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Chevy Tahoe Stabilitrak Problems



  • the stabilitrack system is a nightmare . that's why I won't buy another Tahoe . They change parts and charge you a lot but don't get it fixed .
  • Sarah at GM, I am getting the info together today and sending it to the email address you provided. Thank you
  • We are having the same problem. The system constantly switches between stabilitrack n and off, with a hard shift between 1 and 2 when it goes off. This is one of many issues we have experienced with this vehicle and the dealer repair shops are worthless and not trustworthy. How is your oil between changes? Was burning close to two quarts every 3000. Dealer said this was common in this engine. Maybe time to go to a overseas make.
  • Apologies in advance for the long post.

    Here's the next phase in my story on the Stabilitrak experience:

    The morning after my last post, I jumped the Suburban with no issues and the car seemed to run fine again. Then on Christmas Eve we were on our way home from a short trip (5 miles) when the engine started to make a clattering sound and the Stabilitrak warning message came on. We parked the car as soon as we got home and didn't drive it again until two days later when I drove it straight to my mechanic's shop (still making the same clattering sound).

    I work with a local, independent mechanic and I trust him a lot. When I pulled up to his shop, he heard the engine and said "That's not a good sound." He recognized the sound of bad lifters...maybe because he had seen two Suburbans (2007 and 2008 models) the same week with the same problem. Come to find out, Chevy has redesigned the lifters on my engine model 4 times since I bought my Suburban and they've also redesigned a portion of the oil intake from the oilpan. The issues associated with those two fixes will generally manifest themselves in excessive oil consumption (sound familiar anyone?) and rough running engines due to cylinders "dying".

    Unfortunately, my mechanic confirmed pretty quickly that I had standing oil in places I shouldn't (so I needed the redesigned oil intake baffle) and I had a bad cylinder (so I likely needed the redesigned lifters). He was pretty certain it was "just" a bad lifter, but said he wouldn't know exactly what was wrong until he got into the engine.

    After getting a $3,500 estimate for fixing both problems (included replacing all the lifters and some other maintenance-related stuff you wouldn't ordinarily do unless you're tearing your engine apart anyway), we investigated with a dealer and found that we were getting a pretty good deal. We told our mechanic to go ahead and do the work. He called me yesterday, after getting everything pulled apart and confirmed that the lifter on one cylinder was completely collapsed and was the root cause of the engine noise. He is also fairly certain it's been bad for a while and is the root cause of our Stabilitrak warnings. We should have the car back tomorrow and I'll get a full report from the mechanic on anything else he noticed. Hopefully this will be the end of our Stabilitrak woes!

    When I originally asked him about the Stabilitrak warning messages my mechanic told me those were just the way the computer manifested any number of issues and that any competent dealership could read the diagnostic codes from your car's black box, do a little investigation, and quickly determine the root cause(s) of the Stabilitrak engine warnings and related engine behavior.

    My advice to anyone experiencing Stabilitrak issues is to be an active the forums and do your research to best determine what might be wrong with your car. Then find a mechanic (either independent or at a dealer) with whom you are comfortable and have them read the diagnostic codes from your engine. If you're going to a dealer, you will have to get past the receptionist and the order takers before you can talk to someone who works in the shop and will be able to talk to you intelligently about your car and it's issues. Be persistent. If you can't talk to the person reading the codes and doing the work on your car, go somewhere else. Everyone should have a mechanic they trust; if you don't, it's time to get one and this provides you an opportunity to do so. Invest some time in finding the right mechanic and it will pay off in $ and in the satisfaction of knowing someone competent is maintaining what is likely one of your biggest investments...your car.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    If you would like for us to do any follow up on the visit you made to your dealership, please contact us via email with further information (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a brief summary of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • No oil burning issues thus far . Your dealer tho , sounds like he is full of beans . No good engine should be burning oil like that . Seen an independent mechanic ? They are much cheaper .
  • So the throttle body was replaced costing about $400 (after the "discount"). It has not given me any problems since October--KNOCK ON WOOD.

    After reading the many posts here, I had some similar issues with other systems: (1) my tire pressure light is constantly on and won't measure the pressure in the front left wheel (2) The a/c was only working sporadically on long trips - would blow warm air after about 1 hour of driving (3) back right window works on and off right around this time. All of these items are things that have been reported by other tahoe/yukon owners before stabilitrak system went out.

    My new question to the group is (1) has anyone gotten anything out of communicating their concerns with GM Customer Service (i.e. "Sarah")?? I've heard NOTHING. (2) Has anyone taken any legal action against GM related to the stabilitrak system failures??

    It seems to me that GM is being negligent by failing to launch a recall on whatever is causing the stabilitrak system to fail. My concern is that something bad may happen soon and am disgusted that nothing has been done by the manufacturer to prevent. It may take all of us banding together (similar to Toyota Prius acceleration problem) to take legal action before someone takes notice and does something.

    Thanks and be safe out there...m
  • Does GM, i.e Sarah, have anything to say other than "Have you contacted a GM dealer?" Seems as though plenty of folks have done that but without any great results or even good results. I have this problem, and had my two grandbabies in my 2007 Tahoe when it happened. Diagnostics can't find anything wrong! What are you going to do about it GM?????
  • Well ? Sarah GM , are you there ? Do you have an answer about why GM is not ordering a recall ? Do we just have to dump these vehicles & buy Fords or Korean , ETC. ????? Come on Sarah , give us some answers !!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello bgjohntx,

    From a Customer Service standpoint, the main thing we're able to do is to collaborate with the dealership to see what the diagnosis is, follow up to see if a solution was found, and try to ensure your satisfaction with the experience. Additionally, I have documented this thread for further review by my supervisors.

    I wish I personally could do more for everybody on this thread, but as I'm not technically trained and as I have limited resources to work with, I'm afraid that this is the extent of my abilities.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • texcyntexcyn Posts: 3
    I have over 43,000 miles on my Tahoe that I purchased on June 1, 2011. It is my business car that is used for showing properties. Miles add up fast in Texas. I have another car that I use for my personal business. So if the warranty is only good for 36,000 miles, the Tahoe is no longer is protected.
  • texcyntexcyn Posts: 3
    Stabilitrak and Traction Control service messages when driving my 2011 Tahoe had been sporadic until now. Since the beginning of 2013 the warning indicator would come on about two times per week and go off just as randomly as it would appear. There was nothing predictable or constant about it. Luckily NEVER has the engine slowed or shifted to a lower gear like I read about in other posts. In fact, performance is not in any way impacted that I can tell. However, this week the same service indicator light started coming on and staying on. For now my Tahoe is garage parked until I can get it in to the dealership next week. Thank goodness I have another vehicle to drive.
  • FYI , I understand that when that "Service stability '' or such , light is on , the stability system & the ABS brakes are turned off . Through most discussions I've seen on Edmonds , it seems that most people are unaware of this . Good luck with repairs .
  • sbarksbark Posts: 2
    Jan 24, 2013 (5:14 am)

    I have a 2011 Suburban LT with over 120,000 miles. Because of my line of work, I spent quite a bit of time over the road. It started to snow last night and as I was heading home, the engine light was on and the compression to the engine seem to have disappeared while traveling 60 miles per hour. At first it was apparent that some vibration was taking place in the engine And the transmission seems to not have any power transferred while driving in drive gear. It was snowing and I didn't want to be stranded, So I drifted to nearest ramp And shifted the transmission to manual and was able to limp to nearest hotel and put the vehicle in reverse in order to park facing outward. Once I shifted to park the engine sounded like it was sputtering and about to shut down. I had to stay in the hotel overnight. Since this is a first for me, I want to know if the symptoms that I began to see in the vehicle could indicate what went wrong. Since the car is only 1 year old, I did not think that I would have problems with the battery charging but several times in the past few weeks I have seen the battery die and have to be charged. I recently bought a battery to back up this original battery, but have not installed as yet. The check engine light has been intermittent sometimes not coming on at all.. the message Control Panel indicates for the very first time, that there is a stability link traction control problem. I am glad for my sake that there was not a family in the vehicle with me due to the nature of my business, I can't have this occurrence again. Any assistance from the customer service side would be very helpful as we would like this resolved promptly if there is data that suggests that there is frequent product failure in this regard. Limping to a hotel in a snow storm for a problem that is well known to repeat itself with the data that you have collected so far, is of concern.
  • I have a 2009 Suburban with 92,000 miles. My stabiltrak light came on two days ago with loss of traction warnings and engine power failure. We thought they were misfires due to cold weather. A test drive around the block only got to 20mph. After turning the car off and on a few times, the service engine light came on but other warnings went off. I drove the car. Driving on the turnpike and suddenly, the warnings came on and my power failed. Scary! Dealer didn't have time to see the car so I took it to an independent. I was told that it was a gas pedal assembly failure and that all were connected. Paid my 200 for repairs and drove off. The very next day (this,morning) as I was driving with my children in the car, stabiltrak ailed. Engine was revving. Engine power failure lights again! Now what? It seems like GM knows this is an issue and knows that safety of people are involved. Something should be done.
  • Happened to me.l. Notice you burn oil too? They haveto rreplace the frigging heads. After an oil consumption study. It's a known issue. May be a service bulletin.
  • I figure that they are stonewalling , hoping not too many people get killed before the vehicles obsolete themselves . I've had lots of Stabilitrak repairs but fortunately no failures as serious as yours . I have had brake lines rupture while driving both my Tahoe & my Silverado and know GM has stonewalled on that issue for years . Although I've enjoyed elements of both vehicles , I'm left feeling like it would be foolish or reckless to buy another GM product . Too bad , because I'd prefer to buy American but GM has never stood up on the Stabilitrak or the brake line issues and shows no sign of behaving with integrity as to either . Not only do they not take responsibility for the repairs , but they also fail to warn customers of the life threatening dangers presented . I assume that their lobbyists are busy making sure that the NSTB does nothing for the affected owners .
  • Thanks for the responses. Dropped it back off in the shop and stood over the mechanic's shoulder as the diagnostic tool was plugged in. I saw multiple error codes including a throttle pedal assembly one. Stay tuned.
  • Had the same issue with my 2011 Suburban LTZ yesterday. About 120 k on it mostly related to work. Was on the highway with my 3 year old son and definitely did not like the experience of driving 120km/Hr when lost the Engine power (stabilitrac and traction control light came on also). Up in Eastern Canada, so right now, ++ice covering the side of the roads - quite dangerous to park specially when nothing in the car is working properly but lucky enough an exit was coming on and made it safely. Engine sputtering as i shut it down. Re started after a few min.-engine light on only and made it home slowly
    Had issue with the battery last month, so had to change it and was over at dealer twice last week, once for supposedly a sensor related to the gas pump (engine light on and sputtering when i shut it down) and 2 days ago - the suspension system service light came on : all the wires under the gas tank were corroded as a piece of metal from the car had cut the envelop over them and moisture and crap got in.... And now this!!! Will bring it tomorrow at the dealer but after reading all the other posts not sure what i will do next. Still have 3 years to pay but need a safe and reliable vehicle...
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Are you sticking with the non-GM shop, kellyd3, or working with the dealership? If the latter, please let us know if we can look into anything further with your dealer by contacting us at with more details (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation so far).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    We're sorry that you're having this experience with your Suburban. If you needed to contact customer service for your region, GM of Canada can be reached at 800-263-3777 (Hours: M-F 7:30am - 11:30pm, Sat 7:30am - 6:00 EST).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I've posted on this forum (a couple years ago)and others with my original problem(s)with my 2007 SB. Same problems all of you are discussing; TCS lights, Stabilitrak, hard shifting, loss of compression, lurching in park, extra oil name it.

    Anyways, I posted it was resolved. Numerous trips to dealership, case # with GM, etc....the dealership ended up replacing the fuel pump at their cost though I was 1000 miles over my warranty since my problems began before the warrant ended, and I called GM (this really motivated them)....they began answering their phone, I didn't have to leave messages in the service dept and wait for them to call me, once again, calling GM regarding my issue really motivated the dealership.

    Things DID work better for awhile, but ultimately my problems at 101,000 miles still remain. The TCS, Stabilitrak lights still come on every month or so, I use 1-2 qts of oil between changes, it doesn't idle correctly often times(especially after going long distances down the freeway, then coming to a stop at the end of an off ramp etc).

    Ultimately, I've just gotten used to it(sad, huh?). I have a busy life, young kids and a business, and I'm sick of fighting this thing. It's a piece of junk, and I really don't know what I'm going to do for my next vehicle as I see the newer ones coming of age are having the same problems.....

    That's all folks.....
  • Thanks for the input, I went thru the wringer on this thing; GM case numbers, oil consumption tests, etc....and getting our fuel pump replaced did seem to help for awhile, but it runs rough sometimes, especially after coming to a stop after highway travel, I'm nearly 2 qts of oil between changes again, and semi-frequent check engine lights, TCS, Stabilitrak lights.....I hate this vehicle anymore, and I'm really sad to see that the newer ones are showing the same problem as there is no reason to get a newer design flaw
  • I have posted on here about having the Stabilitrak issue as well. We were also experiencing the oil consumption issue until last summer. When I took the truck to A GM dealer to resolve, they gave me the run around and said is was normal. After a lengthy debate, they offered to look into it further. the solution was to attach a plate inside the oil pan to redirect the application of oil. However, i was told this would be the addition of parts not already on the vehicle and therefore the $3000 cost would be on me. I then told them I would have my attorney call them about this and other unresolved issues. They then called and offered to perform the work on their dime. Oil consumption has reduce to 1 quart every 3k instead of two. After the service I have received on this vehicle, I decided to look at forums like this for answers. The dealers today are worthless. Especially Government Motors (GM).
  • mdscdmdscd Posts: 1
    I have an 07 Suburban LTZ. Has approx. 144k on it. Last week as I was sitting in a parked position my stabilitrak and traction control lights came on saying they were off and needed service. A few minutes later my service engine light came on as well. I just had $1006 dollars worth of work done to this vehicle because the oil pressure sensor was going out and who ever owned the vehicle before me replaced the oil tube going to the pump. However, they put in the wrong tube and left one of the major bolts out that hold all that together. Without me knowing this I have been driving around for almost three years with the tube and missing bolt. The stabilitrak lights only come on while idling and in park. I am not having any issues with loss of power like some others have posted. Yesterday though while sitting at a stop light they came on and when I went to go my vehicle jerked forward. This happened several times yesterday and again this morning after having to stop for a train. My service engine light that is on is throwing a code for a misfire. Onstar gave me these codes for the stabilitrak C0561 and for the engine p0300. Which I have been told that these codes could mean numerous different things. I have an appt to have it looked at on Friday. Hopefully this will not be another $1000 dollar or more fix.
  • I have an 07 Tahoe and have had little to no problems with it (knock on wood) until last week. I have 180,000 miles on it and just drove from work to my daughter's ballet without any problems. Then after picking her up, started the car and in the parking lot the SERVICE STABILITRAK and ENGINE POWER REDUCED messages came on. The car would only run at about 25 mph and didn't matter if I hit the button to turn Stabilitrak off or not, turned off and on the car, so I drove the 20 miles home at 25 mph! Talk about almost getting run over by people! Got home and read this forum and also read the manual and thought it may be a computer issue from everyone's posts and non-solutions from the dealerships. The computer is always on (to control the keyless entry) so I figured I would give the computer a hard reboot by disconnecting the red cable from the battery, wait ten seconds and then reconnect it. You only need a wrench to take off the nut that is holding the cable to the battery. I put the hood down, started it up and VOILA! it is working like a dream. I have been driving it for a week without any issues so "so far so good! If I have any issues again I will post again to this site but hopefully this will help having to deal with dealerships that don't know what is wrong!
  • Sooo, I've posted on here several times about TCS lights, Stabilitrak, oil consumption, fouled plugs, etc and at 104k our 07 suburban is back in the shop as I speak with a #1 fouled plug again(same thing happened 30k ago). Their answer: short term solution is to replace #1 plug and I'd get another 30k perhaps out of it before its needed again. Long term solution: $3500-4000 for new pistons and rings.

    My question for them will be: what is the root cause of this problem that would cause all of these vehicles to need new pistons and rings at 50, 60, and 70k miles, etc.....and then also, why did they change the fuel pump at 70k miles on their dime if that was supposed to fix it the first time????

    Anyways, of course I'm completely frustrated. I did get the dealer to admit they've had to do this waaaay more with the 07's- 09's than the new vehicles, but then I wonder if even that is because the older ones tend to have more mileage.

    Stay tuned.....
  • afothafoth Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Tahoe with 70000 miles on it and lately the stabilitrak light comes on and it says stabilitrak off/traction control off. Sometimes it will flash to service both. This seems to only come on when I have let off the gas to and coast and when I use my brakes, but it does not always happen. Any ideas on what this could be? I've tried researching, but I find things all over the board. My check engine light has come on after this has happened, but it doesn't stay on for very long - longest it has stayed on after the warning is a day and a half. I haven't noticed any change in the way it runs, but I saw someone else posted that when they went to accelerate after being stopped - the vehicle seemed to lunge forward, this has happened a couple of times too.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Do you have any plans to get this checked into with a dealership? If so, let us know as we're available to work through that process with you.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2007 Tahoe. 70,000 miles Got in it yesterday and the stabilitrak light, traction, and ABS lights are all on. It shifts hard from first gear and will idol down like its gonna die! Have an appointment with Chevy later this week, wonder what this might be and approixamte cost?
    I was very concerned at the number of people who have posted this same problem and wonder will anything ever be done on GM part??
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