luck and hope you get back on the road soon.
  • tylernkytylernky Posts: 8
    The bad gas issue was a thought of mine as well. I put fuel stabilizer and cleaner in tank and I am three tanks past first initial problem. "when" it does start it is ruff and still feel major power loss, we do not use this truck for our emergency farm services which it was purchased for. It will still occasionally ram into 2nd gear and has cut completely off will driving down highway: everyone at my clinic is scared of it.

    I was hoping to find a true fix and/or was hoping it was a fluke and bad gas that would go away. Guess it's time for a visit to dealership and see how many times I will be taking it back, like so many others.

    I WILL post on this forum and the three additional forums to inform the hundreds of others the fix, if there ever is one. :lemon:
  • tylernkytylernky Posts: 8
    The doors locking all by themselves has happen twice already as well.
  • I'm at 60k+/- and we noticed all the same stuff. We bought it with 45k in nov. 2010 and early this year noticed the radio/Onstar quit on us once, dealer couldn't find/solve the issue. We also noticed we'd use and extra qt or 2 of oil between changes(and yes we use synthetic--mobil). The the Ac began failing intermittently. Then Fri Aug 19th we got our first dose of the TCS/stabillitrac warning lights. Dealer could only find an issue with the fuel and changed our a sensor? and did some programming, but 2 days later it happened again with the hard shifting from 1st to 2nd again, lights, chimes, etc. It also lurched on my wife today(8/29) when she tried to start it and she said the steering locked up, and the accelarator was sluggish.

    8/29/11-- vehicle is currently at dealership with 1 week left on the drive train, had anybody had their issues 'solved' with the 'fixes' listed on this feed????

    PLEASE NOTE-- I went to the NTSA site and filled out a safety complaint form tonight as that has become an issue, and I URGE you all to do the same.....
  • are you still good??? mine's in the shop...wondering what to tell them...
  • Mine is fixed and here is what they did at the shop:

    replaced master air flow sensor
    repaired? intake valve
    changed spark plugs (one was bad)

    Total: $1780

    Ouch, but work great now. Good luck.
  • zluminzlumin Posts: 1

    I was about to pick my kids for music class. My 2007 Tahoe won't start. It shows "Traction Control" and "Stabilitrak". I had to cancel the class. Don't know if it is still under warranty.
  • Thank you for the update, mine is showing a bad plug, they want to test it for oil consumption issues to see if it is within Chevy's guidelines....I hope this is under warranty or I am going to have to stand my ground.

    Classic dealer too, they don't have a clue what's wrong with my vehicle till I read up on it a bunch and suddenly they seem to know what to do like clockwork, but the day before I got bewilderment, confusion, and 'let's just replace the next part' game....
  • canada11canada11 Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    I have an 07 Tahoe LS with the same issues..."Stabitrack off" then "Traction Control Off" then "Service Satbiltrac" and engine starts to run rough. Once the messages start engine shifts rough between 1st and 2nd, brake issues, steering issues, etc. Been to 2 dealers and 2 independent garages. No one knows what is going on but they all want to do $1000.00 + dollars to try to figure it out and of course change the oil. Been told everything from needs a tune up to, #1 cylinder isn't firing to, needs a new motor. Truck runs great...well hard on gas, until you get above 2400 RPM then the gremlins start....and it's dangerous. I'm convinced it's an electrical or sensor issue. As anticipated, GM has been as much help as a blindman at a shooting offence to the blind and heavy on incompotent GM! From all the forums I've been to, it seems this is a systemic dangerous issue and should be a recall...Anyone found a cause or solution yet?
  • I am one of the earlier reporters of the problem and after many visits to dealer and talks with Chevy.We have finally found the solution: have the dealership mechanic run diagnostic program (with the big honker of a diagnostic hand held tool) with truck running and isolate the fuel pump output. There was some sort of tolerable range that the fuel pump was allowed to function, but watching the numbers the fuel pump was putting out, showed the fuel pump was shorting out and output numbers below what was needed.If the truck's computer picks this malfunction up, it causes the whole system to go haywire, causing so many other things act like they are the cause...
    I have recommended the replacement of the fuel pump to several others with the same issue, once it was replaced, their's , and my truck (and yours too )was back in good working order. Good luck, Tyler in Kentucky
  • vtranevtrane Posts: 7
    My local garage found out a loose ground wire, he originally was going to replace one of two "brains" or "modules" which I said I did not want to pay for. After checking a few things out he pulled the ground off, scraped off some paint and re-attached it. For my situation (read my previous description) it would happen intermittently. What ever he did it fixed the situation. It recently happened again so I am going to take it back to him. Other than that it only cost me about $100 bucks and it lasted over 6 months.
  • Mine was officially fixed and resolved with exact problem that your having. After more than a year of pain and filing a complaint with GM, and a possible lemon law claim, my dealer fixed it for $1,600, out of warranty scope even just under 100k. They main bulk of work was the Master air flow sensor. I guess after 100k that was really the only out of standard maintenance I put into it so I bit the bullet. Hope this helps.
  • I had all of these issues also, mine was also fixed by replacing the fuel pump which the dealer did at their cost as I was complaining directly to chevy detroit.
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